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Coshocton Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1940, Page 1

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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Coshocton, Ohio Phone numbers subscription class Ada and display ads 205. News room 170. The Coshocton Tribune the weather Ohio increasing cloudiness and warmer sunday monday Cloudy followed by Light rain. Vok Xxxi no. 204. At Bevc paper Peattie. Of Onlo pictorial Coshocton Ohio sunday morning March 17, 1940. Leased Ivvie Fie port at cited press three cents 50 men trapped in mine at Bellaire Congress due for delay Delaware punishes eight men in mass flogging i he s candidate i for Congress tax measure move might prevent adjournment in june Washington a move to tax incomes derived from Federal securities clouded last night the efforts of democratic and Republican leaders to adjourn Congress before june sen. Premiss m. Brown d., Miclo said he May make the move when the Senate starts considering House approved legislation to extend the administration s reciprocal Trade agreements program for three years from june 12. Democratic Leader Alben. Barkley and Leader Charles l. Mcnary agreed that the Trade measure probably would be taken up the Senate has disposed of the Hatch politics amendments and the agricultural sup ply Bill. Will tote monday the Hatch amendments designed to extend the ban on Ous political by Federal employees to state workers paid in or in part with Federal funds will be voted upon at 3 p. M. Monday. They appeared assured of approval despite the opposition of an Odd bloc of new dealers and Southern conservative democrats. I believe the House will accept the sen. Carl a. Hatch d., n. 1l, author said adding that he did not think the outcome would be affected by the adoption of an opposition Amend ment limiting Campaign contributions of individuals and corporations to s5.coo. Some observers pointing out that this is a Campaign year predicted that the House would not accept that pro Diosal and Pigeon Hole the legislation. Urges tote i Brown said his securities Taxa Tion plan had been pending so Long that he believed the time had come for s. Vote on it. However he added that he would withhold it it it appeared the. A general tax Bill to which he could offer it As i convicted of Holdup robbery they receive 10 lashes each As 85 persons look on Wilmington men were shackled to the whipping Post and lashed with the Caio nine tails yesterday in the greatest mass flogging since this form of punishment was legalized by Delaware in 1771. Warden he Tooti h. Wilson who personally is opposed to the whipping Post administered a total of so to each the three foot whip in a driving sleet and Snow storm in the courtyard of the new Castle county workhouse. Eighty five persons witnessed the floggings which Are open to the Public. Taken from then cells each Bare hacked victim was marched Down a Long narrow passageway Fay Art armed guard and one at a time taken into the Yard where the whipping Post is located. The Post is in reality a Stone Wall with imbedded steel rings. With his face to the Wall the hands of each victim were fastened securely above bus head to the steel rings. His guard stepped Back and Warden Wilson applied the strokes firmly across the Bare Back. Deputy Warden Thomas Wheatley counted of the num Ber in a time honoured formula. And not once in the 80 lashes did Wilson Bend his should the Warden Bend his Elbow his whipping of that victim would automatically cease under the Law. Altho huge red welts Rose on the backs of the defend ants. Warden Wilson did not draw b Ood. The men flinched on each downward beat of the whip but All steeled themselves from crying out. Those whipped were convicted on various Holdup and robbery charges altho no More than two of them were involved in the same crime. Candidates for county offices Paul fax Neit Andrew Cobbett Jesse India must be treated As free nation Gandhi says continued on pase Are editor s note the determination of the Ilah Atma Gandhi to press a fight for recognition of India s moral Independence from. Britain is disclosed in the following interview with hey Bolcis pack Ard Veteran United press correspondent who to India to cover the nationalist Congress meeting. J discussed great Britain s refusal to make Indian Independence one of its War Aims As he walked thru the Valley where thousands of delegates Are gathered for the All India nationalist