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Corpus Christi Caller Times Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 1

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Corpus Christi Caller-Times, The (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Corpus Christi, Texas Miller West c7 Bishop Moody Arkansas flour Bluff 28 12 Sinton West Oso 36 0 19 15 Agua Dulce 21 three Rivers 16 Poth Pettus Refugio Karneg cite 65 go Section d weather yesterdays High Ixo temperatures am pm High pm Low am 88th no Corpus Christi Texas saturday october 17 1970 want ads 8829401 other opels 8814011 54 pages Price ten cents news summary Corpus Christ As the result of a ruling by us dist judge Woodrow seals the Justice department and the department of health education and welfare will be permitted to inter Vene in the segregation suit Here la a Crystal City spokesman urged the nieces River conservation and reclamation District to construct a dam on the upper nieces at Cotulla rather than at or choke Canyon in coastal Bend record prices were paid for a Quarter horse and for 19 purebred Santa Gertrudis Herd sire prospects at the King ranch 19th annual Santa Gertrudis Bull and Quarter horse Sale offerings totalled 1a Texas two articles of the Texas election code that prohibit Aid to illiterate voters were ruled unconstitutional by a three judge Federal court in san Antonio affected Are More than 700000 illiterates in Texas 1a senatorial candidates Lloyd Bentsen and George Bush met on the same stage in Dallas criticizing and defending president Nixon ant inflation efforts 4a a War Veteran testifying in the Longview school bus dynamite no trial said the gasoline bombs and dynamite in the defendants garage made him nervous so he quit his Job 4a the attorney general has approved the language of the Mustang Island water pass easement but its acceptance or rejection by the state Parks and wildlife commission May be done in a closed session in National the United states wrecked its own Middle East peace moves by aligning itself completely with Israel against the arabs Egypt foreign minister Mahmoud Riad charged in an unexpected outburst in the United nations 1a atty Gen John Mitchell said there is a danger of private citizens resorting to vigilante tactics to defend themselves against american revolutionaries 4a vice president Spiro Agnew told reporters his assigned Job of criticizing occasionally dissident him a sense of purpose in his office 4a a special Ohio grand jury indicted 25 persons but exonerated the National guard troops who fired on Kent state University students during a riot last May in which four students were killed 7a As a result of a stroll by an a reporter through nine government buildings the general services administration has ordered guards to Stop even the innocent looking who Are carrying packages 11a the National federation of business and professional women clubs driving to place women in White House positions said direct Success is slow but that gains Are being made 11a prices on the York Stock Exchange turned Down Ward in a Dull trading Day the Dow Industrial average lost 452 Points volume sneaked up to 113 million shares 17a the people of Reggio Italy incensed Over the selection of another City As the regional capital ignored an Ultima Tum by Premier Colombo to end their rioting 20a International the Quebec liberation front was banned and More than 250 persons were arrested As the War measures act went into effect in Canada the act considerably limits civil liberties 20a colourful contrasts were marked when thousands of mexicans poured into the Church Plaza to observe the 75th anniversary of the Coronation of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City 4a with More than billion invested us corporations have adopted a wait and see attitude toward the Prospect of a marxist president assuming Power and nationalizing american property in Chile 8a a european common Market official warned that a Trade Bill before the us Congress could set off a Trade War Between the United states and the common Market 19a inside today paper Church news 12a comics 14 16a crossword 7c editorials 2 3b entertainment 1c gardening 4b Horoscope is markets obituaries sports to scout want ads women news 17a 6a 1c 9c Ioc 5b reds bowed on sub base paper says quiet and Tough talks won Accord for dismantling Chicago a the United states forced the soviet Union in a series of quiet and Tough diplomatic talks to dismantled a submarine base it was building in Cuba the Chicago Tribune reported in saturday editions in a dispatch from washing ton by newsman Russel free Surg the Tribune said us and soviet diplomats met secretly three times in Washington and once in Moscow before they reached