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Coshocton Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 5

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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Coshocton, Ohio4 the Coshocton trip me mon., Pec. 27, the Coshocton Tribune and times age an Independent newspaper published each evening and sunday morning the Tribune company. Coshocton. Ohio 43812 f Bruce Wallace. Publisher Sam Gosser circulation manager c s Siegn St advertising director Robert f managing editor entered As second class matter at the pos office at Coshocton Ohio under act March 3, 1897. Member of audit Bureau of circulation and Ohio newspaper association. Shannon and Cullen inc., National advertising represent Tate rates of subscription have a seat Well talk by Carrier and throw off per week in Coshocton and adjoining counties one year 00 _ a in 3 00 1.25 50c three months one month same Day delivery counties not one oar 00 _ i Ull Thor mar res 4 00 one month 1 to editorials outside of Ohie one year 00 six months 800 Lii inc Mulilis 4 of one month ________2.00 How to teach Reading How to teach Johnny to Road is of neatly one of the most debated in the world education. Different methods have their own Spe Cial advocates and heretofore research to prove their comparative effectiveness has been inconclusive any method tested independently is Likely to have attn but to it advantages Over others. One trouble is that research is too often in the hands of people who have preconceived views about the value of the system being investigated. Now from the National Council of teach ers of English comes news that causes a great Deal of reflection among teachers and parents. At its recent meeting in Boston the Council heard reports on tests of various methods of teaching Reading including phonics and the Pitman met Hod. The study covered More than first Grade pupils in 16 states and was financed by the United states office of Edu cation. The conclusion Well the researchers found there was no one Superior Way of teaching Reading. All methods were not of equal value. Each however has certain merits As for example better world recognition ability of children taught phonics and the apparent better understanding of what is by nit read contributed by the language method moreover the effectiveness of any parti Culjai method was found to be relevant to the Needt of the Pupil. A method helpful to a child from an affluent environment May not be expected to have the same Bene fit for a child from a family of deprived circumstances. The answer to this problem though not stated specifically is suggested schools require teachers with broader training in a variety of Reading techniques. How now red cow soviet Union is going to pass the a United states in milk production this year for the first time Ever the . Department of agriculture reports. It estimates total soviet milk production will be nearly 127.9 million pounds about 2, 370 pounds More than the predicted total. Can it be that Khrushchev s boast that the would eventually surpass the a. In every Way is coming True or dare we Hope that milk fed reds from a land of contented cows will prove a bit less Bull headed in International pastures in the future Washington notebook by Bruce Biossat Tipiere seems no question now that president Johnson is in tent on giving his White House staff the Roosevelt Ian imprint near total anonymity. Franklin d. Roosevelt wanted key assistants with a Posi Tive passion for invisibility. Lyn Don Johnson evidently finds this approach eminently suited to a s own style. Perhaps inevitable the gradual switch to this kind of staff has opened the president to the criticism that he is sur rounding himself with a considerable group of faceless technicians. The complaints come of course from outsiders who had enjoyed easy Contact with the John f. Kennedy staff hold overs who from the outset of deadline was professional Noil taker Lou Harris Democrat. Lbs and More recently sidekick Harris was the Jar who advised the dems Robert Morgenthau was the a snatcher for the and then Nelson Rock Csc t she lacked him Post Boss Joe cd 1 in marital k we swear to fort in of of Fany s was bus Ertrie one dime Ltd a m a hotel group n y term will make x. V i pc a pendulum the Day John Lindsay lunched lbs Boss Bill Paley in the ground floor lbs restaurant Jungle Jim Abbrev was cock ailing at the Colony restaurant bar surrounded by All faithful old lbs was alone mrs. Lytle Hull owner of the most patrician High society looks since the ate Queen Mary was a Deb. She does a is it Cial effect at that sauntered in to the Pavilion on the town s Jaunt est Cane might even set a new style trend we re tired 9i Sean Connery telling every one with a Pencil poised he s sick of the James Bona just quit quietly would be the smartest exit into Elsinore in the same curmudgeon mood we Don t think gals in Bell to Tom pants look so smart mrs Elaine Lorilard who does is Altman s dept store s new director of special events e ame a forced from c cares started and steered the frizz fes away from its Early economic Shoals Warner s now coax Julie Andrew and r. Chard Bur ton into film a their of Zigmal Ca Nelo stage Rad do ice Illyn o Conne or Tamiru of a surf ing an. Her four daughters and franc on to Honolulu for the Eberle and he on i or out join Dick Stabile s for a february japanese tour rav Ebert s Oro her Bot s name is spelled Eberly with a because when he Tanger ined with he band fan us surname that a and he to the Puoh weal 1ht y comic Stock of funny a Toumie up when Fine madness was filmed Renee t a 1 o Ranne