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Corona Daily Independent Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 4

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Corona Daily Independent (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Corona, California Part four grrr Pond a a jmj 44, j is a so clip Lei of and l Eldridge Edler Ond pub Sher de Ritter managing editor editorials opinions Doris Fleeson lbs has put a a to senators to declare War or shut up Washington a it Befi ins to look As if president Johnson wants to turn the tables in the Senate by forcing it either to take responsibility for declaring War in Asia or to shut up. His escalation of the War in Viet Nam has Long scared his former colleagues to w Iose Superior knowledge of foreign affairs he once deferred. To has talking to these men but what he says about them is rather rude. Tuesday he gave them a real Jolt. He raised the stakes in Viet Nam of the Point of accepting a risk previously regarded Here As unacceptable. That risk is land War waged by americans against asians. The Senate is now in a position where it must Call him with some sort of Evial Lenge or by its silence give consent. No senator who knows his in it is Dent really Well doubts that he planned it that Way., whither duty sober senior Senate leaders Are now pondering which Way their duty lies. They like challenging the president Only a Little less than they fear his policy and they bitterly fear it would be useless anyway. Grumbled one Quot suppose he told us to go ahead and declare War if we think that s More constitutional than what he s doing. We re at War All right but who would we declare War on Quot the president set the stage for the new developments with his care. Before selected listeners he bemoaned his Viet Nam dilemmas and the conflicting pressures on him. Tuesday the scene shifted to the state department where a minor official briefed reporters and almost casually announced that the United states commander in South. Viet Nam had been Given authority to commit his troops to Quot combat support Quot of the South vietnamese on his own initiative. This was the furthest Point yet in Goldwater doctrine to be adopted by Johnson. The next morning the White he use was Back on stage with a Quot Fuller explanation Quot ostensibly designed to defuse the situation. Actually it made it More important. A White House statement was read to reporters by press Secretary George Reedy which soothingly suggested that nothing much had happened after All except what was inherent in the situation. No change. No presidential delegation of fresh a Tor ii. A masterpiece of Pentagon Ese the statement was larded with Quot appropriate Quot and Quot responsible Quot also had an honoured place. Efforts to get a definition of any limitation of the commanding general s authority failed. The Only departure from what had been said at state was an admission that Tho authority came into being when escalation of the War began last Spring. To was All nicely calculated to spanic the Senate and the offer i it a soothing out from taking responsibility. Members at least realize it. Copyright 1965,by United feature Syndicate inc a Bookman s notebook today s life in red China americans choose to Leam the hard Way. Officially agreeing to ignore almost half the world s population we can in this age Quot of communication marvels find out Scleain a about daily life in a Mainland chinese Community in a Book translated from the swedish. This is Quot report from a chinese Village Quot by sociologist Jan Myrdal who with his artist a Vyine recently was allowed to live in and study a representative Village in Northern Shenski. The author incidentally is the son of Gunnar Myrdal whose sociological report of 25 years ago Quot the american dilemma Quot remains a classic work on the american negro Jan Myrdal s Hook is about people not politics. He tries to reproduce As accurately As he can with the Aid of official in Ter a to i i How chinese villagers live and think. He has recorded their views of the vast social upheaval they have lived through and what they feel have been their roles in it. His Book Myrdal states is an attempt to help westerners understand what is happening in China on the intimate Community level. The people talk at length often aimlessly a about personal tragedies in former wars about what they eat about children the Price of buckwheat eggs and other Consi Imer goods about health and distribution of income. Some of this is a Little heavy going for Myrdal s work remains sociology not an exotic travel a narrative nor an interpretation. Yet the people do come alive As they talk Occas signally in tears As some recall personal tragedies or forsaken families. Apparently they talked freely if uncritically of life under the present regime. For the most part the old timers Fli greed that life was better now. Myrdal allows them their say and draws no for Noial conclusions. The Book is n window that opens onto another world a very real often depress avg one. The feet that it must come to us in a translation from the swedish is what lends this interesting project its Altce in wonderland touch. Illustrated with drawings and photographs. Pantheon $6.95. Robert Washington a 4th Grade teacher at Jefferson last year and a St Grade teacher it Lincoln Titis year will not be Reti iming to teach Here in Ico Roiti next year. He has Hunsuc Cess Uii sought a Home Here in Corona. His students Admire him he brings out the Best in All of them. He has Good rapport with hit fellow teachers. I assume his a Momb uhf aft More than the St Lents Star sets pm pet Oriu Eudaily Independent editorial will Public be confused now that Norco has announced preliminary budget data we have refrained so far from making any editorial comment about the actions of the Norco City Council and the Norco i a manager. We have Felt this was Only fair Ina much