agreement on the base the newspaper did not Indi Cate the source of its report and the state department declined comment code used after the soviets had taken Down the base for miss Leffring submarines and us Intelli gence confirmed the fact the two nations signalled each other through the news Media in what amounted to a code the report said the newspaper said the discussions began two Days before Nixon went on his european trip in late september and climaxed last tuesday in an Exchange of cryptic messages through the press on tuesday the official soviet news Agency Tass released a Story that the russians were not building a military base in Cuba it said such reports were a falsification the us government took this to mean the base was gone a View that jibe with Pho tos gathered by american intelligence the Tribune said in an English language trans lation of the release the news Agency used the phrase its Mili tary base rather than a Mili tary base or any military base positive statement in reply Robert j Mccloskey state department spokesman told newsmen United states officials had noted the Tass statement and consider it to be positive Mccloskey did not elaborate on Why a statement accusing army says general is blameless Washington a Secretary of the army Stan Ley r Resor has dismissed allegations by a soldiered Pendant who charged Gen William c Westmoreland with Overall responsibility for the actions of his troops in the alleged my Lai Mas Sacre it was announced Fri Day Westmoreland now army chief of staff had no knowledge of the my Lai Case until Many months after he returned to the United states from Vietnam the army said the fourstar general was in command of us troops in Vietnam on March 16 1968 the Day a Rifle company of the americal division swept through son my Ham let my Lai Village ten members of the com Pany Are now charged with murder and other crimes in the deaths of More than 100 civilians in the Village one of these men staff sgt Esequiel Torres 22 of Brownsville formally accused Westmoreland of dereliction of duty during his pretrial hearing sept 9 Torres contended Westmore land was responsible for whatever casualties that were inflicted on Viet namese civilians by failing to control troops within his command curbs on assisting voters held illegal the us government of falsification was considered Posi Tive this the Tribune said was the signal the us government sent to the soviet Union saying in effect it had gotten the Mes Sage photos confirmed it quoted american officials As saying construction on the base began near the town of Cienfuegos on the Southern coast of the Island was Bein completed when the United states first announced in late september thee was evidence a submarine depot was being established there no submarines Ever used the base the paper said although a sub tender that was stationed there has since left records shattered in King ranch Sale by Ron Edmundson caller times farm writer Kingsville at least three Sale records were broken at the King ranch Friday Dur ing the 19th annual Santa Ger Trudis Bull and Quarter horse Sale with the total offering of 43 animals bringing the first record to fall came during the morning Quarter horse Sale when Alfredo la Breja of Mexico paid the top Price of for the 1967 Chest nut Mare Tortola de Cata the previous record of paid for a King ranch Colt was set in 1961 the other two new records came during the afternoon Bull Sale when the 19 purebred Santa Gertrudis Herd sire prospects Cohn claims casinos loaned million by Lee Jones Austin we a new York lawyer asserted Friday that an insurance company controlled by the Moody foundation of Galveston has Lent million to 10 Las vegas and Reno Gam bling casinos Roy Cohn who aided the late sen Joe Mccarthy in pursuing supposed communists in the Early 1950s testified under oath before a legislative study com Mittee he was asked to appear to document testimony he made sept 29 that american National insurance co had Lent Money to the dunes and other Las vegas casinos if anybody has been Santa Claus to the Las vegas Gam Wing interests it has been american National insurance co Cohn said he said the dunes had been Lent million the Riviera million circus circus million Sahara and mint million Sahara Tahoe million Sands million Parvi Dohrman investment Flamingo and million and Harrah million the Harrah loan Cohn said was made this year and is secured by a chattel mortgage on gambling equipment he presented what he said were copies of documents in the Clark county Las vegas re corders office verifying some of its controlling interest in the the Loans everything is in the Public Domain one Way or another but it is sort of like putting a Jigsaw Puzzle together Cohn said committee chairman Louis