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Corona Daily Independent Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 3

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Corona Daily Independent (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Corona, California Saturday 3tjly 23, 1938. Delegates represent tag 130 denominations from Iao Quot Imi amp tries Drew up a draft of a world Council of cab i ii. Ital plan is an out6 i 6yrtli or the imm old Edina our conf trends of of la Arpiar Gautier Wiigs. The purposes of tilt a wild cub ii cil Are stated As Fol Lohm 1. To carry out the 6i the two world wide Nib cements for Faith and Ord a arid for life and world. Of of mutate co Augort Adak it a Gideon echowing gods plan 1________ Quot Quot text judges 15-23 a i to to Vicil i no Nib Tea Jet Streeto a Olla at c Willii Lite a tote a Chi al Pready uti11 . A Vaal i a 7180 old we a a Isible Stodt we desc ii by Church. 3. To re note oot Ipei action and 7 45. Sec Ali May humanize life educate ten May rational ize life Buff Nesb May melt Harize life but the Church must 4,_ to promote the growth of Ertme Cal consciousness in inem Beds in amp la do ladies. _ establish relations with fed i tons of world wide scope and with father ecu senical movements. To world conferences on specific subjects As occasion May a _ Church of Chi soc do Hil Sruti the ambassador pour Quot of los Angeles widely known male Quad Teit of Southern California will present a 45 minute concert of a red music sunday night preceding the Sentori Iby the minister to Tom the Subj not of Quot a Call to in lib tit Lafit Quot. This Quartetti 4pir Sonday Sthool 9 00 . A big service 10 00 . C. Zvy of bum 6 15 . Johnf. of Toboh Corner .8th Luid Washom. Rev. F. I it. Graves vicar. Holy cd mme Aion 7 30s ,�4td Day Bervie and Sermon it life re cd feed to acc pts ably that they we in a Iriven .4n a notation to i Tuimil thei Neq till a Harmony a. A a Fly to is outstanding at trac i for a sacred service. The pub Iai cordially invited to this mud Socal attraction free 6f charge. At a morning service thei minister Louister so. It the a in this a pm of a Emow in theme of Quot qut out of or ooh a try mrs. Mildred Smith Virili sing _ jew a Sopr i Vanlen of Jopis Cimpo tech a ast. John s tsp Scopal Church -tnie�?revr-f�.&Quot-Qraves, Hociy cd itt Nunion 7 30. Morning prayer and Serm ii of tails dds Trine of Christ that men Steve re Jet ted 11 00. A cordial invitation is s6lti<lg the profit of expensive services v Choc fill and pth0tjftles s it a Atni �8t. A Fhy can a Eive yet my it of see it a is. Are included i Wirtae and Are so desired As a flaw karate Are Iby be Odiuse tif theft Iriemi dilators san be a Phu Ilch of a Boist seventh did main sunday school 9145 a. A cd until Tinly a 11 45 a. M. A by tsa Sass the Church Doe not Stop with social Justice but is most comic earned Witk Deylii but yet does not put him in the a to if Ceatise the Church Quot is him in the fl019 main Street a unday. Soltz al. 9 30. . Sunday services 11 00 a. M. Wed. Sve Nili 8 00 p. M. Reading Roomi to Ramona st a Mcfry can Twat kit Vai. Center which i is his i pts the. Why hot accept the Invin and co a a to ohm Orch a tilt Ifim a fit Teeta a a to. Fot iii of Tutund is experience who have plenty of Good fresh sanitary Pairy Woik .to.rink. This is esp rally True dug the stunner season when the diet is a pc get it takes less to left Milf or wild to tres to Uncle that you will find it a the a vestment in planning you meals Cideon following god s plan. Judg tails 7 4-3s for sunday july 24. In the three chapters regarding Gideon from which this lesson is taken we have in one verse How the israelite got into trouble but three chapters telling How they got out of trouble which May sugar geat that it is easier to get into Quot Simn Tirats Koto Isle Lemr Tiret a v. 4. Quot and the lord said unto Gideon the people Are yet too mryin. Trip them Down to the water and i will try them for thee if the army was Large credit might be Given to Man instead of to god. Or if those that were fearful would. Become Panicky the whole army might be infected with fear. Much of the Burden of old testament teaching was the Power and presence of god. V. ,5. Quot so he brought Down the people unto the water and the lord said unto Gideon every oni that Lippeth of the water with his Tongue As a dog lapi5eth, him Shalt thou set by himself Quot likewise every one. That Bow eth Down upon his Knees to the distinguishing Mark of those who lapped the water like dogs was that they were Alert and would not Lay Sifi their equipment thus being ready for the Call to action which made them Denis Dable. God leaves important work for us to do and he wants to depend upon us to do it. A 6. Quot and Thor number of them that lapped putting their hand to their Mouth was three it May be discouraging when counting numbers out and out for that one with Mali and Bamona a a Mimi Chur he a chill 9 . Pm by let to re into ii . Lipworth league Abs class meeting 6 80 . Vesper. Hour 5 , in of al tand a Odley Sai a tary Dairy Dan Huck ill i. Prop. Tele Poutie 54s Church a tit aii4 a amp Erid aii on a die a Doimer Quot Ray. A tel me c. A Terhett to to a �osui�layiich�6i.