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Coshocton Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 1

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Coshocton Tribune (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Coshocton, Ohio Section b the Coshocton Tribune Only Coshocton of 111 cities in Ohio between5,000 and 33,000 Only Coshocton get its Horn town paper seven Day week. Section b 12 pages Coshocton p., sunday morning March 31, 1957 Page one Texas election decides Senate control world s population increase starts search for new sizable method of birth control Geneva Catholic Institute prominent among those seeking to solve problem third in series by Louis Cassels Washington up the rapid increase in the Earth s population in the past decade particularly in underdeveloped nations which can least afford it has set off a worldwide search for new methods of birth control. Prominent among the sponsors of this search is the inter National Catholic Institute for social research at Geneva Switzerland. It is currently offering an award of 85,000 for the Best scholarly paper on a Means of population control which would comply with the requirements of Catholic principles and at the same time. Be effective from a positive scientific Point of As this contest demonstrates the contro1 roman Catholic Church is not opposed to birth control As such. Pope Pius said in 1951 that regu lation of births. Is compatible i with the Law of god provided 1. There Are sound economic or medical reasons Why & c o u l e should be relieved of the positive obligation to Bear children and notably. The methodists episcopalians stress motive rather than method 45 the test of T r a l 63" approve or a Latina of births is undertaken for to unselfish motives to protect the mothers health or the Wel fare of children already born to j the family. I the b i r t h control problem is _ 2. The prevention of pregnancy a g is accomplished by natural rather than artificial Means. Sanctions natural control the Only birth control system which the Catholic Church now sanctions As natural is t h e rhythm method. This requires abstinence from sexual relations except during the so called Safe period of a woman s menstrual Cycle when pregnancy is least Likely to occur. I Ca Holics Are forbidden on pain j of mortal sin to use Contra Cep i Tives. Hie Church takes the Posi j Tion that any birth control tech Nique which depends on the interception or destruction of sperm i cells is contrary to natural Law 1 " 10 Church has approximately doubled and it now has about 1,100,000 members in 184 countries. In the United states still the main Cen cities to get Aid on engineering costs of roads Columbus of. Up ten Ohio cities had the Assurance to Day that the Federal and state governments would share Engi Republican Hutcheson in underdog role is Given at least fair Chance to win by Raymond Lahr Washington up Texas which is supposed to do everything in a big Way is staging a fantastic political contest next tuesday. From a Field of 22 candidates the votes of a few Hundred thousand people will elect one who will deter mine which party controls the United states Senate. At a special election a senator will be chosen to serve until after the 1958 congressional elections. There were no party primaries or conventions to Nomin ate candidates. There will be no Runoff in Case the front runner fails to poll a majority of the vote. The word Here is that a Light. Cliance to win. There is Only one vote is expected and that the win other gop candidate and he has Ner is not expected to poll a majority. No organization support. . The remaining 20 names on the Neering costs on expressway con gop in underdog role j ballots Are democratic candidates Striction projects on the inter the republicans have cast i Mcl uding Liberal " conserva state Highway system. J themselves in the role of _ under j Tive and Variet gov. C. William o Neill an id a T normally democratic Tex ies Texas democrats in Washine bounced the policy thursday but.5 but because of the nature of ton have consistently maintained he left undecided what Cost Shar the. Race they figure their organi a show of Confidence the Winner ing formula to adopt for cities on nation backed candidate. T h a d j u be a Democrat but there is Houston has a m u c k uncertainty about the out come and much speculation about How the Vafes of the also rans will subtract from the votes of the leaders. Only a few of the democratic contenders Are expected to poll a other state Road networks. O Neill s announcement ended a Compromise agreement adopted last year after a heated dispute Between the cities and f o r m e r gov. Frank j. Lausche Over who should pay the costs. From now on the costs of engineering right of Way and construction on u r b a n expressways on in interstate system will be shared on the formula of 90 per cent Federal 5 per cent state and 5 per cent local. Hutcheson of Roscoe voters Wil get brochures on annexation Issue matters pertaining to Annex extending a fire Protection con tract with Jackson