Congress. Gandhi wearing Only a loin cloth and sandals and carrying a Small Slick under his Arm. Was continued on pag2 twelve Rome hears peace talk but Paris and London demand War be intensified by United press in Rome saturday night there was talk of peace. In Paris and London the talk was of War. In Berlin Adolf Hitler kept his own counsel. No one could guess whether the Spring and summer toll three 127 saved Gas explosion a tombs Many in Shaft Fate of victims Uncertain As fumes delay Rescue Crews Bellaire miners were entombed tonight in the Willow Grove Coal As one of 1 the country s Model bituminous a terrific Gas explosion caught Iso men. Killing at last three and injuring scores. Ralph c. Of losing-1 pc ton Richland county state rep the Fate of those still trapped in a chamber known rese Niave is a candidate for 1 As Twenty two three Miles from the mine the democratic Nom Nasion for trance was Uncertain nine hours after the explosion Congress in the 17th District officials of the Hanna Coal company had not Given up a. Anderson i 1.1 t i i. Samuel former state his opponent. J. Harry congressman has no opposition on the Republican Side. V Berlin dispatch j nope that some would be taken out alive but members representative ssh of the Rescue Crew Thot it a if any Mcgregor present i survived. At least 91 had been helped out of the mine by Rescue workers. Many were burned and bruised and most of them suffered from the effects of the Poison gases that filled the tunnels after the explosion shortly before noon. Hlll other miners had been Able to leave thru pm 1 in Yulico Regency exists without assistance. Many went Home Ami .____r._0_____. Jan accurate count was impossible. Would bring the Oft threatened j news Story on Kennedy j r l Ireland or of Cleveland false Secretary of j president of the mining firm has that officials of the Hanna Coal state declares tend role St. Blairsville to Aid co., which operates the largest by i in Rescue work. He said the res j Luminous mine in Eastern Ohio. Washington Secretary of j Cue Crews equipped with Gas had talked to some of the trapped retired Fanner 87, s is j by Reynolds Packard j Ramg arh. India the a j re tired teacher Hama Gandhi declared saturday most recent candidates to file petitions for county offices were Paul 1c. Finnell Republican aspirant for sheriff. Andrew Corbett also re publican out for clerk of courts and Jesse Kinner. Who will be unopposed for the democratic nomination for county treasurer. Or. Finnell s Entrance into the sheriff s contest creates a three cornered race for the Republican nomination with incumbent Jay Abbott and John e. Foster who j served notice of his candidacy i Early in the Campaign. J or. Finnell is 36, has been lifelong resident of the county. Living in Roscoe most of his life j be was educated in the Roscoe school and is now a member of j total War upon Europe or whether peace was in the cards. In the italian capital there was a growing belief that the european conflict was moving rapidly to a head. But in London there was in creasing pressure for intensification of hostilities and i Paris the press demanded a govern ment to make in Rome the peace talk Stem med from the second visit of United states undersecretary of state stunner Welles who now has virtually completed the fact finding Mission on which presi Dent Roosevelt sent him to Europe. Welles visited italian Premier continued of Pusp stale Cordell Hull irked by re cent expressions by european Semi officials sources seeking to masks and working As rapidly As the dangerous conditions for in the mine would permit were dig attribute partisanship to u. S. Sing for those still trapped diplomatic struck out moves last night vigorously to main British disregard for safety zone Tain this nation s position of impartiality in the european War. He issued a Blunt statement declaring that there was no truth in a news report from Berlin that u. S. Ambassador Joseph p. Kennedy had incurred the Dis pleasure of the British govern ment by sending a confidential report to the state department criticizing the allies conduct of the miners straggled out by ones and twos. They were dazed and the More seriously affected were hurried to hospitals in mar tins ferry and Bellaire. Some had to be carried out in stretchers. Tells of conditions Steve Burke 29, of Maynard was one of the first men to walk front the mine. He described the conditions caused by the blast As i Don t see How anybody who was working in the Vicinity of the men