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Corpus Christi Times Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 1

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Corpus Christi Times (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Corpus Christi, Texas Index amusement Page 68 classified Page 96 comics Page 86 crossword Puzzle Page 86 editorials Page 26 sports Page 38 women s news Page to 55th Veary no. 149 la e Ottn Christi evening edition Corpus Christi Texas monday december 27, 1965 want ant tu3-w1 other dept. Tu3-u4i 26 pages Price five cents what next vietnamese War enters new phase editor s note a the bomb and a Battle strategy begun by the United states in Viet Nam la months ago has failed to bring the communists to the conference table. What s next for president Johnson As the War roars on difficult choices seem ahead. This is the first of four articles assessing americans role in Viet Nam. By Johs m. Ii i Witower Washington. If a the War in Viet Nam is entering a new phase it escalation which threatens to grow far More costly and dangerous before the next year of conflict is Many months old. Active fighting is Likely to spread from the Battle grounds of Viet Nam into strategic Jungle areas of Cambodia and Laos. The expanding struggle will require More american troops and the level May Rise toward half a million men. North Viet Nam probably will lose its bomb free Sanctuary around Hanoi. Rod China May Send troops and planes to help the North leading to a . Chinese communist confrontation. The pressure on Russia to line up with China and North Vici Nam against the United states would then be very great. This grim View of the possibilities of the conflict has Arisen Here following the failure of the bomb and Battle strategy. The prospects can be overturned at any moment by an agreement Between the United states and Viet Nam a which might lie engineered by Britain or Russia or the u n. Or some other third party a to Stop the fighting and Transfer the conflict to the conference table. No such agreement is in sight however. And there was no visible reaction to a Lull in u. S. Bombings of North Viet Nam following the 30-hour Christmas truce. President Johnson reportedly was still maintaining a Glimmer of Hope though that the Viet Nam fighting w Ould not return to pre Christmas ferocity. The judgment of . Officials is that the War probably will have to get much we orse before it gets better. No one can figure out a Compromise Between the communist demand for terms giving them a decisive voice in South met Nam s future and the . Demand that the communists abandon their Conquest of the South. The bombing strategy adopted by president Johnson last february was aimed at defeating an expected red offensive against South Viet Nam during the Monsoon season and forcing North Vici Nam to the conference table by the end of 1965. But bombing North met Nam failed to break its will to fight and to disrupt its assistance to the communist guerrilla armies in the South. Moving close to 200.000 . Troops into the country and smashing at guerrilla forces with land and air offensives also failed to break their will although it did Blunt their offensive. The response of the communist Side in fact has been to increase their efforts. Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara reported three weeks ago after a trip to Saigon that infiltration of red troops from North to South Viet Nam was going up from 1.500 a month to 4.500. Mcnamara predicted a step up in . And South vietnamese military operations against infiltration routes. That see vietnamese War Page 12 Poland expelling . Foreign correspondent Warsaw. Of a Poland is expelling David Halberstam Warsaw correspondent for the new York times because of what the government describes As hostility in his reporting. Halberstam was summoned to the foreign ministry today and informed that the government had decided to end his accreditation As a foreign correspondent. He was Given about a week to get his personal affairs in order. The government controlled polish press has attacked a number of Halberstam a stories since he became Warsaw Cor Truman enjoys Holiday visit new York. If a former president Harry s Truman 81, said today that he and his wife spent a a wonderful Christmas with their daughter Margaret and her family. On a 20-minute walk from his Manhattan hotel in 18-degree weather Truman had this advice about Christmas a if you have any grandchildren spend it with them. And if you have children spend it with your children. Ifs the most Margaret and her husband Clifton Daniel have three sons. Respondent 11months ago there were also press attacks directed personally against the correspondent following his engagement and marriage last Spring to Elzbieta Czyzewska a leading actress of stage and screen. Halberstam 31. Could not say if his wife would leave Poland when he departs. She is a polish citizen. The article which brought his expulsion reported that the Warsaw communist regime May be drawing nearer to Moscow it said the polish regime had been a installed by a conquer my red army is weak and unsure and has not really taken it was Learned that the ministry told Halberstam it considered such statements slanderous and that it had found in his reporting a continuing hostility. A. M. Rosenthal of the new York times was