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Corpus Christi Caller-Times, The (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Corpus Christi, TexasGrogport Laid 77 Arkansas pass j y 21 Cuero Premont los Fresno 15 14 Midway 49 Refugio Rockport 43rd year no 3 Corpus Christi Texas saturday november 20 1971 wont ads 8859481 other depts 8842011 60 pages Price ten cents a Wir photo 103 vote by pay Board approves Coal contract Washington a the pay Board okayed the first year of the new Coal Industry contract by a 103 vote Friday in a key test of president Nixon phase 2 wage guidelines the agreement easily surpasses the boards wage guideline of 55 per cent a year for new contracts although even the boards members disagreed on How much the coalmines Are to receive in the first year of the pact the five labor and five management members approved the contract signed just 15 minutes before Nixon wag Price freeze ended at Midnight nov 13 but three of the five Public members said in a statement that such an increase in wages clearly runs against the goal of the stabilization Effort they said the actual hourly compensation amounts to a 168 per cent increase in the first year the management members said 4 per cent of the increase goes to make the unions welfare fund solvent and the bal Ance of the increase 11 per cent for salaries is allowable As a catchup wage Hiko As the Board announced its action United mine president w a Tony Boyle issued a statement saying that the entire three year contract re ported to Call for a 39 per cent increase is binding since the Board has no Juris diction beyond next april 30 we Are therefore calling upon All Jmwa members to return to work with out delay so that they May reap the benefits of the new agreement Boyle said mine workers have remained on strike pending a pay Board review of the contract the Board voted that the first year of the contract is not unreasonably inconsistent with its Overall wage guideline of 55 per cent that is its Anile for existing con tracts those that were signed before the new stabilization plan went into effect pay Board chairman George Boldt and one other Public member abstained but both said they would have voted against approval if they had cast a vote the executive vice president of the us chamber of Commerce Arch n Booth said the boards action puts the future of the ant inflation program in serious doubt Booth said in a the in crease in pay and benefits is substantial see vote Page 16a Smith to seek 3rd term Stock scandals to play Campaign role i by Jon Ford caller times Austin Bureau Preston Smith Friday launched a Long rumoured but still largely unexpected third term candidacy predicting texans will judge him a hero rather than a villain of Stock loan scan dals Smith in a mid afternoon news Confer ence at state democratic executive committee Headquarters made Clear he will try to use the scandals As a lethal weapon against it gov Ben Barnes he became the first candidate for governor to Post his filing fee official scores partly open closed hearing by Jim Wood the police and firemen civil service commission yesterday held a closed hearing on an Appeal by a policeman who was passed Over for promotion a hearing the City attorney said May be illegal the comment by the City attorney James Riggs was based on information that while the hearing was closed certain persons were allowed to attend by invitation the Appeal was that of patrolman a g Barretto who was passed Over for promotion to sergeant he appealed to the commission for review through his attorney he asked for a closed hearing As he May when a reporter entered the room chairman Henry Nuss explained that the hearing was a closed one since it had been requested by Barrett and pertained to personnel he did not specifically ask the reporter to leave he said the proceedings were not reportable and sitting through the hearing probably was not Worth the reporters time members of the civil service commis Sion from Kingsville were attending so were b Tanguma president of the fire fighters association and Louis Peronis a vice president of the state fire fighters organization Riggs said if the meeting was to be closed it had to be on an All or none basis he made his comments to Assis Tant City manager Archie Walker who had inquired about the status of the meeting the hearing was held in the Council Chambers on the first floor meanwhile up on the third floor City manager mar Vin Townsend blew his top because he had not been advised of the meeting Townsend who actually made the pass Over decision has standing orders with the personnel department for a copy of the Agenda for each commission hearing he got none for yesterdays hearing when his Secretary called personnel for a copy she was advised that none was available All of them having been taken to the closed hearing Barnes 33 announced for governor last summer he and Smith Are longtime bitter political foes the lieutenant governor said Smiths