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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Coshocton, OhioPhone numbers news room 170. Subscription class ads and display ads 205. The Coshocton Tribune the weather Ohio generally fair tightly warmer sunday monday partly Cloudy and warmer followed by showers. Vol. Xxxi no. 301. But of newspaper and pictorial Coshocton Ohio sunday morning june 23, 1940. Mil leased wire report of United press three cents France bows to armistice demands , shapes platform to avoid labor and farm issues French envoys go to Italy party leaders count on War party appellation to overcome democrats Roosevelt will be opposing candidate in opinion of most republicans gather ing for Philadelphia meeting Birthplace of american in dependence bulged today with thousands of confident republicans gathering to nominate a presidential ticket to Lead a third Effort to Stop the new Deal. Most of them believe their 1940 opponent once More will be president Roosevelt. A dozen candidates eager to Challenge his recent Mastery of the electorate Are assembling Here in a concentration of political hopefuls unmatched since the g. O. P. Convention of 1920. The convention will be called to order at 10 a. M. Est monday. Countless Square Yards of red White and Blue bunt ing fluttered in the Quaker City Breeze. Anyone who wanted to know what his favorite candidate looks like when his photograph is blown up three sizes larger than a barn door needs Only to tour the big hotels. Political events Are moving so fast delegates scarcely can keep up with them altho there Are Marks of recovery from or. Roosevelt s nomination of two republicans to his Cabinet. The preliminary platform discussion is shaping _ a party program which will avoid bitterly controversial is us such As sit Down strikes and specific amendments to the National labor relations act and the wage hours act. Farmers will not be deprived of government checks in any Plank Likely to be adopted Here. There is dispute Over How and How much Aid he should give the allies and that May cause some difficulty before it is adjusted. Republicans Are out to Mark the democrats As a War party and they feel that they can win this year if they can make that appellation stick. Developments As republicans made last Day convention plans included 1. The Republican National committee voted to change party rules to deny convention representation to any congressional District casting fewer than votes for a congressional elector or congressional candidate. It would affect about 75 Southern Delegate seats and appear to be a move instigated by associates of former president Herbert c. Hoover. 2. A keep Hamilton As chair Man move was started in behalf of John M. Hamilton head of the Republican National commit tee for the past four years. 3. Announcement was made of a party Bank balance of 000 and liabilities of Only 4. Miss Marion e. Martin assistant chairman of the Republican National committee reported 309 women delegates and alter nates an increase of 26 per cent Over 1936. This convention appears to be heading toward deadlock. Nomi nation of a dark horse candidate is party leaders can make an Early Deal to align majority strength behind one of the leaders. Wen Dell l. Willkie s Boom is sound ing louder daily. Willkie s Rise is amazing to All hands and a cause of undisguised consternation to some. The head of Commonwealth and Southern corp., who voted for or. Roosevelt in 1932, has leaped from nowhere to the most discussed position of any Man Likely to go before this Conven Tion. Whether the Willkie for presi Dent managers can translate a hubbub of conversation enthusiasm and powerful business support into a nominating major Ity Here is one of the questions keeping old line party leaders awake at night. For the first time since 1920 practically All the men who seek Republican presidential Nomina Tion will be in the convention City As the contest begins. Sen h. Styles Bridges r., n. H., and Frank e. Gannett new York publisher were Early arrivals Ai their Campaign Headquarters gov. Arthur h. James Pennsyl Vania s favorite son has been shuttling Between Philadelphia and Harrisburg the capital City. Sen. Robert a. Taft a o District attorney Thomas e Dewey of new York a Poh tical ships of the desert 1940 ships of the desert 1940 style. Pennon flying these British tanks Roll quickly Over the shifting Sands of the egyptian desert guarding the Bri Tish lifeline against attack by Italy. Congress takes recess after speeding defense tax Bills to White House continued on Pace twelve Roseville Man injured in crash on River Road Roger Williams Roseville suffered a severely lacerated neck in an automobile crash on the River Road Between candies Bridge and the Rock run crossing it about 10 p. M. Saturday. No details of the Man s Condi Tion or other circumstances of the crash could be Learned from the Hospital last night but it was believed he was not seriously