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Corpus Christi Times Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 1

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Corpus Christi Times (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Corpus Christi, Texas Index Church news classified comics crossword Puzzle editorials sports volume 51no Page 3b Page 2 Page 4b Page 5 Page 3b Page 4 Page in evening edition secant class paid at Corpus Christi Texas Corpus Christi Texas saturday March 1961 Send government troops fleeing from key Point Vientiane Laos in leftist Patchet lao forces showing a new strength that threatens peace fleeing in two directions Loday from a showdown Battle for the Sola Pipiou Koun Road Junction the rebel assaults drove government defenders eight Miles North to the High grounds of neigh Boring Sala Pou Keng other Roy Al troops abandoned the Strate Gic Road completely near Muong Kassy 22 Miles South tiie Junction controls the North South Highway in Central Laos and Hes less than 100 Miles North of Vientiane and Only 40 Miles South of the Royal Soat of Luang Pra bang the Patchet lao guerrilla action apparently stalls the governments intended invasion drive into the Plaine Des Jarres the rebel stronghold lying eastward along Queen Astral Highway loss of a big stretch of the Road from the administrative capital of Vientiane Touang Rabang is the governments biggest military setback since january but systematic destruction by govern ment troops made the route use less to the advancing rebels the government said the North Ern Section around Saia Pou Keng was holding firm with Royal Artil Lery in command the fighting near Muong Kassy was said to be guerrilla style with no heavy losses on either Side Vientiane remained quiet though rumours flew through the capital there was no Public announcement of the setback Royal military sources said the outcome would be doubtful for a few clays heavy Rains which turned the Road into a virtual swamp in he last two Days also halted government airlifts in the area the Strong rebel offensive came after leaders from two rival laotian factions met in Cambodia and put Forward a pro Gram for stabilizing Laos Obj servers said the two former Neutra palist Premier Price Sou Vanna Houma and the govern ment strongman Gen Thoumi Nosavan were drawn into their talks by Mutual fear the communists would take Over the country Souvanna who is recognized by the communist bloc As the Legal Premier of Laos was re ported to have been shocked by the magnitude of the arms build up he saw during a visit to the rebel held areas from his exile in Cambodia at phenom penh Souvanna said puts had Wal Jov by publishing co h five cents press Day guests three High school students attending the fifth annual fress Day at the Petroleum club Here today watch an associated press teletype machine in operation As Bill Barnard of Dallas associated press Bureau chief in Lexas and a speaker at press Day explains How the machine works left to right Are Barbara Heifetz aim grass and Debbie Anne Murrell All of Ray High school Walter h Humphrey editor of the fort Worth press was the principal press Day speaker numerous other press television Public relations and journalism notables were on the program also scholarships wee awarded High school and College students arid to a teacher interested in journalism and professional awards were made during the Day to members of the various news Media still seeking a Job by Geve Haxo Sakkt Driver Robert Downs 42 saw los Angeles i a Canvas it when he happened to glance bag containing 000 in Back through a rear window in his fell out o brinks inc scores of police and Fri agents Mored into a Street a father vere scouring the trucks past out Hunting a Job found it and route when Johnson telephoned called the Fri the Fri i thought if i kept that Money id never be Able to look my Jtj got something Here you today he wants to replace Malaya with India on a proposed three nation commission to end both the fighting and foreign intervention in Laos the exiled Prince said he plans to meet tomorrow with Cam bodies Prince Norodom Sihan Ouk who earlier turned Down the idea of serving of the neutralise commission proposed by laotian King Savang vat Ana Burma also rejected taking part and Malaya was the Only nation to accept seats in car Here slashed by vandals vandals who damaged the car of mrs Virgil Phillips 4222 Nich Olson at the Peerless cleaners at 4711 Kostoryz last night were real Cut ups mrs Phillips old police that in addition to taking groceries and throwing them All Over the car shears and Cut up the seats three kids in she face again said Douglas William Johnson when he works which has been about half the time in the last six months the neatly dressed 50ycavold negro maintenance Man washes windows and hauls away