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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Just men s Khaki shirts Goodyear and House Ltd. Coma Hook f ★ just Attl Ved Large shipment hardware Goodyear and House Ltd. Corner Brook vol. 45, no. 9corner Brook Newfoundland saturday May 27, 1944 Price five cents Mammoth Over All Allied War strategy effective in All zones by h. L. Jones Canadian press staff writer the first move in the final plans of the United nations to destroy the German army appears to have been successful in that the Allied 5th army and the British 8th army have pulverized the nazis Gustav line in Italy and Are Well on their Way to doing the same thing to the enemy is next line of defence the Hitler line. And last week end advanced Allied Headquarters in Italy reported that with the Hitler line defences breached the weakened German forces had prepared and occupied a new switch line. This runs from Piedimonte through Pontecorvo and Fondi to the tyrrhenian sea at four Miles West of Cassino battered nazi bastion taken by the 8th army last week to Pontecorvo. But from there South it ran through the Aurnel Mountain Range to hit the coast near Forami. The fall of Forami before the advancing Allied troops last week a lot to put a crimp in the Hitler line defences in hat area hence the hurried need for the switch line. The route of the new defence position is roughly Southwest of Pontecorvo. Fondi is 15 Miles Northwest of Saeta Point and Terracina is 18 Miles Westward along the coast from Gaeta which Tell late last week to advancing 5th army forces. Meanwhile the germans appear to have neutralized the Anzio beachhead but Allied troops there Are reported As eagerly awaiting the word to strike at the nazi rear. Partisans worry nazis and another major worry for the now harassed germans is the situation i Yugoslavia where the partisan Campaign has forced the enemy to make a full scale Effort to crush marshal Titos hard fighting patriots who Are threatening the railway linking Austria with Bulgaria and Rumania. Thus the German High command finds itself forced to consider the Wisdom of reinforcing its 20 divisions in Italy at a time when the nazis Are facing invasion from the West and a new russian drive from the East. The allies have made their first move on the giant War Checkerboard. On the Wisdom of the nazis next move May depend their Fate in the Mediterranean and perhaps other theatres for it is now increasingly Clear that the impending invasion from Britain the Eastern front and the campaigns in Yugoslavia and Italy Are intimately connected in the Allied strategy. But in any event the next blow whether it be on occupied eur ropes West coast or another drive by the russian steamroller or a combination of both will be just another major step in a Mammoth Over All Allied War strategy plan which opened with the latest italian offensive. Disclosure that Canadian infantry and tanks were in the thick of the new drive with the 8th army was made last week. The canadians thus were engaged in their first major Battle since they captured Ortona a the Adriatic coast in december. Canadian artillery also is in the thick of the fray and took part in the great barrage which preceded the offensive and which much to numb the nazis for the tank and infantry by is which followed. Hit at so Rabaja Allied troops in the Southeast Pacific Are heading Back to so Erabia the important Java base they were forced to relinquish two years ago. A British american aircraft Carrier Force last week made the first ship borne assault on the place which not it a is Japan s principal Netherlands indies liase. The attacking Force was heavily covered by units from the East asian Southwest and Central Pacific commands and it marked the first time in which the fliers and seamen under Admiral Chester a a Nimitz Admiral lord Louis mount Patten and Gen. Douglas Macarthur had joined forces in strength. Increasing use by the allies of airborne troops especially in the East was revealed in a dispatch from Kandy Ceylon which told of the 5th Indian division being moved 230 Miles by Aerial troop carriers from the a akan front to indians Imphal Plains during the Early stage of the Imphal Campaign. The movement a reinforcing operation which completely fooled the japanese was carried out without loss in men or aircraft. Long after the divisions units were engaged around ukr us in the Indian Manipur state the japanese continued to place the division on the a akan front in South Burma. Men mules Mountain guns medical equipment and jeeps with trailers of ammunition were piled into the planes. In 36 hours thousands of men were fighting on a front which would have required weeks to reach by ground movement. Both British and american personnel were involved in the Transfer of the division. And while discussing the War with Japan it might be Well to report that an authoritative Allied bulletin has declared that the japanese Zero fighter