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Corbin Times Tribune Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 1

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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Corbin, Kentucky Í0rbttt a in Burn Cumberland Falls vol. 82 number 112 Corbin Kentucky sunday morning May 12, 1974 16 pages today 15 cents a copy Raveling by John l. Crawford i Bible thought for ihv8 cause Mas the gospel preached also to them that Are dead that they might be judged according to men in the flesh but live according to god in the spirit i Peter 4 6 this sunday we observe mothers Day. In this cynical Day in which we live we find some people who would tarnish motherhood just As they would destroy most of the Lovely ideals that Many of us hold most dear. There Are those who sneer at any hint of sentiment. But they Are the poor ones of this Good Earth. They live Barren lives. It is not for them to dwell upon Sweet memories. And thus they will miss the pleasure and the thrill of observing again mothers Day. The Home is the foundation of civilization and a Mother is the Keystone of the Structure of a Home. Of course we realize that not every woman who has had a child is a True Mother. Nor does a woman necessarily have to Bear children to be a True Mother. Some of the greatest mothers the world has Ever known have reared children they did not produce. Mothers god bless them All Battle Nixon fights for political life just clowning around this colourfully Clad gentleman a takes five Between shows at the Barnum amp Bailey and Ringling Brothers circus in new York with a few of his larger co workers. By Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a battling for his political life president Nixon was bound for a Campus appearance in Oklahoma tonight As a top aide suggested resignation might eventually be considered if it would help the country. As a mounting chorus of congressional republicans called on Nixon to consider stepping aside because of his watergate problems the presidents wife Pat relayed word through an assistant Friday that a she feels its too bad the Republican leadership is coming out and saying these things because its harmful to the she also said she feels her husband a will not resign Shou Dnn to resign and has never considered the situation in Washington prompted White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler to Call the new York times Friday and Issue a Strong denial that Nixon would resign. A the City of Washington is full of rumours. All that have been presented to me today Are false and the one that Heads the list is the one that says president Nixon intends to re Dairy leaders met at Louisville Airport i done to understand what has happened. 1 weigh the same As 20 years ago but i measure three inches More around the Waist. A Survey of workers in Gallia county Ohio by an assistant professor of Ohio University revealed that less than one third of the employees in that county lived within 15 Miles of their work. Almost half of All employees lived 15 to 29 Miles from their jobs. And i suspect that this condition exists to a Large degree in the Tri county area. Automobiles and Good roads have made it possible for people to travel considerable distances to their jobs without too much trouble and expense. This brings up the question As to what will happen if the fuel shortage gets As critical in this country As the experts Tell us it will. It will bring about Many changes and included in these will be the problem of resettlement of workers nearer their jobs or better modes of Public transportation. Garden club members were Given Kentucky coffe bean tree nuts Courtesy William c. Johnstone recently at the state convention at Cumberland Falls. I planted ours in the backyard to take the place of a Cherry tree that has about run its course. Trees have always had a fascination to me. As a youngster i worried because dad was having us Clear a Woodland Back of our House. I wanted it to remain a natural Forest. I like Trees around the House. That a one reason we have two red june Apple Trees in the i continued to Page by Brux is Jackson associated press writer Washington a within hours of talking with president Nixon about milk Price supports in 1971, some Dairy cooperative leaders tried to raise a Quick $300,000 for Nixon a Campaign acc a Ding to secret Senate testimony. D. Paul adagio former executive director of dairymen inc., said officials of two sister Dairy cooperatives asked him for the Money in a pre Dawn Airport meeting March 24,1971. Alagia said he refused the request on grounds his cooperative did no to have the Money but his group did give $25,000 to Nixon later the same Day. The next Day March 25, the administration raised milk Price supports by 27 cents per hundredweight adding hundreds of millions of dollars to the income of Dairy Farmers. Warmer tonight with thundershowers becoming More Likely tonight. Low tonight near 60. Showers ending followed by decreasing cloudiness and cooler sunday. Highs in the 60s. Outlook for monday fair and mild. Probabilities of measurable precipitation 80 per cent tonight and 30 per cent sunday. Informed sources said that the Senate watergate committees chief milk fund investigator assistant chief counsel David Dorsen told members of the committee late this week that Alagia a testimony tends to support allegations that milk prices were raised in return for a Promise of $2 million in Campaign donations from dairymen. Alagia in a Telephone interview confirmed the account of his testimony and added some details. On March 23 he and a number of other Dairy cooperative officials met at the White House with president Nixon. Milk prices were among the subjects discussed. After the dairymen left. President Nixon met with his top aides and ordered milk prices up the White House has said. It said Nixon knew that some of the men present had promised to give $2 million for his re election but denied that this influenced the presidents decision to raise prices. Alagia arrived at the Airport in his Hometown Louisville ky., about 4 . The next morning. There to meet him Good Hope Baptist starts revival a revival will begin at the Good Hope Baptist Church at 7 . Monday. The evangelist will be the Rev. A. S. Marsee. Were the top leaders of two other giant Dairy co Ops a associated milk producers inc., and mid America dairymen inc. The three Dairy co Ops Are the nations largest. Alagia said the others asked him to give $200,000 to $300,000 to the Nixon Campaign. He said he refused. Dairymen inc., did give $25,-000 to Nixon later that Day. That evening officials of the three big co Ops were Back in Washington to attend a Republican fundraising dinner. Nixon a decision to raise prices had not yet been publicly announced. After the dinner around mid continued to Page 12 state police Hove raided Laurel Home state police and Laurel county officials raided the Home of Steve Sizemore in Laurel county Friday