rubbish he averages when working about a week yesterday with his wife Helen 3s he drove to an apartment under construction where he had an appointment to see about clean ing up the debris the Man he was to see want in As ii drove away the can Vas bag Lay in the Street in front of his car the brinks truck had been Tak ing it from the United California Bank to the Federal preserve Bank fifteen Money bags were piled High inside the truck one apparently Slid off the pile lit a horizontal inside handle that released the door and fell into the Street a guard inside the truck sat facing Forward update the vandals also took a pair of ing his records and didst notice oils might be looking for Cape Girardeau most one member of a fugitive Cali Ornia Trio was captured by a posse Early today after a wild flight in which one Law enforce filers and a the open door London la actress Eliza Beth Taylor suffered a slight set Back in her recovery from Dou ble pneumonia Early today and doctors were summoned hurriedly to her Hospital room a Friend of the 29yearold movie Star said Tho complication was not serious enough to put miss Taylor Back on the danger list but her doctors Are taking no chances miss Taylor Lias been under treatment at the Hospital since she was stricken with the pneumonia a week ago she was twice on the Point of death before she began responding to treatment she was Able to dispense wit i an electronic breathing Aid yesterday for the first time in six Days but she still has a tube in her Windpipe to make breathing easier and is being fed through another tube in her nose a medical bulletin issued at am am Cost said miss Taylors doctors had hoped to remove tiie Trachea breathing lube today but in View of her coi Ulitin at the moment it had been decided that this would be inadvisable her lungs Are continuing to show slight improvement Day an earlier statement issued o behalf of the Sevenman medical and Calvin Johnson 22 mrs Jolson told a reporter what had happened we saw this bag laying in the Street my husband picked it up and threw it in the Back of our station Wagon we drove about a Block curiosity got the better of me and i turned around and looked at it i said do you know wha see Money Pago ment officer was slain and two As he reached the Drivers widow Crittenden was shot in the others Herbert Goss 67 an Aux Donald Crittenden 2o Stoppe hers wounded was snot with up on me scene within 2 some 250 Law enforcement Man who stepped Ute after Scheuering was out of the other Side of the car disarmed Habighorst plane helicopter and bloodhounds Caj a search for the two fugitives still at Large two of the men fled in a car from a Cape Girardeau super Market last night when police were summoned by the suspicious owners the pair twice exchanged gunfire with police in the wild Chase that followed they commandeered two cars and beat up a Farmer Sammy a Tucker 26 of Fres no Calif wounded in one of the exchanges was captured without resistance about am Cost after he had been spotted from the Missouri Highway patrol plane he was not armed he was bleeding about the face and limping from a leg wound when officers and blood hounds closed in on him in an isolated wooded area near Grassy to about 25 Miles West of tins City on the Mississippi River Fri agents and other authorities who questioned Tucker said he told of a Cross country crime spree by the Trio since they is the two fugitives soon after Ward commandeered a car Iron a group of teenagers still late they stopped at the House o George Gray a Farmer at Gle Allen to and beat him u while taking his car sheriff Elmer Chat Mari o i Renville to and a Troope were waiting for the fugitive Mollie fugitives opened fir immediately and Chatman suffered a superficial wound an other shot punctured a tire o in noisy l d the patrol car preventing the executive assistant to mayor de pair from pursuing the fugitives Lesseps Morrison tiie doctors Are having caped from jail at san Luis obis further consultations during the to Calif Fob 28 the officers said to named his companions As Douglas Wayne Thompson 27 Loam said Tow situation is in general the same is it was but certain mechanical developments have necessitated the exercise of greater caution in the removal of the Trachea 1 tube it is not considered that the tube will be removed today the nature of the mechanical developments was not described by the doctors Tucker said he and Thompson fled from Cape Girardeau Leav ing Johnson behind officers said Tucker told the authorities Thompson abandoned him about 1 am Cost in the wooded Sec Tor where Tucker was sub sequently captured Thompson took All of their pistols and a Rifle when he struck out on his own Tucker said Rit tendons condition was critic new Orleans Fri w Ray cheering managing director of he municipal auditorium and onetime assistant