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Corpus Christi Caller Times Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 1

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Corpus Christi Caller-Times, The (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Corpus Christi, Texas Moody West City 0 Miller Bluff Arkansas 0 teen news go Section d Christ weather yesterdays High Low temperatures am pm High am Low am pm 88th yearn 97 Corpus Christi Texas saturday october 10 1970 want ads 8829401 other depts 88120 1 56 pages ten cents City plans to condemn old nth eyes hotel As unsound curtains and shades flutter in pane less windows blown out by Celia Corpus Christi the old nieces hotel a City landmark has been judged As structurally unsound because of damage caused by Hurricane Celia and is being condemned r 1a Texas postponement of a Federal court hearing on its plea jeopardized Hopes of Raza Unida to get on the nov 3 ballot in three Southwest Texas counties Absentee voting starts thursday 6a the chairman of the coordinating Board Texas College and University system decried student disorder such As gov Smith faced in Houston and he said in Calmer moments officials must take action 6a the University of Houston suspended the student who was identified As the one who carried a Broom and yelled at gov Smith when Smith left the podium without speak ing at the University earlier this week 6a the stale of Texas built a Railroad in the late 1800s which has Clung faithfully to the debit Side of the Ledger Ever since 11 is valued at less than but the state wants to sell it for million 7a Fri a cols began an investigation of an patently by to Burn four National guard trucks at Camp Mabry in Austin Only one of the vehicles was badly damaged House action approving a Cut in the defense budget was blasted As an imprudent risk by Secretary of defense Melvin Laird he said the soviet Union is steadily increasing its military strength Ida the executive Council of the episcopal Church granted to the Black awareness coordinating committee of South Carolina despite protests against the action by two South Carolina Bishops us National a former cellmate of Susan Atkins testified in los Ange Les court that miss Atkins confessed to her actual killing of actress Sharon Tate 1a while being cautiously hopeful about the chances of peace in the Mideast Secretary of state Rogers accused the soviet Union of reviving cold War rhetoric regarding alleged ceasefire violations 1a the Federal Trade commission issued proposed rules aimed at preventing car dealers from putting an inflated Price on vehicles and then wheel and Deal to give customers an empty bargain 2a the Washington representative of the University of mis Souris Freedom of information Center asked the president to identify the Percon who would be in charge of censorship in Case of National emergency 2a a Federal judge dismissed bribery charges against for Mer sen Daniel Brewster ruling that the Maryland demo crat had congressional immunity from punishment 9a the House internal Security committee has decided that the Campus speaking circuit produces Revenue for the promoters of disorderly and revolutionary activity among students 11a Africa and Europe Are Drifting together according to Early data gathered by american scientists who made Dee sea drilling studies Isa the Dow Industrial average lost 835 Points As prices on the new York Stock Exchange fell for the second consecutive Day volume was 1398 million shares bringing the weeks total to a record 8413 million shares 17a International Well placed sources in Egypt reported that acting presi Dent Anwar Sadat and leftist supporters put Down an attempt by Nasser associates to bring a change in the country policies a the italian Senate approved the historic divorce Bill leaving Only minor Points to be ironed out in the chamber of deputies before it becomes Law 4a photo by George Tuley Excell mate says Susan Atkins told of killing actress los Angeles a a woman who shared a jail cell with Susan Atkins testified at the Sharon Tate trial Friday that miss Atkins told her she killed the actress the witness Virginia Graham said miss Atkins told her of the killings of five Tate victims and said she wanted to take their eyes out and Squash them against the Wall and Cut off their fingers but she didst have tune to be condemned cellars onslaught caused fatal blow to nieces hotel the old nieces hotel which sheltered people during the great storm of 1919 but which apparently suffered fatal damages during Hurricane Celia is being official y condemned City manager Marvin Townsend and Public works director Jack Mcdaniel said yesterday that a formal Etter of condemnation is being sent to the owners greater Cor us Christi enterprises inc a Jan Antonio firm headed by Oseph Barshop the firm owns he ramada inn project across he Street from the nieces hotel a series of investigations have been made since Hurricane Ceia struck Here aug 3 most of he building already was vacant but three ground floor businesses still Are in operation they ill have to close engineering reports made by City inspectors and by firms rep resenting the owner and his insurance company conclude that he building no longer is structurally sound Mcdaniel said the owner will be Given 30 Days in which to Egin compliance with the City order condemning the building is Means he said that firms still operating in the building vill have to be out within 30 Days actually the condemnation or Der does not require the building to be demolished but there is informed speculation that this probably is what will be done the order requires that the building be brought up to code before it can be occupied so it can stand empty or be demolished since renovation of it us orders two