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Corpus Christi Caller Times Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 1

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Corpus Christi Caller-Times, The (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Corpus Christi, Texas Score they build Fine Ball Park pictures Story on Page 21 f j first graders they Tell what they Learned Section b cover pictures senior parties hit Peak women feature Section d late sports bold ruler beats Iron Liege ii Preakness look for the stairs Section c sep fuss turn to Page 20a a weather volume 28 entered Dass Natter at the Post office at to Texas under the act or March 2 1s73 Corpus Christi Texas sunday May 191957 today mild yesterdays High and Low conc 8265 Airport 8263 Sunrise a m set Moonrise a m set a m monday High tide a m Low a m monday Gsg set 120 pages in seven Twenty cents Hopes grow dim As rescuers dig for second Day Nas festival chairman Comdr Larson hops puddle Nas Celebration dampened but not seriously Hurt Gal Force winds shatter Booths on Nas Midway storm scattered crowd of thousands gathered for air show air show rescheduled a May 38 Cue workers in their second Day of Roundt Hemlock digging Laboured today to free a 34yearold father o three buried 25 feet ground by a mine Cavern David Snyder was trapped in an Independent mine on Short Moun Tain one mile West of this East Ern Pennsylvania Anthracite comi Unity yesterday morning the Only communication Between thei entombed Man and the surface was late yesterday afternoon via tapping with a Hammer f some 40 Rescue workers were going out about a ton and half of debris every two hours not knowing whether Snyder was alive the scene of the dramatic Rescue operation is at the Western end of Short Mountain a Bleak desolate area about a mile from where three Lykens men were killed in a Coal slide 23 years ago i 6 More hours j at 6 pm state mine inspector Francis Oconnor estimated it would take a least another six to eight hours to reach the where the victim is believed to be entombed i Veteran miners among the sober faced crowd of about 75 friends and neighbors maintaining a silent Vigil at the scene agreed it was highly improbable Snyder would be found alive the Only Chance of his surviving they explained hinged on his having Access to air via one of the several shafts to abandoned veins in the Ivinity j the men worked through the night under lights from a truck of the Schuylkill county Independent miners breaker men and truckers association a group of Independent miners the lights operated from a Generator in the truck a Rescue vehicle with mine lamps safety lamps pick axes i blankets rope first Aid equip ment including a resuscitator j and a Coffee urn stood to one Side brother digs j aiding in the digging was Smyj Ders brother Leroy who was operating the hoisting engine in the painful companion mrs Mary Davis 25 of Portland stepped on this 7inch Centipede in the bedroom of her Home yesterday morning her brother s d Martinez used a tape measure to catch the insect and fling it into a Peanut butter Jar mrs Davis was treated at Portland clinic a piece of one Fang was removed from her right foot she was Given two shots and ordered to bed until swelling in her foot diminishes by the associated press Oklahoma livers and streams reached record Levels saturday As powerful flood Waters forced thousands of Farmers and City dwellers to seek higher ground Flash floods hit communities in Texas there was i minor flooding in Kansas and Missouri and heavy Rains also battered the West coast i a new series of poured drenching rain on South i g Sinenci j Texas saturday while Hail and lu1 3 off rain showers dotted other sections of the state f j i the thunderstorms brought j forecasts of More rain for North i Central Texas through Early Sun Day and a Tornado Alert for the northeastern Corner of the state j streams full j till the land soaked and Rivers streams and lakes full from 31 j Days of almost uninterrupted Rains there were new threats of a Squall line Rushing across flooding i South Texas brought Strong winds the rising red and Wichita Riand from one half to five and one vers and Holliday Creek were i half inches of rain with it yester expecting to drive As Many As 50 Day persons from