plane is More manoeuvrable than the British spitfire or the american Mustang but added that in every other particular the enemy air Force has failed in Burma. However it was stated that the japanese advantage of being Able to out turn Allied fighters was effected at the Cost of other factors such As giving the Allied planes Superior Speed climbing and diving ability and greater armament fire Power and strength All of which permitted tactical superiority. Jeweller Dies suddenly at the age of 63 years or s. E. Tuma prominent jeweller of Corner Brook West died suddenly at the Home of or. Albert Kelly at Toronto on wednesday of this week. Or. Tuma left Here a Short time age on a business visit to the continent and was in apparent Good health at that time. He had called on or. Kelly a Friend of his and dropped dead a few minutes after he had entered the House. Born at Baalbek Syria. Or. Tuma came to Newfoundland in 1894 and had carried on a successful jewellery and watchmaking business since that time. He is survived by his wife four sons and two daughters All resident in Corner Brook. His son. Elias and son in Law. N. Alteen left by thursdays express to accompany the remains Here for burial. Many exhibitors this year s fair in an interview with or. N. Hood chairman of the Booths committee a reporter Learned this week that there will he a larger number of exhibitors at the West coast fir this year than last. There is not so great a demand now from the bases for goods or. Hood said and in consequence manufacturers feel they will have a Fine selection to display. Or. Hood has received inquiries from a number of manufacturers. And it is anticipated that an Annex will have to be built to the the rink to accommodate the increased number of exhibits. Latest War news from the Canadian press Italy the final decisive Battle for Rome appeared to be beginning on thursday night after Canadian infantry and tanks ripped through the heart of the Hitler line in Liri Valley and Anzio beachhead forces to the South joined with others of the main fifth army front. The Long awaited meeting took place in the Pontine marshes South of Rome. While canadians swept to the Melfa River after capturing Ponte Corvo on wednesday the fifth army closed in All along the sixty mile flank of hard pressed German armies which had relinquished the entire Tyr rhenish coast from a Point Only Twenty Miles South of Rome. The German radio announced the evacuation of Aquino another Liri bastion of the Hitler line. London prime minister Winston Churchill said in the House of commons on wednesday that there is no guarantee against German yes suffering territorial changes after the War if it seems necessary to ensure the future peace. In order to keep the peace the prime minister urged a Post War organisation armed with overwhelming military Power. He specifically advised Turkey and Spain that an a1- lied Victory was coming with or without their support adding that the countries of the Empire now have solved All their major. Immediate problems and Are ranged in Complete Unity with their allies. The prime minister placed Japan As Well As Germany beyond All Hope of negotiation Short of utter capitulation. He said he found it difficult to nourish animosity against the italian people and suggested that Here a revision of Allied armistice terms with Italy were being considered. Kandy an Allied Comra unique on thursday said the attacks on Many Allied positions in India and Burma had been thrown Hack with heavy enemy losses. Battling desperately to hold the Burma stronghold of my Itkina. The attacked Allied held Ai drome South of the City. The attack Aga repelled. Pacific striking deep into territory american Carrier forces battered Marcus islands on Friday and saturday and Wake Island on monday the Navy announced on thurs Dav. Air War Over six thousand Allied planes attacked German Aird Romes and transportation centres on the continent on thursday dropping Over eight thousand tons of bombs. On wednesday the allies made a record number of seven thousand sorties dropping fifty five Hundred tons of explosives All the Way from the West Wall to the Balkans and hitting Berlin Day and night. On thursday american heavy bombers attacking the West Wall were met by an unprecedented concentration of exploding rockets from suddenly increased ground defences. China the japanese claimed the occupation of Loyang on thursday but the chinese later announced that they still hold the Northwestern Flo Nan stronghold. Governments establish basis to adjust Accident claims St. Johns . An Exchange of notes Between the High commissioner for Canada on behalf of the Dominion of Canada and the honourable sir . Emerson . Commissioner for Justice and defence on behalf of the commission of government took place on january 24th and february 7th of this year. These notes constitute an agreement by the two governments establishing the basis to be adopted for the settlement of claims arising out