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Corpus Christi Times Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 4

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Corpus Christi Times (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Corpus Christi, Texas Editorials news interpretations features Corpus Christi Texas saturday March 1 1961 on the steadily upward surge of nationwide crime rates As reported by the Fedora Bureau of investigation should gain a sympathetic reception in Congress for president Kennedy request for additional funds for the department of Justice the extra Effort is aimed at the two most alarming aspects of crime in the United states the soaring rate of juvenile delinquency and the shocking degree of Security enjoyed by the upper echelons of organized vice gambling and racketeering what the Federal government can do directly about juvenile Delin Quency is largely limited to research no trains a town without a Railroad used to be a term of contempt what would have been said of a whole slate with out a Railroad or at least a through Road this condition threatens South Dakota heretofore the Chicago Milwaukee St Paul and Pacific ran its daily olympian Hiawatha a one each Way on the 1800mile route from Minneapolis to Seattle As these have been losing Money the Road has applied to the interstate com Merce commission for permission to discontinue them anyone want ing a train to the Pacific Northwest will then have to take the Northern Pacific or the great Northern Nei ther of which runs through South Dakota South Dakotas Are not taking this lying Down they May not have patronized the Road sufficiently in the past but they Are anxious not to have it vanish now sen Karl Mundt Hopes that Congress May Grant a subsidy to save the states passenger he incidentally is one of those who have in the past pro claimed opposition to government mixing in private business in this instance rather a Good Case can be made for Federal Aid to a business in More importantly to a Staie which would be injured if rail service were i reduced As is pro posed reassuring old settlers of nieces county May derived some nostalgic com fort from a recent news item amid the usual run of news of National and International significance fires accidents and murders tiie re a reassuring item three men tried to steal a hog from a farm off up River Road maybe Corpus Christi Hast got ten too big for its britches after All advice and assistance to state and local agencies and to rehab lotion of offenders released from feral institutions indirectly of coun All the Federal programs relating i improved environment and Oppon nity for Young people health hosing education and Cerbat juvenile delinquency however the Federal Golem rms responsibility for controlling can sized crime is because of its intestate nature primary and direct a not yet being met with satisfactory Feo to Vencuss the Apalachin Case Fisco in which a score of notorious line Bosses were acquitted for Lack Evi Dence of conspiracy clearly Chion started two needs 1 for a coordinated and expanded Chinal intelligence organization in the jus Tice department and 21 for aare Ful but substantial broadening i fed eral police Powers especially i the statutes applying to crime of Amter state nature those Are the two approach shich Are reportedly being worked x under the direction of atty Gen Hbert f Kennedy with the ass stare of Fri director j Edgar Hoove and for which the president has sked additional Legal funds the urgency for an fallout Federal Antiri Melive has been repeatedly underline by the findings in recent years b con Gressional crime investigating committees the Kefauver Danie me Clellan and Hennings inquires among others it has apparent been accorded a High priority by thicken Nedy administration and firm congressional and Public sup port Truman doctrine some of Harry s Truman fore most critics probably can Osup press a smile when the Sage e in dependence Speaks As an Cade such an occasion came recent in Washington when he told Cio gathering that his study Cus history indicated that therm ions great presidents Are follow by men of lesser Aboite As one of the great ones can make that statement he Sid a Rich and rewarding Field Wool gathering was thus opened Betru Man those who think that Frnklin d Roosevelt was greater Thairu Man will then have to Accel the Truman doctrine that Dwight Eisenhower was the next great Resi Dent those who want to him the Truman doctrine Only from Timan Forward can conclude that Jen f Kennedy is greater than Eisenhower there Are goodies for everyone in the Truman thesis John Crosby when i was in St Louis a couple years ago 5 was taken to a night spot called the Crystal Palace where the customers sat on divans with tables in front of them drank Beer and watched a performance of an adaptation o Dostoevsky a Friend of the family i Thi remarkably adult arid