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Corpus Christi Times Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 1

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Corpus Christi Times (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Corpus Christi, Texas Weather thundershowers and cooler a a so e Christi climes final edition volume 29�?no. 210 Corpus Christi. Texas monday May a 1939 Britain hints two japanese ministers favor Alliance with Germany negotiations for pact said now under Way differences within japanese ranks Are reported however Tokyo May 8. It put a Domei japanese news Agency said today . Seishiro Itagaki minister of War and general Kun Laka Koiso Oversea minister had told the japanese press they favored conclusion of a mild n y agreement with Germany and Italy Domei guardedly quoted Gen. Itagaki As saying of Germany desires a it is not impossible for Japan to conclude an agreement Ain ii r to the italian German Accord. Germany and Italy decided yesterday to convert their Axis re pension problem still unsolved on next to last Day poisoner lation ship int and political a general a saying he were under but a Kwh ctr Italy and Aland Japan a. Well As t Nance. So i believed Way for or such depends Germany s t Cei it. Quo begot such 11 nary cd As at ions i pact non in e a it a whether fulls underlie East Asia trying to regular 120-Day session May be extended to May 20 Austin May 8. Up a the legislature squared off for the 119th of its 120-Day session today with the no. I problem old a. Pension financing still unsolved and a great Deal of work yet fat Fey Cisco and roofs were ripped from done on several major Money garages and bams and Trees Uphill. Twisters rain Hail reported Over the state damaging winds destroy four farm Homes near Cisco by the associated press damaging twisters near Waco and Cisco sifting dust across Central and West Texas and rain and Hail in scattered parts of the state enlivened the weather picture in Texas yesterday. Freakish windstorms demolished four farm Homes near Scranton. Texas 12 Miles South of Here s Peg Malion before transformation begins there was Little likelihood of adjournment before May 20th or possibly a week later. As lawmakers plunged into their work there was ringing in their ears the forecast of gov. A Leeq Damel that the Senate approved rooted near Waco. Bruising had fell on players on a Waco Golf course but no serious injuries were reported from any of the storms. Dust storm reported visibility was reduced to less than a mile by dust in some sections near san Angelo Torren Muia on pal Rains and Hail disrupted Povy sales natural resource or service at Rusk a 15-minute tax constitutional a in Endt int Hail near Beeville did Little d a in would be passed this week. The he Anco the accompanying rain executive made this prediction in benefited crops and a Long his regular sunday morning radio Druth was ended by Good Rains near Cuero. Hope for peaceful settlement grows in italian circles Milan. It y Ope far Germanton grew in ital is today a s f. May Olish put Mac eel military the termed pre or. Tuna Louise Sullivan .�?T>0 above is held by Milwaukee. Mis., police in fatal poisoning of her second husband. Fred i Ellefs 36, and a Stepson and of trying to Poison present husband and a stepdaughter. Police say she Ca. I Nile confessed the ventral press. Broadcast. It was his first men Tion of pensions in two weeks. Mants it for mothers the executive urged the legislature to pass the Resolution this week so he could announce it next sunday during a mothers Day broadcast from the Capitol. He he would like to see Texas mothers have some a meat and i to Tai is instead of just a song a dedicated to them in Mother s two proposal for taking care of the old folks Are before the to an my flt to a Ger Strong recent a Lien a is american ideals stressed at joint civic club meeting protestant Catholic and jew speak for understanding that the principles of american do a racy May be safeguarded and furthered in local Field appt Ogran tax on natural fourth receipts House one Rhiew ret. But be Vee to. A us d tie the Senate s a 2 per cent and boosts axes Oriel the Gross i sed by the in a Senate a spent two Ting the com the Senate or chamber a Apt too stuts value of so. Say it re t tit n be. La wrecked Bill Vertex d wait de i bar com Otti opt i Maxi officials Hail German Talian pact minutely 400 members Ltd pus Christi civic clubs it luncheon today on to Plaza hotel guests t club. Ters were Hastings Dallas and Tulsa District director i conference of cd eight people it it unseen. Deck inc its c Bill. V in Musi by Tor in aug d this w or the it he too Sion u remains t Des the be i it Behn a a i Harri sout Lief the not sans Berlin. May italian military pc bulwark of steel Pean peace today it Ion particularly to attention to its in whether or not reshuffling i Many closer to is reaction to the plainly at this legislature will adjourn and leave the old people x x x with nothing but hot checks and premises a of Damel s part of his pre National conference of christians nor devoted to toe International