athletic direct or at West Point was shot to each last night during a scum e involving an of duty police Man on a new Orleans express a police supt Joseph a Giarruso o said patrolman Norbert i Hainhorst 25 and his companion Rthur Glowacki 23 a restaurant he were booked with murder he policeman was also suspend d Deputy chief Alfred the riot said to guns were involved officers Avent determined which gun ired the fatal Bullet this thing is far from being iced together the lot said Glowacki was shot in the ight leg during the fight Scheuering in his late 40s served As an aide to Lawrence Biff Jones West Point athlete c director during world War l his wife the shooing Giarrusso called a press con Terence to discuss the shooting but delayed it while officers continued questioning Habighorst and the others involved or Albert Oster 39 one of the Ive passengers in Scheuering car said two men drove past them and dashed what appeared be police identification Oster said Scheuering stopped he car Scheuering and a j Stahl another passenger got out the physician said Habig Horst and Glowacki stepped out of their vehicle with drawn guns and began arguing with Stam Stahl who said he didst believe the men were officers told police a fight ensued and Stahl attempted to throw Habighorst Over the expressway railing in the scuffle then Scheuering approached there was gunfire and Scheuer ing dropped Glowacki said that the Scheuer ing car attempted to Force a by shorts automobile into an expressway railing he said Stahl biliary policeman and patrolman swung at Havighorst who a m civilian clothes in civilian clothes he said that Habighorst gun Nicil b Gui tiie fugitives soon after the Chase appeared to go off accidentally began Goss was shot to death another off duty policeman patrolman John Meyer who drove 3 my shot it was not Clear How Manj bullets were fired a preliminary report from the coroners office said the bul let struck Scheuering in the by and went through his head Theriot said another gun pos Sibly the one Glowacki was carrying was found in an area be Low the expressway no Ballis tics tests have yet been mad on Highway 34 near Lutesville to determine which gun Kille n Scheuring he said Scheuering had been Manas ing director of the auditorium since 1956 previously serving a Corn seedlings dig steady music diet Selma Ala it probably wont replace fertilizer but Jimmie Griffith and John Martin seniors at Parish High school Here experimented to see what a steady diet of music would do to a Batch of Corn seedlings Jimmie turned two radios on Fuji Biasi near his Corn Patch John grew his Corn quietly when they entered the plants in a High school science fair jimmies Corn was 64 to so inches Tail Johns plants were Only 4 to 5 inches High but they used a radio to demonstrate the project and the Short Corn quickly grew hop and caught up with the till stalks they also planted Oats which responded to a lesser de Gree in the same manner the plants grown near music were about an Inch taller than those deprived of a steady beat or Don Davis a botanist at Auburn University said re ports of plants responding to music came from India about three years ago he said it was not inconceivable but that no competent physiologist would give credence to such a re port it is highly improbable that plants could respond to sound As do human ears Davis said but there is no conclusive study to such experiments Blue Angels perform Here tomorrow Navy cmdr Zeb Knott skipper with Jeff plane High winds lash area High winds estimated at to Miles an hour blew in a path Early this morning from Kingsville to the North end of padre Island Park causing extensive damage to signs and Trees and minor damage to buildings and boats the weather Bureau said the High winds occurred about am in a Thunder storm mrs Wayne Carroll of Chap Man ranch said the winds blew a Cotton trailer out in the Field where it overturned she said All the peaches were blown from her Trees Simon Gomez of the Loma Alta Motel on padre Island reported that the High winds ripped gravel from the Motel roof and did extensive dam age to Palm Trees he also said he heard re ports mat an abandoned bait stand had been blown Down winds up to 53 Miles an hour were reported in Kings Ville and to 50 Miles an hour at the naval air Sta Tion weather Busy schedule forecast for Corpus Christ and Vicinity m o s 11 y Cloud and mild a few Thunder showers through tomorrow Low for tonight 6670 High for this afternoon 7276 and tomorrow 76so wind forecast South to South East 20 to 25 Miles an hour this afternoon and tomorrow with gusts to 30 to 35 during the afternoons Strong shifting winds n thundershowers Small Craft warnings remain displayed temperature downtown at noon 70 degrees relative humidity 6s per cent barometric press ire 2997 highest temperatures yester Day and lowest