of traffic accidents involving vehicles of the government of Canada and vehicles of the government of Newfoundland. The agreement Between the two governments will continue in Force in respect of All accidents which May occur prior to the expiration of three months from the Date on which either of the two governments gives notice to the other of its intentions to terminate the agreement. The agreement continued on Page 16 psychiatrist for St. John s s. Johns pro the commission of government have appointed or. Charles Roberts to be acting superintendent of the mental Hospital in the place of or. John Grieve who is now ill. Or. Roberts who is a son of or. Job Roberts of this City graduated from dal Housie University last year joined the Royal Canadian army medical corps and Post graduate work at Dartmouth mental Hospital. He was transferred to Camp Borden. And whilst there the . Decided to assign him to work As a psychiatrist and he took a further course at Toronto. He was transferred to St Johns in january of this year and still in the Canadian army he has been seconded to his present position As acting superintendent of the mental Hospital. $32,000 Grant for new town in an interview with or. H. J. Reader Quot chairman of the Corner Brook West town Council on thursday it was Learned that the original Grant of $20,000 to the Council for the years activities has been increased to $32,000. It is the intention of the Council this year to extend Deaden roads isolated ply cos will also be taken care of As far As is possible. The highroad department will extend the storm sewer at lower Caribou Road. We will do everything that it is in our Power to do or. Reader said. We cannot perform miracles we cannot Hope to Complete the task of cleaning up Corner Brook West in one year or two it will take time. But if the people continue to co operate As they have in the past we can be confident of having a town in time of which we can All let a proud. To Confer with commissioner or. W. J. Mcgrath of the department of Public health and welfare is in Corner Brook to consult with medical health officers regarding local health problems. Or. Mcgrath will also Confer with sir John Puddester commissioner for pubic health and welfare and drs. Miller and Peters regarding the site which is to be selected for the Sanatorium. Investigating Sites for Sanatorium sir John Puddester com for Public health and welfare arrived in Corner Brook of Friday accompanied by or. L. Miller and or. S. E. Peters to consider several cites which have been suggested for the tuberculosis Sanatorium to be built on the West coast. Sites at Deer Lake steady Brook and another location nearer Corner Brook Are being considered and will be investigated by the doctors and competent engineers before a decision is made. A Veteran returns the Twenty two year old Veteran of the Battle of Berlin the Battle of Essen the Battle of the thur the Battle of Hamburg flight sergeant r. K. Baggs r.a.f., d.f-m., and wearing the permanent Pathfinder badge son of or. And mrs. George Baggs of Park Street Corner Brook returned Home last weekend Little altered in appearance after his two gruelling Tours of operational flights. During the two operational periods the same Crew consisting of one Canadian one newfound Lander and the others englishmen flew Lancaster bombers Over Europe and at the time of sicilian Campaign flew the nine and a half hour journey to bomb targets in Northern Italy. When asked what he considered the most thrilling sight flight sergeant Baggs smiled and said i dont think i Ever enjoyed anything so much As the sight of the coast of England after a bombing raid. The Young airman spent much of his free time in England visiting places his father had spoken of enjoy id during the first world War. The English Countryside is very Lovely he remarked and the English Are grand people. He will be leaving shortly to become an instructor at a training Centre in British Columbia. Gale costs Many thousands on coast the Gale which raged since last Friday until Early this week caused considerable loss to the lobster fishermen on the West coast. On the coast Between Flowers Cove and Bonne Bay it is estimated that in the Vicinity of $20,000 damage was done. Crates containing lobsters ready for collection were washed ashore gear was destroyed and it is feared that the equipment will not be replaced this year. Eighty crates were washed ashore in Daniels Harbour averaging $30, each in value at Parsons Pond fifty crates were washed ashore and half the contents killed. It is feared that few of the remainder will survive. As the paper goes to press further details have not been received but the damage is known to be extensive. Tuners of a winery Bro a Fewker b a., b pcs re tag Maud him with the following save the Forest Campaign starts next week x the propaganda co Manittee of the Forest fire patrol of Newfoundland has planned an extensive radio and press Campaign for this years save