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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - September 2, 2015, Corbin, Kentucky 4 times Tribune / wednesday sept. 2,2015 opinion nfwsr00m 606.528.7464 fat 606.528.9850 email be ii no Tomb Kathryn Lopez love on the March on one August saturday morning a triple were gathering outside planned parenthood clinics across the country they were protesting the dehumanization on display in recent undercover videos from the Center for medical Progress that exposed the abortion Indus try for what it is a business entered on death. The videos which show doctors cavalierly discussing the harvesting of fetal tissue have been the source of some criticisms including accusations of doctoring by the new York times but they remain unquestionably disturbing alarms that should prod our consciences. Seeing families and Young people participate in the protests and watching social Media Light up with photos and testimony from the events was inspiring. And then a scene from Detroit became instantly infamous a group identifying themselves As satanists led a counter protest. Whether satirical or sacrilegious it was a dark Mirror image of the values on Dis play elsewhere and hinted at some unsettling truths lying behind our current cultural moment. A when life is devalued there is no limit to the ways life will be discarded a Virld Thorn founder of project Rachel recently told me. Project Rachel is the official ministry to people who seek Healing after an Abor Don. Thom works for the women and men who have been customers and victims of the abortion Industry who Are experiencing tremendous pain in the Wake of what we pretend is a a necessary Quot evil. Though we rarely engage with the e word a it would show the True nature of the stakes. And while it is quite Well known that the Catholic Church does indeed address evil less talked about is the mercy it expounds and extends. The late Pope John Paul ii United Many with his focus on the gospels mandate for protecting life and building a civilization of love. Apr also welcomed women to be healed. In his letter about the gospel of life he wrote directly a i would now like to say a special word to women who have had an abortion. The Church is aware of the Many factors which May have influenced your decision and she does not doubt that in Many cases it was a pain Ful and even shattering Deci Sion. The wound in your heart May not yet have healed. Certainly what happened was and remains terribly wrong but do not give in to discouragement and do not lose Hope. Try rather to understand what happened and face it he continued a if you have not already done so. Give yourselves Over with humility and Trust to repentance. The father of mercies is ready to give you his forgiveness and his peace in the sacrament of reconciliation. To the same father and his mercy you can with sure Hope entrust your child. With the Friendly and expert help and advice of other people and As a result of your own painful experience you can be among the most eloquent defenders of everyone a right to life. Through your commitment to life whether by accepting the birth of other children or by Welcom ing and caring for those most in need of someone to be close to them you will become promoters of a new Way of looking at human life Quot this is the work Thorn does. A the pain of abortion May come up immediately or Many years later when something called a trigger incident she observes. A Many times women who be had an Abor Bon Are caught off guard when the pain comes to the forefront because it was supposed to have solved a she adds a i believe that any woman who has had an abortion May at some Point have to confront the fact and Deal with it. Perhaps using the language of regret is the problem. Many would say they could t see a Way out. But now there is new awareness. Perhaps grief is not always the same As Quot abortion is not a moral and philosophical debate. It is a heart Issue and that is Why it is so inflamed a Thorn emphasizes. How can our hearts do anything but break As Jar ring headlines Force us to confront the ideological brutality behind what we Call women a empowerment and even health care efforts and ministries like project Rachel provide Motherly love at a time when hellfire has vanquished and plagued Moth Eros hearts. Kathryn Jean Lopez is senior fellow at the National review Institute editor at Large of National review online and founding director of Catholic voices Usa she can be contacted at Klope Zui National review. Com. A Congress Shat make no Taw respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the Freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to Peb Bon the government for a redress of first amendment . Constitution times Tribune Ftp might i qj0gkt Byron York in gop scramble voters want leadership before policy conservatives who oppose comprehensive immigration Reform Are delighted Donald Trump has brought the Issue to the fore in the gop presidential race. They want to believe its to ump a stand on immigration that is driving his popularity. But talks with people who came to a recent Republican event in South Carolina Are a reminder that voters when evaluating candidates Are usually looking for a set of personal qualities More than a position on any single Issue. If those qualities Are there they believe the issues will work themselves out later. The event was the Faith and Freedom Barbecue in