injured. Or. Williams two companions in the car escaped with minor in juries. According to their Story they were crowded from the Road and Over the Bank by a passing car. The Williams car was badly damaged in the crash. Coshocton sketches by will Danch i i m saving it for Adolph Golden. You can never Tell when he s going to catch the big one that always gets Washington with a burst of Speed reminiscent a formal sine die adjournment Day the con Gress yesterday rushed approval of president Roosevelt s program of billions for defense and a Bil lion in new taxes and prepared to recess one week for the Republic an National convention. Both Chambers met an hour earlier than usual in a rare sat urday session to Complete the work on a must list of appropriation Bills and a tax measure before the recess. Such matters have to be cleared before the Start of the new fiscal year july 1, and the week s recess would preclude action in time for that deadline. After the republicans nominate their ticket Congress intends to return and remain on the Job per haps with frequent recesses for Many weeks or until the International crisis is alleviated. First major item to receive final congressional action at this pre recess session was the 908 supplemental defense Bill carrying in direct appropriations and in contract authorizations. Both House and Senate agreed to the conference report on this measure bringing the defense outlay for the 1941 fiscal year Over 000, and sent it to the White House for president Roosevelt s Signa Ture. Next came final congressional approval on the Relief Bill carrying for red Cross Relief of european War refugees and for Dis posing of surplus commodities and Money Lor non combatant Mili tary training of civilian conserva Tion corps enrollees. Of the total is earmarked for the spa during the first eight months of fiscal 1941, enough to carry persons on spa Rolls each month. With scant debate the House approved the conference report on the Bill by rep. Howard w. Smith d., va., requiring the registration and fingerprinting of All aliens and making it unlawful to advocate overthrow of the government or to influence the loyalty morale or discipline of the armed forces. The Roll Call vote was 381 to 4. It was sent to the Senate for approval. The Senate acted quickly on the continued on Page twelve next acc enrolment Here will be july 13 the quarterly contingent of acc applications for Coshocton county will be enrolled on sat urday july 13, county selecting agent Ross k. Lawrence announced saturday. The quota assigned to Coshocton county for the july enrol ment is 18 White and no coloured boys. The applicants will be taken to Zanesville for medical examination and enrolment on july 13. Only one examination Day for Coshocton county applicants will be held this period. Or. Lawrence stated that applications May still be made any Day in the week except saturday afternoon at the county Relief office. Boys hoping to go should make application yet this month he advised. Only those Between 17 and 23 years of age unemployed and physically fit May apply. Committeemen appointed for annual Homecoming committees have been appointed and plans Are being made for the annual Coshocton county Home coming sponsored by the conserva Tion groups of the county Pomona Range the association of com Merce Central trades and labor Council. At a meeting called by the chairman Harry a. Caton and held in the office of county Relief director Ross k. Lawrence the Date for this year s Homecoming was fixed As thursday july 25, at he county Fairgrounds. The committees named by chair Man Caton will meet in the Home Ilung Assembly room next thursday night to work out fur ther plans for the picnic. The same plan of entertainment and night features that has been allowed in former years will be the order this except Lon that the entire afternoon will be Given Over to a wide variety of special entertainment features with no speaking program and he big dance in the Art Hall and he Midway in the Grove will constitute the entertainment at night. 1-Eonard Happy Powelson has been Given the contract for the Midway concessions for the after noon and evening. The Forenoon feature will be a girls softball tournament with High school teams competing for the county championship. D. W. Hoover and j. F. Lautenschlager Are in charge of scheduling the Forenoon Ball games. Following picnic dinners in the Grove at noon special entertain ment features will be provided thru the afternoon and evening. Always popular among these is the big annual county dance both afternoon and evening in the Art Hall in charge of John Cooksey. Chairman Caton has named Dan Meek and Hugh Hay again to plan the annual dog show to be held in the afternoon. Varncy Banahan has been named by or. Caton to arrange for an afternoon baseball program. Everett Bailey David Croy and Ray Duling have been named As the police committee. L. C. Skip Mirise will again be in charge