and jews father Michael j situation citing a need for pre v s i of Ahern Catholic priest of Boston up redness but said America should new pm Man Sidney Wolf of Cor take into considerate n the los it is a a mighty pus Christi and or. Barry Carr sons of the last War and think guarding euro protestant minister of Tulsa. J less about getting into another and took Mea each spoke briefly on the one. O direct Poland s theme advanced by Harrison that j tj1c governor also renewed his nil Nealions. A americans have More in com p a 1oi More widespread Relig n new Ide logic men that they hav e in compost j Ous Observance. He took his own bringing Cee lion he explained that the or a a pc a an example happiness a it , the which tile speakers Anco Prosperity result from Devo or ement Micat represent is nothing new not or Tom to deity. Aimed not at the a Meed to combat Hitler but has. A unfulfilled Bona Astron said n the Gocr old nazi Bugaboo of communism been Active for the past la years but at what nazis Call the a Hencir the persecution of races and re Clement Powers a especially Miglons in foreign lands has Lent it emphasis and gained new support Tor it Harrison explained. Father Ahern took the movement Back even further dating it in 1786 when the Constitution of the american nations was written. A the National conference a he said a stands for that Constitution and the freedoms it guar Britain and France. Fires Are brought under control by army of fighters tax remission Bill passed to third Reading by House the graduation dres of to Fay Huse 16, was burned up when lightning struck a Dallas Home. Her brother George extinguished the fire. A fireman was injured slightly when a truck answering the alarm overturned. Dallas had a half Inch rain and Rains were reported at fort Worth and Wichita Falls. Scientist declares dust Clouds May be heavier than stars fact brought out at final session of astronomy meet by Howard w. By. Xes Lee associated press science editor Mcdonald Ohser Satory fort Davis Texas May 8. the dust Clouds in space that astronomers have discovered in the Milky Way. Drobai y wets More than the total mass of the stars themselves. This fact was brought out today at tile final session of tile Merna Al meeting which has dedicated the new 82-Inch Telescope Here of t in University of Texas Aid the University of Chicago. The Clouds were discussed by or. Joel Stebbins of Washburn Observatory who has been using the photo electric cell to select dimming of Star Light due to interstellar dust. These photo electric cells detect color changes invisible to the Eye. In so doing Trey reveal presence of dust Clouds and Gas Clouds in space for both cause a slight but ordinarily invisible in Den ing of Star Light. Or. Stebbins reported that the photo electric Eye shows most of i the dust confined to a place that runs along the Milky Way. Were it not for this dust lie said. Much Corpus Christi girl is chosen to take a modern counterpart of Shaw s Peg Malion record number of longshoremen Here for District meet City county and state officials extend greetings local Cinderella to be transformed during week the largest number of longshoremen to attend a South Atlantic and Gulf coast distr it convention of the International Long in Detroit May 8. Rpm showers enabled an army of fire fighters to bring under control today sex j rabbi Wolf repeating father Tensive Forest lies which had Ahern s thoughts said the move Uund Over 30,000 of Mote acres non of a spreading like in tin n a them part of Michigan s because a we done to want it to happen insula since saturday.1 pc Here. I. J. Hot master state Consol a skipping Over the foreign Situa i or of this night spectacle would be austen7, run 8. Bills to twice As Bright permit state and Valorme taxes to the dust and Gas Clouds Howbeit Vul gusting and Baume Coua Ever Are not continuous like a fog ,. Inv Tor 20 yours but irregularly . One Shaft an a association it remission to san Patricio coun of the densest of these Clouds us to were passed to third Reading visible to the naked Eye As a today by the House. Advocates great dark Patch in the Middle of were unable however to bring the Milky Way. It lies a Short them up immediately for final distance South consideration. The nieces county court this morning opening the four Day 29th annual session of Ila. Amid addresses of Welcome finn where tile great City county state official ant Stream of the m Way can be response my \ reports from ii Vinton director announced shortly lion the Rev before noon that the major fires were under control. The worst fires were in Montmorency Bosque Island and Cheboygan countries. Or. Carr said a it the Money to be sent Back to seen to Divide into two parts. This officials 131 White and Nosan Batino county would be used i entire division i due to the Clouds delegates from too locals to 1 for work on the seawall at aran \ of obscuring matter. Wilmington n. C. To Brownsville. Sas Bass and see american Page d in the county. For flood control tins particular Patch of dust j Texas convened at to o clock. Hides from mans Eves the Center following invocation