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Coshocton Tribune Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 1

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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Coshocton, OhioThe Coshocton Tribune vol 63 no. 250 Coshocton Ohio 4s812, saturday evening May 27, 1972 making his Garden 9 g o w Victory gardens Home Gar Dens fun gardens whatever Yon. Call them they re catching on again. And like Many others this Spring. Norman of Coshocton route 3, put his Green thumb to working digging the dirt sowing some seeds and waiting tin brings froth the fruit of the land. Adding just a bit of water and lots of tender Loving care. Finds the magic of gardening a pleasing and rewarding pastime. Photography by vie Pytko Farver gob of tire Owa Merican i Galje Jefty St. Was officially deflated but by fire chief Farver. Farver told the Tribune he would re inspect the premises Early next week to affirm the do icing of the problem fire. Farver said two firemen dispatched Friday used High pressure bbses to dislodge debris so that water could be forced to the source of the fire. The firemen played a Stream of High pressure water Over tiie area for nearly four hours to insure the fire s end. Part of the property on which the fire burned is owned by g Aston Stewart the remainder is owned by the City. Farver said that a portion of the soldering debris had been extinguished during a practice fire session thursday but that the actual end of the fire came Burns answer Reno Nev. University of Nevada at Reno s ugly Man is also the school yearbook s answer to Burt Reynolds. De fefjihandler., the first person to win the College s ugly fijian contest four years in a Row appears in a full Page photograph of the w hich was released this week. The nude Feinhandler is strategically shielded by a Small Rock. By Stewart Hensley Leningrad ident Nixon buoyed by the historic nuclear arms freeze agreement climaxing his five Days at the Moscow Summit flew to this showplace soviet City today for sightseeing and relaxation. The president and his wife Pat arrived from Moscow to a warm Welcome from the people of place steeped both in czarist history and More recent memories of one of the nation s finest hours in holding off German forces during world War ii. From the Airport the Nixon were taken by motorcade to the shrine of the dead of that Long Battle. Nixon in a Light coloured Raincoat joined soviet pres ident Nikolai v. Podgorny in laying wreaths at a Monument to the dead. The president then inscribed in the guest Book the words Richard Nixon to All the heroes of he referred to the diary of a Young Leningrad girl written As she and her family slowly starved to death. Nixon with the first lady standing just to one Side turned to others in the party and said we Hope it is never repeated in All the a misty rain fell during the solemn ceremony. The Nixon were driven from the cemetery to their guest House an Ultra modern building with spacious Wen trimmed grounds to rest and freshen up before having lunch As guests of City officials. Nixon also called in staff members. As he left the Kremlin for the round trip to Leningrad Nixon put his hand on Podgorny s shoulder and said that was a great Day their hosts arranged lunch for the Nixon at the czarist Marzinsky Palace with Mem Bers of the City government and a visit to the Pavlovsk summer Palace from which Czar Nicholas and his family were plucked by the bolshevik revolutionaries in 1917. Nixon flew the 300 Miles from Moscow following five Long Days of Summit sessions which produced six major agree ments including the Long awaited one to put the brakes on the East West arms race. Nixon and Leonid i. Brezhnev Secretary general of the soviet communist party reached final agreement on the landmark nuclear arms pact at a 2-hour, 25-minute meeting at the Kremlin. Later they signed the treaty freezing defensive weapons development and a Long term agreement to limit offensive weaponry. It was Nixon s eighth meeting at the Summit since his arrival in Moscow that produced five other in addition to the strategic weapons limitation. Earlier agreements were on a joint space Mission some time in 1975 a halt to games of Chicken at sea by the navies of both nations cooperation in fighting environmental pollution and in improving health and medical techniques and on continued collaboration in science and technology. Nixon and soviet leaders had hoped also for an Accord on Mutual Trade but this became stuck on the Issue of How much the soviet Union still owes the United states on its world War h debt. The two sides agreed to set up a joint commission for further work on this problem with a first meeting scheduled in Moscow in july. At a dinner prior to Thi signing of the arms pact Nixon said the Accord was