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Corbin Times Tribune Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 4

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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, Corbin, Kentucky Simpa set bump an Independent Community newspaper James l Crawford publisher / editor John l. Crawford publisher emeritus James o. Crawford co publisher 1q.w 1977 accounting manager Carol Parks advertising manager Don Smith circulation mgr. Joe Hardwick managing editor Mike Goss production manager Pau Heaton Page four Friday May 20,1983 ref in Gulf not Likely to succeed commentary by Robert Walters imported slightly More than 5 million barrels of crude Oil daily a decline of almost 43 percent from the 1977 total and Only about 15 percent of that came from persian Gulf nations. Indeed Mexico last year supplanted saudi Arabia As the to runs leading exporter of Oil to the United states. I St of two related columns Washington Nea a conventional Wisdom holds that generals invariably prepare to ight the last War rather Qian the next conflict but it. Gen. Robert c Kingston apparently is oblivious to the implications of aphorism. On a regional basis Africa notably my Algeria exported As much crude Egeria Libya and �19�3 Wrt Wyo Fatm that the commanding officer of the . Central command popularly known As the rapid a Layment Force Kingston is busily preparing to a defend this country a strategic interests in the persian Gulf the source of much of the worlds crude Oil. But Kingston and the strategic planners at the defense department either Are unfamiliar with or have chosen to ignore the fact that the United states no l higer is dependent upon the persian Gulf for its Petroleum. In 17, when the ref was first proposed this country imported a record setting 8.8 million barrels of Oil daily including 1.4 million barrels daily from saudi Arabia and another 1 million barrels daily from Iran. Iraq Kuwait. Oman Qatar and the United Arab emirates originally envisioned As a relatively modest Force of 100,000 troops the size of the ref doubled to 200.000 by 1981. Now it has doubled again to More than 400,000 and prob la will grow to a troop strength of almost 500,000. But while the ref was burgeoning into a massive military organization and devising elaborate plans to repel a hypothetical Viet invasion of the persian Gulf the strategic importance of that Region diminished markedly the United states last year Tell the paper your complaint do you have a complaint or problem but you done to want to become publicly involved now there a a Way to vent your frustration wite Down the facts and mail them to us the letters done to have to be signed they wont be published but one of our reporters will ask questions and perhaps find answers for you. In a her words we re looking for Lead to stories it can be about any Type of information you May have. We can to guarantee results. We May never w Able to pin Down the facts in a form suitable for publication but we wont Back away from any Lead mail your information to times Tribune p of Box 516, Corbin ky., 40701, Oil to this country As did the persian Gulf while latin America particular Mexico and Venezuela accounted for More exports than both of those regions combined. Although 85 percent at All imported Oil now comes from other areas of the world the defense a it my it is pouring billions of dollars into the ref a to assure continued Access to persian Gulf Oil and to prevent the soviets from a ring political military control the persian Gulf remains an important source of crude Oil for Many nations especially Japan which imports almost 75 percent of its Petroleum from that Region and has replaced this country As the leading trading partner with every Oil producing country except Bahrain where it ranks second. West Cie Many great Britain. France and other european nations also remain heavily dependent upon the persian Gulf for Oil imports. But like Japan none of those nations Are tic pants in the ref buildup. Par or support bases Are planned Egypt Oman Bahrain Ilia Kenya Diego Garcia and but ref for Somalia the azores. But or William o. Beeman a Middle East expert on the faculty of Brown University suggests that a substantial . Military presence in Many of those countries could precipitate precisely the political instability the ref is surf posed to suppress. The Lan Egypt Cre singly Uneas in government y about an Alliance with the United states which has isolated it from much of the Arab world is seriously considering renewing diplomatic relations with the soviet Union. Oman has a corrupt government ruled by an absolute Monarch. Its unique military Alliance with this country already a has earned the outright contempt of the majority of Arab governments a a Beeman notes Bahrain has established itself As the regions banking and financial Center an ref presence there could a serve to destabilize