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Corsicana Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 5

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Corsicana Daily Sun (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Corsicana, Texas Want ads work wonders Call 8723033 Corsicana daily september carte praises in Texas save i j quote misinterpreted Dallas a Jimmy Carter spent much of his Brief trip to Texas trying to smooth feathers ruffled by his Magazine remarks on Lyndon but the democratic presidential candidate did manage to hit hard on those themes that carried him through the Carter repeatedly extolled the greatness of the late president Johnson when he spoke Friday in downtown Houston and then later at a Dallas it was his remarks about Johnson in Playboy Magazine that caused an uproar among some Texas on his arrival at the Houston Airport in the heart of lbs said his critical remarks of the late president were he said he never intended to place Johnson and former president Richard Nixon in the same category and that the reference to the texan was to indicate that Johnson misled americans into additional involvement in the Vietnam Carter was warmly welcomed at Dallas Fairmont by a crowd estimated by police and secret service at Carter told about democrats who managed to cram into one hotel ballroom that except for Abraham no president in american history did More for Basic human than he said during his speech at the National when he got to Johnsons name the applause was the he said this caused him to recognize the unbelievable contributions of Lyndon Johnson to our to the Downtrodden and Carter was interrupted several times by he later attended a private fundraiser of from 80 to 90 Campaign officials said it grossed there were antiabortion pickets in Houston and earlier in National democratic party chairman Robert a acknowledged that Carters comments in Playboy Magazine were a mistake and quipped giving John Connally an Issue like that is like giving a Stradivari us to Jascha Carters reception in Houston was More Low the candidate spoke on a Busy downtown Street about where thousands of office workers gathered to get a glimpse of the former Georgia there were Boos and jeers when Carter described the late president Lyndon Johnson As a greater Many spectators stood hands thrust into their As Carter climbed atop a makeshift platform Between a hotel and a department police officials said an estimated of the crowd was impossible at the time of the with scores coming and stopping to listen to a paragraph or two and then hustling Back to this was the first outdoor downtown rally in Houston since one by president Dwight Eisenhower More than two decades there was one Large Redan Dwhite display Carter for Ford for the presidential candidate was introduced by democratic Dolph who was interrupted by Boos and chants in his Brief As those standing in the humid weather lets hear lets hear Briscoe was forced to begin his introduction Over Carter referred several times to Johnson As one who Cut who reduced unemployment and brought us a better Way of each time Carter praised there were in the Magazine article Carter described along with president As and distorting the Carter later apologized to Johnsons lady Bird but she declined thursday to say whether she accepted the Johnson it was Nice of him to Call she earlier said she was Hurt and perplexed Over Carters Carter hit hard on the economic theme during his 20minute speech in he promised a reduction in inflation and an increase in Job of he for a president to sit in the White House and do nothing about climbing unemployment is a disgrace to this this will be Over if i am elected the next also said the present tax Laws cheat the average american and Are nothing More than a welfare program for the this brought his loudest he if elected i will never increase taxes for those who work for a living and those who declare All of their income on their tax re new he must depend on the private sector of the and not on the governmental words for the Ages but whose words debate verdict candidates Best when by Don Mcleod a political writer if the first impressions of the rival Campaign Camps hold the next debate Between presi Dent Ford and Jimmy Carter will be a less gentlemanly con two major conclusions emerged from the first debate thursday which Lead to that projection that both men disposed of some Neces sary but Dull details Sec that both came across Best Carter by Lynne ou50n associated press writer Jimmy Carter is shifting away from statistics and litanies of democratic names from the past and is recasting his speeches with the themes he credits with making him a Winner in the primaries Lead compassion and the need for a Washington outsider in the White in two other the when swinging As Idaho state democratic chairman Deckie Rice said on the first Carter demonstrated that he had command of the this had been a key Carter to show that although he had never held National of he had a grasp of National wanted to show himself As a competent administrator in firm command of the same in both men threw out such a Stream of statistics and other abstract data that most surveys reflected viewer bore but both sides seem to feel that they have accomplished an important first step proving their Man has the ability to Converse intelligently on lofty issues and