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Coshocton Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 1

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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Coshocton, Ohio Numbers news room 170 subscription classified and display ads 205 the Coshocton Tribune weather generally fair and continued Cool today and tonight warmer Mon Day. Vol. Alvih no. 354 full leased wire report of the press Coshocton Ohio sunday morning August 18, 1957 Best of newspaper features. Comics and pictorial service ten cents Lodz workers in Lodz Poland walk to and fro or go in trucks during the s re Etcar strike that was broken up by troops. It was the biggest demonstration in Poland since the bloody Poznan bread and Freedom riots of june 1956. Mansfield wants reporters in China great Falls. Mont aug. 17 democratic a i p Mike Mansfield said tonight it is highly desirable that the activities of american newsmen be extended As far As possible in com i Monist China. J i the Montana Democrat a Mem her of the Senate foreign Sela i Lions committee said in a speech at a Montana state press Assoc a i Tion meeting that under the pres i ent state department ban to h e i Public information which comes to _ i us from China amounts either to i official press handouts of our own government and the chinese Cost munits or the reports of journal j its of other i he said that under our system of government the press must exercise. In foreign policy the same i Independence As it does in domes r tic daughter of former envoy linked with red spy ring fib right says Ike must take Aid Cut blame claims measure mishandled from the Start wife loved communism Best British live political Asylum to polish commercial London aug. 17 up the years. But when he and his wife Telephone talks. His papers and s he might never make it. Restore me cuts i shows Marun t. Lacey. Presi British granted political Asylum i came Here they were in love and j letters were Dis arranged in his Reluga raced Back to the Knock my Dent of the new York team today to a polish Diplomat whose i pledged to serve their govern j quarters in the embassy. T h e Bassy picked up his son took him a j join. Council As he a wife loved communism More than ment. I name and address of a non com to a Friend s House and returned aed ured comes tee ton. Lacey brushes away Large by Warren Duffee aug. It sen. J. William Fulbright said to Day president Eisenhower must take the blame for big cuts in his foreign Aid program because he has mishandled it All the Way j the Arkansas Democrat a j member of the Senate foreign re j lations committee said he would her husband. _ gradually. Reluga got fed up. J Monist Friend disappeared from j in a taxi to get his Luggage. 1 _ the Diplomat was Mieczyslaw _ he became disenchanted with his belongings. One Day he saw i meanwhile his British friends Seir Reluga. 26-year-old assistant to j communism and began to sex i his wife leaving the embassy had the polish his wife was 3 old blonde. Rel Aga was Melinia is Back in communist watch him closely. J spying on him. He said she admit and watched while a husky Emne f for a Poland with their two year i the reds enlisted his wife to Ted it and said. " i will not live Bassy official obviously a secret program daughter. J spy on him. She did because re-1 with you policeman drove up in another 1 us inc he asserted the president has tears rolled Down Bis face though he peered composed at counterspy Boris Morros tells details of espionage by Neil Macneil Boris Morros has told House investigators that a prominent american woman member of the soviet espionage ring in this country was mrs. Martha Dodd Stern daughter of a former u. S. Ambassador to Germany. Her husband Alfred Stern also was in the ring Morros said. The couple recently slipped out of Mexico. U. S. Officials believe they went behind the Iron curtain in Eastern Europe. Morros made the statements yes new York grand jury on soviet Ter Day in sworn testimony in new espionage activities in the United. York to a team of staff agents of states. He worked for the. The House committee on Una Meri government for 12 years posing can activities. Highlights of his As a russian agent while collecting information on soviet spies. His role was revealed when the spy Case of Myra and Jack Soble and Jacob Albam was broken. In a recent news conference in Day afternoon and evening. I Kew York he said that while act Walter said the committee had j ing As a. Counterspy in mos maintained Contact with Morros j cow he was betrayed to the rus for the past six months. S sians by a prominent american testimony were made Public today by committee chairman Francis e. Walter Walter said his staff members questioned Morros most of yester Morros prominent Hollywood motion picture and com Poser recently testified before a woman whom he refused to name. Shortly after this mrs. Stern. Page in. Please Reluga made his break for