�ia8�e� a Orali 11 00 my Rita flit Mem it 7 8� a flu a it st cd a Eimm. 4/00 a. It to. We cd. St in Ilia in. It i we a Pray of my Eti tif 7 80, in i Owa nth of a la in Vita pm to. Of let pastor aulday Soh Ltd a. a of tar we in hip a am7 a or so tvs Eli . A a it i it Ell Fitich a Tiwi a 7 a a p.i�. La old we a a set cd a tto esd air thursday and a a tut a 730 ave by we Ltd one. Re by tis Ood 60 of a it to a the a a of mlis Kofity 2. We it constitutes a Call t y Hattiex what Are so in of Otto moral Battles ,. 4. Flow far May we go in de Titan Dong Kokeris of a of s Pic sence and Power 2. What Ai a of me of the a Nib Church Kov a. A Crockett pastor. Sunday school 9 30 . 7�o45 Ine to Niru wednesday a an a a of air of Floe take cd in to cd Reot in yourself. A Sprat. A in a Fjeld you we ctr you the my to to . Ill flt Tammi in of Fly i Rrt Nso Siim a a tei tit airy sly go a to a Sci my rom of Bce ind la occipital a Howe a so gift ii amp Washom 6�8ii�ilce a a Niitme 178->w y Highg Ltd a Lencou Mim los thu do a Leiis us Saya Quot Ood is of giving and Mefy Wiful but there cd ones time when he it an not at ton amp to Cally Pard ii inns i without a ire Flinder of the at Ess of skins and for sin that Nat i Quot ally follows Furg Yea Ess if less Sona Lare not leased by it. We Ulit ultimately prove. be son prayer Quot we would khow Taie a ire consequences. Of forget ting god Only to be enslaved by earthly Power. We would be Abs la Teiry in Resit with ourselves or Fellowman and our god following it ttys of to go tel illness. At Ariy m comp Lete Auto body service Anto pm mating striping washing polishing 500 a Tamoria cd Tohy Mas a Tunis to it a Ople make As a last of a rth i hat should have been the Fiji st resort. I fitted Foltz a to so never a re ii or to Ole hearted Fly a be. Day lir Quot by Golem a of twin a a a Flowa Everfi sri and Bamona flow 27t lems Lay for r Stam quid other business arid at Low los. Prices. 823 main Street or d#6lidaue Printery att Jimi m East seventh st. Ten la a Vesper service at City Park 5 p. M. Special musical program. Rev. Holster Miller will have of Fri ere older Ghristian Toiv hold attention and interest ____ln-Lhe-sunday_5choolj0urlngjhc summer months pains need to be taken to enrich the sunday school sessions. End of worship thru a Iddo Var will meet at 6 45 Quot a. Fri. F>av4d still will Lead this High Hool group in their discussions at 7 00 p. In. Spa Ciai music instruction by newer More attractive methods giving Inore 6f the recreational flavor to class room procedures. Some schools meet out of doors where the abundant life too often is it is Cool and attractive. It May smothered by the tend Anco of i add nth stories things. A to Newton Baker a a that a Man of character is in his own Home May be seen in a dramatized. Something May be done in the re arrangement of Clas amp is possibly meeting by departments or even by divisions for the class period a specially selected Leader enthuse his hearers have who win the lower grades by making much foties in the teen Jage and adult classes making much of the discussion of real problems that allow application of Christian principles or by having an out tribute to Newton d. Baker stated standing speaker present interest Wmk hmm a in nth a fit a a or Johh in Ivy a will be the pm iea it ver at the morning service next sunday his of Jept will fee a tfx ski and motive a the choir Idill a ing Quot so a to prints of Jet tis Quot . A miss a to Argarite Jones will i it a by. It eth i it a a lurch Tooper Atsa in the Len la a Vesper Servides at i a City Park at 5 00 o clock. A Nie a nth a a Diate Lea Evi la rte get at 6 3b in Chi Roh. The Epworth league ill meet a fat the Quot Opi of to. Jen Katib in Norco it 7 00 o a a a. Some people Pray a or their Voith a or Flats clenched. <�hauff�ur, your hot i Quot Quot to faster Quot Quot go Blower Ash under theft hdm pm Quot Quot press my a a is and Shine he never said Quot a to Hretz my a Gray Doitt mister pro and mister old has a Quot his grandsons via be just a plan Lee and Miike like Why other boys. He no Var a ept his of hauteur out late at night Tod he rite yer it him Vwg Ore an if it could be avoided. He often paid wages 48 hours in Advance Othelo due Date. He permitted his Quot Jsu tvs its Access to the thousands of books in his Libra. He would talk to his chauffeur the Jour on any sub Jet from tote lamp a of la a a to Lef to the Orin and Early history of Sears Row by a a. In telling a Good Story he could or it out arid improve it with the diag Gehg. There was a i ple in Llis Chute Kle a and a a Huckle in his laugh. In Juli Elfi we a the school summer program