announcement will have no effect on his Campaign plans which Are moving ahead on schedule with Gratifying response Barnes added it is evident to most texans that a change is needed in the governors office to provide More vigorous leadership in step with our changing times Dolph Briscoe of Uvalde is also an announced candidate for governor for inv i Corpus Christ the South Bird Island drilling Contro Versy remained status quo As the army corps of engineers continued to hold up a drilling permit with no changes in the protests on file 1b two Board committees were authorized by acc trustees to meet Vii Texas directors to work out details on the Corpus Christi College site in Texas a Senate rackets investigator limping from a beating in san Antonio earlier this week left for Washington Friday William Gallinaro was heavily guarded after leaving the Hospital 2a the Lack of mexican american teach ers in the Texas school system was Dis cussed by the Texas education Agency at a conference in Austin Thuc desegregation Issue was the meetings key topic 10a us dist judge Sarah Hughes has issued an amended ruling in the Texas Stock fraud Case in which she says Frank Sharp tried to use Stock deals to influence state officials Ilia More than 3500 students at will work saturday through monday readying the worlds biggest Bonfire which fuels emotions for the annual thanksgiving Day football game Between the aggie and Texas 8b one of six resolutions approved by the Texas Congress of parents and teachers opposed indiscriminate busing of Chil Dren away from neighbourhood schools simply to achieve a balance in the eth Nic Structure 5d National the pay Board okayed the first year of the new Coal Industry contract by a 103 vote in a key test of the phase 2 wage guidelines just How much the min ers Are to receive in the first year was not agreed on 1a despite advice against speaking pres ident Nixon faced a hostile Falcio convention audience and challenged labor to help him control wages and prices 1a Mariner 9 scientists cheered by Indi cations the dust storm obscuring Mars is Clearing reported detection of water vapor Over the planets South pole 2a members of a House subcommittee plan an att Escene investigation today into the handling of the Birmingham air pollution crisis that prompted a Federal judge to temporarily close Down nearly two dozen major industries 2a the Senate was reported locked in the Battle Over a plan for presidential Campaign financing republicans continued to offer amendments to the proposal 2a preliminary tests by the atomic Energy commission showed no permanent harm to animal or Plant life dead fish 14 sea otters and 16 Birds were found dead the report said 4a International the United states has called for an International study to determine the breakdown of rules forming the 80nation general agreement on tariffs and Trade 5a British commandos raided a roman Catholic monastery in Northern Ireland following the arrest of two Trappist monks charged with sheltering Irish re publican army guerrillas disguised As priests 10a Index action line 2a Church news 4b comics 12a 6d crossword 5a editorials 2b entertainment 6c Garden Page i4a go Magazine in Gorten Horoscope markets obituaries sports to scout want ads weather map weather Mer us sen Ralph Yarborough a Liber Al who draws support of labor has indicated he expects to be a candidate for governor or the Senate if Yarborough runs for the Senate again the conserva Tive Smith May end up with substantial support from the of Lucios state leadership Falcio president Roy Evans is Friendly with Smith Smith 59 was elected governor in 1968 and reelected last year his reelection candidacy promises a wild free swinging and unpredictable democratic primary n 1972 up until last january when the Sharpstown Bank scandals involving state officials broke Smith was Riding High politically statewide criticism and widespread unwanted publicity entered on him after it was discovered that Het made on National Bankers life insurance company Stock purchases Witt funds borrowed from the no defunct Sharpstown Bank in 1969 Frank Sharp head of nil and town had pushed through the legislature in special session that year two Bank see Smith Page 16a 11d Ioc 11a 1c 7c 7d 2a women news so Clear to partly Cloudy skies today and tomorrow Cool today and a Little warmer tomorrow afternoon is the forecast for Corpus Christi and Vicinity a High today near 70 is forecast with a Low tonight in the lower 40s and a High tomorrow in the Low 70s Nixon shakes hands with delegates on leaving Falcio convention on Miami Beach a wire Holo Nixon challenges Falcio Miami Beach Fla a presi Dent Nixon challenged his harshest labor critics facet face Friday and told them he will use his Powers to the fullest to control wages and prices whether they cooperate or not we want the participation of labor Nixon told Falcio convention delegates who voted thursday to refuse cooperation with his pay boards wage controls but