As Norco As a City was Only recently born and none of the councilmen elected is had the slightest prior experience nt6n<fuehng the affairs of a City. The problem arts of the Council have been exaggerated because of a split within that body a split which reflects to a degree fundamental disagreements. Among powerful groups of Norco citizens. We sympathize we sympathize with Norco s officials in their Travail and feel quite sue that some of the wides it read criticism and laughter at their expense has been malicious or otherwise unwarranted. However the time seems to have come to inform the councilman and their manager that they Are conducting Public affairs. The Laws of the state of California provide that such affair with rare exceptions must be conducted in Public. This Means that holding Star chamber sessions prior to Public meetings Are in violation of the Law and the offenders May be s postcard this Means that the annual budget is a Public document that the study sessions during the preparation of that budget Are open to the Public and it whatever decisions Are reached tentative or Noia re subject to Public scrutiny which jeans publication in the daily press. Who s confused while such Public scrutiny can Becon Rte embarrassing to officials who May have a tendency to get their feet in their Mouths such Public scrutiny is essential to develop an informed electorate which can vote intelligently. Officials of ability Hong Sty and character do not fear such scrutiny. The Norco City manager with or without higher approval has at last released figures on the proposed City budget. He May have gotten himself in trouble with his Council which has consistently refused to allow the release of the figures on the grounds Quot they might confuse the we suspect it is not the Public which is confused. In any event we congratulate whoever is responsible for this belated disclosure and Hope it portends a More reasonable approach in the la Hie old steaming new York City by Stan Delaplane it will be a great loss to the Community that this find negro Man cannot find a Hove Here. Don l you believe an editorial on this problem is More pertinent and valuable than the numerous one on the elusive morals of civil rights and ballot propositions. He is known to Many teachers and parents. Patricia Wiens there b a news a tiry i tiny we be an Edip i a of Torua pm postcard from new York new York is on the Edge a of the Long hot summer. The new yorker it who usually lives in Connecticut takes off earlier on the commuter train. The better to Barbecue in the Daylight saved. The police have shed their Coats. Pinned their stars to the Short sleeved shirts. A taxi Drivers Are a Shade More irritable. And the Beer Pomps at p. J. Moriart a Are getting a workout. I leap from hamburger stand to hamburger heaven. .1. Come from the pastas of Italy and the gourmet delights of France with a feverish appetite for hamburgers. Once in awhile 1 Succubi a to the item on a european menu a Quot american it always turns out badly. In Florence i ordered a it came out chopped veal. Pressed into a cake so solid i had to Cut it with a knife. I have Long since Learned not to buy into the London and in France Well it seems criminal to 6r<jer hamburger when the i Noh have spent years on French cooking. I starve for american newspapers working out the translation on foreign papers is Good for language study. But it wears me Paris Quot Figaro Quot i Al a whole ice turn a if Mcvely look ing murder. But finally came to a phrase that looked to Rne like a a rattle in his cranium this May have been True. For the victim had been plugged neatly in the Noggin. But j Don t see How the Bullet could rattle around. So i gave it is a Good Story Over the hamburgers a foot doctor was talking to a foot doctor s convention Down at Atlantic atty. He said it was not just an old wives tale third corns ache when it s going to Quot rain. He said they really do aches something about changes in barometric pressure. I read that in a new York paper. Easily. Conveniently. No translation. And it a did t make a rattle in my cranium Box. Tautunu Ila at 1vjierik0 by Baraby a Oiin id Jack Quot dec Quot Keam 1888 a i�6s the Peerless promoter found Jack temp a in a Hobko Jungle made him world s Champion. He managed seven other champions and was still a Dynamo at �0, planning a Western Arena when he died in Miami. His last words were to Jack or Quot we gotta get on Tea Bau son and catch Thust pm for Reho. Tit few tit try it Rusf a in t a even ill a Are delinquent Washington suppose this win get me dropped Fogt a my club bit the thought occurs that it is Tinie somebody said a Good word about kids. Even if they were All in the secret pay of the Kremlin they could t possibly he As bad As the professional Tongue Cluck ers claim pick up any newspaper or Magazine these Days and All you get is a lot of jazz from experts giving kids the bad Mouth. They re pictured As a horde of monsters with funny haircuts who la All end up. In the e to talc chair if they Don t get shot dead by the cops in the meantime. They Are allegedly spoiled by their parents and neglected by the authorities. They see too much to and Don t read enough books. They get too much spending Money. They re Selling nuclear bombs to Mao tse Tung and marijuana to the kindergarten set a possibly in am influenced of Laite by having been exposed to a couple of graduation ceremonies featuring for me two Junior citizens who address me As Paw. Skip has Picl ced himself up a four year scholarship at Fordham University and Sheila mane Vered her Way through College with. A b average to emerge with a Good education and her Black eyed Charm intact. But in looking Over the crop it seemed to Nie that even those tads who claim no kinship with this House Are first class human beings. They Are not Only steeped in greek and French and physics a they Are Nice people. Their dress is neat and their