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Coshocton Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1957, Page 1

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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Coshocton, Ohio Numbers news room 170 subscriptions classified and display ads 205 the Coshocton Tribune weather mostly fair and pleasant with possibility of scattered Thunder show ers in evening. Vol. A Lam no. 340 Pali leased wire report o tie United press Ohio sunday morning August 4, 1957 Best of newspaper features co soils and pm Cora six cents Mcclellan hits Hoffa scheme for Gigantic transport Union reins teamster Leader the super o t a. M a j Mcclean chairman of the sen sea. Joaa i Mcc Ieuan ii use j and by Herbert Foster aug. 3 of a controls the nation s millions of workers unions. Truck Drivers succeeded in his plan j Dio and two associates to merge with longshoremen de with him on a Bor rackets Colnai Iuele j and rail ship and airline pm lag charges Are scheduled 10 be said today James r. Hofia s Sald to most info run ploys. Released from their new York jail i this is too much economic Oas enough to testify before r so be in. One Tefle committee next Mccleman told a press conference. Mcclellan said that Max Chest i he also said the committee this or former official of a retail j week showed collusion. Between clerks Union local who was con some employers and phony in a acted with Dio july 25, will Tes Ioas which he said amounts testify monday when the committee unfair Competition into the bouncing charter management and honest of local 228 of the Al. United the committee has charged Lhatt Hoffa worked with his Friend con Dio was new York director of rights v scheme for a Gigantic Union of ail ate if Hoffa heir presumptive of transport workers would give the the big teamsters Union which i Dulles wants russians to Start fishing or Cut bait by William Galbraith realize that an inspection system Washington aug. 3 thai makes us All More Safe and Secretary of state John Foster i facilitates Rea cuon of a Dulles said today the danger of general War will be lessened if Russia accepts a revolutionary disarmament offer opening vast areas to joint inspection. I moments is As much to their a Terest As to ours. Racketeer Johnny the Law Al a Union j to seize control of the team now known As the Allied Industrial i Siers Union in new York. It said j workers and bossed its locals in after making the Brief plane Side j Hoffa set up a number of paper she nation s largest City. National Airport i to Rig a teamster election Mcclellan defined a bouncing f to make a Tele i and staffed them with Dio s Hood charter As one granted to a statement at j Dulles drove off Dulles made the statement on phone report to president Eisen his return from London where he unfolded Western plans for East West air and ground inspections to guard against Surprise attack. Is now Union to Resi Hope the soviet government Bower. He said a decision would be made then on whether it would be necessary for the two to hold a Quick face to face conference on Luras. Friend or favored individual and but Ali night hassle has usual final deadlock Mcclellan charged As he opened a then to i the same Cate last week s hearings that Hofia f gory. Sought Power to Clamp a truck the chairman said. I think and Shi stranglehold on the at j we be clearly demonstrated that took on More than 100 russian by Collette Blackmoore j Moscow. Aug 3 up a Harvard Unn Hersity Law student Page York City police out in Force 4th juvenile slaying in week responsible by Claire Cox new York aug. 3 fourth teen aged gang slaying a week of tenement Jungle War i fare sent police out i Force to a a Day to try to make new City s streets Safe for Law abiding Street Corner Early today. J police were ordered to use i outbreaks of juvenile violence i the forces at their command citizens. A. Bov celebrating his 16th birth which police said had cropped up i Day committed the fourth Brash fires have claimed the in seven Days. He Hunting knife into another youth twice during a fight on a Bronx visiting firemen gather for first school sessions Here a Tou Mout of approximately 100 visiting firemen was on hand for the opening session of the Central Ohio fire school saturday morn ing at the pleasant Valley school registration at the school started at s. And following the invocation Given by Rev. Richard for Sythe. Mayor Frank Wisenburg the visitors. He said in part. My Way of thinking a great improvement is the firemen s association that has resulted in this meeting Here today which is being sponsored by the Coshocton county firemen s association. It is a very worthwhile service to the Public for the fire department in any Community pro Vides a real Security that Only experienced firemen can lies of a policeman s son an aged writer and a teen aged polio victim too lame to run away. Stomped to death the policeman n s son was stomped to death when he became trapped Between two warring gangs. The old Man died of exhaustion from fighting off a pack of juvenile tormentors in Central proc. The polio victim was stabbed to death. Two other stabbed youths fought for their lives in hospitals. Still other victims of juvenile sadism out the terror created the unruly gangs. But officials were at a loss to explain the Sud Den outbreak of teen gang War fare. Who in Tell it might be the hot weather or the fact that the kids Are off from i school with nothing to Deputy police commissioner Erann. Who can Teri it is like fighting a Forest fire. You Don t know where it s Goin to Spring up new York City s entire 23.000 Man police Force was alerted for the War on jux Enile crime. Plain the ended just where the East West arms negotiations Are in dead lock. Richard Medalie 23, of Minne Apolis minn., faced indignant and sometimes irate questions from a crowd of Young russians in red Square right in front of the Lenin Stalin mausoleum which has be j come the favorite soap Box for the a i americans at the world youth to j