their Homes for Thel almost every town from Lare second time this Spring town do to Victoria reported some rain Stream 150 Miles on the red the afternoon As the line ver huge Lake Texoma already i moved Southeast at about Miles at a record level was still rising Jan hour wind damage was Limi and residents in the area were i Ted to a few Telephone lines elec apprehensive of flooding i Trie wires and dead tree limbs the lower Colorado River au1 the weather Bureau Here re Hority said Waters of Lake Travis ported 58 inches of rain and gusts were expected to reach 710 feet of wind up to 56 Miles an hour it four feet from the spillway level jail fell from about to 3 pm three Days of torrential Rains Sun returns and claimed nine lives in okla As the Squall moved into the Jhoma Gulf the sky behind it brightened Bridge washouts were reported and the Sun spent four hours n v m n i str Lorl no non n i cry a n by Joike m Hichtower goes Washington May 18 sva into High gear Early next on every major Oklahoma high1 drying out the City Way and some railroads three major Bridges were washed away of smaller ones the heaviest rain in the area was reported at Victoria where j Isenhower administration Over Mahe sure that Merio the Igi ways were closed damage Toj up o 55 the and russians even on a first at no new flood Warnon lad e the in Ted sues 2 to Dolla is coupled with mine Shaft when the Caseino next make to the soviet Union requirements for inspection proce curved i the key Issue appears to be dures which will give the most Tlle Cim amm River which in the Rescue workers Are mostly How far this country should go in fool proof Assurance possible y m Crew fellow miners aided and into negotiations soviet violations eel at 1 Erkins Urcla in Ray night by state police state and Federal London a plan which could pro mine inspectors at 19s feet is feet above the Mote the chances for a limited Man of the joint Chicks of staff information on the Progress agreement with Russ on a anti has been As urging an Ade in the Diggins was scant Back 3n military forces and a of pm hemp ran inn in ten adm Arthur w Radford Stag of 17 feet of october made in the digging was scanty since there was no Telephone Orone Lor Aerial inspection attitude of ground that 192r other Oklahoma Rivers the a been issuer yet on the Guadalupe River which overflowed its Banks several Days ago at port Lavaca 275 inches was reported while robs own Kingsville and Orange Grove All reported Between 1 and 15 inches the weather Bureau said the in any agreement other Means o communication at Harold e Stassun chief u Somade vital Security interests of Ansas and the Verdigris among stlua11 line was about 10 Miles res overflowed the Denfip causing the rain to last t it r Arkansas a River with n record ride Over the bumpy dirt Road Tois evidently in for some Sharp Andrare at slake Radford is due ils Banks in Kansas battered for More than an hour Day afternoon when the storm a warning to the spectators tone Ngmay and then another 15skeptical questioning As the task this weekend from a tour of lat1 struck rat nor hip air Sfa firm with minutes to t one or two hours in each is a Over w n Recor the scene and u is a half hour negotiator in the London sessions the United states and is allies or Nood destruction also was out area Over which it moved by fierce winds and hard rain the Navy Relief festival and armed forces Day open House at the naval air station Rode out the storm yesterday with Only two major of the first of two scheduled air struck raking the air station with vicious winds and chilling rain striking Nas about 2 pm yesterdays Squall slammed at the fleeing crowd on the seawall with winds measured at 68 Miles an hour the air stations wind shows and postponement of a fire measuring instrument momentarily recorded winds of 78 Miles an will go on As j hour but it was questionable take cover cancelled and airshow was minutes to the nearest Telephone i of hammering out new decisions i Sec debate Pago 16 works show the air show scheduled today at 2 pm and whether that Reading was Correct scattered for shelter the temperature dipped nine degrees to 67 and moments later the winds struck followed by the downpour the wind ripped the top of the air stations rain gauge making an accurate accounting of rainfall