Anderson South Carolina hosted by the conservative Republican rep. Jeff Duncan and featuring appearances by Ben Carson fed Cruz and Scott Walker. Before the speeches i talked with perhaps two dozen voters. Many volunteered the name of their favorite candidate but most seemed to have a Short list of favourites they were considering. I asked them some variation of this question there Are so Many candidates. As you try to evaluate them what a the most important thing to you it could be an Issue like the Economy or immigration or a personal Quality like integrity but what a the most important thing not one said immigration. In fact with one exception none mentioned any issues at All. One woman said education instead they were All looking for a set of attributes and a Clear set of values in the Man or w Oman they sup port for president. A can we Trust them Quot asked Claire Muzal of Seneca South Carolina. A if you can Trust them make the right decision at the right a it to things resonate with me a said Michael Middleton a retired Marine major from Greenville. A being a commander in chief and following the a honesty i would say but also a tremendous ability to communicate Quot said Keith Tripp of Laurens South Carolina. A somebody who is a social conservative an economic conservative and stands for the Constitution a said Tom wild of Anderson. A and then in a looking for the integrity that would go with that. And then can the person Lead a a character a said Kathy Hulsey of Anderson. A i can to sum it up in one thing a said Hulseyn a husband Wes. A a it a really a composite of social and fiscal conservatism and somebody who does not become institutionalized once they go to Washington does not become part of the a a what a the one characteristic a Kathy asked Wes. A character if you have to sum it up a he answered. They were All Over the map in terms of which candidate they supported a the names mentioned most often were Carson Trump Cruz and Walker with the occasional Rubio and Fiorina. There was t a single mention of Jeb Bush All night. Several who support other candidates Are Happy to have Trump in the race. A i like that Trump is in there a said Peggy Leone of fort Mill South Carolina who said she is leaning toward supporting Cruz or Carson. A Trump is shaking things up and making people say things that they probably normally say. I done to know that i can vote for Trump yet a but he Speaks the truth and sometimes the truth is kind of a i will confess Trump is awfully attractive because he says what a lot of us Are thinking Quot said Harv Rettberg who has Long supported Scott Walker. A a in a torn right now a Rettberg added a because Walker is not demonstrating the Charisma that Trump a we like Trump because of a because a said Jim Sullivan of Charleston speaking for himself and wife Margaret. Sullivan added that Walker Cruz Carson and Fiorina Are also on their Short list but Trump attracts notice because a a he a entertaining he a smart he has a fresh attitude and he pushes Back against the a i think Trump is hysterical a said Nancy Allen of Shelby North Carolina there with husband Henry. A a he a funny. I watched him at the football stadium. But we be supported ted a a he a just fun a said Kathy Hulsey of Trump. Certainly some of the things voters said about Trump a like he makes people say things they would t normally say a could be in direct references to his stand on immigration. But the voters in South Carolina Are looking for something bigger than just one Issue to the degree that they Are drawn to Trump a and Trump is leading the gop polls in South Carolina As he is everywhere else a it is not because of a stand on any particular Issue but because Trump seems bigger stronger and More of a Leader than the rest of the republicans in the race. He makes everyone else look Small. Yes people at the Ffrith and Freedom Barbecue think very highly of Cruz Carson Walker Fiorina Rubio and other Republican candidates. But to get ahead have to go beyond the issues and demonstrate the leadership qualities voters want to see. Byron York is chief political correspondent for the Washington examiner. Like it on Facebook newspaper follow it on twitter a Yourn subscribe to our Channel youtube com Timeson Bunecky a newspaper holdings inc. Publication Willie Sawyer publisher John l. editor Chris editor Brad editor Jeff Noble. Reporter Kristina Timothy Les reporter Kristie manager Brenda clerk Cathy manager Yolanda manager Renee Smith. Circulation clerk Kathy manager Rebecca assistant Lisa Ruth Patricia Humphrey. Advertising classified clerk Rhonda clerk the tunes Tribune lists 132 480 is published daily except sunday. Mew years Day. Martin Luther King or. Day. President s Day. Memorial Day. Independence Day. Labor Day. Columbus Day. Veterans Day. Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day by the times Tribune at 201n. Kentucky Street Corbin. By 40701 periodicals postage is paid at us Post office. Corbin. By 40701. Postmaster Send address changes to the tunes Tribune. To Box 516. Corbin. By 40702. Subscription rates total Access print a digital one montti/$14 99 two month$/$29.98 three months/$44.97 six months/$88.14 one year/$167.88. Digital Access Only one month/$11.99 two months/$23j 8 three months/$35.61 six months a 70.50 one year/$136.68. Fez pay one month $10.99. Experiencing problems with your service Call us at 606 528 2464

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