manners Are Good. They address their elders As Quot sir Quot and Quot a they listen respectfully even when the speaker is somebody s Parent. They know who s president and they Are articulate in explaining How he Rihou d run the country. They can order a meal in a restaurant and most of them Are better tevers than the aged adults of my Ken. In Short like the kids in most generations they have survived All the pernicious influences that supposedly had doomed them to matriculation in some Reform school. They have not been made bestial by comic books and their react Iii to the awkward cruelties of t v is one of sardonic appraisal not imitation. They know about sex but they accept this knowledge with it the same equanimity they show toward the lessons of Euclid and Hymen this should not be As surprising to their parents As it seems to be. When i was a kid i read every forbidden Book i could Lay my hands on starting with the adventures of one Nincic Carter and proceeding to Havelock Ellis. The juveniles in my Middle class new England neighbourhood traded magazines with titles like Quot sexy detective Quot and Quot True confessions Quot and some of the Newsstands did a flour a Shing business in Quot Art Quot books which were pure pornography. We saw movies like Quot it Quot and Quot bad girl Clara Bow would be arrested today if she held her kisses As Long As she did in my Ada Lessense. I did t sleep Well for weeks after seeing thrillers like Quot the Bat Quot and Quot the Hunchback o f notre but none of this trash left any lasting scars largely because of teachers like Thecla Fitzgerald who taught me both English and a respect for knowledge. Happily there Are still a few Thecla fitzgeralds extant As the present crop indicates. But i suspect my childhood was a happier time because it occur Quot red before it became stylish to regard All kids As untidy blackguard due parents dealt out the Wood it life d details with a heavy hand and hailed us when we were too bad bit they did not. Fancy themselves As Curbstone Freud a the time trying to remember if we had hated our Hobby horse at age seven. The kid s big problem today is that his elders expect him to act like a grownup a which is often too heavy a Burden even for grownups. Down memory Lane to tools Rool the world s fair is doing Only fair. Not even that. And nobody really knows Why. Last year the fair dropped $75 million a these things Don t come cheap. This year the attendance is running about half of last year. All kinds of remedies Are being offered. Topless shows. Belly dancers. Buffalo Bill wild West shows. I Don t think they buried a time capsule yet. At the 1939 world s fair i. Groyer Whalen was running things then a they buried a capsule. Had things of the Era a newspaper of the Day. A fashionable ladies hat. A luncheon Check a showing How much you Ooi ild pay for Beer and a Ham stand wich on 52nd. Street if you put your mind to it. It was a Daify collection. And if an archaeologist Ever gets into it he is Quot going to think it was a sure it Ball Era. They Shoufu have put a it Quick Frozen press ent in with it. To explain hew we do things in these Lively Days. Here is a Good idea from the daily paper the vicar of St. Peter s Church in Leigh England asks wedding gusts to throw Birdseed instead of Rice. Seems Rice is Haid to sweep up. The Birds clean up the Bird Speed. Five years at a a t mgt a or. And mrs. C. A. Russell have just returned from a two week plane trip to the to a s t coast. The top hatters Are announcing that no More dances Are to be held during the current club season. Dick Daniels of Corina was elected Secretary treasurer of the Riverside county farm Bureau saturday at the annual meeting of the Board at idyll wild. Daniels succeeds another coronal b. A. Quot chide Quot Chandler who resigned to take the position of regional yield Secretary for the California farm Bureau. 10 years ago today two Coronas will get no Val. Reserve certificates june w. They Are it. Dun e. Bell and it. T Avia Ltd Csuy to. The Odd fellow s breakfast to raise Money for the milk of a my for girl s Quot town was Vamp a successful and a Check for $170 will he presented of girl s la it in in Arlington this week. Mrs. Clyde Lovett of Seward Alaska arrived in Sororia to visit her parents or. And mrs. Lloyd Dewitt. Also v4skihig in the Dewitt Home Are a son and daughter in Law and two children of it. Walton Beach Fla. 15 years ago today or. Land mrs. L. W. Nannien and children left sunday for Wausau wis., to make their Home. Or. Nannien will be Man a Ger of the Minniesota mining and manufacturing p 1 a n t a Wausau. He has been superin rident of the Corona ple Fht for two years. They were Given a Farewell party saturday at the Gundlach Home. The Jess Lillibridge and Frank Emerson families and Eddie Munn left today for a week s fishing in the High Sierra. Miss Ste co Ann Harker sailed on the Quot hawaiian Pilot Quot last Friday for Honolulu where she will be a Camp Dir actor Durcho the summer raffle the. Miss. Harker had spent a school at Palo Alto. She Asi isted in the be creation 4? corrona.20 years ago today the Santa be installed on trial the radio Rair phone on the Section to of track from rivet of Side to los angles plans Catt for in ablation from los. Any to Chica go soon. Finally after four la a a Isar a we have finally completed the Celebi ration the cent trial olae civil War. Sometimes i never thought we would make it. And even. At the end we could t agree on what to Call it. A Gimp him of he country stir refers to it As the War Between the states. The cart Brathw a a mistake. One Hundred years is just not Long Enos for people to Foi get amp War. The two sides get mad All Over again. The Liloth Annive Stoy of irate too is due this Ino nth. I Trust the Brigidi we Tetsy a twiet it in the interests of Eui Fectean peace. After Gen Rhu de Colfe Enki

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