cubans to get out Washington a the United states Friday ordered two diplomats attached to the cuban Mission to the United nations to leave the country in 48 hours because of activities out Side the scope of their duties at the in a note to this effect was delivered to Cubas in representative the state department announced by an official of the us Mission at in Headquarters in new York in Secretary general u Thant was informed in Advance of the us action the state department said the men ordered to the note diplomatically characterized the order As a request identified As Rogelio Rodriguez Lopez 28 Counselor of the cuban Mission and or Lando Prendes Gutierrez 29 the Senate unit okays Celia repair funds first Secretary Rodriguez country in arrived in june 1969 this and see Celia Page 20a1968 Prendes Carne in september mrs Graham said miss at Kins in describing the killing of miss Tate said that when the knife went in it Felt soft and it was quite a thrill after it was Over she said that she was tired but she Felt elated and at peace with her self mrs Graham said the re haired Legal clerk who was charged with Petty theft when she shared a cell with miss Atkins last novem Ber said she tried to discourage miss Atkins from confessing to her but the 21yearold defend ant insisted confession related mrs Graham said miss at Kins told of entering the Tate mansion and going to the bed room where she saw Sharon Tate sitting on the bed in Bikini pants and a Bra talking to an other victim Jay Sebring miss Atkins said the killing of miss Tate took place in the living room mrs Graham continued mrs Graham added she said she was holding Sharon Tate in her arms and Sharon Tate was crying she miss Tate said pleas please dont kill Ime i want to have my baby Sadie mass at Kins nickname said she told her look Bitch you might As Well face it youre going to die and i dont have any feeling for you she said she killed Sharon Tate mrs Graham said miss at Kins told of Licking miss tates blood from her hands and say ing to taste death and yet give life wow what a trip mrs Graham said miss at Kins said the blood was Beautiful warm and Sticky accounts differ miss Atkins has described the slayings previously to interview ers and in accounts released through an attorney but in these she said unspecified oth ers who were with her did the actual killing this was the first account in which the death of miss Tate was attributed to her mrs Graham said miss at Kins asked her one Day if she i new who did the Tate murders then said Well youre looking at her she said miss Atkins told of seeing one of the victims to see Tate Page 20a Russia blasted for harsh talk Washington a Secretary state Wil Liam p Rogers Friday accused Russia of resorting t the strident rhetoric of the cold War in its dispute with the United states Over charges of Mideast ceasefire Sadat faction quashes move to change egyptian policies Virginia Graham related confession a Nas needs partially covered by Leslie Carpenter caller times Washington Bureau Washington the Corpus Christi naval air station Friday received a lifesaving Mil on shot in the Arm to repair Celi ravaged facilities the Money was included in the Senate appropriations com Mittee military construction Bill and chances of full Senate approval Are considered Good in a separate action the sen the appropriations committee approved million for the Corpus Christi naval Hospital the House approved the same mount earlier this would be added to million previously appropriated to construct a 195 bed Hospital to replace the preset 29yearold group of Hospi Tal buildings violations Rogers nevertheless expressed cautious optimism at the prospects for peace negotiations in the Middle East and in Indochina he told a news conference that All or substantially All us forces will be out of combat in South Vietnam by May 1 he cited this As evidence of the Suc Cass of the Vietnam Safion pro Gram which he said should help persuade the North vietnamese they should now begin to negotiate peace Rogers said he believes the communists in Southeast Asia will accept president Nixon five Point settlement proposal announced this week including a standstill ceasefire one Rea son for his assessment Rogers said is the Strong support the plan has received domestically and among foreign govern ments air charter quiz ordered by Volpe Washington a Secre tary of transportation John a Volpe Friday ordered a sweep ing investigation of the air Char Ter Industry and the Way the Federal aviation administration regulates it Volpe said the study was prompted by the 30death disaster in the crash of a rented Wichita state University foot Ball plane in the Rockies a week inside today paper new Yorac news the United Arab republics acting president Anwar Sadat backed by a coalition of leftists Security officials and army Lead ers has reportedly turned Back an attempt by three of Gamal Abdel Nasser closest associates for a dramatic shift in the egyptian political system according to word reaching new York from Well place egyptian sources Nasser old comrades secretly approached Sadat after Nasser death on sept 28 with proposals for the following major changes open political system with provision for at least one to have assured for time being the continuity projected publicly the Secretary said the soviet Union and other nations were advised of the Nixon proposal in the Hope that they would consider it carefully and do what they could to assist in promoting Active negotiations at Paris on the Middle East however he was sharply critical of the soviet government we Are disappointed he sad the alleged violations of the ceasefire military standstill Rogers said Are supported by conclusive us evidence and he added we Are convinced beyond a doubt that soviet personnel