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Corpus Christi Caller Times Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 2

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Corpus Christi Caller-Times, The (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Corpus Christi, Texas 7 2 Corpus Christi caller time Sun Jan Ufi 1958 miss i elks wont need kerosene now electrician wires her 28yearold Home Security groups established state guard reorganized after local test Success Mig Bors help lighter life is assured woman 73 Kort Worth Jan v a neighbor of berths a mlle for Light Light there was Bertha it pen Miner with in an Utt Swinth she a nov there when it built r years from Day until saturday there had no electricity in the Home i 1 Ive lived by a Vlf Tince my Richer died 36 ago says through cracked Ive never medea electricity i have t lamp but i dont i to bad when it dark no until its lir fit before 1 it up the neighbor mrs a menu an employee of the u s dept of agriculture she and a coworker miss Verne Brookshier of Lake Worth decided fix no the woman Home most when they m j rival demo groups i to plan campaigns new sex Storjohn d Hoblitzell or of a was appointed saturday to succeed the Latt Matthew m Neely in tic u s Senate Hoblitzell who was state re publican chairman five West Virginia two gop senators he was appointed by gov Cecil Underwood owner of an electric company he my f f 1 j to take any Money for la Clcil wiring the House morning his in Orange by Jim Greenwood Able been decent Al the Texas state guard from a Headquarters and being reorganized three brigade areas to As the result of an defense group radio Perment conceived and tested of the six defense by the Corpus Christl battalion pop still can be operated to fun Tan ind then the an Mike a full course of training in each the provided and r col n a d another roofing company agree i put a 1140 Root on the House to mrs Laneville the two women plan to paint Aper Louse themselves they also want to obtain Lino Leum a refrigerator and a radio she wants a radio More than anything said miss Brookshier As a suspect in a Austin Jan a the test showdown in the struggle Lor control of party machinery this year Cories a week from today at two political g4 toe rings Here same old familiar Liberal versus Eon Xiv alive issues with the same old sound effects and no real Effort at composing differ ewes will Echo at the of the suite democratic executive committee and the democrats of Texas Advance and War ones from both sides weeks ago set the pattern of conflict which will really be decided at precinct conventions july x the losing Side at almost every precinct convention will accuse the winners of unethical or downright crooked dealing the squabbles will i then continue through county conventions and finally embroil the state convention Liberal wac j the Dot is an of Liberal who have been mostly on the losing Side for Many years slate democratic executive comm lure includes a few liberals but is mostly Dom mated by conservatives lined up with Lvov Daniel gov Daniel today announced i he would speak at it is a it Austin Jan 2 of a pass Ace of a Bill ostensibly aimed at the a act was a new re strip Tom of Freedom of speech former of state Tom Reavley told a Texas press association convention Here to Day Reavley said the Bill was passed by the legis Ligure and signed by the governor and is now Nin of Texas where was our sense of fairness where was our Cour age Reavley asked we should have heard an against House Btu 5 nil Over Texas is it that we find injustice palatable and insignificant according to who it hurts if so then watch out race relations and watch out Rte no Tracy unless speech is ire for the mistaken it w ill be free for the in Shmukl he seated a state Convent win and How to t members of the state live committee the been for the Winner to the committee majority will bring code of Etheri the committee there hat him no Advance indication of the Tronini Jlee the Issue by no Ulk of com Promise has been heard from either Side u s Kwh hit in 10 in Nan in r api in Tail states will build a Pavil i in the next 10 International Trade at Ponz run or Flor 111 signed with the fairs More Ihm a porn i i Mfd the u s exhibit in Noew quarters at Poznan port at the precinct Eon mentions the Secand urged that the majority pre meeting and stress majority convm1t control from falling into the tool party integrity and continued hands of Ary minority Jerup Man i mrs Frankie Randolph of Man was of cute i Oday Daniel also renewed his Appeal thus National rvs Mara Bank for eligible voters to pay their Tho hot or c f Hanser medical dental bldg six Points to 41201 suite 231 reduce the site Adjui mental districts has t r generals department rear Vised to provide for six now is being earned group Headquarters within these or to establish internal Security six defense groups 30 internal p in each of six defense Security battalions replace 36 which parallel state Dis asian try battalions to districts Kach battalion will be allowed will replace three Brito organize As Many smaller of from Orange who conventions and thus hold saw the Kunman fre after Nabto party control year Aso n Ortii tired Artud and a by Security Fence of sock have was hoping the j in tired thrown rhe Lexas other needed items might be do Louie try Artyv and for was too Eydi visual detective capt John re equipment is on Orier this coming to realize just Fondren said the equipment now on who n Fondren reported other Roth Era party control the spec has Hern i was Owens said witnesses identified the Man from att As let i i Osrie and 12 regimental organza county unit of or can him two Larre Van the which have functioned know Penny m May be necessary equipped As Comto learn there was a m t w the state guard Ormanuel to Sene communities and mics this City which haunt electric photographs in port Arthur to u Allol Lucr Bill 16 years ago generally Are Organon Arrance carr1er Rity