Jackson s standby in Luv and b i Osterwald. Wait ins for Ginger Rogers to bust a Gam in hello Dolly picked up ail a Yule Cash will the oaf trying to be labor us with anti Ginger Rogers in propaganda please go lie Down did t Fie License Bureau give a kid s Model Agency a Good thwack across the ethics students of Stone age to personalities be advised Evelyn Rudie s Holiday greetings car ried a jerkily posed Evelyn As far from the precocious Elo ise she pretended Back when Nielsen was a Pup As Marlene Dietrich is from a musketeer. Even one gets All floppy at hoho an time even the Salvage t knocking Down the world s fair the Kaiser Sal Vage Crew is an open House at the new England Paul Hon while they demolish the Spanish ism Mexico. West Venezuela. Hollywood Ireland. Malamma and Billy Graham Paxi icons. Sorry it s not our notion of a Happy any Tomc seeing All that Mem red Ink go Ker pow but we do return in absolute kind their salutation ingots of Joy and tons of happiness for the new year sounds like a lot of poo off Art to us Jane Kean s departing mate Dick Linkroum s Sari expression is for a Hollywood East Indian beaut Shan Lewis will Cross Over the other a to play in Florida the owl and the pussycat role want ten for a Nitro actress on tie j. P de to get an Oscar nomination. These Days the Squirrel Cage by Douglass Welch a god Day to you All and i Trust your Christmas was a Happy one and if your husband or wife went to an office Christmas party last Friday Why i Hope you have forgiven them by now. I sat up Here m my window people come Home from office parties Christmas eve and most of them were walking like italics like tan ing into Strong wind or. Dibble was the worst off i think but also the smartest he was crossing the Street from sidewalk to sidewalk pursuing very uneven course but he carried a huge bouquet of roses for Bis wife and i am told that when she opened the front door he got up off Iris hands and Knees the said you Are the most desirable woman a whole it is quite possible that he was More decently received than any other office party husband in the whote neighbourhood. Mrs. Dib ble said later to mrs. Fuller my poor husband oame Home awfully i think or Mcmurty s arrival Home was the most dramatic Herman sprint the suburban bus Driver left the established route detoured one Block Over to our Street and drove or. Mcmurty and 32 other passengers right up to his front door i expected the House to explode when mrs. Mcmurty saw him but come to find out she was on the bus too. He had the foresight Trust a banker every time to take has wife along. She had worn her new Cor set which makes her look like a Gibson Gorl with a Wasp Waist although normally in her Garden clothes she is 40-40-40 straight up and Down. Relief mrs. Blair told my Mother in Law who is now telling every body that mrs. Mcmurdy was so intent on getting into the Bouse and getting out of that Corset that she scarcely noticed or. Mcmurty s condition. But of course she had been at is Side All afternoon while he was Taf Cung on cargo and it was As much her fault As his that his dec Load proved More than he could handle i mean she was every bit As much to blame As he was because when a fellow takes his wife to an office party there is an assumed obligation on her part to get him away be fore the balloon goes up. What went wrong at the Bank party i am told is that they left it to the Trust department to mix the the theory that if any department of a Bank is to be trusted it should be the Trust department. The punch was mixed by the Trust vice president named ponzi whose idea of a proper punch was 10 bottles of Gin to 10 bottles of Orange Juke. They should have wondered when be showed up at the party in a mask and announced that he would open the vaults and give everyone pres ent some Money. Disastrous or. Hilly got Home rather Early but he was smeared with lipstick even the Collar of his Short he is the Boss at his place and he foolishly permitted old mrs Mcvitty the file clerk who is 108 years old to hang up Mistletoe and All the girls in evisceration and cleaning toe is a fish Packer swarmed on Toon by prearrangement As a big gag. It was no big gag to Hetty Hix by Osome name that How Ever and she said if he thought for a minute that site was go ing to stay Home and work for hours getting the lipstick stains out of his shirts Why he bad another think coming. I believe it is a mistake to permit Mistle toe at office parties. The interesting thing to me is what happened to or. Fuller whose wife is against mixed dancing. He had read some where that office parties Are Best when held away from the company premises and As the chairman of the Christmas party and As vice president of his firm be hired a suite in a Motel at the Edge of Tov and sent invent Afons and Flowers to All wives and husbands of employees. He had hoped to have a really impressive Christmas reception of inspirational qual Ity and he had planned to get up some time during the Occa Sion and urge Bis people to put their shoulder to the wheel and bring in those orders in 1966. I mean the whole nativity scene Beautiful music and sales charts showing the Toledo area booming. Unfortunately some merry Maui news in sales hired the suite next door and when word went out that a Rump session was under Way Down the Hall with booze instead of sauternes and soda water Why or. Fuller lost a Good of his Box of fice. I stayed Home the Day before Christmas although i got plenty of offers. I believe that a Man a should spend this Day in contemplation with his wife and family and that he should sit Down to his Christmas eve Din Ner sober and i Don t believe in Cuba some girls around an office and getting loaded and i am a natural born Fink in a lot of other ways too. The National window by Lyle Wilson Down on the Banks of the Pedernales president Johnson is assembling plans for the seventh consecutive fiscal year Federal deficit since be and the late John f. Kennedy took Over in january 1961. The Kennedy Johnson regime is the fourth m a series of big spending. Big borrowing Dehait Onen Ted administrations since the late Herbert Hoover left office in March. 