enormously important and hopefully an indication of what can happen in the future As we work toward peace in the soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin said in replying to Nixon s Toast that the United states and the soviet Union were making serious Steps toward peace but that every thing possible should be done to eliminate the hotbeds of War in Vietnam and in the Middle it was the first time either Side had specifically mentioned the Vietnam Issue although it appeared certain that the War came up for discussion during the Summit sessions the missile control agree ments were the real prize for which Nixon came Miles and entered his name in the records As the first. President Ever to enter mos cow. I occupy Korntum Baber Okuley Saigon up tank led North vietnamese troops fought through South vietnamese de sense lines today and occupied the Northern Section of the Central Highlands provincial capital of Korntum. Other communist forces were reported close to the Airfield of the beleaguered City 260 Miles North of Saigon. In the air the. Command reported american Holiday traffic deaths cited to reach 630 by United press International americans taking advantage of the Long memorial Day Holiday had pleasant weather today for the Start of the 78 hour weekend. The National safety Council estimated that Between 530 and 630 persons would die in traffic accidents from the beginning of to schedule editorials sports comics Puzzle Jeane Dixon mixers frug Berlin Warsaw 13 4-a 5-a 7-a 7-a 7-a 3-a 2-a 9-a 3-a the Holiday-6. Local time Midnight Mon Day. Howard Pyle president of the Council cautioned Drivers that Highway deaths Are not if Drunken Drivers could be kept off the roads and if All car occupants could be persuaded to Wear their safety belts a substantial majority of deaths com be at 3. Not at least 3 persons had died in traffic fatalities since the Start of the weekend. A breakdown showed traffic 3 drownings 0 planes 0 miscellaneous 2 total 5 the Council said 557 persons died in traffic Over the three Day memorial Day weekend in w. Lafayette warplanes flew 270 strikes Over North Vietnam Friday and one wave of air Force phantoms destroyed a railway Bridge Only 20 Miles from the chinese Border with electronically guided smart the raid on the Lang Giai Bridge 65 Miles Northeast of Hanoi was the closest strike to China since president Nixon in april 7 ordered the resumption of bombing attacks on North Vietnam in retaliation for the communist offensive in the South. Government spokesman said South vietnamese troops killed at least 393 communists in fighting around Korntum Friday and saturday they reported government casualties at 32 dead and 84 wounded. The government has the 44th, 45th and 53rd regiments committed to the defense of Korntum. Field reports said the North vietnamese breached the 53rd s defences and occupied a military area which had been abandoned earlier by the South vietnamese. About two regiments of North vietnamese believed involved in the assaults against Korntum. Field reports said an unknown sized Force of communists was near the Airfield possibly the next objective of the North vietnamese. The communists already have Cut All land links and defenders depend of. Helicopters for ammunition food and other supplies. The communists who earlier in the week infiltrated a battalion size commando Force into the Southern Edge of Kontrim blew up an ammunition dump and occupied a military area of the City just before noon. Up reporter Matt Franjola said the communists made the assault under a 500-round barrage of mortars and heavy fighting continued into the afternoon. He said at least three South vietnamese regiments nearly men were Cut off from each other when communist forces occupied territory to the West of Korntum 260 Miles North of Saigon. The intense fighting flared on the birthday of Buddha and it was the first time in four years both sides in the Vietnam War have not observed a truce because of the religious Holiday. Precise casualty figures were not available immediately but Franjola reported that losses on both sides appeared to be heavy. Helicopters equipped with electronic wire guided missiles destroyed at least four North vietnamese t54 tanks today in trying to turn Back the attack. Focus be news spending cutbacks not seen Washington up sense Secretary Melvin r. Laird says the arms control pact will not result in any immediate cutback in. Offensive missile spending. But Laird said there would be reductions up to billion in spending for the 12-site Anibal Listic missile program. The program is to protect the United states from foreign aggression. Laird was questioned Friday after his return from a week of nato meetings in Copenhagen and Brussels. The thrust of the Accord signed in. Moscow by president Nixon and soviet Xiem Junist