Are there to assist in the construction and Manning of those an aircraft missile Sites he will present evidence of the violations to soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko when the two meet in new York u1c i by Sadat in his speech wednes probably a Eek Heng ago the Faa has said it warned both Wichita state and another school two months ago against using the Small firm flying the took no action to Stop the firm itself Volpe bypassed the Faa in or Dering the probe and put it directly under control of his of fice he named a newly appointed aide adm Willard j Smith to conduct the investigation Smith former head of the coast guard was confirmed by the Senate this week As assistant Secretary of transportation for safety the Faa cracked Down a Day earlier on two Oklahoma City firms that leased the plane and see charter Page 20a sought sen John Tower who made the announcement of the Celia Money had asked the commit tee to provide the full estimated Cost for total repair Widen is but the Navy Only asked the committee for the million and said it intends to spend its own already appropriated Money to make up the difference the Navy refused to say from what other projects the Money s coming and one Navy source indicated the other which will lose the not been identified assistant Secretary of the Navy for installations and Logis tics Frank Sanders did Tell Tower however that it is the navys present plan to proceed with the restoration of the dam aged facilities in order to re store the naval air station to its ormer level of operational Cap abilities building replacement Tower said the million the committee approved Friday will be used to replace eight build Ings destroyed or damaged by Celia they Are the structural fire and crash station the control Tower cab the training build ing the and calibration build ing Navy Exchange Ware House the enlisted Waves bar Racks the commissary store warehouse and the chief Petty officers club the House passed its version of the military construction appropriations Bill before Hurri Cane Celia and consequently supplied no extra Money Young gels Promise but rep John Young of Cor pus Christi said he has been promised by rep Robert sikhs Fla and on the House com Mittee that they would accept the senates million figure see funds Page 20a Church news comics crossword editorials entertainment gardening Horoscope 12a 14a my 8c 2 3b 7c 4b 17c markets obituaries sports to scout want ads women news 17a 8a 1c 7c 11c so opposition press party and a free of a new constituent Assembly through election procedures supervised by an in dependent body not the Arab socialist Union Egypt Only authorized political group Independent judiciary system with guarantees that there be no without for Mal Legal charges Day night accepting the presidential nomination told the the release of All political risk prs moreover word has reached prisoners collective authority of for Mer army officers at the head of the government rather than a single strongman the Speed of Sadat Nomina Tion for the presidency set in motion last saturday and con firmed tuesday by the National Assembly evidently was intended to snuff out any rival bid for Overall control of the egyptian regime by a More moderate potentially pro Western faction had this attempt succeeded some diplomats believe that it would have offered the first significant Opportunity for some Basic revision of egyptian poli cies since Nasser consolidated his Rule in the mid50s but the apparent defeat of what amounts to the moderate right Wing of egyptian politics Long hidden from Public View is said that the new Lupi Mauc Midi me new leadership apparently unnerved ii and mild weekend seen by the bold bid for major change in direction in Cairo has taken a number of Security pre cautions including the arrest of about 200 persons these Are said to include members of the extreme right Wing moslem brotherhood and pro peking communists rumours circulating in Cairo that some moderately pro Western elements Are under heavy surveillance or House arrest Are taken As exaggerations however there is some apprehension for the future in Stern Public statements spokesmen for the emerging leadership in Cairo have announced that they will not re main passive toward those who see Sadat Page a weather map is on Page 20a fair and mild is the forecast for Corpus Christi and Vicinity today and tomorrow according to the weather Bure Aji a Low tonight near 60 is predicted with a High today in the Middle 70s and a High tomorrow near 80 Light and variable winds Are forecast today and to night with East and Southeast winds 8 to 16 Miles an hour to Morrow the extended Outlook Calls for a Chance of showers and cooler weather monday and tuesday turning fair wednesday highs in the 70s and 80s Are forecast with lows in the 50s and 60s coming tomorrow Janey Hart wife of sen Philip a Hart of Michigan Mother of eight Pilot horse breeder candid crusader for various calf e the list of her accomplishments and inter ests is Long indeed surely Shes not a Senate wife Celia came sweeping Down on port Arkansas and the Force of the blow was the most destructive in the Island cites history in the View of some longtime residents today the ring of hammers and the whine of Power saws is much in evidence As the City moves at a rapid clip to rebuild in time for the tourist season its proof that you cant keep a Good town Down in this Era of the Auto population explosion the question of Auto insurance is one or real concern to some 100 million Drivers in the nation insurance rates Are going up along with everything else now legislators and lawyers Are taking a searching look into the whole problem read these and other timely features tomorrow in

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