ordered to leave this country in 1959 on grounds that he had probed too deeply into internal affairs on the communist regime. Rosenthal won the pulitzer prize in journalism for a series of reports he wrote on Poland following his expulsion. Halberstam is also a pulitzer Wanner. He shared the 11 64 prize with Malcolm browse of the associated press for reporting from met Nam. Easing of War said still a Hope Austin. If a president Johnson reportedly still retained a Glimmer of Hope today that the fighting in Viet Nam will not return to pre Christmas ferocity. The fact that the United states had not resumed bombings of North Viet Nam even two Days after the end of the cease fire was seen As evidence that Johnson still was seeking a peaceful settlement. When the United states and South met Nam were considering last week a 30-hour Christmas cease fire so Long As their hoops were not fired upon Johnson kept aloof from the even rial announcement and publicly the decision making. A a that a a matter to be decided in Saigon a said the Texas White House. Johnson made no Public comment on the cease fire even though he normally is Quick to identify himself with Good news. In Many quarters his silence was interpreted As indicating reluctance to associate himself with a move that might go awry. Some observers were convinced after the cease fire failed to hold that this was his reasoning. However one source close to the president cast Johnson a aloofness in a different Light by saying a the is silent because he is in Short according to this source. Johnson said nothing because he was most interested in Hanoi a reaction. Reportedly he did not want to Cloud the atmosphere. It was not happenstance either. It was said that the state department announced officially that american troops had been ordered not to fire except in self defense even after the end of the 30-hour cease fire and that the subsequent fighting was described As a unfortunate the president and the first lady attended sunday services yesterday at the first Baptist Church in Johnson City. He Shook hands eagerly with everyone in sight even one of his secret service bodyguards and he signed autographs readily. Afterwards Johnson visited his boyhood Home and. By coincidence. Gave his secret service bodyguard a scare. Just As Johnson drove himself to the old Homestead an 18-year-old Deer Hunter emerged from his Grandfather s Home across the Street carrying a Rifle with telescopic sight. At this very instant a 12-year-old girl in a Yard nearby set off a loud firecracker. Secret service agent Cliff Hill a remembered for c i i in b i n g aboard the limousine of the late president John f. Kennedy in Dallas at the time of the assassination jumped from a Security car and advanced on the Rifle Holder with arms outstretched. But the whole episode soon was forgotten when the train of coincidences were unravelled. After Johnson left the scene the youth drove away for some Hunt Inge just As he had intended. Los. Keeps jets out North for 3rd Day Sot. George e. Smith l and spec. 4 Claude Mcclure. Two american soldiers were freed by Viet Cong last month a wire photo reds charge violations Tokyo. If a North Viet Nam charged today that . Aircraft and warships a a intruded into its territorial air and water space Christmas Day during the 30-hour truce. It charged the alleged planes conducted a reconnaissance and provocative the claim made in a protest message to the International control commission on Viet Nam however made no reference to the cease fire in its report which was broadcast by Hanoi radio. Sihanouk fears . Will invade Cambodia phenom penh Cambodia. Of a Prince Norodom Sihanouk cambodians chief of s to t e claimed today that the United states is preparing to invade Cambodia As the japanese did in 1941. In a four hour speech to the National Congress Sihanouk said a the fads arid the events Are grave. A we Are seeing a new version of the japanese coups de Force of 1941, with a difference however. The United states is substituting itself for Japan and Thailand. As in 1941 we Are seeing prepared the invasion of Cambodia by the american successors of the japanese militarists. A was in 1941, the first act of he invaders will be to Cut up our country. Several provinces will to Given As a Reward to Thailand others to the Saigon puppets. A but i proclaim that this plan will not be realized because we Are ready to fight. We have the Means to defend ourselves and powerful Sihanouk added that Cambodia a now is part of the american program of escalation of the War in our Sihanouk referred to reports that . Forces in South Viet Nam Are considering pursuing Viet Cong guerrillas if they flee into Cambodia. Sihanouk insisted As he has on Many occasions that there never have been any Viet Cong on cambodian territory. Freed by reds . Army charges two Gas with aiding enemy Naha Okinawa. If a they the punishment is deter-. Army said today it has mined by the court martial. Charged two Cis with aiding the enemy during two years of Viet Cong imprisonment and is investigating to determine whether they will lie put on trial. The two soldiers Are sgt. George e. Smith of Chester w. Va., and spec. 4 Claude Mcclure of Chattanooga tenn., who were released by the met Cong last month. They will remain on Okinawa until a final decision on their cases the spokesman said. After an