free i Luga said she was such a _ _ two weeks ago she flew Home car and tried to Stop him. Dom just a Day before he was to Cal communist that she cried to Poland with their daughter. Re be returned to his red run Home when soviet dictator Joseph Stalin Luga was told he was to sail Sun land. He made his decision to defect to Freedom some time ago but almost did t make Good his is died. J Day aboard the liner Batory. He at first Reluga said he noticed j decided hot to go. Nothing. But soon he got Supsic i last tuesday a Friend Tele 10us. Phoned him and said they know i Reluga replied. The White House plans to Send where Are you the j Secretary of state John Foster Man named Duma and normally j Dulles and other officials to the a clerk in the commercial at tache s office demanded. In Goin to catch the liability would abolish House of lords London aug. 17 would Cost the famed publisher press was an Extension of a col Cape when his wife became a spy he said she became greatly in j you Are going to try to j it s too Duma said for the communist secret police. 1 Terestea in his phone Calls and Reluga left the embassy to meet Reluga shrugged him off ran Regula told the daily mail that visits to non communist friends the Friend who warned my that i to the taxi and it took off with he had planned his flight for j Here. She eavesdropped on his j if he did not leave immediately him into the London traffic. Capitol monday to spearhead the Beaverbrook s daily express to j one of his own jobs. As a peer administrators plea for Restora Day caused for abolition of the j he is a member of the House of Tion of slashed by the mouse from the s3.3s7.000.000 auth House of lords and denounced the i lords. Whole hereditary aristocracy the express second largest urn in its sister paper the Sun Day express which last sunday questioned whether the Queen would be better off without her just like any other Street nature girl not impressed by Park a. What comes naturally to any Fern every Dav except sunday. _ or to i _ _ by Claire Cox new York. Aug. 17 tourist in the big City. She from i went shopping. 16-year old nature girl North Carolina s Moonshine Moun return from a Canadian vacation by one Day to be Here for the closed door Senate hearing. He will be accompanied by John b. To Kiister outgoing director of the International cooperation administration which handles the Aid i program and adm. Arthur w. Radford former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Dorothy As the pretty tall 1 Tion for Dorothy May. Several i although the administration pin j a High school and College Educa and the first thing she bought tarns took a Good look at Park i was a pair of shoes. Not just any Avenue today and said it looks shoes. Comfortable Flat heeled just like any other i walking shoes. Her sunday go Jim Dorothy Brown who has j to Nieting Spike heeled pumps Kved her entire life until now in the Only ones she has worn be one broken Down Mountain shanty i fore were killing her. In a part of the High heels uncomfortable. World where there Are no streets Mountain Folk Aren t used to at All. Spent the weekend living in j City sidw2iks, she explained Tri Virv in p in Tel in ii Oti Ito e called i women gave her hand Ine Down j Ned its iday As a clothes to replace her two Only getting video her with a modest wardrobe luxury in a hotel on Park Avenue. She came to new York to be and High heeled shoes can be mighty uncomfortable for a girl on a television show but she did i who is used to going Barefoot Senate rackets committee to Grill More teamsters Senate labor rackets com Mittee today scheduled More grilling for two teamster Union vice presidents and ordered a search for four new York witnesses who have eluded Federal marshals. I chairman John l. Mcclellan dark. Announced that vice j presidents Einar Mohn and James r. Hoffa will testify when the hearings resume next week. Hoffa be confronted with j ranged for chartering of seven charges that he supplied gang j teamster locals in new criminals Vrtol r tit we. I Brunette prefers to be came to the big City Friday result of a series of experiences 1 dresses. A department store pro that would befuddle even a Cin Derella. A White goddess she was discovered at a Weh in a Clearing in the Woods outside Mooresville. N. C., by Tom Mcknight editor of the weekly Mooresville Tribune. He wrote a the Backwoods. The Story caught the fancy of j life to get Here. Kays Gary a columnist for the and then today Dorothy May Charlotte observer. He spent 10 went shopping. A trip that was to Days working up a Story about j have taken 45 minutes still was Dorothy May the Backwoods girl j going Strong hours later. She not who had quit school after the j Only bought shoes for her aching 1 eighth Grade to help her poverty j feet she also found a pretty new stricken family. Indonesia Leader blames press for nation s troubles Jakarta. Indonesia aug. 17 blamed Chatterbox democracy for in Donesia s troubles