township trus under he Compromise agree tees will be discussed by Roscoe ment cities were forced to accept Council monday night. The full Cost of engineering plans j brochures to de distributed to while the Otler items were shared each voter in Roscoe explaining on a 90-5-5 basis. Terms of annexing the Village to to the City of Coshocton Are read Urban expressway project o Neill said the new policy will significant vote. The contest is viewed chiefly As a three Way race Between clutches in and two democrats rep. Martin Dies and Ralph Yarborough. Outcome a important a Hutcheson Victory presumably would depose sen Lyndon b. Johnson of Texas As majority floor Leader of the Senate. The Senate tuneup is now 49 democrats and 47 republicans. Be printed and a copy will a. Years membership of the i be effective on All Urban express i be present to Council for approval. Rare Nam to a i v Council Hopes to have the Lehard has made it possible for Advent j urday instead of sunday. Week sat ter of strength. Adventists constr j tute less than one per cent of the its to support More schools hos i a recent years however and total c h u r c h membership. But i a pitas and foreign missions than i dentists have demonstrated there j they Send out nearly 10 per cent any Church of comparable size i a a other ways in which they Are the foreign missionaries. Cotton picking mystery solved emotion charged dispute Over the race of Boxer Ralph Dupas nation s sixth ranked lightweight who is scheduled to fight in new i Orleans. In a hearing before the Louisi j Memphis Tenn. Up Cotton Ana state athletic commission men have unravelled the mystery i thursday Dupas High school Louisiana s racial ban in athletics stirs controversy by United press Louisiana s ban on racially mixed athletics has stirred an to the two doctrines which set 1 nation in tie world in the pastic lurch Rolls. Per capita giving by j and it has prompted other prote for example i. ,. Adventists give More liberally Tants to take a respectful new fastest growing denomination to the Church than members t this dedicated body of be their Zeal for missionary of Jany other major Hevers who Long bore the Label of fort has made the general co Fer i contributions in 1956 averaged i Peculiar j ence of seventh Day adventists j s202 per member for every Man still Are holding fast the fastest growing major Denomi-1 woman and teen age child on the procedure for annexing Landis discussion topic j All protestants was less than s50. The Rev. W. B. Occas vice i president of the general Confer ence and head of the North Amer ican division of the Church sees a direct link Between adventist beliefs and the Church s record in continue on Page 8-b school committee on pay Wias the gov has the tie vote of vice president m. Nixon Senate gop Phletus distributed to each voter Leader Wulliam f. Knowland has by mid april. Roscoe residents been read to move for Republican vote on the annexation Issue can Contr it the Senate when in a special election May 7. J Ever he Ean count 48 votes. How bids for improving some Village Iever one of tile 4" incumbent re streets with Blacktop and Seal j pelicans is sen. William Langer treating others will be opened i of North Dakota who is still hos monday night. The contract for i italized, convalescing from a be the 21-member committee a j the work which is to Start in irilous pointed some time ago to study april is expected to be awarded the election will fill the Senate Atout a new Corner to the Market English teacher miss Rose to Anc procedures of annexing land who bought up half the govern j Meny charged the controversy j to the City of Coshocton will be sex i i it Vinlof i Tenn Lirl of for at of i 3 s i"t1p1 i i i to i t in _ i _ a Public meeting at which terms rated adjacent to the City on the j missions and giving new Salar schedules in the Coshocton county Public schools sys tem will meet monday at the Ros Coe school. J. Fred Lautenschlager county superintendent said the teacher representative committee a f t e r making a Complete investigation of salary schedules win report its findings to the county Board of education. The committee is studying Sal 1 Aries paid to teachers in other ment held Cotton bid on for Export cruel and sadistic last week. J the commission holding a state a Quick Check showed the dal health department statement that Tex traders co., which bought More of the Cotton than did Cottun firm the an Dupas is a negro will hear rebuttal testimony from Dupas next tuesday. Dupas fight with Vince world s biggest Derson Claytor & co., was Regis a Martinez is slated for april 8. Tired the name of Bernard s. Co attorneys for Dupas and Nis Hen. M a n a g e r produced documents planned will be held at 7 30 m. Monday in the Council chamber. Invited to the meeting Are All property owners living outside the corporate limits especially those Lor and against annexing 108.04 acres of land in the Caldwell and to the City of Coshocton. Present t o e x l a m terms o a n Southeast Section favor Annex Ochs said in an interview at parts of the state and