Corner Brook Western Star Newspaper Archives June 06, 1944 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Invasion special h3cótctu invasion special vol. 45, to. 10-a Corner Brook Newfoundland tuesday june 6, 1944 Price five t allies storm nazi held continent. S operations began at Dawn this morning United nations troops land on Normandy coast a Eisenhower a striking study of Gen. £ Dwight Eisenhower Comman x Der in chief of All Allied for í Cea in the invasion of West Ern Europe. A Alao it Tono Atmo oooo Laoc allies United As invasion starts writing in news week Ernest k. Lindley shed some Light on the relations existing among the allies As they awaited d Day. Their military plans Are coordinated he writes at least in the rough. At Teheran the Western allies promised to invade Europe Between certain dates. Stalin agreed to launch a major offensive within a Given time before or after the invasion. If since then the Anglo american timetable has been altered it has been without the knowledge of the russians and without their com laight. They know that the lows for which they have Long pleaded will be struck. Indeed the new offensive of the fifth and eighth armies in Italy is the first of these mows intended to entangle and destroy German divisions which might otherwise lie shifted to serve at the Western or Eastern fronts. 2they have made substantial Progress toward agreement on the terms of German surrender. The russians have put great emphasis on Complete German disarm meet. 3cool-headed an informed persons in Washington think that an Accord among the big three on the Structure of a United nations organization is probably feasible within the next few months if internal politics in the United states and Britain will permit. They believe that russians first interest after the elimination of the German threat is a period of peace and internal reconstruction. 4under Secretary Stetti in uses visit to London gave several of the governments in exile a Chance to unburden their minds. 5between Moscow and the West the biggest stumbling Block is still the polish question. The russians expect All their Western Border states to look to them for Security just As Central am continued on column 7 greatest Armada of ships and planes Ever known participated in landings in Northern France Montgomery i they knew the Day they knew the place Winston Churchill Franklyn d. Roosevelt general Montgomery who is leading the British invasion forces. Differences of policy minor consideration Erica and Caribbean countries look to Washington. 6 London and Washington have been in negotiation on some postwar problems in informal conversations on others. There have been no serious hitches yet. 7prime minister Mencken Zie King has reminded the Imperial conference of Canadas close ties with the United states and interest in a worldwide system of Security As opposed to a narrowly British Imperial Type. What does All this add up to it Means first that the big three of the european War Are United in their determination to defeat and disarm Germany. Secondly it indicates that the prospects Are reasonably Good for a period of peace secured by american soviet British Power. No one can foresee the longer future. But the interests of Russia As Well As of the British Commonwealth and the United states appear to lie in the organization of their common Security which Means the peace of the world a a whole but More particularly the strict policing of Germany and eventually of Japan. Thirdly in this organization there can be a voice and a place for the smaller nations. Fourthly there Are differences among the big three which can be composed Only by patience and Compromise. Moscow neither knows nor understands much about the Western world. Britain is apprehensive of the economic Power of the United states. The United states is apprehensive of the skill and wits of British diplomats and civil servants. But All the differences among the Biff three Are on a lower plane than their interest in a period of peace. As Long As All three keep them in mind the Prospect for organizing the peace is Good ;