of lunch concessions. Ross k. Law rence has been named chairman of the advertising committee. House favors 200 warships for Atlantic Bill authorizing great naval program passed Washington the House last night unanimously passed a Bill authorizing the creation of the world s mightiest Navy to fend the United states and the Western hemisphere against any possible combination of enemies the measure granting author Ity to build 200 entire streamlined Fleet for the Atlantic a Cost of now goes to the sen ate where any action on it will await return of Congress from the Republican National convention recess. It is not an appropriation Bill and the administration is not pressing for split second action. Experts estimate that it would quire from five to seven years to Complete the program. Hyde Park n. Dent Roosevelt it was Learned last night is giving most serious consideration to the possibility that both the British and French fleets my fall into the hands of Germany and thus Force the United states to double its fight ing fleets to match the sea Power of the totalitarian nations. Naval experts its was Learned have handed or. Roosevelt Mem Oranda showing that America s first one of defense would be tremendously outweighed in the Atlantic Battle fleets should Ger Many and Italy defeat Britain is Well As France and gain possess Ion of British sea units. Considering All possible future phases of the defense of the United states and the Western hemisphere or. Roosevelt it was Learned is studying the possibility that events in the relatively near future May create a situation where National safety would Force this country to order naval expansion even above the plan to increase the Fleet s tonnage by 70 percent. Present naval expansion plans designed to give the United states the greatest fighting Fleet afloat Are unprecedented in their scope and Cost in peace time. Correction the body of George w. Suther land Clark Barber who died Fri Day night May be viewed at the Glass funeral Home 710 main st., this City until monday after noon when it will be taken to the Elliott funeral Home in Clark where friends will received after 4 o clock. It was erroneously stated in saturday s paper that the body was to be taken to Clark saturday. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. M. Tuesday at the Clark methodist Church. To learn ii puce s terms America gets news of armistice first terms Are kept secret until after agreement with Italy by United press France bowed last night to Germany s armistice demands and sent her aides hurrying to Italy to learn the armistice terms of pre Mier Bentio Mussolini. The armistice was signed in comping be Forest at p. M. A. M. Gen. Charles Huntziger affixed his name for France col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel for Germany. The scene was the same old dining car of the wagons lits com Pany where Germany bowed to France in 1918. Terms of the armistice were not made Public nor will they be until France has reached an agreement with Italy. When word is flashed to the German High command that a French italian armistice has been signed the order will be Given to cease firing six hours later. Last night the French plenipotentiaries were speeding to Italy by air plane to learn Mussolini s terms. They travelled in a German with a German Pilot. German sources believed that France would require about the same length of time to come to terms with Italy As she took to agree to the German demands. The Ger Man agreement was reached just 27 hours and 20 min utes after the French emissaries received Adolf Hitler s terms. The armistice signature came just nine months and 19 Days after France and Britain had declared War on Germany sept. 3, 1939. Tho official word of the terms of armistice was Lack ing London reported that Germany had demanded that France permit joint italian German occupation of France until termination of hostilities with Britain surrender of French War stores Gold and currency reserves and livery to Germany of fixed amounts of Coal and other raw materials Over a specified period of time. America strangely enough was informed of the signing of the armistice Long before either the German or French Public was told that agreement Hud been reached. News of the signing was flashed to the United states by a joint reported armistice terms armistice terms for France it wan said without confirmation last night provide for German italian occupation of France until termination of the hostilities with Britain. Other terms were said Here to be surrender of All French War stores. Surrender of All Gold and foreign currency reserves. Supplying of Coal and other raw materials to Germany Over a fixed period of time. The government of marshal Henri Philippe Petain was said to have been in disagreement Over acceptance of the terms but it was believed that if France submitted completely an other French regime would be set up on foreign soil. All latin american