years were treating lice files officers took him to in the a p cup track two Thilk Ollar Job orane Lor Tokyo Jan r the nil sch issues a now t a a Erncr five mob e pow Bertha who May stay up Lite japanese icebreaker determine whih of two or plants two powerful Public afr never Eom in b a vol be key minority splinter he said All Pover men Imam Date Isno at the s t Stem from decisions meeting of the Enrco tier committee will he the pots Effort to get favourable on a pro posed code of thifs for conduct of party conventions there have Heen Many ii for n code settling Orice for he guard have a new of a streamlined Headquarters f he self supporting Militan police ene props Are fort the Refujio Hiie Fon proposed by col the new plan has been tested is in he third in sense at Victoria san an in the value Ana lib various items of about the Lack of ele outside and they nabbed me Man being gripped by Antarctic ire Nyk and Austin tre fatal reve equipment 15 fixed radio As he left Home for Asl Winter is in c Dunn commanding officer of Bend Valley and an 5tat on and 31 Ranos for she has a sin her faded Wall the arrest capped a widespread the Corpus Chesti Battalin areas Are n the third defense Valarin in cars int jfsu5 the of trapped the l group commanded by col to in Tir the world Tema de ship 87 Miles from Onagul Island Huson of Refucio to facilitate the buildup of pistol from beneath his Raincoat where 20 i Pirec scientists plan statewide state guard and took the Money thursday to spend the Winter the Corpus Christi battalion Koges heat from mrs re cores Simar a Bank thingy to be re guards old army Bil Antry Structure which Dunn had Long considered to be uns it Able inasmuch As the state is not intended to be a Field com Bat organization our prime Mission u similar that of police we May be called on to suppress civil Irot Xis to provide duty to patrol against sabotage to in tre u it Murna 1linn of Lars of the protect property control traffic to Laird d crop Are elated to Corburt Rescue operations and it tre the in evacuations col Lann the jct battalion Pohs in Luson author Bably will o the firt in the to be minded and for is the local Bittan a insists of a h a quarters company in clip a Are tical detachment a signal a and Mil tiry pole comp ifs remain inactive Jum Jii called on member of the of the in is area today he will run for to rally at a Muhm Here March now held by state sen a j Rog at the hotel Era of children who has served col i inn said that in the of determining 10 years in the legislature there the adj meal r o the p of that Laird de Are 15 Panhandle Laias and North Insp ran bet be Texas counties in Rogers District or Joseph Schultz Ostro Chic physician surgeon the removal of his office from the Bailey Schultz clinic to Niblack Horlica mgr t n Munn a in u int m into tall the new Structure s a reared specialists in each i n to it because t t Aud be Means of a More one in Texas commune i t me or As Well As or m l Norvell optometrist o Hui of will i Shell Center clinic 525 old Rob town re dial tu40373 by the or which the state guard has maj cure Cas for 27 officers in on when h was first Orsan ired Headquarters coir Pany pro tie state guard was intended to the administrative take Over at Home whenever rhe r internal Security Hattal Nasonal guard was Federal Eri on medical doth rent i ordered out of the state and trained to although it still is ready to fill to medical support trn n Rich a Gap the state guard has n first Aid techniques for of become a prime of a Jtavion personnel trained manpower for state civil Vire company defense activities it can and has if operated in local emergencies Ilion Guch As goods and Call of local authorities military i me in the statewide no p p c the corps Headquarters marshal Section and inst non of Tivi t shop til 9 pm monday functions remain much he t n i same but beyond them in in to Vannais org chances have been made and Ofner luts guards statewide radio Paton charted with Eom Mun rations organization and of the Fords most a for the e Cir tales Octroi in Raj detection 511 Clifford 6 Pis to 24431 4052 s Staples st at s t155243 he Jim and observation equip mrs Ewing Heads Texas gop women in and a for operation of n equipment and Tran to of r pm Talon personnel in i the worlds smallest precision adding machine inn which has been a the battalion during the of Austin Ian 25 a mrs Fth g w wins or of of few ride Loray was named Texas a Fol pm Tenn chairman for the st annual a Aalst he ornn7rd by the tonal republicans women con Serence mrs John r Black of Dallas Republican National woman Joe Texis the 111 oot Cement she said mrs menu head the Texas Delegate i to the conference March m Washington d c mrs Ewing a of the Republican slate Kre Critie com Init tee directed the Jun Vrr fee club in the 1956 Campaign Chicks Sank stat Iminta a Lull Sud itt ii rinse accounts won Motul Roa stud inti Susi Nissin Thoutt Wiuff accountants sadism to and i rect Falfa inc 1n come tax 3 98 Ados or to i million hotpoint automatic Washin plumbing co tu44011 your Heater appliance dealer easy terms nieces furniture co 317 n Chaparral Tel Rithma Addia Tok it cites Ond tub tract up to million of sturdy in t c Cvrk Tacq Yaj need c c wants you to see better Yon May be a furring from Raff Standard vision Vit Hont a Faliang it Slop in at the texan slate optical office nearest Yon and gel the important examination that mar mean All the difference in the world to Yon our experienced Polo Merimo the modern efficient examining meth will be prescribed Only if Yon need them cot Are Low visit Tso and at reasonable Cost Wear while you pay weekly or s a r 4mo h9qn9 Floway 210 n Chaparral nun tu4js11 dirt 20 Corr now 2 offices in Corpus Christi downtown Parkdale Plaza 320 Cho Parrot shopping Center phone tu27444 ul31931 see Martin Kane fridays pm see the Btl st sundays pm precision vision such ims Tefis store optical copyright Tso iff57

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