festival. Medalie quickly Learned that the russians were thoroughly familiar with the official soviet line which demands immediate cessation of nuclear weapons tests. The russians were surprised to hear Medalie expound the Western argument that the problem in t suspension itself but How to successfully control it " one tall muscovite blew to at this have you Ever fought a lie asked How old Are what do confidential trial and mar Jorie Meade. Facing each other Are targets for a Battery of cameramen and reporters As the cons entail Magazine trial opens in los Angeles. The scandal publication is charged conspiracy to commit and circulate lewd and obscene literature. An All Star cast of Sim celebrities jammed the courtroom Caus ing a sve hour delay while the proceedings were moved to a bigger room. Mrs. Meade is Niece of confidential publisher Robert Harrison of new York. You know about All j Bucec fives Are hired for la infield Fresno schools two new executive Heads of the Plainfield and Fresno schools in the Coshocton county Public school system have Sheen employed by the respective Board of education for the were treated for injuries Jpn dieted clothes detectives prowled by clubs brass Knuckles and other streets in unmarked cars under weapons. J orders to break up every gather j one of the Young killers rounded lag of youngsters on Street Comers Page is. Please r introductory remarks were also j tip by police said he stabbed his j or in Parks made by Charles get. Columbus j victim because he wanted to radon of inc i ref o Imizo Dean of the school fire chief rus i the Page 3. Please i through Bone. Plunging a other detectives were poised to Rush on a moment s notice to the scene of any violence. Woman gives Haven to stray dogs telis of Afifi coining Yniss leaders arrests has 22 on hand at present time by Dale Sprague this is the Story of a dog. Not just an Ordinary dog. But a Beau till Black and White Shepherd named Friend. Friend had a owner and lived in Guernsey county but about Christmas time last year Friend s owner wanted to get rid of him and play a practical joke on one of his relatives Here in Coshocton county at the same time so he put Friend in the car and dumped him out near the rela Tive s Home. Think Iii his owner would soon return Friend sat by the Road and wailed after five or six hours he finally decided his master not returning so be started to Roain Over the Countryside and saw a sheep Friend had never the announcements were made by the two hoards to Wil Liam e. Inman. The new county superintendent of schools who has replaced j. F. Lautenschlager who retired last week. Inman said b. John Karlis be Ese Culive of the Fres. Ilog adore. O., hired by the coun Jno school. To Board to the newly created the new head of the Plainfield Ilion of supervisor of elementary school is 4s years old and a a caustic remarks by Ike to seen serious threat Knowland gives views following breakfast meet by Raymond Lahr Washington aug. 3 Senate Republican Leader William f. Knowland said today he saw no veto threat in president Eisen Hower s caustic criticism of the civil rights Bill expected to pass the Senate next week. Knowland who fought in vain to keep the legislation As the presi Dent wanted it and As the House approved it told reporters it was Eisenhower s practice to withhold judgment on a Bill until it reaches him for signature. He made these statements after a breakfast meeting with the pres ident to discuss the measure and other legislation to be considered before Congress adjourns. Kowland said he had no doubt the president was disappointed by the Senate vote this week to at Tach a jury trial amendment to the provision in the bal he reported he told Eisen Hower he hoped a House Senate conference committee would make substantial changes in the Osl As it was approved Fay the Senate. A major overhauling needs to be he said. Highly placed administration sources said the president win put the full weight of his influence be Page 16. Kesse schools in the co univ school sys 1 Tive of he spent four j ears As near or the Ilton school. Vienna Tunisi the arrest of several anti Corn a Board Monist political leaders including Wayne t. Mathews. Wilkesville ens. He Junction City Page 12. Pleases a graduate of Ohio site Cornier members of Parlia-jo., will head the Plainfield school turn where he received his ment in a new attempt to smash and Gale Davis All opposition. A communique issued by the ministry of the Interior in the regime of puppet Premier Janos Kadar said the arrests were directed mainly against three anti communist politic Al parties which were accused of counter revolutionary and illegal activity All those seized will be tried in the near Maxi plans nearly Complete for new routing of 16 and 36 plans for extending routes 16-36 from the new Walrond Bridge at the Junction of routes 621 and 76 North and mum penalty for anti state crimes j of canal Lewisville through Orange to Newcomerstown is death. Will be completed by the end of this 3tear. According to f. B. Our police seized several Lead j Chappelear Zanesville division Engineer for the state High j District will be into ing members of a few non com a Way department at Newark. Union local District. At that time inter i onion local school District submits Issue for addition a Bond Issue for Mak ing necessary improvements to schools in the Union local school District will be submitted to the voters of that District nov. 5. If approved the Money will be used to build an addition to Union school to House extra class rooms and provide modern facilities for Fallsburg elementary school Licking county if that school becomes a part of Union. Local new improvements at Fallsburg school would include a cafeteria Kitchen and a general purpose room. Union and Fallsburg boards of education should know by aug. 20 whether or not the Fallsburg mrs. June Roderick and three of the 22 dogs she has Friend is sifting to the left of mrs. Roderick. Seea a sheep before so he was j years now. She takes the dogs in care of wayward dogs for eight too great considering the amount naturally curious. As he a j gives them care and medical preached to see just what this j treatment if necessary and tries of work being done. Dog food sup strange animal was. A shot rang 1 Jaq their rightful owners j by a local grocer costs afoul so week and the medi j Monist political splinter j the communique said. It was t of arrests pest. Announced the arrest of father Al Bert Egon Turcsanyi the former Page is. Please he said if the plans Are approved by the state Highway j county Board of ecu cation will act on a petition re these wandering waifs of the Caj nine kingdom. 