by the by Mary Fowles Woelber Cinderella has been found. A Plain Little Corpus Christi girl quiet and unassuming inconspicuous in her Plain dress and scuffed brogans has been selected Tor the role of Peg Malion the girl who will prove whether playwright George Bernard Shaw knew his stuff when he wrote the play. last week this Cinderella girl locked for no better Fortune than to find employment at $8 or $10 a week. Today she is bewildered by the fact that a fairy tale has come True with herself cast As the heroine. It is to Shaw that Peg owes the Chance to change her entire future a Pyi which this girl of few opportune ettes and Cigar ties will be Given All the advantages of the Beauty arts smart clothing and education. Shawls Over 50 burglaries solved by arrests made last week Amarillo May 8. Of a More than 50 burglaries committed in the Texas Panhandle. New Mexico and West Texas were solved by arrests last wee Texas rangers said yesterday. In addition to l. L. Williams arrested april to and charged with burglary in connection with 34 cases in Texas and new Mexico several other persons were arrested. Rangers Neal Arthur and Pat Tafferro disclosed. They said the sheriffs department in Elpaso acting on information from rangers and new Mexico state police raided several places in Elpaso and found part of the loot. The burglars the opening of the picture specialized in women a Hose and in lion suggested an idea by under things and in tobacco Cigar would act As mediator for Danzig Issue undersecretary says question is one for negotiation London. May 8 opt the British government dropped a guarded hint today to her new ally Poland that she would a Welcome amicable settlement a possibly through arbitration of Poland a quarrel with Germany Over the free City of Danzig. Both Richard Butler undersecretary for foreign affairs and prime minister Chamberlain intimated to the House of commons Britain would be ready to lend her Good offices in establishing some form of International machinery to arbitrate the Danzig question should Germany and Poland ask her to do so. Want Russia s help Chamberlain said the government was attempting to obtain fullest co operation with soviet Russia in its present policy. Negotiations Are under Way to bring Russia into the British French ii Nero. Butler said the question of the future of Danzig was a primarily a matter for negotiation Between parties to the Danzig a the British Butler said a stands for settlement of International questions by Friendly negotiation arbitration or other peaceful responding to question he was responding to a question As to Britain s position in the threatening dispute Between Germany and Poland Over Danzig technically a free City under league of nation supervision but really controlled by nazis. Ger Iti it Fly is demanding return of the Baltic port City which she owned before the world War asked if the government was prepared to take Steps to make Danzig a the subject of arbitration before an International Butler hinted Britain might be willing to mediate. Prolonged British russian negotiations to bring the soviet Union into the by Tish French lineup assumed new importance in the Light of a formal military Alliance announced by Germany and Italy. Alliance immaterial diplomatic observers expressed opinion the new Rome Berlin arrangement failed to alter materially the european alignment and regarded it As a Quot psychological the British russian conversations going on for several weeks approached a Climax. Sir William seeds British ambassador to Moscow was instructed to present i formally to russian foreign com i Missar Vya Chesloff Zolotoff the Brit a reply to the soviet proposal of British Frenchi russian military Alliance. Informed persons said the note was Given to soviet ambassador Ivan Mai sky in London saturday and that Joseph Stalin already i had conferred with advisers on the communication which was re i ported to have suggested separate British russian French guarantees to Small nations of help a against attack. Washington county judge formerly a legislator Dies a the ers said Brenham. Texas. May 8. To services were arranged a judge Sam d w. Low died Here yesterday. Tier Texas legislator in Ai in passage of a Bill in a appropriating for cubits Anent of a Park at old Ashington on the Brazos he had r the 12 years been judge Washington county. During his tenure As county de he saw the tax rate for the Flinty reduced several times. The t t Texas chamber of Commerce cent in presented Washington. J in is v i Fig funeral to Day it 65, who a Foi simmer play is built around the theory of his universe a massive col Lee Rev. Spurgeon j. Mayfield pastor Aux and a re Mav be Beautiful Hie weather _ violent deaths claim sixteen in Texas during week end Auto crashes numerous or this Christi and Vicinity show a it in. Ii int thunderstorms beginning this Alit noon or tonight him arty tut Day morning. Cooler Ami pm stint 11 Aln t i Rill Pira Lur smut t it is Lam St tempt this morning. To a ohm. I Athel will to initially a a Vai t thl winds to a1 limn a i squalls followed by Lush northerly u ids. Son and Moon Sunrise tomorrow at 5 ii a in. Sunset at 7 09 p. In. Moon Rise tonight at 11 42 o clock. Moonset tomorrow it Iii in a in. Tides Tor tomorrow i ugh tide 9 13 a. In. Low tide a i it in temperature Tipti Low y s Dav i Tod. It it Ann. Is till Denver. Tis 32 i Loris Cav. 73 50 Kansan City. Tiss i Ai my. So is new York City. Is. R2 s2 san Francisco 50 Williston. 