extensive investigation he said they were charged with preparing furnishing and delivering to the Viet Cong certain documents statements and writings inimical to the interest of the United states. The spokesman did not elaborate on the charges. He said the two special forces men have been provided defense attorneys. In accordance with . Military procedure their cases now Are being studied to determine if they will face a trial by court martial. In Washington the Pentagon said the maximum penalty under the charge against the two men would be death but a spokesman added that general Smith 27, and Mcclure 25, were captured in november 1968, when guerrillas overran weather Northwest hit by High wind rain Snow by the associated press an intense storm hurled High winds rain and Snow at the Northwest today. Gale warnings went up on the Northern stretches of the Pacific coast and heavy Snow warnings went out to the Northern Rockies. Winds As High As 52 m pm. Raked Cape Mendocino Calif. Rain fell in coastal areas. Four inches of Snow in Burns. Ore., thickened the Snow cover there to eight inches. An Inch of Snow whitened Eastern Washington. Harsh cold spread from Montana across the Central Plains. Temperatures dropped to 22 below Zero in Broadus and Lewistown mont., and to -17 in Williston n.d., and Bemidji Winn. The Mercury shrank to -3 in North Platte neb., and -2 in rapid City s d. A old air covered most of the nation. Freezing weather extended southward to the Central Section of the Gulf coast. Temperatures Sank into the 30s overnight in Northern Florida. A cold front covering North Texas weakened last night but edged steadily southward today most morning temperatures were in the 30s and 40s, rang Long from 27 degrees at Amarillo to 58 at Brownsville. The cooler weather brings no Prospect of rain a and in a five Day forecast the weather Bureau says the temperatures Between now and new year s Day May be above Normal. Skies along the front were mostly Cloudy partly Cloudy in South Texas and fair elsewhere in the state. Meanwhile cold wave warnings remained in effect today in the Midwest from Canada to Northwestern Missouri and Kansas. Cold winds Over the weekend dropped the Mercury in Philadelphia from a High saturday Dav and 12 30 p in. Wednesday of 61 to 30 yesterday morning. Rainfall for 1965 is 25.29 temperatures this morning inches which is 2.75 inches be ranged from 16 below Zero at Low Normal. Havre mont., to 65 at Cocoa weather map Page so Beach Fia. Forecast for Corpus Christi and Vicinity partly Cloudy to Cloudy and Cool this afternoon tonight and tuesday. Low for tonight 54 to 58. High this afternoon and tomorrow 62 to 68. Wind forecast Northeast to East winds to to 16 Miles an hour this afternoon diminishing to 6 to to Miles an hour tonight. Mostly East winds 12 to 18 Miles an hour tuesday. Temperature downtown at noon 64 degrees relative humidity 81 per cent barometric pressure 30.28. Rainfall past 24 hours none. Highest temperature yesterday and lowest this morning International Airport 66-51, chamber of Commerce 66 56. Extremes this Date highest 82 in 1946. Lowest 27 in 1892. Sunrise 7 19 a m. Tuesday Sunset 5 43 . Today Moonrise 11 28 a in. Tuesday Moon set 10 02 . Today. Gulf of Mexico tides High 9 10 pm. Today and 9 44 pm. Tuesday Low 11 46 a in. Tues marines kill 63 Viet Cong Saigon. Apr for the third straight Day the United states kept its planes out of North Viet names skies today but u. S. Marines killed 63 Viet Cong in ground skirmishes after a Short interrupted Christmas truce. Tile marines reported strikes against the communists during patrols around the big u. S. Air base at Danang 380 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The americans reported taking Light casualties. A squad of leathernecks i pounced on about 40 Viet Cong. A killing 15 at a Hamlet called d or of Quang a no. 1. In Usu Vvs a two hours later a Marine platoon near Quang a no. 2, about two Miles South was attacked by 75 Viet Cong armed with automatic weapons. The americans called in artillery support tanks and armed helicopters. When the Brief encounter was Over they counted the bodies of 41 communists. Marines in other scattered actions against the reds reported killing seven Viet Cong during the Day. Air attacks were made Only on suspected Viet Cong concentrations in South Viet Nam. . Spokesmen said. Beyond confirming the suspension of the Aerial War which steadily had been closing in on the Hanoi Ilai Phong Industrial Belt . Officials in Saigon said Only that the orders came from Washington. This raised speculation that toll Breaks All records by the associated press the nation s three a Day Christmas traffic death toll broke All records for Holiday fatalities on the highways. The death toll reached 707 today As late reports we Ere received. The previous record traffic toll was 706 for a four Day Christmas weekend in 1956. Before the Holiday the National safety Council had estimated deaths would run Between 560 and 600. The toll included records in a number of individual states. In Ohio state safety director Warren Nelson said the 49 deaths made the highest toll the Hiep Boa Camp Northeast of Saigon they were released last nov 27 at the cambodian Border during a period of demonstrations in the United states against the met Nam War. After a week in phenom penh capital of Cambodia the two