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Corsicana Sun Newspaper Archives Nov 23 1972, Page 20

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Corsicana Sun (Newspaper) - November 23, 1972, Corsicana, Texas Coach Don Duncan Back Sun sports editor scratch a winning football coach anywhere on his Tough and Flinty hide and youll find he bleeds just like the rest of lie May nol whimper and whine like the majority but you can bet he knows Hes been where Many of them do their real each member f this selective fraternity shares with his Brothers an ability to recount in Crisp detail every moment of a losing game and therein lies the source of their a loser can remember his rare wins with the same but the end result is Duncan Doest Wear his i m his but he remembers them with the clarity f a does he make excuses for those losses if anything deserves pointing he volunteers there Are for Why his Navarro Junior College bulldogs finished the 1972 to Jeff Campaign with a 73 a Mark Ilia in this season was Good for a second place lie in the final was it a Good year fur Duncan and his Are there any lingering disappointments the answer both questions is it was with these in mind that Duncan time in a schedule Early this week and settled Back in Lalk appropriately he took care of the first question i Felt like our Ball club played Well in every football with exception of at and thai was Wharton a 137 nyc c a sideling the wed just come off a loss to Blinn a Las minute 109 thriller in Brenham and we were on the mad and wed gotten some additional kids fell like hat the Ball game we did i play As consistently Well As we should we were Able to generate enough of sense and play enough defense to Pul us within striking distance the win when we had the Fumble a third Down Bobble Wajcs be which the pioneers and i thought that i hat was the difference in the Ball the fact that we didst get it in Down there is other than i was proud f play this head the bulldogs found them Banka Dericard budget master charge charge a Tery special Purchase just for you 100 polyester double knit suits 45 00 a 100 percent polyester double knit suit Ata Low we were Lucky to find this Pur Chase for you and we know you will recognize the great value of these suits once you have seen we say hurry we dont believe these will last selves their quarterback in the opening loss he and then found themselves As a team in the second the 337 skulking of Henderson it was in that second Outing that All he Hopes began to soar the predominately freshman squad was jelling and the future looked what came along 10 spoil and that Duncan was really the bulldogs Best game of the preparation and execution account for his Altitude on that nyc headed South without Marcellus Mitchell and Rodney for one two people who had been vital in their earlier and blinds upset of Tyler a week earlier left the buccaneers higher than a Ripe t do it we played the Ball game like we had planned to play said and thai not to give the turnover in there where it would make a difference and make them beat con the passes that we were Safe routes and our defense held up it just boiled Down 10 one or iwo Breaks and they went against but As far As our Effort was it was very Blinn had i be fought All the he unlike some of her games and that exactly what the bulldogs there in the final n surprises blinds record indicated that they had a Fine football Overall Speed defensively the fact thai their quarterback was very accurate of to Good experienced running backs Sieve Beaird and Ronnie which was borne it in the that loss affected the rest of the t in both negative arid positive theres Way thai something like that loss does n affect a Duncan and it counted in their loss i Wharton the following Bui in had its inadvertent id As in that in eventually provided Duncan Willi his brightest moments of the the highlight of the season for in terms f would be what our team did after the Wharton when we were virtually out of the conference t have enough Pride to win the four remaining Ball games in i lie manner in which we one which was Tyler and is always a big win it was very that saying it win As the bulldogs did and under the circumstances in which they placed themselves would have been but there were some disastrous from a that made their accomplishments stand for what they two injuries in particular stick it in duncans those that sidelined halfback Horace for All but Lite first and last games f the and kept Middle linebacker Marcellous Mitchell out f the lineup when he was needed what Horace was capable of or at least what we thought he was capable was evident in or last football game 88 Yards and one to in four carries against had he stayed i think it would have Madea lot of difference in our season because Hes the Type of Back we can Lurn a five Yard gain into a f if Layard gain and two or three of i Hose in a Ball game can make a big a key injury for us was Marcellous he was unable to play in any of the three games in which we and you a experienced Middle linebacker out of your defense and its got to make a difference in terms of being in the right place at the right time and covering for a mistake that ordinarily might result in a big Marcellous had that losing your Middle linebacker is similar to losing your Hes to your defense what the quarterback is to the offence because he makes the y u just dont lose that Man and have your defense remain the some people came Well and offset the bad Jesse for made the move in Center so effectively that he earned All to Jeff recognition at that and Joe rusts work at Duncan was definitely a plus s what makes a season a successful one from a coach Duncan is obviously despite Riol winning the championship that he always Aims at what accounts for that feeling any time thai you win More Ihan you that a successful seas the one with which i am personally satisfied is one in which we win Emall in two years a High school