this morning International Airport 7062 Cham Ber of Commerce 7066 water temperature at port Arkansas this morning 64 degrees Sunrise am tomorrow Sunset pm today Moonrise am tomorrow Moonset pm tomorrow Gulf of Mexico tides High pm and pm to Ciao and pm tomorrow Low pm today and am Tor Tor rainfall for 1961 is 4w inches 113 inches above Normal by Spencer Pearson the Blue Angels make their work look easy zooming through the air at 600 Miles an hour do ing a left Echelon Roll or a cuban eight the beautifully executed a Nevers Are the result of hours of practice Days on end we like to practice every Day or nor Zeb Knott skipper1 of the famous flight demonstration team said yesterday ear Lier this year he said the team flew every Day for 37 consecutive Days the team Here to put on a show during naval air stations 20th anniversary Observance to Morrow arrived yesterday after noon and executed several a Nevers before Landing they were to be up again Early today for a two to three hour practice session the Aik show will begin at pm tomorrow at Nas the Blue Angels will perform at the Blue Angels have a de manding schedule throughout the year they will have put on More than 85 shows Between the time their season began feb 6 until it ends around dec 1 this aver Ages about two a week stretched from one end of the country to the other we had last weekend off Knott said and that the last one Well have free until novem Ber in addition to performing for the Public they will attend lunches dinners and ceremonies wherever they go they appear on television Are interviewed by the press and rarely get a Dav off we like it though Knott said As a matter of fact the team is never lacking for volunteers and it int easy to join new team members Are picked from a list of volunteers who Are regular Navy or Marine corps fliers with plenty of experience in jets the team itself selects its own replacements after interviewing the applicants the reason for this Knott explained is that we live in each others pockets Day in and Day out and it is important that we choose aviators with whom we will get along the program in Observance of the 20th anniversary of the naval air station in Corpus Christi highlighted by the air show will see Xavy Page 6 san Antonian selected for housing Post Washington if president Kennedy today selected mrs Marie c Mcguire of san Antonio to be commissioner of the pub Lic housing administration mrs Mcguire is a prominent businesswoman who has been executive director of the san an Tonio housing authority she has been in the housing Field in san Antonio and hous ton since currently she administers 5154 Lawrent Public housing units which the White House described As the largest such program under the director ship of a woman her new Federal Post will pay 520000 a year mrs Mcguire 56 is a Democrat in returning to Washington she will be com ing Back to the City where she was born mrs Mcguire nomination is subject to confirmation by the Senate following her formal nomination in 1956 she was voted the outstanding businesswoman of the year disabled fishing boat being towed to port the fishing vessel Southern main was being towed into port Arkansas this morning a coast guard spokesman said today after she was crippled late yesterday afternoon with a broken motor Shaft a crewman reported at pm yesterday the ship out of Corpus Christi was disabled 120 Miles Southeast of port Arkansas another fishing vessel the Irene k was towing the Southern maid and a coast guard vessel was in route to assist part owner of Chapman ranch Dies in Waxahachie mrs Philip a Chapman Eichelberger inherited resident of Waxahachie and Parta of the ranch through the years or and owner of the Chapman ranch Here died at pm yesterday in a Waxahachie Hospital after a Short illness silk was the widow of the late Philip a Chapmanjr whose father was the founder of the Chapman ranch she was bom sept 23 1ss4 in Ellis county mrs Chapman and her late husband shared in the Chapman ranch estate when Philip a Chapman died in m heirs were the founders wife mrs Roxy a Chapman and the three other children mrs Chapmanjr resided in their Waxahachie and never moved to the vast Chapman ranch funeral services will be at 3 pm tomorrow in the first Metho dist Church of Waxahachie with the Rev Irvin Gathings officiating burial will be in Waxahachie cemetery under direction of Boz Mitcheu funeral Home surviving Are two daughters mrs h l Eichelberger and mrs William w Dowd both of Chap Man ranch a granddaughter mrs Phyllis Orr two Sisters in 1939 the ranch ownership mrs h b Anderson of fort changed in part again with and mrs Eva Anderson death of Philip a Chapmanjr to Weir twin daughters mrs Una Chapman Dowd and mrs Unis of a brother Barney Barnes of Denton and three Groa grandchildren

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