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Corpus Christi Times Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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Corpus Christi Times (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Corpus Christi, Texas Cool r volume 48no 152 Complete local news Corpus christ1 Texas saturday december 28 937 12 Poges in 1 five cents mine explosion takes 11 lives Board of adjustment escape valve for zoning which pinches Goldston Johnson Welsh Saunders and Pogue hear an Appeal zoning on trial both sides criticize City Council third a series by Jim we recommend said committee that a policy the be the City Council is a Catchall adopted by our City Council Leav for criticism because it guards ing More of the zoning and plan the cites zoning too Well or not Ning matters strictly within the Well enough jurisdiction of the zoning com the Council is charged by City Mission and that Only in cases charter and the zoning ordinance j of great and glaring carelessness with seeing that the plan car on part of the commission tied out any changes must be should the Council override their made by the Council recommendations both the charter and zoning our so called toning plan at ordinance however create an a present is not a plan but merely visor group the zoning and a temporary Brake on the desires planning commission the co of people for development of Mission has an integral part in i their property administering zoning robbing Cvern Nimira the zoning and planning co another former chairman of the Mission is provided with a pro zoning reported Aga Khan Romance is denied Kitz Bushel Austria a a dark haired mexican Beauty denied today there is a Romance Between her and the Asa Khan who abruptly left a resort where she is slay in the 21yearold Asa Early this morning broke off a Holiday skiing vacation at Kitz Bushel in the austrian Alps and drove toward Switzerland there were reports he had quarrelled with is Mother because she refused to permit his engagement to the Beauty Sylvia Casablanca 17 daughter of a wealthy mexican the agas Mother and brother remained behind so did Sylvia and her parents who Are staying at the same hotel there is absolutely nothing Between us Sylvia told a reporter i just know him As a school Friend of my brother r f Mando i Only went out with him a couple of times in Kilz Bushel and then we Bolh came Down with a cold i was in bed the whole time and Only cot up yesterday i have no special feelings for the Aga Khan and i dont know where be went More sacrifices due says Nixon us of Here to enjoy them he said Richard m Nixon said in a rare interview while a k u off in Miami Nixon de approach the new year with cleared a tax Cut is unlikely Sis want m Lar pres Ojeni y Anc Hortas fuel co said the bodies of three men were reached about am the other eight were 14 trapped by blast brought out uninjured am Ovate workers today recovered the Bod ies of it miners killed late yesterday when a Gas explosion trapped 2 men in a mine straddling Virginia West Virginia Border fourteen were brought out of Thel Colliery uninjured shortly after Midnight Canvas was draped Over the victims carried out of mine no of the Pocahontas fuel co on a car about inn persons looked on in the first Grey Light of an overcast Day i the miners were hemmed in 500 feet underground company officials said All the men original1 july trapped by the explosion were believed to be accounted Lor Amonate is in Southwest Vir Ginia 20 Miles West o Blu Efiem a w a removed bodies of the a tend were re moved from the sprawling mar through a Shaft located in West Virginia nearly three mites from the main entry Shaft where the survivors were brought out this was the second disastrous explosion in Pocahontas fun co mines in the Border coalfields in 11 months a february Gas explosion at a mine near Bishop a snuffed out 37 lives names of the victims and survivors of yesterdays Mast were released at mid morning officials said there was no indication As to How the blast occurred an in Jurry will be con ducted by the West Virginia department of mines at a Date to he later West Virginia will the inquiry Coal i Virginia Side of the Border the mine will not be reopened i until a full inspection is made by Federal state company and Union officials William Fullarton special assistant to the president of Poca to Mac mrs of of pc lights mine explosion survivors emerge from Shaft 14 men were rescued but ii ethers died in Tunnel afr asian conferees plan anti West blast Cairo a delegates to against atomic and Hydrogen the Resolution Indus the african asian conference a lbs advice that he expects the hum Japan the Sov Ith a pm zoning and planning commit fess ional staff the commission Sion was Fri toil of Council poli adf1cd functions without pay the st Iii cies when he resigned from the at the mite Imp he warned it would be unwise when it is on the City payroll i commission in the fall of 1935 the american people they must most important to maintain Dale Owen said the Council sacrifices adequate i weary defences we rated about two hours later plans As cannot he thinking of reducing Joy the staff is headed by William was robbing the commission of we must remember that lil11b1i w Anderson As director of Konits effectiveness and causing it to much As we like Tower taxes and our income at one time ing and planning his staff bos Down in needless routine by a shr living standards it wont and problems in the defense includes Serator City planners Rob failing to act on its and difference if we Are Fielden w Burr and Earl Goetsh and j tons a zoning coordinator Edward a j Sandy Mccall present it Shaw plus craftsmen and secret chairman of the commission feels to Lilg 111 tries they handle details and that the Council should be free to the zoning and planning overrule the commission l commission i Are an advisory Board and in Lusn of one of the most frequent critic think it is Only Normal that isms heard in zoning debate sour recommendations May not a c the a11 Tion condensing nuclear tests and foreign military bases and calling for general disarmament japans Kaoru Yasui head of the disarmament committee