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Corpus Christi Caller Times Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 1

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Corpus Christi Caller-Times, The (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Corpus Christi, Texas Young artists they like color color color cover feature Section b ulag Inot line now an attn in age bastion new chapter to an old Story Pace 12a missile school study their great complexities something new in education Page 3b latest sports texan league Hopes Rise look for the stars Section d j Titan to Page so weather today pleasant sailing favo Rahu High and Low conc 7650 Airport 74tt Sunrise 7 2ft am set pm am set am monday Low am pin High tide am pm volume 29no 13 the pm text under us act or 1 sri Corpus christ1 Texas sunday january 26 104 paces m sections Price Twenty cents Railroad magnate Young is suicide drilling Rig wedged in nieces Bay Railroad Bridge tugs worked Barge free after nine hours work texan a incl Fame in by proxy fight Palm Beach Fla Jan s and kor Wrt r Youns chairman of the Hoard f the York Central Railroad shirt do in the top floor billiard from of his mansion today with two shots from a double Shotgun Drath was railed a Star top by it Fred mad of the Palm pol top department who said friends told him the w Learoh sex nine had been Hetnor Novnit lately ill Ter were harred from s room and from its or crowds hut Leah Vamg w 10x911 Lolly la Rivair Revl in Stout in w the the n Kremlin Leader ready to talk on icbms ban Moscow radio outlines arms agreement demands u s a Gylov Ever lost rank fort Germany Jan 25 Thor Ftp sort r s the so if t if it tonight on in to for Consul tation on u s soviet the who Here from Moscow in an air Force transport to commercial for f of his trip to the Ini states Rig stuck nine hours at Bridge state ties i h s a Deputy Senff who tires of the body and said it s worst one 1 Ven Vead Sid the right half Ian s into Hurt r of voting head was shot the Railroad Trion there was to info himself to death today at on i Toverud fir Palm Ruidi via w Nativ re vhf a Rvin no nor were Tevan m no tirs in Fth Robert r Young pin Hinh i throw t Lins Rig hours truly it h Convene a a Nerene of trading statesmen on a High level with the participation of the Heads of As very urgent go through the Nel Ori the the nieces Bay tugs finally shortly my 1 Over v of t 1 a org to k Fot it info qty Home r for airs London Jan 25 communist party said n k r r Boss Nikita Khrushchev was reporter by Moscow radio at c in tonight to be ready to discuss a ban on intercontinental ing tin Minski it will be Essen edged on its Bottom and sides ballistic missiles As part of a general disarmament agree Tia to discuss questions which abour a of the Way through ten err Merit must Lead to the easing of ten Tom the broadcast said he stipulated that the West must 9ion and create conditions for a k first agree to a ban on nuclear weapons an end to a liquidation of the r5d the Southern Pacific nuclear tests and the liquidation said most of the difficulty result a of overseas military bases broadcast said Khrushchev from an of Tevlo her no cd that ruling Circle of the u j u j Tnp it j Fri in Chi undo of hat the soviet Union is the Orty or the the Antler of hip cod War liquidated Are putting if is i 7 l officials of the do Forward such questions on which Irv Biu of n 1 n r 111 i a to to Al Ilyf n rift in n in the frat ton tent funds for soil Bank allocated i coastal Bend and Valley portion near 85 million o Turk says arabs Safe from reels o k t f int to Tir of ii or Anri r u r aft or to Iris n Ini mini no word on it a cum to s two stir Naifi thru had hit Deli Irr h inti Rte i ii n t like fames the id at Miili n common t on the Mirchin suit publicity i a by farm Iii Lar the contracts that coastal Roxer a Iii s l is t to 17 of unzips in the this month there had Hren no Kio Grande limit set Jar in Tki Patin to inv Smunt in a f Clint m lr11 the the id h to Somr had Hern re re riven or that mar of Tiv old hid Lea nod to enough to soviet envoy flies Home after banquet for Dulles to Rem the Ric was in to intr from the Corpus Christi Ray to rework an nil Well in a nooks Bay company officials Mio Morr Cali latins and measure ments will be Marie before an other attempt to negotiate the rail Road Bridge Hie to reach Illin Utam Lair broadcast the West Nav the of Forward an v 1 in a speech to the declaring Owmer Adown Menderes conference in they if the questions of Turkey returned today from a byelorussian wednesday they pm Are j solved of said the Swirt so there s no need for a meeting he had reached it hmm to1 Kreun in in had on Meas tires to protect the Ara moslem world from subversive activities an aide lifer tint he meant communist subversion the Premier said he flew to Baghdad at Iran a finest on the eve of the Baghdad part Conor ence to review conditions affecting Security and peace of the Tehran Iran Jan 25 so source said Pengov returned to area for the possibility of Rei Viet ambassador Nikolai Pengov Tehran Only recently from a trip forcing the Baghdad