3s 42 by the associated press Tion of stars around which the Sun of first congregational Christian and most of the other visible stars Church negro welcomes were sex Are believed to rotate. Tended by mayor a. C. Mccaugh a it is said or. Slob an it a Paul Snyder former Coon bins a that very few people have a judge Glover s. Johns or. Looked up in the Southern sky on membership Secretary for the a Summers night and said to chamber of Commerce mrs. Ann mrs. Juanita m. Kessner 27, fell i themselves a there is the Center of Cuington. Nieces county assess d successful it Given the adv an in Wloch desc end ant Dies Mystic Conn May 8 up a Amos Hancock 99. A direct descendant of John Hancock signer county with a Piaf it first among 70 counties in oms and efficiency of inane ministration. Judge Low s record a to ii de service As a state prison . He it i kit Uva x a t it i a Vav ii i i Ivou v on ,. T Arius Viivi in to go successful girls enjoy. The 01 e 1 la, \ a Brenham and spent ins pm Experiment is being conducted by a. A h to Here a \ a Tirail Riyad Vista it Nav tie Vav As see Peg Mallon. Page 2 Veteran died yesterday. A native of Torrington sixteen persons died in Texas to her death from a Houston hotel Galaxy or and tax collector and local Ila in shootings drownings a thu v room and a Justice of the peace predicted photo electric Eye officials. Accidents and tails during the last returned a verdict of suicide. Can be counted on for something president John Morgan of the week end. The drowning victims were injured fatally when their Auto Bonnard Lee 20, Daniel Baker wrecked As they drove near Gold student who drow Ned in Lake Thwaite where or. And mrs. W. Cd. Brownwood Rush Doyle 46, of Ragsdale Santa Anna Texas Abilene drowned in Lake Kirby i bakery owners and j. C. Scar near Abilene and w. H. Roles jr., j Borough superintendent of Santa and Drew Bizzell Frankston Anna High school. School students who drowned in w. R. Brown of Rusk was killed Lake Todd. In an automobile collision a mrs. Ruby Maloy 39, was shot Chic Henderson 27, died near con to death in san Antonio and her Roe in an Auto wreck Victor n. Husband wounded fatally. Justice Matthews 30, of Stanton was in of the peace Otis West returned a jut re fatally in an Auto truck verdict of murder in the death of St St Onomy. Page 2 Corpus Christi Ila local presided As master of ceremonies later i turning Over the Gavel to District president Michael j. Dwyer of Galveston who called on District i committee chairmen and organizers for reports. T rash Hugh m. Sorrels 81, was i mrs. Maloy and suicide in that of struck by an Auto at fort Worth j her husband. W. A Allison 57, and Mike Vernal 8, of Pasadena of Dallas was shot fatally in that Texas was killed when thrown City As the Climax to a family a from a truck to tile pavement. Gurment. Bite for bite is code of Illinois boy with his dog Peoria 111. May 8. A Pat Moore Park Board Secretary heard his dog Betty whining As though she had been Hurt. Investigating he found his Small son biting the dog s Tail. A Betty bit me so i bite Betty a said the youngster when pressed for an explanation. Negro picks Ell lock of Madisonville jail and escapes for the sixth time Madisonville Texas. May i it was of Quot no importance because 8 it a sheriff b m. Morgan of the Man had served All except two Madison county reported today Misdemeanour Send once that two negro prisoners picked their cell lock sometime during i heir is no Haim in the to ii closing prices on Cotton futures Courtesy Fenner a Beane new Vork a Ftp res n Kwh l Ink it a. Fun. ».4t from the reports delegates the nights and escaped from jail in Dixon As far As hurting any Learned the District and internal it was the second break Here in body is sheriff mor Lional organization of longshore three nights. Pm said a but he is the smallest men was at its strongest. Charlie Dixon 35. Of Mexia unlock picker we have had Here. The morning session extended Der a 12-year sentence for Auto Jack Watson of Rockdale in to. Unto noun when District store Mobile theft was blamed for the Der conviction As a habitual Onmi tar a f Anderson of Galveston Bleak. Sheriff Morgan said he Aal. Dug a Hole in the jail Wail i i ii bit i f a Iii ii new Orleans futures new a i Kan distributed convention badges. Escaped Here five times pre last for Day night to escape. He v v f Townsend International piously twice from the Center faced a 99-year prison term hut organizer brought greetings rom Ville jail and once at Groesbeck had not been sentenced torn any. The sheriff did not reveal the he was trailed to Anderson Weic see longshoremen Page 2 i name of the second negro saying he stole a car saturday my ii by h on it i i

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