Dugas or Orange county District attorney said everything about which Cohn testified is be Gal under Texas penal Laws Paul Haas of Corpus Christi chairman of the Moody foundation Board called Conns Testi Mony of sept 29 innuendo and vague accusations which he does not support with facts Dugas made Public a Telegram from Haas saying the foundation had abandoned plans to sell tonal hotel co to a corporation see Corn Page related news and pictures Are an Page 5b grossed to average 111467 each the previous record Bull aver age was and the previous High school total Sale Gross was both set at the 1959 Sale while All three records Are new for the King ranch the average Bull Price is believed by officials to be a new record for the Santa Gertrudis Breed in the us and possibly for All Breeds in Public auctions the top Bull sold for and was bought by Garner an Thony of Buford so the Bull is a son of the King ranch sire Tomas calved in february 1968 and weighed 1760 pounds when weighed in preparation for the Sale in March the 24 Quarter horses grossed to average the 14 Colts sold for to average and the 10 fillies grossed to average the High Selling Colt was the Palomino Gulf dream for which Chester Cotter of Mercedes paid volume buyers in the Bull Sale included former Texas gov John Connally who bought two bulls for one for and the other for Yturri ranch of Brownsville bought two bulls for and the Gulf and Western corp dominican Republic paid and for two bulls nine bar ranch Cypress bought two bulls for and and the Vesper ranch Cotulla paid and for a pair of bulls other Bull buyers were Frates Seeligson of san Antonio presi Dent of the Santa Gertrudiz breeders International and owner of Quien Sabe ranch who see ranch Pige 21a illiteracy not basis of denial by Richard Beene san Antonio in a three Edge Federal court declared unconstitutional Friday two Arti cles of the Texas election code hat prohibit Aid to illiterate Vot is in marking their ballots the landmark ruling affects More than 700000 illiterates in Fexas including an estimated 300000 mexican americans however the court denied a request for an injunction against enforcement of the two articles n the nov 3 election saying Here was not enough time to make the change assistance urged soon after the ruling was is sued lawyers for the plaintiffs sent Texas Secretary of state Hartin Dies a Telegram asking Lim to order election officials throughout the state to assist in iterate voters at the polls in the november elections copies of the wire were sent to gov Preston Smith and atty Gen Crawford Martin in denying the request for an immediate injunction the Cour said the Texas legislature should be granted an Opportunity to rectify those parts of the election code the court also said it would be practical impossibility to implement the necessary Revi Sions before the nov 3 election if the legislature which con Venes in january fails before it adjourns to enact corrective legislation the court said the plaintiffs May apply to this ourt for injunctive Relief no comment a spokesman for the attorney generals office in Austin said we dont have a copy of the opinion yet so we Are unable to say whether or not we will a peal the Case the suit was filed by the mex can american Legal defense fund As a class action the plaintiffs were three mexican americans from san Antonio representing All illiterate voters n Texas the decision was returned by judges Adrian Spears Jack Roberts and John Brown Spears told newsmen the Rul ing in effect Grants permission for illiterate voters to seek assistance in the polling Booths in november but he pointed out no order on this Point was is sued for the reasons cited such As the Lack of time before the election wanted injunction Brown concurred on All Points of the ruling except on the Deni see voters Page 20a mostly Cloudy Cool forecast weather map is on Page 4a mostly Cloudy today and to Morrow with occasional Ligh rain tonight is the forecast of Corpus Christi and Vicinity according to the weather Bureau continuing Cool weather is predicted with a Low tonight in the upper 50s and highs today and tomorrow in the Low 70s winds will be northeasterly 1 to 20 mites an hour a 20 per cent Chance of rain i Given for tonight the Long Range Outlook Call for mostly Cloudy and Mil weather with occasional ugh rain and a few showers Honda and tuesday partly Cloudy an slightly Wanner weather is fore cast by wednesday highs in the 60s and 70s Are predicted Mon Day increasing to 70s and Low 80s by wednesday lows in the 50s and Low 60s Are predicted monday and tuesday increasing to the 60s by wednesday up and at pm an italian policeman jumps Metal scaffolding As the police move in to drive out demonstrators from a stronghold in Rio torn Reggio