literate Sadoon entertainment actually some of the acting was pretty bad but the Aims were so High that undoubtedly it would be closed Down a fire Hazard if it came to new York recently i asked Ted Flicker who ran the Crystal Palace in St Louis and now runs the premise in Greenwich Village the Dif Ference Between opening in new York and opening in St Louis in St Louis said Flicker i went Down to the liquor depart ment and they asked me ii i was 105 feet away from a Church or school i said i was 303 feet away from a Church and we got the License anyway had the place open in three months nobody Ever bothered us made a Quarter of a million dollars there the first year Ana were there two years in St Louis there is a simple building code in new York you arc subject to Vari Ous City authorities do you know How Many licenses you have to open a place like mire you have to have a License for your refrigerator did you Ever hear of such a thing restrictions bureaucracy obstacles and the rest o it Are so Tough in new York that Flicker almost decided to open the premise somewhere else he considered both London and san Francisco both of which Are receptive to creative Talent rather than fighting it into the ground but a Good Many people dont reach that Corpus Christi times Piibe tinned toy of Artoon 01 lower Root Ond riia Corpus Chrush to Fhi publishing co Surdov edition co room cons i c Crog Robert i Gilbert f vettes publisher editor buil neti manager the associated to titled exclusively to the use for publication o Oil Loco Newi a fated in Ihli 01 Well o All a Rean dispatches subscription rates mail rates Wor Riina the Tang Ana Sun Acry 12 c3 6 months 3 1 month Dolly caller or times Onu sunday 12 months w 6 months 110 3 months i month jt75 doily caller of to Law a nov j month l months 3 months Mojo sunday Only u Mentru j7jo 4 months s Rock is rates Carrier Collar Dolly sunday 45e o week Daiv and Sun Tjce 0 moff Llna evening Ord sunday 60c o Weik decision new acts new ideas go Sishere to London or to san Francisco Saifan Cisco has been supplying new Yoi with new fresh Talent like Mort Sahl of years nov and London and Paris seem to 2 sup plying us with the plays new York says Flicker has los Many people already and the Only Rean be opened Here is because we have to Cue to new York to be recognized and if v cant slay open Well be finished Flicker is currency fighting the Poe department on the question of a cachet License which he claims he Doest Nee Are not even a cabaret to no serve liquor and they Are trying to say v Are from now on ail my energies shed be spent on what i want to do for the show for the theater for the audience Stead ill fight this until its decided again me 01i run out of Money then ill be feed of close i believe in going to win Faust in right and in going to win Becar in Patsy enough to believe America was Flicker and his attorney Are chaining the police departments right to lice him on the ground that the cabaret Cense Law was written for Layor James Alicr primarily As a curfew Law for Hyrdis pending spots and was never intern to cover Coffee houses Kun Why Are we make be so Tough for actors new York City has Long tradition of tolerance for creative eople especially in Greenwich Village to tuition Aily Tise poet who was viewed Asce in Gen soc depot or the actor who was mis fit in pcs Moirs came 1o Green we Vil Lage where he could practise Undis bed surrounded by sympathy but now a Jimick Are More tolerant Titan we arc aware of what is going on do we int to lose our reputation As the Point of oin of erosion to san Francisco or Chicago St Louis also the Interj action of the info Trio lives of our circus if Only cars is disturbing for a Long time european have had to have the papers 1o work at Arious Ira drs and there the police could up you working almost any time this sort thing wis always considered alien to our pay of life its stiff Iii to artists and to Active people Gene Nilly twin ones who suite this Savage bureaucracy Are not acc essay the Best artists there Hie Slu Bornt and Cra Tiest operators 1561 Hen York Hercide Tribune Grin and Bear it by Lichty republicans envy democrats s at living with conflicting views a you have to do is keep saving at the present rate dear and by the time i retire Well owe nearly a million dollars reverse patronage by James Mecar Ixko Washington a Iii presi Dent Kennedy Lias been Busy Iii ing thousands of jabs often with democratic Faith Ful the cast out republicans have had problems of Ali or own what about the gop Fai Dinul of them experienced executives who joined the a nov of the unemployed when pc Nisedy took Over wits Hisington Jan to oftentimes Republican office holders had surrendered Loci lobs in private Industry to join the Eisenhower Cruwe Jid now they were High and fir Republican National chairman thrust a Morton pondered Over this one a Long time before deciding that some think