should evolved with the cooperation of All teachers and officers who will also work out publicity Plahs which will induce members of Tiff school to maintain their faithfulness in attendance. Doyz a know ? Btu Liam e. Varoy d. of advanced Quot the Story of Gideon a army a would seem a to be almost without parallel in the history of military strife though it has some striking parallels in the records of. Moral Endeavor and Triumph. Nepoleon is credited with the cynical remark that Quot god is on the Side of the great battalions. Quot that in general is tire Worta b estimated that might not Only makes right but that might makes for Success and Power Napoleon might Well have read to better advantage this Story of Gideon s army and our modern world which trusts too implicitly in great battalions might like Wise take the Story to heart. Dominant in the Story is the emphasis upon Gideon a Trust in he was first of All a Man of Strong character and purpose whose life was completely devoted to righteousness and the service of his people. He had the sense of a Clear Call to deliver Israel and with this came the conviction that the de live Range could be achieved Only by men whose spirit was similar to his own. He did not want a great army of laggards and cowards. He realized that the strength of his army was in the spirit of those who went with him to a great 4ask, so he took his army Down to the water where thirsty men might drink. Some of them Bent Down upon their Knees taking plenty of time to drink. Others lapped up the water quickly with the Tongue Quot As a dog Larj Peth y Quot to was these men of action and haste that Gideon select and set by Quot then selves discarding those who had taken time to Down on their Knees and drip clearly it Carne to Gideon that the 300 men he had chosen were sufficient to deliver Israel irom the midia nites. _Rul_Gideon-4iad�?strategy�?ai�? Well As courage As he a had Faith in the strength of a Small army of determined men. He realized that on the part of those who trusted in numbers fear might a be created by the impression of numbers. A accordingly he hit upon the device of arming his 300 men with trumpets _ and lamps and pitchers. The pitchers served to conceal the lamps or torches and to the Given moment Gideon commanded his men to blow the trumpets to Brinig to lamps Tom the pitchers and to breast Quot the pitchers so that the midia nites had the impression that an enormous Host had come against them. The strategy worked exactly As Gideon anticipated and the midia nites Roke in confusion. Gideon was not cent edit simply with Victory however. He put the Host completely to rout and Ett cited his Triumph. It is a most inspiring Story the watchword Quot the sword of the lord and of Gideon Quot has found its counterpart in the vat it Yord of a modern Prophet. Quot god and one make a the or Ford is a Jna Jority. V. 7. Quot and the lord said unto Gideon they three hindi us Jii Eti that lapped i will save you and deliver the Midi Niteis into thine hand and let All the other people go every Man to his note that god Calls attention to the fact that he will deliver and so we Pray. Deliver us from evil. Three Hun Drosd faithful men with god routed 135,000 not with god. The weak kneed israelite were allowed to Settle Back to their Homes because water runs to its lowest level. V. 15. Quot when Gideon heard the interpretation of the dream he warship pad and rth lord hath delivered into your had the Host of god sometimes uses his enemies in the Rev elation of divine truth. U is Aigy if cant that Gideon worshipped. Few great Nien Ever succeeded who failed to worship. No one becomes Christlike who does not worship him. Strength and courage came to Gideon after worship scr that he Coukis cd irthe&Quot-3ao"to follow him into what seemed a military defeat. V. 16. Quot and he divided the three Hundred men into three companies and he put a trumpet in every Man s hand with empty pitchers and lamps within the god could have overpowered the midia nites by i he. Baptist Church sunday school 9 30 for All Ages. Coniing worship 10 45. If you do not have in crunch Quot Quot it int we will be glad to have you worship quartet to sing at Park vespers with us in a Friendly Church air cooled. A responsive Rita Dong no. G9. A Ecel ving the atonement. Quot and not Only so but we also Joy in god through our lord Jesus Christ by whom we have now received the rom 5 ii. Vesper service. Quot ambassador male evening service 7 30. Supply in famine. Quot and lie said. Behold have heard that there is Corn in Egypt get you Down thither and buy for us from thence Liat we May _ live and not Gen. 42 2. Prayer service at Bap t i s t Church. Leader Rev. Paul Ayllon morning prelude a andante Beethoven. Offertory Quot Cli Orav a Schumann. Anthem Quot Jesus Savior lord of Light Quot a Gilbort. Evening prelude Quot Lingo Quot Handel. Offertory hymn. Post Lude processional Baptiste duet Marion and Lois Terpening 1. Which of the judges vowed that if he were victorious in Battle he would offer As a Burnt offering whatever should meet him on his return Home ? 