impossible the fireworks hav tonight sunday activity been reset for j winds rip Midway for More than an hour Gale Force winds averaging 40 Miles other sunday afternoon activity Jan Noller and gating to 50 drove at the festival will include cold Sheet of rain across the i i i the airshow spectators and gusts to 70 Mali forecasters warned Tulsa 240i weather observers at the a 000 residents they could expect Ihen Val air station said gusts reach worst flood in the cites history ii to Miles an hour during when the Arkansas Cresis at 25 the storms height and maintained every Plank of his pro foreign patterns and lectures to 26 feet sunday in june 1923 the Arkansas reached a record level 228 feet flood stage is 19 feet there was minor flooding in Kansas and Missouri in Kansas Marais Descygne and the t Neosho Rivers overflowed in Northern and East Central cities Sec Squall Page 18 area t to v i i j Nili Jav l ii Tiu lerili1 01 other hundreds on the festival Warsaw May convinced him of the futil1 Ochab declared some reported to be Midway scattered for the shelter Gomulka Ara Secl by a bitter Iii of appeasement for the Sake ask of their cars and the iwo Large ri8ntwing assault on his policies party Unity hangars housing an Industrial rejected today r i i3 d r3 the phase with i soviet Union at the head should coast Baltor Ert that he today the party chief finally always be used this is not Alj heavy Rains also battered thei at Liik ice Lucu Avih Ulullie Vij it Iii air Lui 11 j j t j l i j c r i acc Lay i Yuliis Ralso Nail incl file Jauga ing of the annual Beauty and festivals Midway and and carnival concessions Lead Poland Back to her old Dej turned on his attackers and a just principle in coast in the san Francisco Vides popularity contests at 4 Oclock and the final performance of the display area with thy Squall building up to stage variety show North the festival attempted frolics of 1957 at 8 both in the Nas theatre there will be no admission charge for the Beauty judging to run Parr of its air show a helicopter managed to Complete its simulated Rescue of a drowned airman from a life raft in the the air show featuring and two pm seaplanes Etui air Fores planes will be Over were silting out in the Bay waiting the sea drome Back of the main to demonstrate a Takeoff festival area where several thou suddenly with the storm More Sand persons had gathered Yeste imminent the loudspeakers blared Jerry rigged ticket Booths Knipf the Midway blew apart As the Navy officers Manning them Scuri Viet Union this was the ultimate meaning head on rainfall in the area All of one to two hours duration measured Arkansas pass 5 inches Bee Ville s Falfurrias 3 sail Diego 15 Freer 15 Bena i Alice 45 Orange 515 Fremont 7 7 i o 111 d x j in i Tuc Jil Kulil f t l t i Vav v to i ried out clutch incr their tickets1 rep y Gomulka Mads to his was set for his talks by Edward it was Ochab who and Money one unidentified the at the instances when this has been uni and Sacramento areas rainfall Grove i exactly what Gomulka said has lastly used it has Cost us a Anady had exceeded Karnes City 15 Kenedy 9 ing not been disclosed but the stage Deal j monthly normals Laredo 03 Kingsville 11 Vii e i j Iii i of t i or not in Texas Wichita Falls had 40l finer had to climb out from the wreckage of was unhurt his he Booth but he need meeting of the committee of the United re Ochab whom he succeeded As Warsaw last summer from a Cri in incs of vain other rainfall to Central j the polish communist first gathering of the far the 4hour Rod which worker stary in last october political and made Clear to then did a Alurdas night included a in naval and who now has become Thor paix Zaneis the dangers Ilene ly2 Austin l58 ors helped him forced to a showdown of his closest collaborators in a cons the Liberal ration move my w of ig3 s Nej Ped Nim a reversed path Uturo ment then gathering strength an nil had to tred when he Snow chs with in Nolind Ink i Poland dropped some j communist party Money two sailors retrieve most of some Midway rides were see festival 16 with a speeches with imported Ink the meeting wednesday Ochab who skied with Gomul Blunt talker violent condemnation against Nikita s Thrush and it was Ochab then sol the the party Liberal elements attempted intervention at first