produce impressive facts and and having made their respective both sides May now be expected to change from now statistics attacking and such will be used to attack rather than establish the speak ers the Exchange is sure to be sharper and More personal in the the other main reason that the action is expected to pick up is that both campaigns be Lieve the viewer boredom began to dissipate when the Candi dates began lashing out at each for differing both sides think that was their particular candidates brightest Campaign Back to democratic presidential Nomi Nee is shortening his Hec tic Days on the Road to give him and his staff More and aides Are advising Carter to be less candid with report Carter himself has said i think my free expression of views probably causes my the first presidential debate has forced an end to the Road testing of said one Schweikert future depends on Healing political friendships a the Man who jolted friends and political acquaintances by becoming Ronald reagans vice presidential running mate two months ago is at work mending fences and contemplating his Richard Schweiker says his options include the 1978 governors race in seeking reelection to the Senate in 1980 or perhaps a run at the presidency that and he would rather forget what happened in the last few i think that behind he Schweiker is among the most Liberal republicans in the sen he agreed to run As Ronald reagans vice presidential candidate in the last month of the conservative former Cali fornia governors bid for the Republican presidential Nomi that Effort ended with nomination of president Ford at the Republican National convention last month in Kansas my As i see is to work for the Ford Schweiker said in a Telephone interview this past Schweiker was supposed to bring Liberal support to the Reagan at the gop convention he battled with Long time Friend Drew Lewis for the allegiance of Pennsylvania Schweiker Fords state Campaign and other republicans Felt Schweiker sold out his Liberal credentials for a Chance to become vice the result in Kansas City was 93 votes for 10 for and a Cooling of the relationship bet Ween Lewis and the Schweiker wants to restore that Friendship and wants advice from Lewis on his Lewis was the goes unsuccessful candidate for governor in 1974 and remains a Power in state party i think theres no question were going to get Back to being Good Schweiker and the future i have no great desire to run for governor at this but i dont Rule it Schweiker i would expect to run again for the but ill keep my options i May look at the National does that include a shot at the presidency i want to Cross that Bridge until i come to but that an Ive gotten a tremendous increase in my recognition Factor and in strengthening my ties with the conservative Wing of the said the 50yearold now serving his second term in the Schweiker said his involvement with the Ford Campaign began weeks ago when Ford invited about 10 congressmen and senators to his return to the Ford Camp is part of the Fence ending movement which included a 17 address to a state re publican fundraiser honouring retiring i see More common ground Between the two wings of the party than i think leaders in either Wing he having been exposed to both i see great opportunities to bring our party together Carter adviser As the demo Craic presidential nominee took his Campaign to the West coast at weeks it caused All of us to spend quite a bit of time deciding what the candidacy was All a National associated press poll of voter preferences showed the last thurs Day night in to have been a virtual draw but that president Ford had inched a bit closer to the democratic presidential nominee by the time the encounter was Over and the nations television sets were the debate was useful for i out Carters positions on specific the aides adding that the two de Bates still to come will be used the same but the aides said that while he is on the Ign Trail Carter will concentrate on the broader themes of his primary election Cam citing lacklustre crowd reactions and news stories that the Campaign lacked focus As still other reasons for the Carter aides said the candidate has decided to reemphasize a need for Trust in government and for Strong leadership which can identify with the they said he will paint Ford As an incapable Leader with Little compassion and with no understanding of the problems which economic adversity causes for the average Ameri Carters re emphasis on his outsider described by one adviser As always a source of was evident in a Carter speech Friday to an out door rally in we need a a Busi a state legislator and governor to go into Washington from the outside to straighten out the mess and give us a government we can spot in the opening Fords Side thinks his Sharp at tacks on Carter helped remedy one of his worst image prob people were beginning to think he was a weak i divid said Blake gop chairman in Crawford the morning after the after talking to people in certain that has been completely now they View him As a Strong Indi basics Carter Carter is now concentrating More on explaining economic problems in human think about a father proud like you competent like you self reliant like you who has a household like he told his Dallas a Hes eager to but cant find a he faces his his responsibility and respect that goes with a breadwinner shipped put yourself in