were flown to Bangkok and then to Okinawa. They denied to american television newsmen that they had told a news conference in Cambodia they would return to the United states and join the Campaign against the War in Viet Nam. The two claimed their statements had been misinterpreted. Lbs correspondent Murray Fromson quoted Smith As saying a i did not use the word what i said was that i would like to see Strong efforts made to end the War in Viet arc newsman Jack Perkins said Smith told him he was subjected to a a poor Many a Perkins reported. The television newsmen said neither i was aware of the Fate of the two other special forces men captured with them at Hiep Hoa. Sgt. Isaac Camacho of Elpaso Texas escaped last july. Sgt Kenneth m. Roraback of Fayetteville n c., was reported executed by the Viet Cong in september. When the Viet Cong released Smith and Mcclure the guerrillas said they were doing so a not without anticipating the measures to which the american aggressors May resort to maltreat threaten intimidate and buy the two the Viet Cong said the release of the prisoners was to show Good will to the a peace Loving american people and see charges Page 12 the pause was a new invitation for any weekend in 1965 and to North vietnamese president perhaps the highest since records to Chi Minh s regime to come have been kept Louisiana a superintendent of Public safety. Thomas Burbanks said that states 32 w As the worst toll since state police began keeping records 25 years ago. Rain sleet Snow and freezing temperatures Over much of the nation added to the expected hazards of Long distance travel minimum Daylight and roads jammed with cars. The safety Council said so million vehicles were on the Road during the 7s-hour period which started at 6 . Thursday and ended at Midnight last night. Several accidents accounted for dozens of deaths. Shortly after the Start of the Holiday period a bus travelling on icy pavement in Oregon skidded out of control crashed and turned Over. The Accident thursday took 13 lives. The next Day five persons died when a car skidded out of censer toll Page 12 to the peace table. . Officials declined to guess How Long the Lull would last. In the South. . Casualty lists grew. A . Army truck carrying soldiers of the . 1st infantry division hit a mine 30 Miles North of Saigon. Casualties were reported heavy. The Viet Cong detonated a mine at a government troop Barracks at a dec 70 Miles Southwest of Saigon just As two vietnamese platoons w Ere striking the work Day. A it killed or Hurt a lot of soldiers a a . Army officer said. An adjacent compound for american advisers escaped the Force of the explosion. A second mine was found and disarmed. Twenty Miles Southwest of see jets Page 12 Bay Oso land offered for Oil Gas leasing Aller times Austin Bureau Austin a five tracts of land in Corpus Christi Bay and three in Cayo Del Oso in nieces county Are among 553 traces of Public school lands offered for Oil and Gas leasing by the school land Board on feb. I. The tracts being offered in Corpus Christi Bay Are tract 41, 328 acres tract 44, 640 acres tract 57, 640 acres tract 60, 629 acres and tract 99, 740 acres. The Cayo Del Oso tracts being offered Are tract a 986.97 acres tract e. 500 acres and tract of 400 acres. Tract 41 in Corpus Christi Bay is the submerged area immediately East of Indian Point a location at the South end of a Peninsula extending South from Portland. Tract 44 is about two Miles cast of the Breakers hotel. Tract 57 is about two Miles East of Harbor Bridge. Tract 60 is about one mile East of the Peoples Street to head. Tract 99 is adjacent to the North Side of the naval air station in an area previously restricted to drilling. Tract c in Cayo Del Oso is Southwest of Ward Island and lies Between the University of see leasing Page 12 Vatican encouraging a new years truce Vatican City. Of Vauban diplomats were reported today working to encourage a possible new years truce for Viet Nam As a new step in Pope Paul a personal peace Campaign. Vatican informants said that while the Pope was disappointed that the Christmas truce had been Short lived he was encouraged that at least some results had been achieved in answer to his cease fire plea. It was said that both the Pope and his corps of diplomatic advisers Felt that the resumption of fighting did not in itself Rule out further Progress toward the Start of negotiations. Vatican diplomats were said to have been instructed to set up secret contacts with both sides in the Viet Nam War. The first objective reportedly was another cease fire possibly for new years eve and Day that might be More effective than the Christmas truce. The Pope was reported concerned about the renewal of fighting in Viet Nam. A the has done everything he could a a papal aide said a and he will continue to do everything to promote peace in Viet other aides added that Vatican diplomatic activity to Foster peace in Viet Nam would continue at All Levels. While saddened and disappointed Over the renewed bloodshed the Pope was understood to be tremendously encouraged that his appeals for a Christmas truce had been followed by at least a nominal cease fire. His first Appeal came on dec. 19, la Days after the Viet Cong offered a 12-hour truce to begin on Christmas eve. The see Vatican Page 12

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