Secretary who did some of i revisionists As he labelled them the october plenary meeting the Blu test talking to Thrush appeasement futile told the stalinist Prochov and other soviet leaders if nothing else according to re soviet faction we have they descended on Warsaw i ports by Gomulka friends the enough speeches written with i the Day the october meeting he subsequent righting attack on ported Ink we do not want Gan and ordered troop movements menacing the capital in the course of their attack i begun thursday and continued in Kermitt cantly during fridays Long Del Rio 122 with lesser amounts j at Brownsville College station see floods Pago three Rivers 5 Gorge West 5 Agilia Duke 112 Anna Ville 15 Bishop 6 Calallen 5 Robstown 116 Reiugio 10525 Rockport Woods Boro 71 Sinton so Mathis 515 Odem 63 Taft s port land 15 Gregory 125 Ingle Side 12 port Lavaca 275 Victoria 3555 or and mrs Gill Limerick ill How Iphy pack Light for a trip that will take them through Europe and on to Russia Section a Page 21 remember 1927 the year of Lindbergh Rabe Rulh Mac West pictures and Story of that eventful year on Page Section a How do you name a boat people ill How they went departments Page Sec Manorville n y May is Ever since the lad was pulled that he wanted a toy automobile a Benny Hooper die boy in the from the Sand last night stiff and for his birthday in july Well begged to go Home but still alive he was suffering from a sore the Hospital today but his doctor or Kris said the boy was being Ness in one shoulder but or Kris u said a Little spot of kept in an oxygen tent tonight an said rays showed there were Noi choosing a name in the Story on Page 15 Section a would keep him there a while i needed quiet broken Bones Kris Keil a 24hour the pneumonia report came aft in the next three or four Day Vigil during the Rescue efforts at or Blond Blu eyed Benny 7 hade should be All Over it the a Neuite pit been pronounced in Good the doctor said later to the doctor earlier said the boy Tion despite 24 gruelling hours Niht was hungry and hats always a trapped 24 feet Down a freshly or Kris Saddle planned to sign in a boy dug Wel have an internal specialist Check Hes a Good boy he Doest at Bayview general Hospital in Benny Over probably tomorrow complain he does what we Tell nearby Mastic Beach Long Island predicted the boy will be in him to land or Joseph ii Kris told the Hospital a week or 10 Days i a thin wiry negro Man stood newsmen that rays had shown earlier tiie boy had been Lively quietly at a Railroad Gate Early touch of pneumonia on the boys and ate his first solid today in manhattans Pennsylvan lung bowl of reminded Histia station a newspaper was fold had been feared father truck Driver Benjamin sri sea Hooper Page 16 of session the righting demanded that tribute to the soviet unions Primacy be paid in the Central committees political Resolution but it was not Only this Point amusements Rook new York times service Baghdad Iraq May 18 Kings Saud of saudi that aroused Gomulka and his Arabia and Faisal of Iraq issued a joint communique supporters As Hirsher Deins of tonight declaring that no Arab country should interfere thursdays session became in the affairs of another Arab slate known it was Clear that Gomul this was intended As a rebuke to president Gamal tvs entire program and not just Ahdel Nasser of Egypt whose propaganda machinery individual Points of the program has been turned against Jordan and Lebanon j possible to prevent israeli ship unmistakable Ping from using the Gulf of wll Ooper Boril j warning to president Nasser Aqaba the israeli port of Elath so m missions two week Sis at the head of the Gulf 1r n the saudi arabian Monarch the kinds described the water or r me my denial idea h f Vay As a closed Arab stuff con in Crane was hatched shortly r superintendent of j air Yutian George Douglas Riyadh the Ai Idunn military attache in nesting part of the moslem world i with sacred islamic places King Saud left Baghdad yester Tiu Niona chs rulers of two 0 Park zoo made the announcement Day and returned Home today the worlds biggest Oil producers Early today after hours of watch the communique pledged both pledged every possible Effort to kingdoms to make every Effort Sec arabs Page is

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