Over a mine Telephone. These officials Thot they would be res cued. The known dead were mine superintendent John Richards Howard Sanders outside tipple Foreman and Ralph Sutton 35. Of St. Clair Sivile. A runaway Coal train gave the first indication of the explosion. Obviously out of control of the Motorman Steve Olexia of Dun Glen the train shot out of the Washington the succumbs saturday Wilbat the formalities of Indian Dies saturday at the War. The German dispatch said that the Kennedy report gave explosion could Nave lived Bunce the allies less than an even n j fourteen men were Saemg treat Chance to win and that the Bru ish government s relations to of Kennedy had cooled con Aua Lri Sid Erable As a result of this asserted document. I Highway workers Aid united1 state department officials said four state ugh Way trucks from continued on. Page student Given life sentence i in Bellaire Hospital and three in Martins ferry Hospital. Another jury recommends mercy for Young Man who killed guard he is Well known As an Interior or american republics in a protest Rome decorator is married and has Jive to the British government Over Vio j children. Be is a member of Beth i lation of the american safety zone i states yesterday joined the 20 Oil that Kennedy had sent no such j Holmes Werc coat need on Page Twelver dependence might await the end. Meanwhile must be treated Clyde c Lister retired school Lehem Grange the Loyal order of i b7 British warships that Over j Samuel untermyer George w. Kootman or. Retired i As a free j teacher died at a. M. Satur and the eagles Lodge. J hauled the German freighter a j Farmer died at 12-30 p. M. Satur j India the famous nationalist j Cay at his Home on South Lonroe or. Kinner is a native of Plain j Kama oif the brazilian coast. J Day at the Home of a son. George Leader emphasized in an interview j Millersburg after a Short ill Field a graduate of Plumfield High 1 the Crew of the Walkama Cut i Hootman. Or. Three Miles North the United press wants in Ness. School and of Ohio state univer the ship when hailed by the. After several dependence and wants it As Quick a of run fir or Siviy. He taught school in the coun British warship. The incident the a months illness of Complick he v--2s 87. Or. Kootman was born 13-53. In Linton township. Sey county a son of or. And x to j Cleveland John Lewis my the scene of the Bellaire mine Dis Cormick 21-year-old University Aster saturday afternoon with or Ders to assist in Rescue work As of Pittsburgh Honor student who shot and killed a Telegraph guard. Long As they Are needed. Each was sentenced to life imprisonment truck Driver was accompanied by a Helper a native of Holmes county. Or. Isaac hoots an. He had lived famous Dies California Palm Springs i 33 Kafir to Martins Fer i saturday. Judge Samuel e Kramer sentenced the Youthful Slayer his son for the past 13 years. Not involve violence. He was assured that i would j degree Mason and a member River in which three British Chis he was a member of Plainfield t methodist Church. Surviving Are six sons. George. Of the Millersburg presbyterian Adjni Graf alter Irea Ana Maii All of newcomers Tori. Ana j William Hootman of Pittsburgh j two daughters. Mrs. Frank mar-1 Latt of. And. J Bert Robinson of Birds Bun 22 grandchildren six Kootman of Missouri. Funeral services will be he St the Little. 70-year-old Gandhi Church. I 1 surviving is the widow. Alberta Lister. I funeral services will be held at 2 p. A monday at the norne in mine victims Kin a herbs a a. In charge of Rev. D. Buria be made vat Vicc a Ben Hoot is e w c o Mer Stovern Young women Are welfare workers engaged to speak at Public meeting Speene r.5ven of the Monti video Harbor where the German untermyer a As rioted As a ver who Coile cts fabulous fees. He. Greater loss of life. 8 in family die in fire later Cut once represented willism Fox in not Jenci Hope the famous film Rase that Senff Ralph Harrison month and of by Mon describing the r our Young. All Era Loyes in the Dan Vii e cemetery. Great grand j of Wilson s lunch room at East state and Pilling its. In Nev scorn o. Are related to men who speaker announced work in he Willow Grove 2 p. M. Monday at the Jones by rear strict flood control to the army irs Jean Huntsman Jig town. Rev. Charles s. Foist of Ari Krom Are Daug ters of p. The lutheran Church Iii deliver i Ankrom. 