2. Who Cate from his Home to meet Jepthah whom he offered As a Burnt offering 3. What word was Quot used to discern deserters of Ephraim 4. Who was Samson s father 6. Finish this Bible verse Quot not by might Lior by Poer. Quot answers on last Page Means but it is his plan to Call on men to bring earthy things to , each Man Touse such Talent and tools As he possesses. Is. 17, 18._ Quot arts he Saith unto tlicm.,l4m�k.lan. Msj. wi�3 when i blow with a trumpet then blow be the trumpets also on every Side of All the Camp and say. The sword of the lord and Gideon is in the forefront. He set a Good example Wlinich essential for a goo Leader. Toliese three Hundred men were to be god s witnesses when they together voiced a. Grand chorus Quot rhe sword of he lore and is. 19, 20. And the three companies blew the trumpets and Titi Jiust a reminder to it. You it in a we flirt Lite it Ftp a your by Law Ness who ther it a a Large Jorder or a Small i it we my a Pridie ito Yout Nihil Quot Omer for a. To writ Daff to Mew ii Prev a a of Register to say Ira to min of Robto Sarite. He How about Yow printing you jul like Olin treating it Oace you of Flat kit possible for us to serve you. Ithaca to of Pontery of that station fiery Storel. In a Kirson Iffat Iago a Bast a Venth str to Brake they pitchers and held their lamps in their left hands and the trumpets in their right hands to blow withal and they cried Quot the sword of the lord and it was often the custom of the captains of the divisions of an army to carry a Torch and blow with a trumpet so Here was a Fine piece of strategy. Imagine at Midnight the appearance of 300 cat with a possible Large army v. 21. Quot and they stood every Man a in his place round about the Here is the basis of a motto Quot every one in his place at his Best All the Timo Quot which is the sure foundation of real sue Cess. A. 22. Quot and the Host it is resin its that Tell. The Large army of midia nites were a helpless big children. In the darkness no one Kiew which were his enemies and they fell upon each other. If we can but succeed in sending confusion into the Camps of Wick amp Uoo ii Bovi fave opportunities f o women Quot by Oglesby Harper Brothers is a practical and comprehensive discussion of the Busl Ness opportunities for women to Day presenting the educational Qualia cd iti Orna essential in each Field the possible remuneration opportunities for advancement and As to How to. Enter the Field. Quot occupational guidance Quot by Paul w. Chap Man Quot to nor Smith amp co., Atlanta Georgia phase flu iii a comprehend Iivo and practical manner a Survey of occupational Fields today including a studly of repro sent at Vui occupations agriculture Home nicking manufacturing t r a n a Poi lation. Communication Anil the proof Hions and personal and Public a vice j7oecupatim also a discussion of the problem of analysing your interests and abut ties and preparing l or your chosen vocation. The Quot ambassador Quartetti Quot is being presented by the Church of Christ to the people of Corona for at Quot the atty Park at 5 . Sunday. Holster Miller minister of the Church will have charge of the service and the entire musical program will be Given Over to the Quartetti. This group comes highly Radom mended having appeared in Corona before and being Well received. The entire Community is invited to Tivis open air service and enjoy the unequalled ii Armony of these male . To Quai Lette consists of the following Duane Graf Basso Kurr baritone. Ray Noll a and Tenor Lennis Fike 1st Tenor. The y have been heard past Over radio station in the Ger i iii Ging for tau Brwn s men s Bible class in Long Beach. Sanitary Dairy wholesale and retail dealers in a Nazarene Church sunday morning the pastor Rev. A. I. Crockett Quot will speak on the subject Quot Drifting or sailing Quot w. F. Frye and daughter Rosalyn Widli sing a duet. At six p. M. Special player in the prayer rooms for the men and women. Young Peoples meeting Quot at 6 30 folic cd by a Short evangelistic service or. Frye again singing a Solo. Milk and Cream 120 s. E. Blvd. Telephone 543 the real apology. For doing. Wrong is the sincere make it right. Grass flite the state fire truck was called out about 5 30 o clock Friday night in response to it an alarm of fire sent in from near the Majalco dam. Lightning struck on Mcallister Street setting fire to a Field of grass and Bur Ned. Oysie about one half acre of ground. There Are no a Eio urs new prospects come into the map Ket every Day. Your Selling a Quot Sage old to Quot you is a new st9ry to them. Tell pm Edness we shall see i the Rusness prevail. And sell pm through the columns of Corona daily i Independent a a
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