party chief Leonid i. Brezhnev is on an arms ceiling Laird said. As a result land said will be no savings As far As the requests for offensive weapons requested in the 1973 budget Are during fiscal 1973, which begins july 1, the defense department is asking million for new work on the Trident submarine and missile system. It has said it wants to build 10 of the new subs to replace the oldest 10 of the 41 Polaris Poseidon missile carry ing submarines. Laird also said the pact should assure that the United states maintains a technological advantage Over the soviet Union. He said for example that without the agreement the soviet Union could build a Fleet of 90 modern ballistic missile submarines. The russians have about 25 missile subs in action and 17 under construction. The agreement is understood to limit the numbers of submarines but not to prohibit improvement or replacement of those subs. Jaycees ask for auction donations three charged after Shotgun shooting Anthony Martin 21, of 341 n. Third St., accused by police of shooting two Youngstown men one seriously will be arraigned on formal charges in municipal court wednesday May 31, before judge Benson l. Owens. Martin is accused of the Shotgun shooting of Thomas Vanvalien 21, and Joseph Osborne 32, both of Youngstown at the doorway of Kelly s lounge wednesday night. Van Valien is still reported to be in serious condition in county memorial Hospital with wounds in one Side. Osborne was treated in the local Hospital for minor wounds and released. Martin is charged on two counts each of maliciously shooting with intent to kill wound to maim and assault with a dangerous weapon with intent to cause bodily harm to each. Bond for Martin s appearance May 31, was set at by the court. Jerome Dulay 24, and Nicholas Aiello 22, both of Youngstown have also been charged As a result of the shotting. However their Case is still under investigation by police. Dulay pleaded innocent in municipal court Friday afternoon when he was arraigned on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon filed by Howard Dansby Coshocton. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing june 16. Bond was set at by judge Owens. Eye convicted St. Louis to. Former conduct Johnnie Lee Brooks was convicted Friday of blinding a 17-year-old baby Sitter with a broken drinking Glass so that she would be unable to identify him in a theft. Doctors testified at the trial that the victim Wilma Chest nut will never see again. Secret Mission set Kingston Jamaica up Secretary John b. Connally said Friday he will undertake a secret Mission for president Nixon when the president gets Back from the soviet Union. Connally Bis wife and six friends Are spending the memorial Day weekend at this resort. Jyoti tooth transplants new York Brook Lyn teen Ager with six too Many Teeth helped out his twin sister Friday by giving her one to replace a tooth she was losing. The unusual tooth transplant was performed at the Brook Dale medical Center and was believed to be the first of a tooth from one twin to another. It was performed in More than two hours by or. Norman i Kranin the Hospital s director of dental and Oral surgery and or. Jonathan Nash. Wallace out of bed Silver Spring my. Up gov. George c. Wallace gaining strength daily has left his Hospital bed and sat in a chair for the first time since he was shot and partially Para lazed 12 Days ago. Doctors attending Wallace authorized the increased activity Friday after determining the governor was showing a marked Overall huh faces Money woes los Angeles up Hubert h. Humphrey faces financial problems so serious they could undermine his Campaign for the democratic presidential nomination. Unless the Money starts rolling in Humphrey could be outspent better than two to one by George s. Mcgovern in the crucial California primary. Camp echoing Hills is in for another face lifting this sum Mer As the Coshocton. S plan to make two new additions to existing buildings at that facility for the handicapped. In an Effort to facilitate this project the. S win it holding an auction Sale at Lake Park Pavilion on sunday Jane 18. The s announce that donations Are needed immediately for the auction and All even broken but repairable merchandise will be accepted. However they ask that clothing or bedding not be included. Contributions May be made by phoning 545-7714, 622 0033, or 622-0124, and the. S will pick up items. A total of is needed to Complete the work. Jac Tea Tho local report mostly sunny this afternoon and sunday in the upper 70s or lower 80s. Clear Toight with Low in the upper 4ta or lower 50s. Probability of rain near Zero per cent Toutt i sunday. Fair and my the fatty and tuesday with to Tow 80s or mid High Friday a h. High year ago ii Tow 47. Newspaper

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