the Forest week. Next weeks Issue of the Western Star will feature the work done by the Forest fire patrol of Newfoundland. A series of radio addresses will be heard Over radio station Vown beginning on monday june 5 with magistrate n. Short As the first speaker. Rev. T. E. Loder will be the speaker on june 6, on june 7 Rev. Or. I. F. Curtis on the fallowing night Rev. For., on Friday the Woodland echoes programme will be devoted to save the Forest week and on saturday or. G. W. Shaw Deputy general manager of to Waters Newfoundland pulp and paper Mills will speak. All the addresses will be heard at 8.45 . Appointed pastor at Cape St George reverend Charles s. Costello St. Andrewes has been appointed pastor of St. Benedictus Parish Cape St. George in succession to reverend Robert j. Greene p.p., who will succeed monsignor Kirwan As pastor of holy Cross Parish port a port. News of these appointments was Given to a Western Star representative by his excellency the Bishop of Georges on tuesday evening of this week. As was previously announced in this paper monsignor Kirwan. Who has been pastor at port a port for the past ten years has continued on Page 5 Experiment May mean new Industry for West for some time now experiments have been made at the we. Lundrigan woodworking Plant to find suitable Wood and finishes for locally built furniture. Or. Lundrigan has concluded that a new Plant must be built to House new Wood drying equipment and in this connection he is negotiating with to Waters Newfoundland pulp and paper Mills Ltd., in an endeavour to obtain a suitable location for the new factory. Or. Lundrigan has made arrangements with Man fac permit import the necessary equipment. It is also planned to establish a hard Wood flooring Plant in conjunction with the furniture manufacturing and or. Ladrigan believes this can be operated so successfully As to eliminate the need of importing much of this material. The Sawmill business which started in a Small Way a few years ago promises to become an important Industrial development on the West coast because of the initiative of its founder or. W. J. Lundrigan. Pictures delayed the pictures to accompany the Story of the Bay of islands militia which took place last sunday have not been received As we go to press. The Story in detail and the pictures will be featured in our Issue of june 3. It is no happiness to live Long nor it unhappiness to die soon Happy is he that hath lived Long enough to die Well. Fitting ceremonies Mark investiture of new vicar general of St. George s parishioners of Stephenville honour monsignor Brennan pastor of is Stephen s Parish fitting ceremonies marked the investiture of right reverend monsignor Brennan pastor of Stephenville As vicar general of the diocese of St. Georges which took place in St. Stephens Church at Stephenville on tuesday May 23. The ceremony proper took place immediately before the High mass on tuesday morning and the celebrations that followed were continued until tuesday evening. His excellency most reverend m. Oreilly d.d., Bis of St. Georges conducted the ceremony and he was attended at the throne by right reverend monsignor Kirwan port a port and very reverend s. J. St. Croix Petrie. The High mass which followed was offered by monsignor Brennan v.g., As celebrant assisted by reverend p. J. Bromley Deer Lake As Deacon and reverend v. P. Quigley inn Ismara As sub Deacon. Reverend l. J. Drake of the Cathedral Parish St. Georges was master of ceremonies. Present also in the Sanctuary were reverend a. Mcneil, Corner Brook reverend j. C. Stoyles Stephenville crossing reverend r. J. Greene Cape St. George reverend c. S. Costello St. Andrewes and reverend j. Ronald Jones Lourdes. The congregation included men women and children from All sections of the Parish As Well As Many visitors among whom were mrs. Lena Power of Halifax Cousin of monsignor Brennan g. Alain a., magistrate of St. Georges f. R. Kennedy supervisor of schools As representative of archbishop Howley Council of the knights of Columbus Martin j. Hynes j.p., port a port and Vincent j. Parsons representative of the Western Star. Fallowing tie High mass a deputation from the parishioners waited on his excellency and presented him with the following address which was read by James v. White May it please your excellency Ever since your episcopal consecration we have been awaiting Opportunity of extending to you r Heartfelt appreciation of your deep and abiding interest in a that concerns our welfare. Once More it Hae been our pleasing privilege to assist at an impressive and solemn ceremony to do honour to our beloved pastor and we feel we can please him in no better Way than by expressing to your excellency the Joy that is ours at having you present on these your excellent yes great interest in the education of the Young who Are the future Hope of the Church. Instructed by our holy Faith we Realise the Good that lies at your hands to be done for the glory of