whether we get that participation or not it is my obligation As president of the United states to make this program of stopping the Rise in the Cost of living succeed and to the extent that my pow ers allow it i shall do exactly that Nixon added the president got a Cool reception there were Ripples of derisive laughter from some of the More than 2000 Dele Gates officials and others when Nixon said his recent 90day wag Price freeze was a remarkable Success and if you dont think so go Home and ask your wives who go to the grocery store Falcio president George Meany the Day before had verbally flayed Nixon economic controls and said that lie and foil other labor members of Nixon pay Board will refuse to cooperate with the Board or its decisions until they win their demands for Back pay for the freeze and full payment of All negotiated wage hikes in Washington a White House aide said Nixon went before the Falcio Conven Tion against the advice of his advisers who feared his remarks might be construed As ant labor in his speech Nixon quoted Means remark that if the president of the United states Doest want our membership on the pay Board he knows exactly what Catholic Hierarchy asks for end to War Washington if the us roman Catholic Hierarchy said Friday it is our firm conviction that the speedy ending of the War in Vietnam is a moral imperative of the highest priority but the gathering of 250 cardinals archbishops and Bishops backed off from the demand by some to Call for a unilateral immediate ceasefire by the United states and withdrawal of american troops As soon As practical ending their we Klong annual fall ses Sion the National conference of Catholic Bishops thus issued their first definitive statement on the War in Vietnam since a pastoral letter in 1968 he can do the audience cheered apparently in support of the Meany quote president Meany is Correct i know exactly what i can i am going to do it Nixon continued i think it is time that we All under stand just where we stand on this where we agree and where we disagree he went on i want a program that is fair to All elements of this society fair to organized labor particularly As i have emphasized but As president of All the american people it is my duty to do what i think is Best for All the american people and my friends whatever some of you May think a great majority of the american people and a majority of Union Mem Bers want to Stop the Rise in the Cost of see Nixon Page 16a version of freeze labor treats Nixon coolly by Neil Gilbride Miami Beach Fly map presi Dent Nixon walked smiling if a trifle nervous Frky into a hostile Falcio convention and left after his speech in apparent Shock and anger at his cold reception and abrupt dismissal in Washington White House press aide Gerald Warren said Nixon appreciated the Opportunity to address the labor Dele Gates who Are bitterly opposed to his wage controls but another presidential aide said privately Nixon was treated with studied contempt by Falcio officials there were no jeers or Boos but applause was scant some derisive titters from the delegates greeted Nixon de sense of his wag Price controls the reception appeared to rattle Nixon and he made two major slips of the calling vice president Spiro t Agnew president Agnew and later talking on How hard his own father had worked said i was proud of him to the Day i died both White House and Falcio staffs which put out separate transcripts corrected the second error to the Day he die but the labor transcript left in the reference to president Agnew there was no Hail to the chief the traditional presidential arrival greeting from the Union musicians and Falcio officials refused a White House request that Nixon be announced Over the loud speaker As he entered the Hall but what appeared most to upset Nixon was his treatment As he left the speak ers podium there was no escort and As Nixon left the platform alone he stopped to shake hands with some labor delegates a Folio president George Meany obviously annoyed at Nixon attempt to mix with delegates after his speech was heard to mutter its All part of a plan an aide standing next to him was heard to say yeah its than kissing babies then Meany rapped his Gavel As Meany called the convention to see labor Page 16a coming up whether Hes set any kind of record or not Phil Lyne of George West has done better than any other member of the Rodeo cowboys association this year grossing in prize Money he has one More Rodeo to National finals Rodeo next month in Oklahoma a possible shot at winning the coveted world championship Allaround Cowboy title Mike Royko is a Chicago newspaper columnist who fights City Hall Hes sarcastic irreverent waspish and Tough but beneath it All is an underlying gentleness in an Urban age he probably is one of the nations most perceptive observers of the forces operating in an american City read these and other timely features tomorrow in

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