today and called for restraint on free thought and ree speech to prevent chaos. J in an hour and a half address now Dorothy May is about to Ion both sides was for holding to broadcast to the Nai on s s2 Mil become a celebrity. De Sullivan the House cuts. Lion people throughout the 3.000 brought her to new York to a j White House press Secretary Island archipelago. Sukarno Creed Pear on his lbs television show c. Hagerty said Dulles and for replacement of the present tomorrow night for plus the others would Tell the Senate system with is plan of guided on the occasion of the 12th an a train for the first time in her Tion Blieve the cuts should be i Niv Ersary of Indonesia s Declara Hopes on the Senate fori Back at least part of the Cut. Prospects still were Cloudy i today. Key republicans conceded including the first evening gown the program faces Stormy going. I sentiment among Many senators she has Ever owned. Mood piece about stumbling on j Ali expenses for her and two group Why the president and a White goddess fetching water in i chaperones. Dorothy May Rode on everyone else in the administrates. 1 3 min flt of re Trio in Filiai i from. Rny ittle restored. Then things began to happen. All an industrialist offered to finance dress to Wear on Tele Ivison. Of Dorothy Mav s Page 9. Please Pur Maureen 07hara to Battle with Magazine Congress moves of Moo up stage of 1951 sessions express urged Fortna lords who Are subjected to unfair and ill Man j elected or who Are appointed for need j life Only rather than the present but it said its defense of the 1 system whereby title passes from. Monarchy did not extend to sup port of the non Royal aristocracy once a bulwark of the monarchy now a liability to the nation. Certainly its political expression the House of lords should be abolished As quickly As so sible the express said. There Are 828 Dukes Marquise Earls discounts and Barons in the hereditary nobility. The argument in the daily sex father to eldest son. The whole Issue which has cropped up before Rose Over the criticism of the Queen and her court by lord Altrincham 33, the House of lords is the upper House of parliament symbolically if not actually the equivalent of the. Senate. In practice the Power of the lords is overshadowed by the lower House the House of commons. Syria reported in midst of military purge by reds Beirut. Described As a red Colony 5of the soviet Union was reported in the grip of a spreading communist military purge today. The leftist clique of army officials United behind syrian defense minister Khaled Azim appear to have won in the struggle for Power and have begun to clean out their opposition in the armed forces. Their next step May be a forced Tion of Independence from dutch Rule he said the change must be made now. He called on the people to join his new life move and urged a mental revolution to make Good the prom _ _ _ uses of their political revolution j of Cabinet the of year Loci Leader some times called the George washing in London diplomatic sources j Meddin. Who asked to be retired ton of Indonesia frankly reviewed said that soviet party chief Niki on a pension at the age of 44 last the political and economic woes j to s. Khrushchev Mav try to help i thursda3r Bizri is observers that have befallen this Island cd i have interpreted Washer ton aug. 17 to Congress moves into the mop up j cure then he said must Obj stage of its 1957 session next week i drastic changes. I with its Eye on adjournment in a the Colit Cal i week or two. The political system we have i applied a to now does not give ally. Soviet defense minister i Georgi Zhukov already has acas a forced Resigna sters criminals and j York City staffed them with thugs of with Hunting to and Maureen o Hara is eager figh engaged a Ord off i camera love scene with a latin Lover in the Back Row of 1 meanwhile reports reached Bei rut that a number of senior army r officers had been placed under a whether the annual sprint for happiness to the great body of our 1 Leo cation of growing rest Smice .4zirn returned from i the finish will come next week i he said. We must revise a leftist domination came with re 5iosco-vv three weeks ago. Nair in who that system. J from sources in Beirut newspaper Al Hayat Cepter an invitation to Syria. Indication of upon legitimate business honest votes to Rig the election of new d a working Peonie and Union Mem York rate joint Grauman s chinese theater her attorney said today. House can handle the civil rights i it is obvious that we h a v e. Damascus that ailing president reported that syrian authorities s neither become stronger nor More Shukri Al Kuwait by has decreed 1 had discovered an attempt to i i secure under the system we have appointment of top ranking or foreign ministry in r working people and Union Mem j York City s joint teamster coun i bul the deadlock Over that Meas Mcclellan told newsmen j cil Mcclellan said. Atty. Guy e. Ward said he believed he would be Able