head at Honey that a 44101 record and i can remember every one of the had anyone been paying Al at the beginning of the he would have heard Duncan slate that the to Jeff was in better balance than Ever before and that no one should be surprised by How Keith closes in Keith Thomas one of Many defensive stars for the Navarro Junior College bulldogs this in on a Henderson county Thomas picked off seven of the 24 interceptions the bulldog the 1972 Sun Burnan secondary swiped in staff photo by Juliet looked after Ien a 73 season is a Good one in Light of what the leagues become and till be equally As if not in the future As the respective schools and their programs when youre talking about a Housand High schools and eight i think if you can w re at in you can have a Good i care who you and i think that the people in our league Are going to do s i see it continuing to be and you can bet the bread m Ney hat Navarro will be one of i in be Sylv ols tha t Al the thers will be carefully watching each the to Jeff May be but Duncan is w a King every hour i wards seeing to it thai its in the standings behind his i in the final boil my coaching career or a season Down one Ball in ten years of Therese been a 14 of Ball games that Ive in just As Therese been those Ive and those things have a tendency t even s the Only approach that i can see that one Thall keep you competitive in a Good is to use your head and keep things on a sound basis were always going to have a nucleus coming Back and were always going to recruit hard and recruit con were going to Start season competitive and were going t be competitive in every Ball game every in those years in which the injuries arid the Breaks Are in your then you win big and lie nes that there then you d thais doctrine program is run com in duncans simply Means that his players Are capable of competing with anyone in the league and thales what he always Aims Navarros situation for the past years under Duncan is such that it is now Able to vie with traditional Talent seekers like Kilgore and Henderson c unto for Talent and land them Superior physical Talent paid dividends Over that period and will in the throughout the Duncan returned again and again the Blinn and what it As he the comeback made by Liis squad off that loss and the one that followed meant a it has its bearing on next As Duncan when youre you look to see who delivered and was it As a football we certainly had an Opportunity after the Wharton loss to drop four in a Row and that the thing that Sticks in my mind about these they were Able to overcome this situation and i think that this puts us in an excellent Frame of mind for next theres one final thing thai dovetails with All the Lalk of present and Duncan would never pretend for a moment to have achieved All that with a new string of dependable Dodges 73 great engineering makes the its an easy step up in Price to get Dodge Polaris full sized and but its the engineering such As electronic ignition and torsion quiet that really make polara an outstanding new Dart 3 cars in its like three cars for the Price of one Dodge Dart sport its a five passenger its a Sun roof with the optional sliding Metal and it serves As a station with the optional rear seat that leaves a Flat new Dodge club extra cargo space inside the its another Dodge exclusive a pickup with 34 cubic feet of cargo space inside the cab to keep things under and both the club cab and Dodge regular cab pickups include a Long list of Standard such As electronic Hervey motors South i ways 75 287 boys authorized dealers the bulldogs have in his three years at the school on his it comes Down to the and ability to perform on the Field but much More rests with the coaches than the Layman might suspect arid that a department where duncans got aces without getting into too much f a flowery i feel from a staff our kids this year were extremely prepared to the Overall season indicated this for our defense being As Low As it was in giving up both in conference and on the and also our scoring As Many Points As it both i indicate preparation went into Ball team and tie people that concerned about crediting Arf Harold Hern and coach Hugli c Ach Herns for gave up Only one Down pass All season the National statistics Are Solhi compiled bul i think Well be rated High in several team learn our kicking which coach Herns in charge had Doug Perdue As the leading scorer by in the conference and i think Hes going i rank c Ach when he joined immediately became a member of the he did a really Fine Job with the kids he worked Wilh defensively and Youju have to Point to the number of Points scored against us Hugh and from a preparation were very thorough if what our opponents were going do and think Hal every balls game we played was one in which our kids from a standpoint what they were Likely in see ii lakes a lot Oft sunday afternoons on in adj mondays and tuesday before the tendencies Are Pul and the thing about that is that May do All Hal work and come us of in Wilh no when youre faced Wilh a Silva Linn in which you you find Oul something about yourself first and then about the people1 around in terms of our coaching coach Hern and coach Mccrabb were the same people every Only a Lille More working a Little harder that our kids might i personally appreciate Hal and feel that in was a big Factor in being Able to win the last Duncan paused for a moment As if draw his thoughts Ihen i think the easiest just for the coaches but one that the players and the fans can Lake r for that after any kind of setback is to break and Lurn in Furgel your responsibilities and say what the one of the things Hal i feel weve been Forl Unale to have in season and every one thai Ive been Here is Good Corsicana weve got some people Here in so vitally interested in our program thai in helps make in a in fortunate to happen to be in a place where football is in

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