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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Corner Brook Western Star (Newspaper) - June 03, 1944, Corner Brook, Newfoundland I i just arrived men s Tweed suits pleated trousers Goodyear and House Ltd. Corner Moor just arrive d Fly screen wire assorted widths Goodyear and House Ltd. Corner Hook latest War news vol. 45, no. 10 Corner Brook Newfoundland saturday june 3, 1944 Price five cents carelessness is sabotage of National wealth by special Cable from the Canadian press London on thursday night the germans announced the formation of a new bulgarian government in a manner indicating they have taken Over the country As a puppet state the same As Hungary. The new Cabinet is headed by Ivan Bagranoff As Premier and foreign minister. Neutral reports say that German troops Are pouring into the country and have now taken command of the bulgarian army. Kandy Allied gains have been made on the three Burma fronts it was disclosed by the Southeast Asia command communique on thursday Mala Kawing the japanese stronghold fifteen Miles North of making has been taken and East of the Mog Aung River the allies have established a new line South of Warong. Satisfactory Progress is reported in the my Kina attacks. London German attacks against the russian positions North of Iasi Romania continued for the third Day but Moscow announced All attacks have been repulsed at heavy Cost to the enemy. It now appears possible the bitter i it attle is now subsiding. The communique said that eighteen German tanks and fifteen planes were destroyed on thursday. London a German military commentator said on thursday that sixteen Allied divisions Are massed in North Africa read to strike at French or italian Riviera when the invasion signal is Given. Ottawa . Headquarters revealed on thursday that a big amphibian aircraft disappeared on a practice bombing flight in Newfoundland on May 25 with eleven persons presumed lost. The names of the occupants of the plane have not been announced. A widespread search for the plane has let Een made but has now been abandoned. All that has been found is Quot suspicious looking Oil Slick off the coast and pieces of wreckage apparently from an aircraft. The believed Over us. Francis District when last reported. It was operating out of a Newfoundland base. Naples the Allied threat to Rome mounted today after american formations pierced the German defence positions and encircled Velletri while Canadian formations of the British eighth army advanced from captured Frost Inone to a Point overlooking the town of Ferentino. Eight Miles northwestward. British units of the fifth army pressed northward along the Road leading through the area to Rome and French formations drove the enemy out of Pepini the Mountain area be Frost Inone and the Hills. The Ameri army encircled where from the they can see the of St. Peters at in flames sweep away earnings of workers prevent Forest fires rocket guns blast enemy shipping germans May yield a Rome Allied planes mine Danube by John c. Scott Canadian press staff writer As summer approaches and a Day draws nearer the allies have disclosed another weapon they Are using against the Axis rockets fired from air planes. The weapon has been in use almost a year but until now it has Lieen kept secret. . Coastal command planes Are equipped with Roc Ket guns and have used them with marked Success against enemy shipping. American planes use the weapon 011 anti submarine forays. Eight rockets Are carried by various Tupps of coastal command aircraft four under each Side of the main Wing. The rocket consists of a Shell tube filled with cordite which is ignited by a Small Platinum fuse wire. The rocket is propelled by the Conse quent flow of Gas issuing from Une. A. 1 m Mai __t4 to the Tail of the projectile. It has four fins fitted to the trailing end to stabilize it in flight. German planes Are known to have been firing rockets at Allied bombers recently Blit it is believed that the . Version is bigger and More accurate than the enemy. It has been used against a a other than shipping target with Bridges gun emplacements and other land objectives have Lieen attacked. Allied employment of the rocket gun is another convincing proof that the ingenuity of Allied inventors is equal to or ahead of that of the Axis Powers. May yield Rome As the Allied drive against Rome gains headway there Are increasing indications that Field marshal Kesselring May decide to yield Rome without a Battle and withdraw to Northern Italy. He still has a Chance to consolidate a new defence line Lief ire the eternal t Ity running from the tyrrhenian sea Northeast through the Allian Hills Val Montone and Avezzano to the Adriatic. But each Day s Allied Advance makes it More difficult for him to hold that the achievement of the Canadian corps in smashing the strongly defended Hitler line in the Ijiri Valley near Pontecorvo already is living hailed As one of the main factors in the Allied breakthrough. It recalls the accomplishments of the Canadian forces in the first great War at Verdun at Amiens and on the other bloody Bat / p a a a a a in j Fri p. A a on Tinea on Rajfer