1933 for never was Able to balance the Treasury budget during his three terms plus m the whte House Harry Truman did considerably better hot racked up four budget surpluses m none years d Wight d. Eisenhower fair budget surpluses in Eslit Vears the record is not very Sood. It is Likely to get worse because there seems not to be much Chance that president Johnson will be Able to keep the War in Viet Nam going and to keep his great society afloat and Ait the same time hold Federal spending within Federal Rev Enue when Hoover left the White House the Public debt was approximately s22.5 billion on next june 30 when the current 1966 fiscal year ends it is estimated that the pubic debt will be about Billon lit follows that the Roosevelt Truman Eisenhower Kennedy Johnson administrations since 1933 have spent about s300 billion Federal income. That enormous debt be paid sometime or be repudiated to Bear that debt Burden forever does Sot make any sense. The taxpayers Pav m interest on the Public debt this fiscal Vear the today s almanac today is monday dec 27, the 361st Day of 1965 with four to follow the Moon is approaching its first Quarter the morning stars Are Mercury and Jupiter. The evening stars Are Jesus Mars. Sati irn and Jupiter. In 1932 the largest indoor theater at the time was opened in new x Ork radio City music Hall. In 1941, the japanese bombed the Neutral City of Manila in 1945. The , Britain and Russia a bounced they would govern Korea As joint trustees for five years then Grant Independence. In 1963, the Commerce department authorized Sale of surplus Sheat to Russia. A thought for the Day French novelist Stendhal said one can acquire everything in Solitude except enormous Umof up about million Smice the fiscal year just passed. For the United states government to repudiate its pubic debt is unthinkable. But some fuzzy headed Politi Cian will thank of it m time no doubt. The budget deficit lbs now is putting together on the Banks of the Ped males will be one of those eat your cake and have it too jobs. Johnson is trying to Divide Federal income of about billion Between a War in Southeast Asia and a great society at Home. They Are about equally expensive and about equally sensitive. A cutback in Southeast Asia could be made into a winning Campaign Issue by the republicans if it were accompanied or followed by obvious american reverses. The political Impact of reverses in Viet Nam would be enormous especially if it could be shown or argued that lbs had brought the reverses about. But the great society also is mined with potential trouble. Lbs s left Wing Bigades Are beginning to Holker for More not less great society spend ing organized labor. Negro spokesmen. Americans for democratic action always Are for More spending to remedy whatever May be the current pressing ills. Less spending is for the squares extremists bourbons the conservative. It is a fact that what lbs is doing on the Pedernales today will build into top Campaign issues in 1966 and 1968. By John Chamberlain what is the Point in being a governor or a state legislator to Day with the political strength gravitating to the cities and a new department of housing and Urban development setting up shop in Washington it won t be Long before our state capitals have become provincial backwaters. The mayor of Milwaukee so i was told by complaining Wisconsin legislators at the re cent state legislative leaders convention in san Juan puerto no Seldom Calls the state Cap ital of Madison he is too Busy on the phone to Washington. That s where the Money is and that s where the big programs Are being formulated. The sad thing about it is that if the states were really inter ested in shaping the destinies of their own populations they would find themselves in a poor condition to fight Back. Taxes flow to Washington. If some variant of the Heller plan is adopted letting the states Recap Ture a certain amount of the lost Money there will probably be All sorts of conditions attached to the spending. The weakness of state govern ment is glaringly underscored by a study coming from the Eagleton Institute of politics at Rutgers University m new Brunswick n. J. The Rutgers study is mainly concerned with the activities of the new Jersey legislature in Trenton but in the course of making compari sons it gives a lot of information about state Legislatures else where. It is not encouraging in formation. With the pay Scales that pre Vail in Many of the states one wonders How the Legisla Tures can attract Good men. New York state does Well by its legislators giving them a National High of a year. New Jersey itself is tied with Ohio for seventh with a a year allowance. New Hampshire is Low with six teen states pay their legislators for regular sessions on a daily pay plan. In Louisiana the daily fee is in Rhode Island Kan Sas and North Dakota the sum is a paltry several states circumscribe the sum total of a legislator s Reward by limiting the length of the legislative ses Sion. Others allow for unlimited length and pay for special ses Sions. A few limit both the regu Lar and special sessions pre scribing