a delicately balanced a government and produce a fiscal disarray throughout the Middle East warns Beeman. Notwithstanding those problems Kingston and Nis supervisors presumably believe they can bring peace and stability to one of the worlds most sensitive and volatile a ions with a massive Force of aircraft carriers intercontinental bombers and tactical nuclear weapons its not Likely to work. 19s3bynea inc another thing the arms race seems to have sparked renewed interest in religion. A a making fun of Bulver by Hugh a. Mulligan a a in be narrowed my Choice Down to either Reagan or Cranston a they look like the Best bets for Short inflation nothing but a whimper a special correspondent Reg Enfield Conn. Apr the Bulwer Lytton award for the Best bad writing in the world has gone to a 38 year old technical writer from san Francisco named Gail Cain whose winning Effort does no to hardly seem horrid enough. Mulligans Stew in the contest dreamed up by Scott Rice an English professor at san Jose state this years 6,000 entrants j had to devise an atrocious opening a sentence to the Louliest novel a by John Cunniff up business analyst new York apr some of the a business analyst Best news about the recovery involves an old Nemesis that barely has made its pre Soice known. Inflation roaring ogre of the decade and a half past is whimpering in its Den. Not since july 1981 has there been a month in which the annualized consumer inflation rate has been in the double digits and the rate for the first three months of the year has been Only 0.4 percent. You must Burrow 18 years into the records before finding a first Quarter rate that Low and it Isnit Likely to be revised away. A pattern seems established confirmed by other inflation measures. Producer prices for example have declined too. After moving a Mere 0.1 percent higher in february the annual rate fell by the same amount in la the March Anc april. Various indicators suggest that the inflation rate will stay Low into summer at least. A Survey by the National federation of Independent business found that Only 185 of 2,176 responding companies plan to raise prices during the May july period the lowest percentage since the Survey was begun in 1973. Business Mirror the Survey conducted in april found that 17 percent of the companies Cut their average Selling prices in the first Quarter of the year and that 4 percent of companies still have plans to Cut. A there appear to be no pressures on prices from the Small business said professors William Dunkelberg and Jonathan Scott who devised the Survey and Analysed results. Several reasons Are cited for the Price weakness among them a tie decline of Energy prices which in turn lowered operating costs for most businesses. Gasoline prices in March fell to a level 17.4 percent below their 1981 Peak. A tie recession which threw millions out of work and reduced usage of Industrial capacity to less than 70 percent. It is Back Over 70 again a the drop in interest rates a symptom and cause of higher prices. A restraint by both Consumers and business. A labor restraint in wage negotiations. A production efficiencies induced by the downturn. Since some of these factors Are now weak King Many economists feel that prices will begin to move up by late in the year. Epic with Quot it was a dark and Stormy Cain was Able to raise the ghost of. Bulwer with this entry a the Camel died i site suddenly on the second Day and Salina fretted sulkily and buffing her already impeccable nails a not for the first time since the journey began a pondered snidely if this would dissolve into a Vignette of minor inconvenience like All other holidays spent with Isnit Lousy enough off sentence prompt me to actually that opening to Proi swear off browsing through paperbacks at Airport Newsstands. A Holiday with Basil Salina and a dead Camel sounds rather like fun. Endorsing of candidates changed by Bill Sternberg times Tribune Washington Bureau Washington a responding to complaints from members and from Capitol Hill the . Chamber of Commerce has changed its controversial procedure for endorsing congressional candidates. The old procedure prompted complaints that the chamber the biggest and richest business lobby had become an Extension of the publican party. newly adopted policy appears designed to give More recognition to conservative democrats and to offend fewer congressional incumbents. Under the old system the chamber issued periodic a Opportunity race reports during the Campaign year highlighting close races in which one of the candidates was deemed to be More pro business. These Opportunity race reports often resembled a hit lists of democrats who opposed president Reagan s economic program. The Opportunity race report issued last sept. 7, for example endorsed 98 republicans and one democrats the Democrat was running against another Democrat in a primary under the old system a it looked like you were supporting