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Corpus Christi Caller Times Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 1

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Corpus Christi Caller-Times, The (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Corpus Christi, Texas Index Church news Fla markets comics 12a if obituaries editorials 2 3b sports entertainment 4b to scout gardening 8a want ads Horoscope 12e women news Christ weather yesterdays High Low temperatures am pm High am pm Low pm and am tomorrow 89th yearn 11 Corpus Christi Texas saturday december 19 1970 wont ads 8829401 other deals 8842011 72 pages Price ten cents 600 Are evacuated As dust spreads nuclear dust plume rises Over Camp desert Rock after 1962 test similar explosion Friday caused dec to evacuate 600 workers Nevada shot spews 8000 foot plume Mercury Nev a about 600 workers were evacuated from the Nevada test site Friday after an underground nuclear test shot blew a plume of radio Active dust 8000 feet in the air the atomic Energy commission said it was the largest number of persons reported exposed to a radiation at the 1350squaremile test site located in Barren desert 80 Milesi Northwest of Las vegas since underground testing began in 1963 the dec said a radioactive disaster help Bill sent Nixon a wire Holo curfew enforced in Poland strife spreads to new City tanks tear Gas used Baltic spots said Calm Warsaw a strict curfews were enforced in rebellious polish cities Friday night in an attempt to end the bloody clashes that have taken up to 20 lives and left1 hundreds injured but there were reports of disorders at a new spot Slupsky in the North rioters protesting government imposed consumer Price increases have fought militiamen looted shops Maddox walks off Cavett show new York a Lester Maddox of Georgia stalked off tiie stage Friday night during a taping of the Dick Cavett show after demand ing that Cavett apologize for what the governor called a characterization of his support ers As bigots you apologize sir to the and burned building sin the Baltic cities of Gdansk Gdynia land Sopot and the Western Industrial Cit of Szczecin in Dis orders that began monday All was reported quiet in the Baltic cities but in Szczecin Iso Miles West of Gdansk radio appeals for Calm hinted at More trouble there alter a night of burning and looting gov a Western Diplomat returning from Gdansk said tanks were people said of Georgia Maddox bigots or admirers Cavett admitted that he had inadvertently confused the words admirers with the word bigots but finally said if i called any of your Admir deployed at 100yard intervals on the main Street to enforce or Der Gdansk the former free of Danzig has a population a Gdynia 170000 Sopot 40000 Szczecin 370000 and Slupsky 67100 rom Slupsky a City of Light Industry 120 Miles West of Gdansk came reports that authorities used tear Gas to quell demonstrators the Price of meat a Chroni bounced last saturday at the height of the Christmas season followed years of Price stability the Price of meat a chronic troubled land appeals foe Calm Baltic cities reported quiet again a wire Lioto mop detergent firms drop chemical Washington a fed there is no evidence at this health and ant pollution of time to indicate thai anyone a air mass was moving North Northeast very slowly but that radioactive Levels were dropping very rapidly the dec emphasized the level of radioactivity traced beyond the test site boundaries was very Low and said it was Well within permissible Levels for humans no towns evacuated no towns in the immediate area of the test site were reported evacuated the closest town is Alamo with about 250 Resi dents some 10 Miles North an dec spokesman refused to say if it was possible the radioactive air mass would Cross the United states boundaries such an occurrence if it happened would violate ih6 1963 aboveground nuclear test ban treaty signed by the United slates Russia and other nations the radiation was Trie secon reported in four underground nuclear test shots Here sine wednesday when minor spi Lage from one test Rose feet above ground and was con fined to within the test shot site weapons test code named ban Berry to latest device planted feet below ground had a listed Force of less than 20000 tons of int like the three previous shots it was a military weapons development test the dec said the dec said about 300 of the to workers evacuated from the test Sites northeastern Corner were found to have radiation on their clothing and vehicles they were made to take what the spokesman described As nominal precautions such As showering changing clothes land washing their vehicles i some underwent tests to deter mine if any radioactivity was Green Light Friday by the us present in their bodies Therp Lumc cour1 logo to work on dec said there was no immedi washington1 up the 1970 disaster assistance Bill which contains Retro Active provisions substantially aiding victims of Hurricane Celia Friday cleared its last hurdle toward be coming Law with final Senate passage the House passed the Bill thursday and it now goes to president Nixon for his signature Sens John Tower and Ralph Yarborough both sponsors of the legislation praised the Senate action under the Bill the director of the office of emergency preparedness is authorized to make Grants to persons who have suffered severe financial hardship As a re sult of the Hurricane also disaster Loans from the Small business administration and the Farmers Home administration can be cancelled up to Legal services to Lowin come disaster victims who need help in obtaining their benefits under the disaster jaws and also processing their claims arising out of the disaster Are available from the office of by preparedness