Calabria in Southern Italy the townspeople have been in open rebellion Ever since a rival City was named the regional capital see Story Page 20a a wire Holo agencies to intervene in desegregation suit Aid from Justice hew asked by judge seals poll problem machines or Booths is question by Spencer Pearson if what us atty Anthony p Farris of Houston says is Rue county judge r Briscoe cing and the commissioners court had better get their Ham mers and saws and go to work n a hurry they have about 1000 voting Moths to build Between now and nov 3 no kidding articles 701 and 702 of the Texas election code say voting Booths shall be furnished at each voting precinct in cities of 10000 or More and Farris wants to know if nieces county is going to comply with the code letters sent Farris sent letters to both King and mrs Henry e gouger county clerk wanting to know by oct 23 if they plan to adhere to the voting Booth obligation in the nov 3 general election he said it had been brought to i ius attention that Booths Are not being furnished and utilized in elections and such practice is a violation of the election code Farris enclosed in the letter a copy of the voting Booth Arti cles article 701 states that voting Booths shall be furnished and used in cities of 10000 or More and article 702 says there shall be one voting Booth for every 70 citizens who have paid the poll tax or obtained exemption certificates at the last general election article 702 also stipulates the inches wide 32 inches deep and six feet four inches High with three sides closed and the front Side open there were about 70000 or More voters in Corpus Christi and Robstown two years ago let Booths that Means the commission ers court has about 1000 voting Booths to build in the next two weeks and three Days now what Good the voting booties would do is a Good ques Tion because the county uses see machines Page a the us departments of Justice and health Edu cation and welfare will be allowed to intervene in the Corpus Christi school desegregation suit As a re sult of a ruling yesterday in Houston by Federal judge Woodrow seals in a summary of the opinion received in the Federal clerks office in Corpus Christi by Telephone seals said these departments with their experience and knowledge of these matters could and would Aid the court in its efforts to achieve a unitary school sys tem the summary stated that seals yesterday wrote the attorney general of the United states re questing the intervention of the departments into the Case the departments Entrance into the suit was requested by the plaintiffs Jose Cisneros and others after the departments contacted All parties in the suit asking that they be allowed to intervene some of the plaintiffs reasons for requesting intervention were described in a Brief filed in september the portion of the Brief per Taining to Federal intervention stated in part plaintiffs can reliably represent to the court that the government does not intend nor desire to offer any evidence on the desegregation plan but that the Justice department hew and the Tex As desegregation Center known As Ted tac can All Supply expert assistance funds technical resources and clerical work which will assist the court the parties and the human relations committee in the devising updating and implementation of a satisfactory plan for desegregation the school Board opposed the intervention of the Federal departments in a defendants Brief filed in september the District said in part that the civil rights act of 1s64 specifies that intervention requests must be timely the District went on to say that Nei see ruling Page 20a coming tomorrow by the concept of Public schools providing Only the three is is rapidly disappearing at san Diego in Duval county needy students who comprise 60 per cent of the 1700 enrolment now receive three hot meals daily medical dental and Eye care and even clothing Houston ship umbilical Cord which gave Industrial life to the souths largest Cit flows 50 smelly Miles to Galveston Bay and on the Way carries a frighten ing Load of pollutants Federal officials say its one of the most polluted bodies of water in the United states but state officials say its being cleaned up you remember her no doubt As a Beautiful child called on to be witness to a National tragedy but Shes a Little child no More Shes almost a teenager her name Caroline Kennedy a rare look at the daughter of the late president a staff writer John t Wheeler has covered the War in Vietnam and now is assigned As a correspondent in Cambodia in a comprehensive report he makes an experienced assessment of How the conflicts look How they differ read these and other interesting features tomorrow in

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