pact departed unexpectedly Lor Moscow to Moscow would Ive no Rea Papove revealed Early today half an hour after he son fun this second departure then he added tot another left a banquet Given by iranian Pengov it in a car for the soviet purpose of the sudden flight which officials Lor u s Secretary of Border baffled conference delegates was state John Foster Dulles meanwhile Dulles conferred to secure the review during the politic in quarters expressed sur with Premier Manouchehr Eghbal Ankara Eon Veronce of measures prise at pc goes sudden de Parand finance minister Asghar a protect the arabic world and turf foreign a Jilstry sources ser an official announcement Cape Jan moslem world against sub Verand diplomats who attended the general talks took place 25 api the air font fired give activities in this area dinner discounted reports the both Iran and Pakistan Are snark guided m smile Rion after his return mender is was Miffy re at the warm members of the Baghdad pact to Island Arra off for Rcd with nor Sud Iraq string reception Given Dulles the u s Tho United states is a member african Mast Dav my arum former or Ort who sorry pm Here to of key committees but not a full v Warx he Iraq to the route to the fun had part Confer member due m an confirm Enre Ankara Turkev monday Kara Torr Row to Tave part in il4t Nietong in iranian a an observer hire had who m in an t in Ivr d the m without r buy in st Iff alien reached at hat in Rivrra Tolm Rii nit its n 1 in Valley for sol Hank Particia however county a5c offices had this year Arcier dig to Bob been instructed to accept Uree Nern a Tinct representative of ments on a first ome Fiatt ask r a comment n Youngs basis v that in Case was made by there was an unexpectedly heavy ing a participation in the program agree Farmers who had made Arre if win it was ments first would be Given Jenef thit 11 health is report says Phon to t in i pull a divert or of new Yot k Central opined 1day thit Over ill to filth must have caused the Faith of rail avid Mcnite Ito Hert Yogi no he was a fighter Phil Iam said not a Coward not a quitter be been seriously in dunns recent months and despite Wall Street insinuations i feel cer Tain that a mood of Black despair Over his health was responsible for his death Furtini Patin in the or enc was so heavy that there on an unlimited win id it be sufficient funds to Sou rank Page 1c sales drop hoists beef prices at Cli in on his is a Intuni n who Pion card the town his Tif Lici owned Tho Bink sink or Cariso is first to Mitzi la were h r his Pla Mafes some times Call Ril him Railroad a prophetic name Youn left Canadian a by Pau Jas Tan rape if then Pallas for cents a part incl of h when his Moth died he of hamburger is in 1w7 now slav other Vista re there Nutly in later 1hf fully hair cities report comparable in lat vat to Texas in the Hohr from calves and other Early per Ember 13j7 when he for Fri to animals such Tarrh before they was m the midst of his Are largely the Nevi Thorp finished hive virtually div fit to Cam a on the Board result of seven years of appeared calf steaks the main of it mfrs of trip new York ctn drought and the Rains that Folt Tays on the tables of Many Large trial 5vme 300 top political and i families were plentiful Here last dust rial leaders attended the state housewives Over the nation ire year in the 39 to i9 cent Range Hanquet and reception Given by Dillar Doest go far when they now so then gov Beauford Jester for Bee and Reison is Toto 90 cents Himbur Jer is up a in route to Austin he visited Ca foil dime Nawn old friends of the family i Choice beef s no 11 to Iri Butchen Siy they have to ties Pace cents Pound tones that sold1 see beef it action set today to know n ivc priv mawr in the part i i is Al v that inside put he r dad two the Parvi apr is Why be have reached the same inclusions conference Here w Ith nun said find Irani minister Bur ser race to Clouds mild forecast Here weather map c Weither forecast for corps Christi and car to partly Cloudy and mild High temperatures tomorrow should be Between 6r t2 Brt Vixen u 4 Tav Shim Tonz an hair r t n today f armed Irod in Rel irn per t Ara to Terr is no Star k it was s h e n in Rel n it Avn archbishop Here for diocese meet t p Mali Petno of corp Ste Day by to up Calle Timos the Rio a ram will he hed in this week and there Gettig Rady for a Reil whips dog Page 11a a Spring Uke wok kind should make you think of Jar Dennis and there Are helpful sories on Hedges roses and soil analysis on Page 4b the Small Fry Are stealing More scenes than Ever this season on Broadway amusements Page 6b to wonder How it feels inside a vacuum Rube research scientist can Tell yen Page 10b departments one five f Texas is o Tod mild sunday and Mvi be 1 r i 1 to is of Vuks n i Sarr r h Vitril a c the mile re fun area to in t la a Island rear and ask Niin Waid laughing even it was on furl had the remained t the area a gip wild r Currod n the Chain of report a rations and test in formation would been snark is manuf a tured Northrup aircraft Calif it is Jet powered and 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