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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - November 29, 1982, Corbin, KentuckyRe a a a a a a lady colonels take first at Cawood Corbin third see Story photos in sports a t Trumka secretly marries because of death threat see Story on Page 2 inside today opinion. Page 4 living today a a. Page 5 6 amp 7 classified ads. Page 10 comics Horoscope amp crossword. Page 9 obituaries. Page 11 for Home 528-2464 or 864-7751 Corban by. / volume 90, number 280 / 25 cents a single copy / 12 pages today monday november 29, 1982 / Good evening nuclear waste tax among lame Duck topics Washington it apr High among Congress priorities As it enters its lame Duck session today Are consideration of an increase in the Federal gasoline tax to create jobs and a proposal for a permanent disposal site for thousands of tons of nuclear waste. Congress fakes a number of issues after its two month election recess but the House has put the controversial nuclear reactor waste disposal Bill at the top of its Calendar for the lame Duck session debate on the measure began just before the recess. And before adjourning dec. 1?, Congress is also expected to wrestle with the gasoline tax proposal which Calls for a 5ent-a-Gaflon increase to finance a $5.5 billion Highway jobs program. Appropriations Bills needed to run the Federal gov err other items on the legislative Agenda include ten a government for the balance of the fiscal year. Only three have been signed into Law. A legislation to Force automakers to have a. Fixed percentage of their cars produced in the uned states. A a Senate vote to televise their sessions. A action on the administrations tax and Trade assistance package for Caribbean Basin nations. A votes to deny members of Congress a pay raise of Between $2,426 and $16,648 set to take effect. Dec. 17. Approval is predicted for the Highway jobs proposal which has the support of preside Reagan Senate majority Leader Howard Baker r Tenn., and House speaker Thomas p. Of Neill jr., a . However Sharp disagreement is expected on defense and other economic issues Likely to be raised. For example Baker said sunday he doubts that Reagan a plan for deploying the my missile will get much action. And though both democrats and republicans want to assist the Economy they have widely different views on How to do it. The nuclear waste Bill has completed. A tortuous two year route through four House committees in making its Way to the floor. The Senate already has approved a Bill on the Issue. Sponsors say that unless the lame session of Congress acts on the measure it will go Back to the spor Duck s starting blocks next year a and the nation May spend another two years without a permanent plan for disposing of its growing stockpile of highly radioactive nuclear waste rep. Dan Marriott a Utah in opening debate on the Bill noted that spent fuel rods from commercial nuclear reactors alone account for 8,000 metric tons of waste now in Tern Pora re St Ora be a t i a it Sites. A we need a National waste repository and it be in place by the turn of the Century he said but. 11 National groups mostly environmental and anti nuclear called last week for the House to dump the Bill saying the pro posse is seriously flawed a the lame Duck session is not the time to write National nuclear waste policy a a said Brooks Yeager of the Sierra club a we see Way to reconcile a defective House Bill with an environmentally disastrous Senate Bill and come out with a Safe National nuclear waste the Bill before the House would establish a procedure and timetable for picking a permanent underground disposal site which would be undisturbed for the hundreds of years needed to Render the it Safe. Opponents say they want to support legislation for permanent disposal of the wastes but Are against provisions in the Bill for two types of interim storage of wastes until a permanent site is operating the first is temporary storage for used fuel rods now kept in Cooling Ponds at the reactor Sites. Utility companies say Power plants Are running out of room the Bill sets up an interim storage plan described As a last resort for reactors that need space but opponents say utilities Are Likely to make it preferred storage rather than spend the Money to expand existing Cooling Ponds the second Type of storage would provide Long term facilities As a Back up to permanent disposal these Sites could hold wastes for 50 to 100 years if the permanent site is delayed. Opponents argue however that the Bill requires less environmental scrutiny and fewer licensing safeguards for the interim Sites than a permanent employee found outside Hospital school and monday morning Are not the exciting activities for two seventh graders at Corbin Middle school. Mark Hen Delight left and Calvin Farris both 12-years-old, make the of the Day however by preparing class work during a third period Reading class. Staff photo by Dale Morton by Willie saw yers times Tribune staff writer Corbin police Are