3irs. Earl a Wii out and hit Friend in the Eye. It j sometimes this is pretty hard topical Bill has run about s25 did t kill him but Friend was j fio especially As in Friend s Case blinded in that Eye. He hurriedly j of the owner does t want the pet. Ran off into the Woods and hid. J she Jas Aad about 75 or so dogs Friend finally wandered to to her Home in the past Home of mrs. June Roderick. Co. At the time of this writing. To help defray this expense. Mrs. Roderick will sell unclaimed dogs to Beverly Harnet in mis Souri. Miss Harnet then takes to dogs and trains them for proves Liams also of route 2, recently found a Black Spaniel with two puppies about a month old along for state route 76 near their Home., they Are now searching for a Home for the puppies. Another family on route 2, has five dogs j feed by Gen _ term me where the Road should be he indicated that the proposed built have completed by the jew 14-mile stretch of Highway i eng Peers. The surveys he said would be let As separate contracts. Are being studied by the state one in mile Section from the j Walhonding Bridge to state route 193 in Lafayette township would be or Chasa Elear said although no Highway department s planning Board has Fallsburg Board the Transfer will be made if Union school officials Are in favor of the merger which they Are. The merger would enlarge the entire District by 120 Square Miles and increase the High school awarded As one contract and the definite location for the new hash enrolment at Union school Falls Shotton route 2. And found a Neinas 37 seven Miles to Way has been established one Comers own As another. Studied Calls for the the division Engineer said Dar new Road to ran North and West of the past few years three pre canal Lew Seville and follow the i w 12, please x Washington aug. 3 Limi Iiara locations surveys to de Burg s property valuation is listed at Union school officials stress that an addition s needed to alleviate crowded conditions a that school political american military men begin to seem like permanent fixtures to europeans editor s note this is the last in a series by the United press military affairs writer on european defences. Mother and attended the Dedica Tion of a Park named in her Honor. The president played Golf this j morning at the suburban burning j tree club. 1 i late this afternoon they were joined at the White House by maj. Eisenhower his wife Barbara seek City school Board positions deadline for filing will be wednesday Erica. J Force alone pumped out 723 Mil j and .78 for the 7th. Army Kenower s vie Barbara j with them they brought Proba lion dollars the same Vear in traffic accidents Are not included l and the three oldest of their four Bly family members including at least youngsters who Are enrolled in service run by Charles Corddry 1 schools and learning at least one United press staff correspondent new language. Paris up the american military Man looks very much As if he has carved himself a per manent Niche in Europe. All told there Are some of them. They help guard the free world s ramparts from England to tur key from Germany to the Mediterranean and still Over into the american tourist sitting in a cafe on the champs Elysee watching other american tourists go by has hardly an inkling of How deeply dug in Are his countrymen who came Here to join in Europe s defense. The tourists spent 427 million dollars on this Side of the Atlantic in one recent Vear. The. Arti eluding 153 million dollars of air men s personal paychecks. It s customary to consider the tourist in these totals the crime rate according David 9. Barbara Anae to 8 Susan 5. 7th army commander it. Gen. Dollar indispensable. The military j Bruce c. Clarke is less than in Dollar would be even More so. Incidents rate Low nobody Ever tried harder than the american i to be liked and get along. Military base local Community councils abound to help out. It seems to work. The rate of incidents run ins with local civilians which reach police .25 per men Ner month for the air Force Washington. What re you doing about it in Washington he asks Challenge singly. It Cost one billion dollars to create Clarke s army. The annual going rate is of which 180 million is the locally spent payroll. The air Force in Europe is a Faaee 12. Please president s brother or. Eisenhower came from Baltimore with his daughter to join the party. President of Johns Hopkins univer sity will leave for Mexico Tomor Row As the president s personal representative on a committee set up at the Panama conference of american presidents. A traditional birthday dinner with a big cake and presents was scheduled at the White House. By Ken Slaughter j i potential candidates seeking Vil Lage. Township and Board of de j a cation posts have until 4. J wednesday to file their petitions ins Coshocton county Board of elections. .-j3 Bond issues and tax levies must also be filed with the Board i at that time. A huge crop of candidates including two for positions on the Coshocton City Board of education. Filed petitions last week. The two men from Coshocton j on the local Board Are r. R. Casey Jones 325 Elm st., and or. A. D. Jerman 906 Cambridge re. The former was appointed in february 1954, to replace George j Pash who and latter succeeded Stuart Lane in May 1956. Jones operator of the Jones Page 12. Please r. Jones

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