expressway s Given Green Light o Washington my Texas Highway officials were Given a tally Short item in Poland was i ers Are not bigots it m to apologize 17 scr cont Maddox Rose to leave Cavett i followed saying please i p cd mar s or is being harmed by thepse h indication that such was thelow Highway of an that conservationists Industry persuaded the detergent combination of Nta with me str to abandon As unsafe Ai the environment said s als sur youve got one minute to apologize or else ill leave Maddox responded Cavett said Ive apologized c Cavett a j chemical gaining wide use in general Jesse l Steinfeld be stay Nii Tures and William Ruckelshaus Linnlon in 17 for list and 8 per cent forr Llaulle of Tho inv inn inuej2 milk the government acted after a i o in for characterizing your supporters As bigots White the government estimated the various increases would raise an additional million a year in Revenue to try to Calm the polish peo Jalc the country has been put j under what almost amounts to a walked state of emergency Premier Jozef Cygankiewicz has ordered it was about 10 minutes be Security forces to shoot destruct fore the end of the show taped the demonstrators with out walked out that Maddox for later viewing Friday night a report from Western the dispute erupted following sources that a bomb had explode a question put by another guested in the Back Yard of the soviet on the talk show Jim was denied by Zembas the actor and former Starsy personnel reporters were professional football runner a barred from the grounds third guest on stage was writer bit by bit the Story of the Dis Truman capote orders was filtering in from the Brown a negro asked made Countryside Dox whether the governor had see Maddox Page 14a a swedish reporter who was see Poland Page 14a Public health service exper Imoneal Agency ment showed that rats and mice however prudence dictates were 10 times More Likely permitting a situation to de Normal to have stillborn or in Nairn May occur formed offspring when fed Alto Man from the effects of the the dec said six aircraft inlay threatens san Antonios eluding two helicopters see dust Page 14v Cloudy mild forecast today weather map is on Page 3d i on an unusual 54 Vole the court dissolved a stay it had Igran cd 11 Days ago that Tempo a rarely barred construction the i court eventually could Rule against the Highway but by then i1 at least some work will the detergent chemical Nta the findings raised the possibility officials said that preg women gained was once expected exposure to the chemical would come from now contain Nta Short fori to and Vicinity today through to according to the weath the two uti connecting so go ments Are part of a govern or Bureau a Low tonight in the upper is forecast with highs today and tomorrow near so South and Basin Parkland men approved plan to run a expressway through drinking water through sewer Runoff phosphates Are considered Southeast winds 15 to 25 Miles chief Justice Warren f Bun contaminated irn desirable because they Projan hour and Gusty in the aft Erier arid his four fellow conserva Moto the rapid growth of algae health officials said there is causing premature aging of no present Hazard except in isome Akes streams some Rural areas where septic the current 120miilion Pound tanks seep into airless Well Warnta use was expected to jump Ter supplies use of Nta products in such areas should be stopped immediately they said to 350 million pounds by next fall As detergent makers in see detergent Page 14a Noons Are predicted both justices John m Harlan the extended Outlook Calls for Potter Stewart Harry a Black a Chance of rain monday begun and Byron r White voted coming fair and mild tuesday to let construction go ahead and wednesday highest the courts four liberals jus Pera Tures in the 60s and 70s Are to pcs Nugo r Rock William 0 predicted for the period with Douglas William 1 Brennanjr lows in the 40s and Low 50s Thurgood Marshall dissent Jersig defends decision to seek us Money for Mustang Island by Jon Ford caller times Austin Bureau Austin Parks and wildlife commissioner Harry Jersig Fri Day defended a pc majority decision to seek Federal funds for Mustang Island Park land Purchase Over objection Jersig in a six Page letter to gov Preston Smith refuted the governors thursday complaints Smith thursday wrote Jersig the application at the regional a Matching million in Al and Gilvin of Amarillo that Federal funds for the Island Pur Chase cannot be spent without his approval he further suggested that the two commissioners resign and the governors lodged an official protest with president Nixon and the Interior department Over the letters decision wednesday to make Avail Point by Point and said he and commissioner l p Gilvin Fol Lowed Law and precedent in Island application the san Antonio brewing executive also Lold Smith he has no intention of resigning his Post and Washington offices of state Bond Bureau of outdoor Jersig said in effect that funds pc chairman Pearce John Smiths Contention that the state son in his role As state Liaison appropriations Bill requires that in Parks matters single handed he give prior written approx Valley blocked the Purchase until to expenditure of Federal Bor this week when Jersig appealed funds is completely erroneous to Federal officials in washing the pc has never asked Thoton clearance of the Federal governor to approve spending was announced we Nesson or of Corpus Christi would matter the 11day stay gave the Morei than 200 conservationists who opposed the project Texas High Way officials and the Justice department time to file briefs with the court 1 earlier in the Day solicitor general Erwin x Griswold said the project does not conflict with a Ofifi Federal Law that says Public