ought to be done Synieth Injo big the result is a Linen Over without precedent in unison Al politics i program Morion j in scribes As patronise or reverse Morton has set up a division of placement services in gop National Headquarters and is Goins All out to try to Heip his lately Ufi employed gop Brethren find new ways to feed their families already the scheme has met with what officials describe As surprising Success a top Post office executive in the Eisenhower administration was located comfortably in a con Gressional office in Flat a woman who worked As a re searcher and principal to one of Eisenhower Speed writers is now ensconced As the Arnii Nistis Tive assistant to a new gop con Gressman from California a Man who specialized in main Taining Liaison Between a key government department and Capitol a Lii is under consideration As re publican nominee to tiie civil service commission the entire staffs it in five of the 20 new Republican congressmen have been filled through the nations committee office several top assistants to Penta gon brass have signed up for help and Many stenographers and secretaries who were cast out into the cold when Trio democrats took Over Are but Morton did not Stop with simply trying to pail strings in Washington to take care of his own More than 500 letters h a v e gone out to friends of the party in private indu Stiv advising Thorn of the service they hardly Iliad a Chance to be delivered before the phone Egan to ring at Republican Headquarters saying that openings were available what have you got two o the nations leading Industrial concerns called Back with in two Days saying they had top level jobs available and would like to fill them through the National committee Morton considers All this just Plain gof Polt Ici As his assistant Lia Short put it its Good Iov us to Iti those who have worked Lor us know were interested in them even when were not in Power Many of these people Are part of the hard Core of Republican ism the longer gop officials thought about this principle the More they decided to do they have prepared a list of every presidential appointee under the Eisenhower administration and have tried to Contact each person tie list contains Many thou Sands of names tiie purpose to find out if they have been Able to Fine Good jobs and to let them know that if they haven1 they can rely on Aid from the party we plan to keep these files up to Dale says Short in the eight weeks since the democrats took Power about 300 persons have been helped in least some Way according to Short Means Lille a backlog of Sev eral Hundred More v to Are still looking has been built 1561 Chicago daily news by eak1 maz1 washing ver Sions of old Aristed internal feuds pose a Throat o both panics is they begin a new of Caiu for jew Tiou and Jiewei republicans hip if for ends arc mostly in essence the is Bowron Tho Poi Oinie liberals and Arfa Juzint conservatives Idoni Ifird with Nelson a Hocke Fullor of new York Ard sen Barry Gok water of Ali Bush Tho top Ovol participants insist Iho fuss will shh get out of hand there is dancer of a sir oils party split is to cause republicans Arch Orinas by Clumsy about Iii contradictions tic Furkis mentalist believers wont kiss and make no even list for election Day when in a Over party Dogna racy Piofer the election of an Auert foe they can a ack without co Victory for a iia Ffriend Whoso actions they feel oblique to at least not ii Ticie too a Vonjj Doii knits the serious squid Blint is factional and stems mostly from personality font Kris Amana party a Chupis and would be sachets and for Tro of party machine the worst involves Kry democratic in new York California Aud a to priority Targot of Bosh Pir ifs in pending slate and local Hie feuding May veil impair Dono cratic cd rules Ospicia it in the Crimial 1962 for gov of Trose St trs but while those fights Are Iolli ersome no Urli possibly to co5t the party a Counie of Canior a handful of and a or so Ricard them a sir dict Birs voice the party such to of Peri Encino from i Cuno Nuy a Sirvrt i catering the civil rights Contin Eiliv presid Ceil ixe Nedys election disproved the Contention of super liberals that democratic ejection prospects would improve if Hie South was driven from the void thus the party faithfr1 Dixie Uinci and Oll Civ ise Litimo Pei at each Oiler Over he oldest and most divisive Domo Cra Riu Al least for now Pili cd the Issue aside rut h spore in a dark Corner a slight of Lii would Imus it to Pep Naa to life maim Liziie Immer vice Iden Richard Nixon the Republican president candidate lat year declared thu if our Jvn pay i Ever to majority party wove to i much better nit Kiik Ruma Ivr various joints o View difficult to pts Cut ideology from dividing thou in he Elc Nixon since Cuil Eai Uii Dat Cwill to trs of Iii state District and not tiie whine Cohu try the Pau oru of in sen ate victories last or coffin is font Isis