indicated the Resolution will follow the conferences general anti Western line communist work of the Weemond con mates and some of its nato a Ference which opened thursday ties Are working on plans to Send was concentrated today in com nuclear missiles to Europe Mil tees Yasui said the Resolution will in the economic committee an oppose establishment of nuclear egyptian proposal for an african bases in All asian common Market was called come Viust Poland and Hungary impractical by a Delegate from the committee named to draft Thailand deliberations of More than 400 g area site Tain a Basic striking Power Chine and a continuous mining whether it is in the missile or the site of automatic Long Range bomber Force that will be left to our military experts visors mints t a that most every City Council always meet with their fails to follow the recommend Proval he comments Reify few Tion of its zoning and planning records of the past 31 months air commission indicate Trie commissions an ice in 1932 the area development emendations meet with Council a committees land use and Zoi Proval almost 90 percent of the 19 out until we have the missile capability to do what the strategic air command can do now we have to build and maintain the Stra Csc air command we must rom Noe to put maximum Effort crashed into 1 although the soviet Union the sur were found by Rescue blast Pace 1 r j i Oil to Oil Wil Ain and the soviet be mentioned in the Appeal for an end to bomb tests but he said he regarded the tests of the United states and Britain As More dangerous to religious Camp gets Graham ram Montreat v c re celery and a Carrot Graham said Gigious Camp in new York state that when he was slow in hand is getting a present from evening Over the Carrot the ram Low Ehst truculent ram that butted him Down a Hill were his head to charge but i was on the right Side of Mue ii his farm several ago the Fence this time commented putting him in bed with injuries Graham for they 2c four children will the Pacific for most of for s and of shipped be near san Antonio the greatest weakness in the applied in Corpus Christi is for a City Council after a few moments of deliberation to override the com m i is 10 n had com the opinion of the Mission which through its personnel and staff has probably spent hours in studying a prob Lem and is More familiar with mended the Crter recon up the killed they were identified As 2nd its Bill c Whitney 23 of Phoenix an and Frank r Gearen also 23 of Houma spokesmen at Warren air Force base Here said the single engine t2s Trainer was on a routine local flight it took off from Munici pal Airport at pm and later Overall superiority is maintained1 its going to Cost Money we must make a hard headed Choice within the department As to How the Money can Best be spent weather to the Council is Only one of its i functions it also is charged with the add committee headed by making and maintaining an Over former zoning commission Cha Rall master plan for qty develop mar Harold a Carr said it Ament its most powerful authority feared that both the Council and is in the control of platting and the commission were succumb subdividing of land m the City ing to pressure see zoning touched my a fire in the dry sjrhmpi7nds in Stock Hole with Force warm fab que jews the Blaze was forecast Vicinity j and partly the the two sought Refuge Derrick after their boat turned last night they were found shortly before s am by a Sun Oil co pumper who was making a routine Check of the derricks in the Gulf a coast guard search which had been initiated list night was dropped after the Oil company boat Radord it had found the Box Scorof zoning changes Here h the Bonscore of local zoning changes in the past 31 months figures in parentheses indicate City Council reversals of zoning and planning commission recommendations i Wyoming line and a half mile East of u s Highway 87 one of the victims was hurled Clear the other his body still n no a s from the Irr Oil company boat was re tonight j650 High for petted to arrive at Portland with this afternoon 6266 and torn Orthe two men shortly before j Row 6s70 forecast Low tonight they Wil be returned to Corpus and High tomorrow for area Christi by car Points Alice 40h 6872 Beeville 4m2 6670 Falfurrias 444s i l c i i i w72 kinds vice u4s 160fly Che clues wind forecast Northeast 12 to mni4c l 18 Miles an hour this afternoon Chicago api Frank Leahy thought to have accepted of the Texas variable toward morning East in mighty anxious to he rid hat at least three persons o Nucleon him commented the four were killed at Atrain a weapons is a new Apo o no is car collision on the Northeast out pen jism and colonialism a Billy said the ram showed of san Antonio to i or Day when amen lanes were rushed to the Ine str Levac who k director be evangelist was feed no him scene detail general of the Japan count t dinner of was Hay lettuce lately known bad enough on Earth Zany Drivers not allowed in space by l Dukk has car smashed through the serv a Salt Lake qty woman Washington p Anvin ice station door open her car door so she asked a drove themselves into we Freak 77yearold grand rapids lend l helping so Matua thels in r7 my 01 executive took a wrong the key Witow a Roval Oak Mich in a in win in Royce apply Lor 1 said a Board ref Type of change re potted from residential use to apartment use to business use to other uses from apartment use to business use to Fher uses amendments to text total withdrawn cause of the crash approved denied or pending a Index 21 2 k i 2 7 t2 1 3 1 4 47 5 2 3 or r it temperature yesterday this morning Cliff Mam Airport 73 30 chamber of Commerce 72 30 water temperature at port Arkansas this morning s1 Sunrise m Sunset pm Moonrise p m Tomor Row or Onset 123 am Tomor Harrington at Jacksonville m t kept a secret a news Ennor Rerer was scheduled in piss vant Hospital room for i p m Ference was to he set up by Hir ring on in Jacksonville at the same time which would he to re so her in Viz lays end Honor that was to Maxc been the the car want he broken nose Tuo Wack and to with this sort of h4 map im7 2723 i then in the a germ he or

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