republics Okay conference proposal Washington Secretary of state Cordell Hull said yesterday that All of the 20 latin american republics had agreed to this nation s proposal for an emergency consultative conference on new Western hemisphere problems Aris ing from the european War. President Roosevelt s proposal for a Union of All american nations in an economic offensive against totalitarian Trade methods will be among the subjects Dis cussed. Hull said the exact time and the place had not been ascertained definitely. It has been assumed by most authorities Here that the Confer ence would take place in Havana. Since the Call went out for the meeting however it was reported the brazilian government had indicated a desire to hold the consultation in Rio Janeiro. Canada is not included in the Call for the consultative Confer ence altho it would most Likely be a member of any Western hemispheric Cartel Arr arrement in formed sources said. Authorities said that the Speed with which the latin american nations responded to the state department s proposal was Indica Tive of the keen interest in this hemisphere toward the threat of economic and political penetration by the totalitarian Powers. Among considerations growing out of the european War that have prompted desire for a meeting prior to the scheduled october session Are the status of dutch and French possessions in the Western hemisphere. Both countries have been Defeated by Germany and the United states has served no Tice on Germany and Italy that it will not acquiesce to any Transfer of hemisphere land As a result of that development. Bankhead favored for vice president if Roosevelt runs Washington thirty three House members from 21 states last night announced after a caucus that they would support the candidacy of speaker William b. Bankhead As the democratic vice presidential nominee. The decision to Back the speaker at the democratic National convention at Chicago next month was the first formal move to select a party vice presidential candidate other than vice president John n. Garner. Rep. Andrew Somers d., n. A. Said that the action was inspired by the enthusiastic reception on the House floor when Bankhead s selection As Keynoter for the convention was announced. Somers said that the Bankhead support was predicated on the be Lief that president Roosevelt would seek a third term but that if or. Roosevelt was not a candidate again the group would support Bankhead for president. Short wave broadcast of the National broadcasting co. And the Columbia broadcasting system from Compi Esne one hour and a half after agreement was reached. Not until two hours later was the news officially announced in Berlin and broadcast Over the German radio to the German people. German officials offered no immediate explanation of this strange circumstance. As reported by the broadcasting companies Huntziger took note of the severity of the German terms before affixing his Signa Ture to the document. I Huntziger said that the French government has ordered me to sign the armistice. I desire to read a personal declaration first. By defeat of arms we cease the struggle in which we were engaged on the Side of our allies. France sees imposed upon it very hard conditions. France has a right to expect in the future negotiations that Germany will show a spirit which will permit the two great neighbouring countries to live and work rear Admiral Leluc had tears in his eyes As Huntziger and Kei Tel signed the armistice the radio said. Keitel offered a Brief tribute to the soldiers of France and Ger Many. All those who have bled for their he said and All those who have died for their we Honor by Ris ing from our the news of Germany s hour of Triumph was Brot to the German people with fanfare. A Roll of Drums came Over All the radio stations in the Reich. Then an announcer said we thank our then a Chor us Sang the Netherlands hymn of thanksgiving deutschland Ueber Allis and the Horst Wessel song. The news was then read. Immediately thereafter All German radio stations and stations of Ger Man occupied territory in Europe went off the air for a three minute period of silence to Honor the signing of the armistice. Word came More slowly to the French people. There was no immediate indication that the French intended to announce the news and there were some indications that the announcement might not continued on twelve senator Glass 82, weds woman 50 Amherst a. Sen. Carter Glass of Virginia was married late saturday to mrs. Mary Scott Meade at a quiet ceremony in the ascension episcopal Church Here. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Zebarney Phillips chaplain of the u. S. Senate. The couple left immediately after the ceremony for the senator s country Home near Lynchburg va., and they plan later to take a trip to the North. Glass gave his age on the License As 82 and that of the Bride was listed As 50

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