a Republican slate a Edwin d Dodd the new chamber Board chairman said recently. A we were not highlighting democrats who were our Good a this is not a partisan organization a Dodd added. A we done to want to leave that impression. We must work to assure that we done to according to an internal chamber report these Are the major changes in the groups procedures a the Opportunity race concept used since 1977, is being dumped in favor of an a endorsement a approach. A candidates will no longer be targeted for defeat and other a negative references will be eliminated. A incumbents who vote with the chamber at least 70 percent of the time will automatically be endorsed regardless of their opponents. The endorsement will be continent on the support of local chamber members. A local members will be polled in ail races where the chamber has proposed backing the challenger rather than the incumbent. A the chamber a Board of directors will have a sharply increased role in the endorsement process Neil s Newhouse the chamber a director of political affairs and a former Republican party operative said the net effect of the changes is that the chamber will not be getting involved in As Many races against incumbents. Newhouse maintained that the overhaul was the result of complaints from local members not pressure from Capitol Hill. Several members of Congress have said however that the chamber a endorsement process was costing it credibility on Capitol Hill. At a recent dinner of the Kansas association of Commerce and Industry rep. Dan Glickman a Kan said some democrats wont even listen to the chamber because they feel they have no Chance of winning the groups support. Sen. Robert Dole a Kan asserted that the nations largest business federation has been taken Over by its professional staff headed by president Richard l. Lesher Lesher a devoted advocate of Reagan a tax and budget cuts has been the driving Force behind the chamber a aggressive Campaign involvement. Lesher has served As chairman of the National chamber Alliance for politics the organizations political Arm. Cap does not provide direct financial Aid to candidates but dozens of business political action committees pics use its endorsements As a guide to Campaign giving thus an Cap endorsement can mean tens of thousands of dollars in contributions for a chosen candidate. The chamber Alliance says it scored a 60 percent win record in 1978, a 70 percent win record in 1980, and a 45 percent win record in 1982. I suppose at heart i just resent people being beastly to Bulwer but Hen they always have been going All the Way Back to William tha Aeray. Bulwer Lytton a or to give him Bis full name Edward Lytton Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton As he sometimes signed himself a wrote a famous novel a the last Days of Pompeii a and a hit play a a Richelieu and occupies a full Page in Bartlett a familiar quotations. He penned memorable lines like a the pen is mightier than the sword and a rank is a great Beautifier and a in the lexicon of youth. There is no such word As and yet people Are always making fun of him. Poor Bulwer. After suffering the slings of Thackeray a outrageous satire his Fame now rests on a Pedestal of the worlds most Leaden prose. In bullish imitation of Bulwer Thackeray wrote of love truth labyrinth of life and reverence for the Bank in the life of a grocer who passionately exclaims to his True love a figs pall but of the Beautiful never does figs rot but of the truthful is eternal i was bom lady to grapple with the lofty and the creative writing teachers used to say that the most arresting opening lines for a novel should real with crime sex religion or the aristocracy or better still All four. This was always cited As the classic opening gambit a a my Iod a cried the Duchess reaching for her gun a take your hands off my if Reagan is out Bush has head Start by James associated press writer Washington a while waiting to decide whether to run for a second term a or to announce a decision already made a president Reagan is doing All he can to ensure that George Bush has a head Start on any Competition if another Reagan Campaign is ruled out. Reagan and his vice president walked into the White House on Jan. 20, 1981, As strangers following a bitter primary Campaign in which Bush held out until the very end to concede to the Reagan machine. But Over the past 2 years there has been no sign that the Animos of the 1980 Campaign for the iop presidential nomination has had any spillover onto their Days in the White House. Of course there is no word about whether the president will seek a second term. He appears to be laying a foundation for running again dropping Broad hints about needing More time to finish his Job his aides All say they think he will run. But he has said nothing that would be difficult to Swallow if he announces next october that one term is enough. And in recent Days the