Parks should not be used for Federal id highways unless he added state Law designates it Here is no feasible and Prui pad to accept and spend any Federal Money allocated to the state for projects under its Juris diction and to apply to any appropriate Federal Agency for out door recreation Aid Dent alternative the conservationists Appeal is still pending before the court a hearing requires the vote of four justices should the four Dissen jeers stick together they could the san Antonian disputed swing the Case into the court but Smiths claim that the Mustang whether they would win in the Purchase from mrs Sam e will final decision May be another big million in Bureau of such unappropriated ror orday by Bor through sen Joh Jadd to the Stales dire financial the Brackenridge Olmos Bas of Loor recreation funds to buy stale Bond funds Jersig told Tower position in Parkland is at the Hadwa Mustang properly i i am convinced that the com Mission has not in any Way exceeded its authority Jersig wrote this position is further substantiated by the approval of Smith Jersig noted the constitutional the proposed Mustang Pura m end in t authorizing the Chase first approved by Jersig state Parks Bond fund will be and Gilvin nov 10 would with Oil further made with the million i appropriation by the Parks and Bor funds already on hand an wildlife department he said a proposed land Aiters of the san Antonio River q n i s i t i o n program allocate Sand includes gardens outdoor funds for developing All la Amphitheater too picnic area tracts acquired under the Bond and the Alamo stadium the program a balance of Morei main segment of the Highway is see Mustang Page a still subject to dispute Corpus Christi the City human relations commission scheduled a Serias of youth meetings to discuss Job placement drugs sex and schools in the Ocean science and engineering Laboratory has acquired a new vessel to help in its studies of local Waton Vays the 60foot Craft replaces one destroyed by Hurricane Celia 4d i of As in a Point by Point analysis Parks and wildlife com missioner Harry Jersig in a letter to Gnu Preston Smith defended the decision to sock us funds for the Purchase of Mustang Island land 1a National the detergent Industry decided to abandon As unsafe a widely used was Day Contention of Federal officials that it might turn into a cancer causing agent an underground nuclear test shot in Nevada spewed radioactive dust 8000 feet in the air causing the evacuation of 600 workers at the test site 1a conversation lists protesting construction of segments of an interstate Highway they say threatens Brackenridge Park in san Antonio received a setback when the us supreme court dissolved its earlier slay barring the project a a former Soldier who said to was ordered to spy on political leaders in Illinois said he disclosed his activities to make unknowing people aware of a menace that exists 9a the Pentagon announced plans to destroy All germ warfare stockpiles under commit ions of guaranteed safely the stockpiles wont be moved from their present Joca Lions j3a the new York Stock Exchange closed on a firm tone with More advances than declines but Market averages hardly moved h saying Fri director j Edgar Hoover Speaks for him self atty Gen John Mitchell rejected any notion of muzzling him Mitchell said he has received per cent backing from Hoover 41 Revenue sharing has shaped up As the liveliest Corpse in Congress the idea is dead for the present session but backers predict a big push for it next year 2c a cloture move in the Senate which would Cut off debate and Force vote on supersonic transport funds is expected to be rejected when the plan comes to a vote today 1c sen John j Williams Ricl known As a Senate Man Cial watchdog is retiring after 24 years of 3c president Nixon and British prime minister Edward Heath paid a visit of the widow of Dwight d Eisenhower at her Gettysburg a farm Home 4c capt Ernest medinas civilian attorney said a faulty intelligence report was responsible for civilian deaths Dur ing the army raid on my Lai in March 4c Hobart College in upstate new York was indicted on charges of criminal coercion in connection with a disc urls Ance that followed a Campus drug raid 5k International the three polish cities of Gdansk Gdynia and Sopot were reported quiet again although disorder spread in Poland to a new spot Slupsky and the toll in the bloody violence in the nation reached 20 dead and hundreds a All the trappings of pres ent at the european parliament 6c Little Progress was made by the Salt sessions which adjourned at Helsinki but both the United states and the soviet Union Are hopeful for eventual Accord after the talks resume March 15 in Vienna 7c after a sleep of More than a year the Issue of fire Protection for the port area is being revived by local officials one City councilman is asking that a meeting be set up to discuss who has fire Protection responsibility in the navigation District of various times in the history of America i Lions who fell the processes of Law inadequate to suppress crime have formed vigilance committees there have been warnings this May happen again in his decade indeed there Are some such groups already with every Holiday traveler trying to be Home by Christmas airlines and buses Are already deep in the Holiday Rush one airline reports that flights that normally leave Here with 30 persons aboard now will be carrying the full Load of 98 alms for the poor fashions on the floor its a Charity Ball an aged ritual to collect Money for varied causes Are Charity balls read a diary of the famed april in Paris Ball and some of the which accompanies it read these and other interesting features tomorrow in

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