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Corpus Christi Caller Times Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 4

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Corpus Christi Caller-Times, The (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Corpus Christi, Texas 4a Corpus Christi caller times sat oct 10 1970 impasse on Berlin okays divorce Bill appears in making in Italy minor issues left birr tent of 12irr Berlin a ambassadors of the big four met for the eighth time to discuss the future of West Berlin Friday and a qualified source said afterwards East and West Are still far apart on essentials the communique read in russian said Only that next meeting would take place Early in novem Ber each Side he source declared is steadfastly maintaining its position if there is no give it is difficult to see How a framework for a coming together can be achieved that is what we Are look ing for such a framework the big four talks Are secret in their details and Allied spokesman have refused to comment on russian sources however have been More increasing the impression that they Are out to split the Allied ranks while at the same time pushing for a wedge Between the West germans and their allies when the talks opened the russians said they ready to talk Only about the status of West Iberlin which they claim is a separate political entity with fou Power occupation rights from the beginning the other three have insisted they were interested in easing Ber intensions in terms of four responsibility for All of Berlin East and it appears that on this Central Issue in the of any official comment neither Side has judged it sets the Prospect of an indefinite Dia Logue without much Hope of getting agreement on such essentials As written guaranteed Access for the West to West Berlin on the ground unless there is some Compromise no lab agent to hear complaints in City r agent of the National la relations Board will be in ctr rus Christi soon to hear complaints involving Union membership notice that the agent would be Here was Given by Clifford w Potter of Houston regional drector in answer to a letter from a building trades crafts Man who to the Houston Rome a the Senate adopted a historic divorce Bill Friday night leaving Only minor amendments to be acted on by the chamber of deputies be one spouse has been sentenced to 15 or More years in jail for one or More crimes one spouse has been sentenced for incest or having fore divorce becomes Legal in prostituted the other spouse or a family member or attempted murder of a family member a spouse has been a Ronan Catholic Italy the chamber had already approved the Basic Bill the crucial Senate vote was 164 in favor of the legislation and 150 against with no abstentions required majority was 158 it carried Italy past a mile Stone in its 100year existence As a unified nation by putting both houses of parliament on record or the first time As having voted for the introduction of divorce big party opposed the dramatic Rol Call ballot overrode the objection of the country a largest party the Christian democrats and defied the opposition of the roman Catholic Church divorce advocates estimated hat upwards of 500000 persons legally separated from their spouses now live in Italy three times this number Are believed o be separated without having Aken Legal Steps the flood of divorce requests rom those whose cases fit the rare civil one or the More easily obtainable religious one Rich said favored divorce proponents have accused the Vatican of favouring the Rich in annulment cases pro posed to the sacred Rota or Fri conducts bomb seminar Austin flan Fri sponsored special conference on bombings and bomb threats will meet in Austin wednesday j Meyers Cole special agent in charge of the san Antonio office of the Fri said the con Ference was one of a series being held across the country to teach local Law officers about bombing techniques used by militant groups scheduled speakers include Dean n Lloyd and George Kee Fer special agents with the san Antonio office of the Fri major Louis j Toupal capt John Taylor and Sec Robert Blan Chard of the 46th explosive Ord Nance disposal group it Sam Houston and Norman a Suar big Spring woman Dies after wreck Amarillo Katherine Novak 20 of big Spring died Friday in an Amarillo Hospital of injuries received in a wednes Day Highway Accident year Tulia one other person was injured in the trocar collision which Fez chief Legal counsel to the i occurred one mile South of to department of Public safety i Lia in the Texas Panhandle quilted of any crime because of j marriage tribunal they also insanity and declared unfit for have said annulments Are obtained most swiftly by those family life when one spouse As a for eign citizen has obtained a divorce abroad or in some other Way married abroad again the marriage has not been consummated must expedite the Christian democrats voted against the Bill in both houses but they Are committed under terms of a political Accord to Speed up consideration of the senates procedural amendments in the chamber lusted requirements of the pro posed Law could bring the marriage court system to paralysis awyers said the Bill provides for divorce under the following Circum office asking How to make a j stances complaint against a Union which i or de Facto separation had refused him membership i for at least five years which approved the Bill last nov 28 divorce thus could become Law in a few months barring a government crisis or premature dissolution of parliament re Mote but Ever present possibilities in Italy the anticipated final passage by the chamber would still leave the Christian democrats Vith two weapons against the controversial verdict of unconstitutionality by the supreme court and repeal by a nationwide referendum presently the Only Legal a out of a marriage in this coun try is through an who resort to trickery annul ments have been granted for instance to couples who have signed and sealed a letter be fore their wedding saying they were being forced to Many the Church in its turn has lashed out continually against the divorce proposal throughout a drawn out five year Legal Bat the that now seems almost Over the Vatican has charged that divorce passage would violate the 1929 Lateran the established Church tween the state relations be Vatican and Italy the concordat prohibits divorce on wednesday Pope Paul i repeated christs injunction against divorce in 1 speech to newlyweds at his weekly Audi ence in St Peters Basilica what god has joined together let no Man put asunder he told compare at 