god and the Extension of his kingdom therefore to your excellency we pledge the support of Loyal children who will Ever Pray that the father of mercies May be pleased to prolong your years in the Possession of health and our so that you May continue your Benea cent labours for the advancement of his truth and the glory of his Church in this our beloved diocese. Signed on behalf of the Parish owners of Stephenville Parish James v. White a. V. Gallant Frank Turner William Gallant Telesphore White Norbert White Joseph Alec White. His excellency thanked the people for their splendid manifestation of Faith in turning out in such Large numbers to attend the ceremony which brought Honor to their beloved pastor. He thanked them also for their expressions of loyalty to himself As christs representative and he said that he was deeply moved by the sentiments contained in the address. Continuing his excellency said that he always found pleasure in visiting Stephen Lille because its people possess a Strong and unwavering Faith that does not diminish with the distractions of the times. In continuing he thanked the people again for their kind wishes for his health and for their prayers for the faithful discharge of his duties. Following his excellent yes remarks a deputation from the parishioners waited on monsignor Brennan and pre Happy occasions. In 1 becoming better acquainted with your excellency we have not failed to notice your untiring efforts to promote the Well being of the flock committed to your care especially your endeavours to instil into us the importance of Catholic action particular in your wide vision of the future is evidenced by leaving for Canada resigned Corner Brook since 1938 will be leaving for Canada at the end of this month. Or. Cramp came to Corner Brook from Sandwich Ontario where he had been employed As chemist in the Salt division of the Canadian industries limited. During his stay in Newfoundland or. Cramp has taken part in sport and will be remembered As an outstanding goalie for the Corner Brook hockey team. In 1932 he married miss Mercedes i Boland of Curling and for the past few years has lived on Fark Street Corner Brook. Letters to the editor Page 2 i although looking Forward by the Way Page 2 to returning to Canada or. English islands or Stan sch Mph dear monsignor Brennan it is Juat a yer since we were privileged to join with you in thanksgiving to god that he had been Leshea to enable you to Complete Twenty five years of fruitful labours in his service. The Silver Jubilee of your ordination was a glorious Milestone in your life full of Consolation for you and enshrined in fragrant memories for us your parishioners. Today we Are privileged to come again to offer our sincere felicitations on the honour which has recently been conferred on you when you were raised to the office of vicar general of the diocese of St. Georges by our Bishop which office brings with it the rank of titular Proton tary apostolic. We Are heartily glad that theae two High distinctions should have come to you and we Are justly proud with a reflected glory that theae honours and offices should have been bestowed on our beloved pastor. Our prayer is that you May be spared for very Many years to discharge your duties of these officer to the welfare of holy Church and to the greater glory of god. While on this and such like occasions we embrace the Opportunity to express our regard our respect and our love for our pastor yet we would like to say not that it 8 necessary but merely As a matter of record that these sentiments Jere not vagrant thoughts merely put Forth for the occasion rather they Are the constant and abiding sentiments of your parishioners for you. As a Catholic people whose greatest asset has been their Faith we both know and feel the influence for Good which you exercise in the Community. It is from your conduct that we learn often unconsciously How we should react in Given circumstances. It is from the example of your life that we come to appreciate the Vaiuta and the warmth of love for god and Man and its gentle influence in sweetening human life. It was of this that the poet wrote the longer i live and the More i see. Continued on Page 6 in this Issue former technical superintendent to work at Dolbeau. Or. W. S. Cramp who came to Newfoundland in 1929 and has occupied the position of technical superintendent with the paper company in cramp has expressed regret at leaving the town in which he has been employed for so Long a period and particularly at the thought of leaving his Many friends and business associates Here. Or. And mrs. Cramp and their family Are going to Dolbeau Quebec where or. Cramp will be employed with the Lake St. John paper company. Lost off Labrador London letter news about people news from correspondents Church services sports Section women s Section agricultural Section about credit unions news of fisheries the King s men serial Quot 3 f » Nar Quot 11 Quot u 13 14 h 17 ;