president is White House taking All the right Steps to make sure that if he does not run for re election his vice president can take advantage of the administrations incumbency. The president has twice said that Bush is his Only Choice for a running mate. He has sent Bush around the country to Campaign for republicans and around the world to represent the administration. Bush has been collecting Lous from gop candidates around the country and has travelled 351,791 Miles As vice president. Last Winter he completed a Mission to soothe european fears about the presidents arms control by lilies. An Extension of that trip to retain and Scandinavia is in the works for june and july. Such a trip cannot but help put Bush in a statesman a role that would give him a 1-up on Competition for be gop nomination. Still this is not to say that Reagan is out and Bush is in. A a in a so convinced the president is running for re election that i done to see any scenario that has him setting Bush up a said one Republican strategist but he added a if for any reason Reagan falters. Bush is the Odds on meanwhile the president continues to do All the right things for a no declared candidate. On Friday he is spiking to cuban americans in Miami a key constituent group in vote Rich Florida. For saturday hell travel to South Orange n.j., with a visit to roman cat Mic Seton Hall University providing an Opportunity to talk about tuition tax credits. At every Chance he gets the president seems to be dropping hints about his plans a or at least making a Light of the decision he is facing. This week the 72-year-old Reagan was talking with a grim of corporate executives about the my missile and the need to replace older weapons. A a we be begun retiring our Titan icbms because of their age a he said pausing and then adding a a done to think what in a veto threat a sign of Reagan Campaign by Walter r. Mears a sped Winston a Cal correspond sent president Reagan has posted a pair of veto threats As evidence that he Means to stand up for the people against the taxes and spenders in Congress he Hasni to said he a running for re elect i but it would fit As a Campaign theme and like any careful politician the president picks his spots. So he has started hoisting Down an earlier veto vow Given the likelihood that confess would override that one no Eagan once said flatly that he anyhow. R would Reto any Bill repealing the Law that requires the withholding of income taxes from interest and Viend income beginning july 1. The House voted tuesday to do Jit that by a margin of 332 to 41. A Senate earlier had adopted what passed for a Compromise a guaranteeing that there would be no withholding before mid-1%7, but tightening reporting requirements and penalties in an Effort to reclaim me $4 billion to $5 billion in taxes that now go unpaid both margins were far greater Washington today than the two thirds required to override a veto and when the question came up at his news con Terence tuesday night Reagan chose caution he say whether the veto threat stands a Bause i understand that there is some talk of a something or other of a Compromise in it and in a going to wait and see what they come up with there of the Hill. A the Compromise would not preserve the withholding requirement. It would tighten reporting requirements and penalties against tax yers who cheat. But accepting it would avoid what probably is a no win fight for the White House. The withholding provision was part of the big tax Bill Reagan accepted a year ago because of congressional insistence on action to Cut the budget deficit. Deficits expected to run in the $200 billion Range Are no less a problem in the current Senate stalemate Over a new budget. And some of Reagan a fellow republicans among them sen. Pete v. Domenici of new Mexico chairman of the budget committee Are talking of tax increases bigger than Reagan wants. In his own budget the president recommended tax changes to raise $2.3 billion in additional Revenue in 1984, and $4.4 billion in 1985. He has amp m of invt Kut Ieuv Iii vol Allut c. The House adopted a budget tha would have required $30 Bulion it since agreed to increases that would raise a bit More but not much More. That in new Revenue available Only by scraping the income tax Cut that is due july 1. But the president wont stand for that and it is not a realistic Prospect a i will not support a budget Resolution that raises taxes while we Are coming out of a recession a Reagan told the news conference. A i will veto any tax Bill that would do that does no to leave much room for further Compromise to get a Buet Resolution throw the Republican Senate let Al in the House. But Reagan said he had tried Compromise to no Avail. The government Isnit going to run out of Money for Lack of a budget Resolution. The Congressi Ial budget sets ceilings appropriations provide the funds. By

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