to ure seem to have broken have communist Gen. Afif Al Bizri As _ thirteen Days he Annas have committee counsel Robert f. I prove that miss o Hara was not even in the country Wien. Are is go no Assurance s t even become More smashed syrian army chief of staff. Bomb big enough to Mestrov the Pence Kennedy said four witnesses have the alleged Grauman chinese incident took j element can be reached in time More cracked up. More divided. Bizri was promoted from Colo i whole building was found is the the nation s biggest Union a Page 9. P2ease Hunting fishing Emmett w. Nethers retires will make Home in Florida 9. Please by Ken Slaughter the red haired Irish born film her daughter and is on one Day for adjournment by next Star hotly denied the testimony of Call to appear in court Ward said i Day. J a defense witness in the criminal j spellbound courtroom spectators meanwhile the lawmakers wih j Peris code libel trial of confidential Maga i watched Craig and a5de in j be working on a list of other a me that she was involved in a sexy escapade with an unidentified escort in the theater nearly four years ago. She sued the Magazine shortly after publication of the Story. Nel to replace Gen. Tewfiq Niza Entrance Way. Tangle themselves across the three 1 Bills including the unfit chairs while Craig claimed he had i shed appropriations for the fiscal seen miss o Hara sprawl across year which began six ago. J eighteen of county9s 22 townships have Blouse j the House still must vote on a 1. J 3j related appropriation Bill for the with her Nead towards the rear Emmett w. Nethers. 1314 Den declared miss o Hara was atomic Energy commission. The Man av., will retire at the end of i eager to go Injo court and fight j Craig first cal3ed by de. Senate has three to go including this month As chief Deputy in the j the accusation. It has highlighted j sense Atto Mev Arthur Cro Jev in foreign Aid appropriation on Coshocton county treasurer s of sizzling testimony about Holly j the Case against Fred and mar which president Eisenhower is j fice after 12 years of service. I Wood s biggest names who Are Jorie Meade. Operators of Holly i putting much pressure. The sen he said he intends to discard j faced with the defense Promise to j Wood research inc., film land is i ate is expected to restore some of his Pencil and pad for computing As inaa5 of them As Neces j tuning Post for the Magazine was i the 809 million Dollar reduction tax figures for a Shotgun and fish i sar5" in an attempt to prove lurid Cross quizzed on Small details of j voted by the House in the foreign ing tackle he will use after he and j Magazine stories about them Are the alleged scene by prosecutor Aid funds but differences Between his wife move to Florida next nov i i William l. Ritzi. Who asked the Chambers must be ironed out j Ember. J miss o Hara May appear j to put it bluntly where was thereafter. The nethers plan to build a new i miss o Hara has been sub Poe a her rear i the administration is sending Home at Sarasota. Fla. Where inked by the prosecution and in on the Corner of her j Secretary of state John Foster they will move permanently. All likelihood will be called As a j Craig said claiming the Star was i Dulles adm. Arthur w. Radford sprawled horizontally across three i retiring chairman of the joint Emmett Neiers county treasurer Atta Emler said no one will be appointed immediately to take or. Nethers place. The retiring Deputy treasurer has been a school teacher Mer chant fruit farm owner and a bookkeeper in a Bank tse fore he Page 8. Plea Sci rebuttal witness to the testimony by defense witness James Craig 27. A former assistant manager of the theater who yesterday acted but the alleged Back Row scene by sprawling across three courtroom seats her head on the Man s chiefs of staff and retiring for Lap. Trial in adjournment Toth the trial in adjournment to Day Hollywood and new York pro chairs with a blonde newspaper Paul mrs. Woman. The actress is vacationing with. Meade engaged in an Exchange eign Aid Boss John b. Hollister to the Senate monday. They will ask for All of the which the administration wants in the foreign Aid Bill. I i obituaries Page 16 1 f. E. Beauregard w t Iii jtosltio3t8 of by Ken Slaughter there will be contests for trus tees offices in is of the 22 townships at the general elec Tion nov. 5. Four townships bed Ford Crawford new Castle and Perry will have unopposed candidates and these we be elected by default. Tuscarawas township has the largest crop of candidates seven competing for two positions. Five other townships Clark Franklin Lafayette Monroe and White eyes each has five candidates seeking township trustee posts. Among the seven running in Tuscarawas township Are Fred e. Beauregard route 4, seeking an other term and William f. Rice route 2, who was an unsuccessful candidate several years ago. The other five whose names have Page 12, pleases William Rica

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