not ruling out foul play in the death monday of an employee of Southeastern Kentucky Baptist Hospital Bill Doolin jr., 21, of 1014 Crest Street was found dead at approximately 7 30 . Near an overturned garbage can and several oxygen tanks on an outside loading Dock at the Hospital. According to Corbin police Doolin told friends and fellow workers that he had slipped and fell on Concrete Steps outside the Hospital shortly after Midnight. Two London women who knew Doolin said he came in holding the Back of his head and complaining of dizziness he had a Large bump on the Back of his head the women said Doolin refused to go to the emergency room to have the bump checked. He continued to work through the morning hours. He was last seen alive in the Hospital cafeteria at about. 6 30 . Bill Brooks a Hospital employee found Doolin s body when he unlocked the door to the loading Dock. Corbin police Are theorizing that Dooling a alleged fall May have ruptured a blood vessel in his brain which eventually killed him. A rays taken at the Hospital monday were not conclusive. His body has been taken to Louisville for an autopsy Whitley county Coroner Carl Paul said there was a Small Gash on Doolin Quot a Elbow but other injury to suggest a fall from the top of the loading Dock As first suspected but officer Harris Stewart who is handling the investigation said he is not ruling out foul play Doolin had thick Oil or grease on the Back of his head. But Stewart said Oil or grease was found w Here Doolin said he fell. Another reason police Aren t ruling out foul play is because Doolin said he was looking for the Hospital Security guard shortly after he fell. Linda Holly and Ruth Eldridge of London who were visiting relatives in the Hospital and knew Doolin were the first to see him after he fell a we were up in the waiting room when Bill came through the door holding his head a mrs. Eldridge said we noticed something wrong with him. Doolin told the women that he had missed a couple of Steps and slipped and fell on the stairway leading to the doctor s parking lot near the emergency room Entrance Holly said she Felt the Large bump on the Back of his head and urged him to go to the emergency room. Doolin said he was looking for the Security guard mrs. Holly said the Security guard. Bill . Said he talked with Doolin shortly after 3 . A the seemed Okay to me a Cunnagin said. A the w As rubbing his head and right shoulder he told me he slipped and fell while running Down the Doolin did t say anything about getting into a fight or anything out of the Ordinary Cunnagin said and other employees became concerned when Doolin failed to Check out at 7 . Cunnagin was to have taken him Home. A Hospital wide search began for continued to Page a 1�soviets will talk if my plan approved Weinberger says Washington api a defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger says if Congress rejects the my missile plan the soviets will have a incentives to negotiate seriously with the United states Over weapon reductions. A a there a incentive for them to be in Geneva if they Don t have something to gain from it. If we done to have a credible. Plan of maintaining an effective deterrent a Weinberger said sunday in an interview on abcs a this week with David however the new York times reported in today a editions that a congressional budget office study concluded the my would make a a relatively Small contribution to . Strategic Caparbi 1 cities. The budget office said in a report to House budget committee chairman James r. Jones d-okla., that it could not judge whether the a dense pack plan of Basing the missile would work the times said. But the newspaper quoted the report As saying a even if closely spaced Basing works and the my survives in substantial numbers the percentage contribution to United tates strategic capabilities would be the co measured those capabilities in total warheads and warheads that could hit such a a hardened soviet targets As missile silos and command bunkers the newspaper said. The times quoted the study As saying that when All the elements of the administrations program to improve . Nuclear forces Are in place in 1986 a the contribution of the my would Range from about 5 percent to about 13 sen. Ernest Hollines dsc., a member of the appropriations subcommittee on defense predicted on the Abc program that the new Congress taking office in january will not approve the my. Hoi Lings said the air Force has been using a a full Point press to get the my approved during lame Duck session before the newly elected and less Sam pathetic Congress convenes. Sen Henry m Jackson d-wash., appearing on cd so meet the press a said the a dense pack Basing plan for the missile announced last Flash fire in my rockets test Shaft kills four men Tullahoma term. Apr recovery Crews were pumping thousands of Gallons of Crater out of an my rocket test Shaft today to uncover the bodies of three of the four men who died in an a instantaneous Quot Flash fire an air Force spokesman said the