that Posi to go Down and draw your first welfare Check when youve worked All your unemployment tears a fam ily destroys eliminates Basic human dig Carter he Drew loud Carter also resurrected his old line about a need for government As Good As the Ameri can yours for Only after you have accumulated in purchases of our High Quality but moderately priced look at these prices cleansing Cream 2 fluff face powder lipstick exquisite in every our musical treasure Chest highlights an offer which is Good through november or while supplies Merle Orff Luln cosmetics 315 1st 8745022 by Richard Brunner new York Nea whether voters elect to embark on great National deeds with Jimmy Carter this fall or to join Jerry Fords March to full economic recovery and a better Quality of life for All one thing is cer Tain the ghostwriter who produced those phrases will be whispering enticing words into the voters ear All the Way to the in the next few weeks hundreds of politicians will deliver thousands of speeches to millions of since the ingredients of these speeches Are words Are in great and the writer who is capable of grinding out masterly Campaign oratory is in great no matter what candidate you listen chances Are his words were carefully put together by the the Public relations Flack or the Adver Tising copywriter who can mint history makers like the Only thing we have to fear is fear itself and ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your will do himself and his Boss never mind where the Wordsmith found All those Confidence inspiring and elegant sounding As Long As they project an image of a candidate who is urbane and in one who is knowledgeable in the affairs of Man and the political ghost is doing his but perhaps the cynicism of the age is overtaking the for not Only has the Public come to doubt the political but also has begun to doubt that his words Are his perhaps by creating the multiple Choice personality wired together with memorable acute alliteration and sagacious they have encouraged Public perhaps these supers who Lurk behind the seats of Power have made their masters too too too mister Kowit alls for human perhaps not Only the cynics Are cynical when the chief ghostwriter who puts words into the evangelical Carters Mouth is the same writer who wrote the presidents a Book the new York times called a racy novel about sex in the White Walter Lippmann indict ment of Tongue tied politicians still haunts Washington corridors of those who cannot speak for he with very rare except not very sure of what they Are doing and of what they political ghostwriting is As old As the although George Washington and Abraham Lincoln both wrote Many of their both used ghosts sometimes unwitting Washington Farewell address was drafted by James Madison and polished by Alex Ander a writer who used the pen names of Caesar and this deed was considered so dastardly that its perpetrators kept it secret lest its common knowledge Shock the citizenry to Abraham lincolns most memorable speech was Given in fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought Forth upon this continent a new nation is familiar territory to every later it was discovered that in 1850 one Robert Toombs of Georgia had begun a speech with the words sixty years ago our fathers joined together to form a More perfect Union and to establish we have not met to put that government on in a Boston Clergyman named Parker made his contribution to the Gettysburg address five years before Lincoln delivered in a lec Ture on slavery which had read and an the asserted demo is direct self Over All the peo for All the by All the Franklin Roosevelt celebrated the Only thing we have to fear is fear itself becomes less frightening when we know that the phrase was plucked from a newspaper advertisement by one of frs ghosts and tack Lincoln notated Parker Cracy de onto the beginning of the presidents first inaugural in Oliver Wendell Holmes told an audience in that it is now the moment when by common consent we pause to recall what our country has done for and to ask ourselves what we can do for our country in that moment passed until one of John Kennedy speechwriters was searching for suitable material for the presidents inaugural address in that phrase now appears As Kennedy arched around the slain leaders coloured portrait on ashtrays and Coffee during the Spring of As Robert Kennedy went about the country seeking his Par Tys presidential he often dreamed of things that never and Why not the words were from a play by George Ber Nard written years before Kennedy was but so cleverly did the senators speechwriters weave Shaw into the speech in the words became the senators they Are a Staple of souvenir shop Kennedy in his acceptance speech to the Republican National convention in Kansas president Ford closed the address his six ghostwriter had Laboured Over for six weeks by promising to do what is As god gives me to see the Fords words had a familiar ring about and Well they they were spoken by another Republican 111 years with malice toward none with Charity for All with firmness in the As god gives us to see the that president intoned on his second inaugural those words were Abraham or were they clean for any occasion masons Flowers and gifts Corner of on 8743791 for Active people at work or play the Par Edavis my dec 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