comparing dentist world Headquarters in the images paid to office workers Antion. Councilman Milan phase an j Washington suburb of Takoma authority on annexation pro Park my Cedres said Council will attempt to clarify matters relative to requirements for Annex Cohen had the appearance of shown Dupas is White but do nex-ati0n will be members of coun being a behind the scenes mag i Pas strongest defense came with j c q an either the air of on the ground the the Xkdt-1 works this Way Arget zooms off on its pre set a Carrier based Navy plane will course. It then comes under at tack from missiles carried by Navy Jet planes. It can of used As the target for missiles launched from ships or the ground. Temco s missile target has a Power Plant which lasts about eight minutes. During this time it will eject flares meter Mittency. Mak ing visual tracking possible. The other target missiles have a Simi Lar performance. The Xkdt-1 is Only about 12 feet Long 10 inches in diameter and has wings of about 58 inches. Missile guidance systems and radar stations see the target As Large As a fighter plane on their Scopes. Development of the missile tar get itself has been Only part of the Job. Under the new weapons system concept Tern co also pro Vides the Navy with launchers Check out and handling equipment needed for the drone a console electronics panel is used to Check All equipment on the device before the target be comes airborne thus reducing the chances of a miss fire. To a mini mum. That s what Linton r. Wilson has discovered As Secretary and administrative officer of the Fine arts commission. It s his Job to Backstop the seven Volunteer Mem Bers of the commission and that Mynns deciding what r suitable for the White House among other things. Broadly speaking the Job of the commission is to try to keep the capital looking up to snuff and that Means upholding standards Laid Down by George Washington. It s an Uphill Battle however due to Lack of Money and authority. We operate on $35,000 a year at the most says Wilson an architect and Veteran of Pacific action during world War ii. Tjimis goes mainly for his salary and three members of his staff. The seven members of the commission from the Fields of Art architecture painting and sculpture give their time free of charge. We have to Pinch pennies All the time adds Wilson with a wry smile. I could use a Side table next to my desk but it would take. $21 out of the budget and we can t afford despite his own Lack of equip ment Wilson makes sure that the White House and other government agencies get a crack at furniture and other objects donated by Citi Zens. Difficulty is that very few gifts can be squeezed into the already Over stuffed White House where most people want them to be placed. We try not to Brush off offers but diplomatically fit them in somewhere explains Wilson. For example a retired older Man recently carved the great Seal of the president in Wood painted it and sent it off to the White House. Although a Well done piece of work there was no appropriate place for it in the executive Man Sion. The Seal was then Given to the daughters of the american revolution who were delighted to have it for their National head quarters Here. Everybody including the owner wound up Happy. A gift that did reach the White House not too Long ago was an original president Monroe sofa donated by a descendent. The piece a refurbished and put in one of Tho private bedrooms. Most of the gifts involve Lin Coln at a rate of 10 to one according to Wilson. He notes that Linton Wilson and gift some of the finest statues and paintings of Lincoln Are already in the White House. We Are very much like a Doc Tor s office Here say. Wilson describing the commission s activity. People come to us with their problems and we give advice and try to help them out. But we have no Way of forcing them to take our this Lack of authority hampers the commission s operation Al though Wilson claims that it maintains considerable influence on the standards of architecture and Art in Washington. Sometimes we Don t win but we say what we think he stresses. Right now members of the com Mission Are going Over designs for the courts and landscaping of the new state department build ing with architects from the Gen he tries to avoid the Brush Oft eral services administration. Wilson deplores the fact that Only $200,000 is being spent on the $57 million building for artistic embellishment such As landscaping and decorative sculpture. He terms it a pathetic amount for that purpose and a Small percentage of the total Cost compared of most buildings constructed these Days. He also takes a dim View of at tempts of rep. Frank Thompson d no to broaden the scope of the commission to include representation in music drama and dance literature graphic arts motion pictures radio and Tele vision and crafts. He feels Thompson is playing politics in his attempts to change the commission w h i c h basically needs More Money and More Hority to operate effectively. Lewsi apes

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