remains of the fourth victim were removed sunday from the 250-foot Concrete Shaft by Crews wearing oxygen packs said. Sgt. John Blackburn. The four men. Were killed and 16 others were injured saturday evening As civilian contractors tried to remove debris and solid fuel left in the Shaft by a second stage my missile engine that exploded during testing nov. 17. The sudden fire at the Arnold. Engineering development Center facility May have been ignited by the volatile fuel Blackburn said nine feet or about 750 000 Gallons of water that helped put out saturdays fire covered the floor of the Shaft when the pumping began shortly after Midnight Blackburn said. The water concealed the bodies of three employees of Aero Jet strategic propulsion co., a defense contractor based in Sacramento Calif. The body of John p. Sipe was found higher up the Shaft which is a steel reinforced underground Concrete test facility Blackburn said. Id been working about 70 Leet above the boor when the fire broke out about 6 . Saturday said Brig. Gen. Kenneth r. Johnson commander of Arnold. Quot it was an instantaneous Flash with tremendous heat Johnson said. A there be any Way they could have survived that Flash it went off like a Sparkler with tremendous heat and Energy. A Aero Jet identified its dead employees As Dona j. Roy jr., 57, a rocket test technician from fair Oaks l Tauscher. 49, a senior test Engineer of Roseville Calif., and Arthur Totten 48, a rocket test technician of Citrus Heights Calif., All Sacramento suburbs. Sipe about 50, of Manchester Tenn. W As an employee of Sverdrup technology inc. Of tul Lahoma. Fourteen of the civilian employees injured saturday were released after treatment at a Center infirmary. Two others fireman David Harmon and Security officer Luther Cross both employed by pan am world services which provides Security and food at the Center were overcome by . From the Blaze. Harmon was released following treatment at Hart a memorial Hospital in Tullahoma Cross was in stable condition Early today. The nov. 17 Accident which destroyed the my missile engine caused injuries. It was made Public wednesday. Officials did not know for sure whether saturday s fire consumed All of the solid fuel left from the Accident but the test Shaft was considered at a a. Very Low danger level when pumping began Blackburn said Arnold a 41,000-acre site about 60 Miles Southeast of Nashville is the largest propulsion and aerodynamics testing Center in the nation the fire occurred in a Concrete Shaft known As the j-4 test cell w Here the four stage my missile has been Days a til Christmas Cloudy this morning with a mixture of Sun and Clouds this afternoon. Highs in the mid to upper 50s Southwest winds 10 to 15mph. Tonight partly Cloudy with lows in the mid 30s Light South West winds. Tuesday partly sunny and mild highs in the upper 50s Southwest winds 5 to 10mph. Concert Joe Bennett and Bill barrel nationally known preachers and recording artists will be in concert at 7 . Wednesday december 1, at the Community Christian Church on 5th Street London across from sue Bennett College. Workshop Southeastern Kentucky Baptist Hospital will present a continuing education workshop for nurses entitled a neurological trauma and assessment on saturday december 4. At the Quality inn restaurant. Kathy Berlin r.m., m.s., . From Eastern Kentucky University will be the presenter. For information Contact Naomi Thomas. R n., by calling 606 it 528-1212, ext. 566. Tri county deaths Myrtle Terrell Gilbert Barton. Judy beavers Richard Hammons Loretta Martin Charles Booker Edna Tye. Jake Leach Mae Powers. Ear Humfleet Rose Cunnigan Daniel Brown monday by president Reagan faces a Quot a deep trouble in Congress. Jackson a member of the armed services committee said he would vote to produce the weapon despite his misgivings about the deployment system he said he would a Reserve judgment on whether the deployment system should be pursued. Hollings criticized the adult continued to Page 11, Nixon tapes to be played Washington apr the supreme court today cleared the Way for the eventual Public playing of Tapie recordings covering 21 years of president Nixon a conversations in the Oval office the court without comment let stand a decision that Nixon a non watergate tapes be made Public possibly at regional listening centers throughout the country officials say the tapes perhaps several thousand hours Worth will not be ready for Public listening until 1984 at the earliest. About 1212 hours of tapes relating to the watergate scandal that drove Nixon from office in 1974 already Are available for Public listening in Washington. They Are not in dispute in the Case acted on today the latest controversy covers 4,000 hours of tape recordings unrelated to watergate the Federal appeals court in Washington last March allowed the playing of the tapes for the Public except those dealing with private matters and those exempted by a a execute i be Privi lege. A

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