40 More carpeting fast Servic Eino waiting immediate delivery local company life Long residents 100 Nylon Hilo Loop Choice of 14 Beautiful colors regular 550 cd 100 501 Nylon Hilo random Shear Cha approved Choice of 14 colors regular 645 cd 345 cd 445 cd 100 polyester Long shag c45 choke of 6 colors Reg 750 cd of cd 595 cd a Rylian deep Plush pile Choice of 12 colors Cha approved Betty 2906 Ayers 8822541 mind control special seminar on brain programming t s p and lecturer and mind control instructor will be conducting rail special seminar for everyone interested in developing mental Powers on april 2nd Abc television car ried a science news special the unexplained narrated by Rod Serling in which one of the most fantastic breakthroughs in modern psychology was discussed this new science deals with the conscious control of brain Waves the electrochemical activity of the brain this new science is called Alpha Genius and concerns itself with the Alpha rhythms of the brain a noted researcher at the University of California demonstrated on National to How Stu dents can learn to control their brain Waves and discussed some of the phenomenal capabilities of Man with self control of his brain Waves there Are four principal brainwave rhythms the Beta wave associated with the outer conscious Levels ten Sion anxiety physical activity Etc the Alpha wave associated with inner Levels of mental activity Tranquility inspiration creativity esp Healing processes memory learning daydreaming and other Phenomena Theta Waves which Are related to deeper inner meditation mental control of pain and finally the Delta Waves which Are to Trrry in deep sleep or total unconsciousness exploration of this almost unknown continent the human brain has been pioneered by a soft so Ken Par psychologist Jose Silva of the Institute of of Laredo Texas this sincere dedicated scientist has been training people to control their brain Waves for Many years Twenty six years ago Silva and his associates began their research in mind control to see if it was possible to increase a persons in Factor amazingly Silva discovered that not Only could in be in creased but a person trained in this technique could even control cer Tain areas of the autonomic sys tems heart beat respiration body temperature Etc the implications of this breakthrough with regards to health and disease were Stag Gering with mind control it was found Thot a person could banish pain accelerate Healing eliminate insomnia migraine Hea Daches As Well As untold psychosomatic problems As research continued an amazing discovery was made Volunteer students were found to be surprisingly sensitive to the feelings and emotional attitudes of others in other words they became More intuitive i depth studies revealed that anyone with a Normal brain and sufficient training could Deve lop so called esp and Clairvoyance Alpha brain wave control actually enables anyone to become a Superior human being Alpha brain wave control four years ago the directors of the Institute of decided they were ready to release their findings to the general Public and offer the m c training program to everyone interested in develop ing a better mind 12000 graduates coast to coast now there is no longer any doubt As to the great value of this astounding method of self improvement techniques had been improved and refined to the Point that Only a few hours of classroom instruction were All that was required to train a person to be truly effective learn specific techniques once you have mastered Silva mind control you can totally relax anytime you desire banish insomnia anxiety tension Haw greater artistic ability eliminate pain enhance your learning Capac Ity have More vitality and Energy be More successful in your business and personal life eliminate bad habits create Good habits control your weight smoking Etc improve your Sel Confidence and Assurance and become truly Happy learn techniques to help your loved ones in a dramatic and effective Way regardless of their problems be a better student Parent employee or bos become a truly effective problem solver and much much More Silva mind control method and its Alpha brain wave function literally opens the door to the promised land the kingdom within through simple easily Learned techniques you can have your hearts desires be the person you want to be results guaranteed it sounds almost too Good to be True yet the facts Are that with Silvo mind control almost nothing is too Good to be True learn How to use the key that unlocks the door to your inner cons Cious mind and release the Abun Dant wealth Power and possibilities within at this special seminar find out How you can learn to use the Silva mind control method for better memory better health better sleep better attitude better learning ability better self image better time management better intuition More Success More happiness More self Confidence More creativity More Energy vitality More productivity More capacity More friends seminar will also include latest scientific findings in Field of Alpha brain wave control mental brain programming esp mental telepathy Clairvoyance parapsychology Date sunday 11 oct sunday 11 oct monday 12 oct monday 12 oct instructor Ray i time 2 pm 8pm pm 8pm Corpus Christi seminars location Sandy shores motor Motel Coral room 3200 Surfside blvd 1 my n blk e of 181 Timon exit at North end of Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge Date sunday 18 oct sunday 18 oct monday 19 oct monday 19 oct instructor Don time pm pm Kunath Kingsville seminars location Holiday inn motor Motel Kingsville Texas All seminars identical in Content tuition psychologist when w have Learned la live and practice it pm Cipolat at Miod control continuously in our Hornet Churcott but Inetter and our Politico Sociol Tinc who limit con put on who we con do for our world Salesman the pm mf1h after mind control my Inlet increased by i my continued Buie Nett and por tonal Turc Eti to this businessman i quit i mailing ofter my first 12 Hourt of mind con feel instruction it Amanns Guk Montgomery Alabama High school coach mind Central hat Boon Matt effective in my with Yonne Puoplo pipe scially in the great of motivation Ond problem Tolving a fort Worth Texas Farmer after thirty Yean of it amnio Ift through mind control i did what no Oil or Piet Crillion Hod Over Don i r Chicago Iii minister looming Loutt 10 min lot of Alpha to Lake the of Hourt Normal Loep hat been invaluable to re Wichita Kantat housewife hat i loomed mind control when i we 14 Tott eld i worm Homo 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