a fixed number of Days for which pay will be allowed. In Rhode Island a state legis Lator can earn All of a year for doing the state s business. The travel and daily expense allowances Range All Over the lot. Some states offer reimbursement for actual expenses others prefer a fixed amount per Day per session or per year. New Jersey legislators get railway passes but oddly the state makes no automobile mile age refund arrangements and gives no general expense allow Ance. In certain states Money is allotted for Only a single round trip to the capital City each ses Sion. Twenty four states pay an expense allowance of from 85 to a Day in addition to and salary. And a few states give a Lump sum for expenses ranging from a Low of to a High of per biennium. The legislative leaders who at tended the convention in puerto Rico had an Opportunity to compare notes about their own individual treatment. In then four states the leaders get additional Money. New York and Massachusetts do particularly Well by their leaders with added salaries going to the Senate president and House speaker to the majority and minority Lead ers and to several important committee chairmen. Pennsyl Vania allows up to a Vear in added salaries North Dakota is Low on the totem pole with even in the richest states there is very Little incentive for Man to run for legislative of fice just for the Money. A Law yer gets something extra out of becoming a state representative for the Job advertises to prospective clients. But once a reputation is made there is Little financial Point to continuing a state legislative career. Maybe with the Federal government combining with the mayors of our cities to tackle most of our problems it won t matter that the state capitals hold Little financial lure for Good men. But state legislators would do Well to read a remarkable Book by Alexis de Tocqueville called the old regime in which shows what happened when Paris took control of the French provinces. French experience might frighten the legislators into voting themselves More Money and a More certain hold on a state s Power to handle things inside its own boundaries. Dental health by Wayne g. Brandstadt . Pole vaulting has become a spectacular and popular sport with the invention of the Glass fiber pole. This Type of pole is full of Spring and will lift your son to Heights never attained with the old wooden poles. But every new advantage is attended by its own special disadvantages. In this Case the disadvantage is associated with misuse. Glass fiber poles come in assorted weight. Each weight is designed to correspond to the weight of the user. When the proper weight is used the pole is virtually unbreakable and therefore perfectly Safe. But enthusiastic youngsters too often Are tempted to use a lighter pole than the one specified. It is True that if your son is Lucky such a pole May lift him higher than the heavier pole he should be using but this is too much like playing russian Roulette. If he is is not so Lucky and the pole snaps he May be impaled on one of the fragments. Parents and coaches must make sure that their High Fly ing charges understand this and never use too Light a pole. Daughter 2, has been walking almost a year. She is terribly Pigeon toed. Would it help if she wore her shoes on the opposite feet is usually associated with a High arched foot. Although a mild degree of Pigeon toe May be advantageous a severe degree is a Handicap and should be related. Don t reverse her shoes. In Stead have a leather wedge inserted in the outer lateral aspect of her shoes. This should be at least to Inch thick at the outer Edge when this treatment is started Early the results Are usually Good. Giving a 1-year-old baby Small amounts of wine cause brain damage a although giving Small amounts of alcohol to toddlers is a common practice in some european countries it is discouraged by american doctors. Alcohol is an acquired taste and there is no hurry about establishing a liking for it. If a child is thirsty he should drink milk Orange juice or water. Anything that replaces the first two of these robs the child of much needed nourishment. Whatever the disadvantages however brain damage would not be one of them unless Large amounts were Given daily Over a Long time. Daughter 6, has mononucleosis. Could this Lead to leukaemia is there a cure a infectious mononucleosis is not related to leukaemia. Your doctor May help Clear it up without treatment after two or three months cortisone or a related drug May shorten this period. Looking Back ten years ago 27, 1955 the Coshocton High school class of 1915 held its annual reunion monday night at Rob son s restaurant it was the first class graduated from the new Central High building and was composed of 48 members. Twenty fire years ago dec. 27, 1940 the Coshocton symphony or Chestra opened its ninth Winter season before a Small but appreciative audience in Grace methodist Church. Local sacred heart cagers trimmed Dover St. Joseph 32 28, on the local gym floor. Thirty five years ago Dee. 27, 1930 or. And mrs. J. C. Mismen of near Plainfield left for san Ibel Island fla., for the win ter months. The Frankie Lombardo ambassadors had been booked to play for the new year s eve dancing party at the local Coli Seum. Fifty years ago z7, 1913 Mary Pickford was coming to the Mystic in her latest Para mount release the girl of a new electric Type clock had been installed in the Coshocton police station. Now you know the estimated population of Tokyo As of oct. L was according to an announcement from City. News paper 4 news papyri

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