Dwiht on contentions that Onk a com serve tic or Only a Litra win son a Rivait chaos sri ii considered a tire Field of Republican she was to elected in Maine wih inti of the veu1 cric sen Stylos Bridges the senates Ivon nov was the s per com ii Tovy in be were sen John Shin in Coo per n front Kentucky and urns a from and winning by sgd the Liberal son p to o new Jersey ti0 son to e re t of in kit Soat of the re tired sri love c Tjw us w s one o Rel fice of a a i Ai Niino he is stes facing tie Paris is a debate that should break into the open doors Over a hither he National party should Appeal for Bioc votes of Peciulis Fhon o be shoes and other Szocin minor Ity groups Sci Hiigli Del Pruy Hii incl nitric till a Cero Vole sen Goldwate Der Larry it is time to admit us Cairol Yoi her of incr As a hic so lets nui1 try Sii Ould Mccog thai voters arc americans race Creed or col or to should Apponi to As a m r i c i n s it sen grins Iii Iii stiff in rat con Vince Hrisi priv is ii in in to copy the Dejno uralic Parks site ivs still tit ii or on basis Iuo Oil Pic origin 1 his our Irle Atilid and i think will Hurt the a in o u kcimihtii1 iffy coils senator is chairman of infiltrate Tho to Irorita re blocs 01 i Hurc of thit re Paris in Eidos to a of to nip Iii Filiti Luiis is to match the party Knack ice ii it with Misti civil ant turning Ijiro o mls lir Kiv y the1 do Noc to Rase Achi Ivor Rai Nohrr ers on the Nivon t of Percsi Iceni Kennedy i he kor oily f v Aii if of few thin a Rord r he Rison san Clif Lorii cae those Jost utter campaigns i3s fro in super constr v3iive cts democrats skill at Berdins their party diversities is epitomized by Iligir Sci Rixie mails if of a Nio Crau in Hubert in Muin Costa a so in Rich potential cited by Kiwako Tomu Vesov Kio nil brazilians agree that their coun try is facing the greatest Finan Cial crisis in its Liis Orv yet the Little boy pull the Nice Horsie in with you majority do not fee thai the is suasion is hopeless Many businessmen Are confident the Nev administration of president Jyh Nio Quadros will be Able to find a Selu Uon for the present difficulties but their Confidence is Hisari is Niika in the economic potential incl the growth of its cities and Indus tries in the past is on usability and intentions of the new regime a rail is the largest country in the hemisphere after Canada and possesses some of the Rich Sci soil and other natural re sources in the Worl is 6r 000000 people Mke t the Republic in the West Ern work except the United sync and therefore of the greatest potential markets in spite of incl Osul Public debt and what newspapers report is the most Politico machine1 air govern mental Burea Unicy on the South Ern continent the country hns made tremendous Prog Ress in lie past lil Rirs an especially in the Pisl five aside from the Speed Neulier Public works conceived undertaken and Pir filly completed by the is ration of president jus Edeliro Kubite sevc the accomplishments of Pavale Cuherp ise arid foreign Havn been even greater the Comorn null Simns Orsyl Bridges Stee Sivills projects to Urokis port works Ani the new Cape Iii City of Brasilia to most of tiie headlines but at the same Lime these in Jucs Bruij Foa Tunkl so by private automobile companies Ili Lim Leni Iii fran ii Nikii Norelli most of them in cooperation with Pra capital were plants that in if if turned out More than cml soft Rirs Oiler Privily Koneru pro lured Haslun electrical till urls i Lious Ehold to Supply the or xviii doing slip Lent Iii the Iii Klonins Middle Diss in the Urban centers Tho co a native brazilian rivals the Mitsubishi Combine of in the Aid variety o its in Dustin and nut put Mikos every fans from wire inc ii to chips an soap Paulo one now Orvii owned ii Huil i tar Dirac plants Ihal than skilled workers Campinas Anotol Virnaie of Sao which Ives from an main ii of less thin i Kinle n Docic Ico to a manufacturing fun tar of i a smaller by Kizian version of no Dan Var on its it to electric of to Jap same is Luinis scores of v is iiv0 Sot in Liiri in Bolo capita of Minns Gera is Roith Gernian Ifshin British Aid Anvil in plants produce a Varicle of pub Lic Utility and Asir cultural a and Railroad cars p inn is Trutie Mills produced co Loti Rayon to i ply Parji Iville All of the Domestic Wii hcs in out of native Row materials 11 in have iiljiilij1 of i40 a Iii Yards in film Relean on Iho in Porf Alerc Ino Sou Ibern Titi Trayan in shiite of us Many Juv Cri a of private ivc sinus from Abri i than my of other i Itin Anier Irin Ropi Hulics except Leo in fact most firkin Oji creators Siy Titi it t on Foren Industrial capital than Aje to no Fiji if in in co Tho billion a half dollars lint have gone into Tui Iod slates utilities Kaiui of her enterprises in recent cais is billion of it in the Sao Paulo area is is Vojir evidence of this fact 1561 new York horrid Tribune

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