50. And at p in. They a. P t 5 the Sermon Ana Younai of _ a made in pain fiend Cern Terv. Larser one 01 trapped a the Shaft. They left in re f it for the april 4 or next 27. Symphony concert her brother a Law. I ".vo7i c v. Eif pre an i or Weil of a is. Or pea on i Ogram at an a Cri meet in a o in the third for Grange Jonquet Foo of v. C. A a Eore Day a a. For Ely a Corr in Lynch org. March 2. 1b58. Mrs. Lottie m. Randolph of co Lumbus. Assistant director of the department agriculture Rouit cl0 will sneak a re annual county Grange spor Soreo of Keber Springs ral made Jait for members of of death Ohio editor Dies i Ter Day fire sep their amass sara5ota. A Frame. 7g. In fir of the. Allen. 36. And Dayton. O. New. Her open to re i seven died n the fla.-r.e-. Lne "3re a a h led by the ing the to Beas me Coshow or symphony of a Cestra s second Cor Cert of this season win be presented at Grace snort Atter St p. M. Thursday. 4. And ill Fea Ture a soloist those will be announced later. Director Giovanni Barettt said yesterday. The tentative program includes la by Lachine Sant Saens. Tvo tons by he so of St pre and intermezzo from Ca Vileria rus by t and Tor. --.vf? sate. Member of a Cre a scheduled to Start Vork n the mine at 4 p a. Occurred. Margaret turf sudden re be. De Vord that her father. Russ 70. A Carpenter employed at the mine. Vas of c the bar of and program. Vil be in the s Ture. Sci v. Ill be a be eld St i Anto t Reser. A to mr.-. N and been 5p of a lamp. Winter death v sped burn5 had try no Rescue other Mem Tvr Dayton Bers of h. Fam y. Or or 30 year. Orm seeks Floral basis for peace. Roosevelt save Rescue of the Erners. Of hem pfc pretty much not much Hope for the. Ternai a Reg a of from or Fri other reports slate j. Flying instructor pleads not guilty. I Cormick insane at the time he shot the guard. In youth s parents or. And j. A oods Mccormick in a room across the Hall until had been announced. Hier subbed the Brot to the father he Capoj the Verd it. The parents had testified for defence that their son had been a Ner Vojs child and wanted Thern for his predicament. V. Hers the and to to reporter. Wren he to Vierec a alarm at a Vres eur for office in Rev Hen the verdict thru Ine in a trans 3arr.es a c. Rotted to the of each Grange so Grange Coonc rate n of each sir True f r e Erickson i s Elt radio that president a the a or s Kiwan ians to see old time movies Ien it of the err. Are per Fred Sharpe. Shry Ock. ?.iiss Greer. La a Pitisi a. Ear of it be a peace of free Corn from a a Fri Irja for for troute. It car. Delegate for the brother be peace u n a xxi of and the free to that in h. Fic. St. Co of ration.-, e Nev it Comar n. Fly nyc a for Tersy plea did innocent charge of a a j a passenger Bat Tico him feet above the. A a when i Cabin place crashed in Oyork Bay. Arraigned in Vest Brighton s. Court a loaded not Giddy thru Bis attorney to an at Grange tack upon Emanuel receive training a sent anybody a recovered from the r i the Bay near the new Jersey Shore. Spa employment Cut c. Monday to by tickets to the concert of at the Ray be charter night party Fri or. The ?2ge Lor thursday in Park to Enz drug store Here. Tei. Z. "v., or he., iou foal freed or. As 37th, seek a Morai Al a Lerrick a Zabett is a elites to the for or. Roosevelt Ley. Cal Beatty Charles by Dav. From the White Kousa j s. On the same Progris for sen. Robert a. I of the Grange go c Granst cd to via an s i e the reek. The v. Be among the movie stars of former who will be seen in these freight depot Burns Atlanta Louisville _ movies Are Mary Pickford. Fatty and Nash Jile freight depot in the Arbuckle. Al St. Jorn and the i diplomats and religious leaders. A inc which permit men to f common ground. Ism n.5traf-r canno be a today the of god s i total number of jobs Down to 2. Varieties of mr., 120.000 for Cut of 205.000 by lecturer Queen said be avoided i from the March quota. E n. V. .1 take Netherlands in the that follows j the april quota was renounced the in for lecturers and he criticized works proc acts commissioner during the College gets Cash gift Springfield. I forty four delegates and an it cannot be a real peace if it j peace makers of the first world j f. C Harrington and is in line the group of Lect ser Viil also College receive approximately j equal c at mates who fails to recognize brotherhood. It War in these words i with spa s efforts to keep its in be accompanied by Deputy state As a bequest from the est will support the Taft cannot be a lasting peace if the on the fundamentals the world i Rollent at an average of master Wilson juvenile

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