labour Leader j. L. Coleman urges caution a if every citizen used the same caution in the Woods As the woodsmen there would lie very few Forest fires in this country a or. In Force fudge president of the Newfoundland lax Jurers Union said this week. A when you consider the Numier of men employed in the Woods who Are making fires for their Tea twice a Day and the caution they observe i think they deserve a great Deal of or. Fudge has appealed to the men to continue their careful habits in the Woods. Quot but 1 do not think the Appeal is necessary a he added Quot because woodsmen realize the importance of protecting the forests where they earn their living. I Hope everyone else will feel As they rulers to remind children on thursday morning 26<h> rulers were distributed to Twenty five schools in the Humiler area on behalf of the Forest fire patrol of Newfoundland. The rulers Bear the slogan of the Forest fire patrol and each boy and girl in the schools will receive one with the compliments of the propaganda committee. Sponsors contest or. J. L. Coleman proprietor of the Majestic and Regent theatres is sponsoring a contest in conjunction with save the Forest week. The contest will lie for the Best original fire sign drawn with paints crayons or Pencil by school children. The design must lie submitted on paper 8 by 11 inches and left at the ticket wickets any night during save the Forest week. Entrants Are requested to write their names Ages and names of schools on designs at the foot of the Page. The first prize will be a pass for one month second prize for two weeks third prize for one week. Passes will lie Good for either the Majestic or Regent theatres. The Meliers of the pro a Ganda committee have expressed their appreciation to or. J. L. Coleman for his generosity in making the contest possible. Life at settlements Secretary for Supply meets businessmen s association at a meeting in the Corner Brook court House on wednesday evening the members of the Bay of islands businessmen a association discussed their problems with or. W. E. Curtis Secretary for Supply. Also present were representatives of Bowater a and other importers. Or. Curtis explained to the meeting some of the problems confronting his department and answered questions of continued on Page 8 for no apparent reason unless it i the publicity Given to the wildlife Section for the West coast fair bears and Moose have been venturing into settlements. This week or. Norman continued on Page 8 extra half hour Daylight time on sunday june 11 at Midnight clocks will lie advanced half an hour. This extra half hour of Daylight saving time will lie in effect until Midnight of september 3. The half hour is in response to suggestions forwarded to the government in response to a request for opinions on the subject of Daylight saving time. Last year there was a full hour but this did not Appeal to Muny the half hour is the result of a number of requests from All parts of Newfoundland. Timely rain quenches fires the fire started by a freight train near Norris Arm last week might have Lieen disastrous had it not Lieen for the energetic work of the fire patrol and the co operation of the residents. A message broadcast Over radio station Vown from the magistrate appealed for immediate help from All residents in that sector. Hose and pumps were quickly rushed to the scene and by Midnight the fire had Lieen controlled and extinguished. Several bail fires have it occurred already this year. Five fires were reported in one Day on the Avalon Peninsula and nine fires were blazing at one time in various parts of the Island. The Woods were Reto get dangerously dry last week but the recent rain has Lieen of great assistance in preventing the spreading of fires that had started and in averting others. Round table conference d.s.o., m.c., and bar or. W. Whelan barrister and solicitor of Corner Brook West and or. J. C. Fits Gerald the West Newfoundland associations first Secretary. In response to a question from or. Fitzgerald or. Whelan said the association had been formed because it was Felt that some Means should be provided for continuous investigation and study of local generally had not Lieen consulted in Advance before the association was formed and Felt that Lack of enthusiasm in Many quarters was due to the neglect of this step in the first instance. Continued on Page 8 penicillin for Young patient the West Newfoundland association held a round table conference on tuesday May 30. Those taking part were or. C. A. Crosbie president or. H. J. Reader. Chairman of the town Council of Comer a Brook West major b. Butler Richard Silver seven year old son of or. And mrs. F. P. Silver Marcelle Avenue was rushed to the Comer Brook Hospital on sunday for an emergency operation As the result of a ruptured appendix. Grave concern was Felt regarding his condition and on tuesday morning two doctors from Harmon Field flew to Corner Brook bringing with them a Supply of penicillin the new wonder drug which i even More effective against infection than the sulfa group. By the end of the week Richards condition was reported to lie entirely satisfactory and he is expected to leave the Hospital shortly ;