night and confiscated a age Quantity Beer whiskey Vodka and wine. The amount consisted of 7,998 cans and bottles of Beer 192 half pints of whiskey 48 pints of whiskey 24 pints of Vodka and 12 fifths of wine. A warrant charging Sizemore with Possession of alcoholic beverages for the purpose of Sale has been issued but he has not been apprehended. Sign a the times quoted Ziegler As saying. A this attitude is one of determination that he will not be driven out of office by rum speculation excessive charges or the times further quoted Ziegler As saying. White House staff chief Alexander m. Haig or. Said in an interview he sees nothing now to prompt a Nixon resignation. But he acknowledged the president might consider that unprecedented step a if he thought that served the Best interests of the american continuing a travel studded personal Campaign to enlist Public support Nixon was to Fly to Oklahoma to address evening commencement exercises at Oklahoma state University a football stadium in Stillwater. A recent student poll indicated about half the Campus opposed the presidential visit. University authorities said they would bar hostile placards from the stadium. Nixon a Hope of gaining the initiative in his fight against possible impeachment received another serious blow Friday when conservative Republican sen. Milton Young of North Dakota Long a Nixon Stalwart urged that he turn Over the presidency to vice president Gerald r. Ford until the impeachment question is resolved. Under the 25th amendment to the Constitution Young said Nixon later could reclaim the presidency should the House vote against impeachment or the Senate acquit him after a formal trial. Ford met with Nixon for an hour Friday morning and at a later news conference at Buffalo n.y., said a i certainly could infer from everything he told me that resignation is not being considered. Haig was asked if he could Forsee any circumstances under which the president might resign. He replied a i think the Only thing that would tempt resignation on the part of the president would be if he thought that served the Best interests of the american people. A at this juncture i Dwitt see anything on the horizon which would meet that criteria. Admittedly that a a subjective View on my part and i think it is one the president shares very earlier Friday sen. Richard Schweiker r-pa., who has frequently differed with Nixon called for Nixon a resignation saying the presidential transcripts a reveal a total disregard for the moral and ethical values upon which this nation was Consumers Don t get food Price declines possibly the first . Ambassador to be named to East Germany May be former senator from Kentucky John Sherman Cooper. The 73-year-old Republican has served As . Ambassador to India and Nepal and is currently under consideration by president Nixon for that Post in an Effort to improve relations with the communist bloc nation. Washington a agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz says supermarkets should be lowering their prices but administration economic advisers say not to expect it. A Farmers have taken a major adjustment in Price in the last several weeks. Prices of major farm commodities have dropped 20 to 40 per cent since january and february a Butz said in a statement Friday. A it is High time that these lower farm prices show up More fully in lower retail store prices. While food prices at stores have levelled off some margins Are still higher than Normal a he said. However president Nixon a chief economic adviser indicated that food prices will continue to Rise the remainder of the year although at a slower rate. Or. Herbert Stein chairman of the Council of economic advisers said a retail food Price increases which accounted for about one third of the 12.2 per cent Rise in the consumer Price Index in the first Quarter should slow substantially in the april june and or. Gary l. Seevers a member of the Council said a we done to expect food prices to fall this year. Any reactions in the Price of individual food items should be Felt now if they come at All he added. Stein said the slowdown in food Price increases should offset an expected Rise in prices of goods other than fuel and food and result in a a rate of inflation substantially below recent even so said Stein a a we re not painting a very Rosy he said the administration now feels inflation for the year will be about 7 per cent an increase of 1 per cent Over earlier estimates. Lynn Camp Gray hold registration registration will be held at Lynn Camp and Gray schools Friday May 17, from 9 . To 2 . For children entering school for the first time. A birth certificate and a record of immunization is needed for registration. A child must be six years old before january 1, 1975. This will be the Only Day for registration. Prices of gasoline and electricity will continue climbing but not As quickly As they did in the first Quarter Stein told the Senate House economic subcommittee on consumer economics. Meanwhile another of the presidents economic advisers argued against any major cuts in next years budget. The speech in Cleveland by Roy l. Ash director of the of fice of management and budget revealed a Sharp dispute in the administration. Treasury Secretary William e. Simon has urged a deep budget Cut As a Means of fighting inflation. But Ash said current estimates of the budget deficit expected for next year Are within the Range of a proper non inflationary balance. Plants react to polygraphs by Evelyn August associated press writer Westland Mich. A anyone can talk to a Plant but not everyone will get an answer says a of All people a a Man who gives lie Detector tests. Detective Adam Kuryliw who operates a polygraph or lie Detector for the Wayne county sheriffs department says plants Are so sensitive they react when a human even thinks about cutting or burning them. Kuryliw 51, of nearby Garden a to uses a lie Detector to demonstrate his Point. He attaches the part of the machine normally used to measure a the is Lifee s meetings each sunday the Corbin times will announce the meetings of governmental agencies that Are scheduled for the following week. This is to serve As a reminder to citizens who May want to attend the meetings. Tuesday May 14 10 . Whitley county fiscal court in the county courtroom. 5 . Corbin City utilities commission at the main Street office deaths Ottis Hamlett sweat on a persons hand to the Leaf of a Plant. Plants give off water through their leaves but Kuryliw says the amount varies and this he said is where plants reaction to people is measured just As a humans reaction to questions in a lie Detector test. Kuryliw said a Philodendron borrowed from a nearby florists shop was left alone in a sunny spot and the Needle on the polygraph machine barely moved. But when the Plant was pinched or hit the Needle went crazy reacting As if it were recording a human in pain. The Philodendron was so sensitive to human communication it reacted wildly when a person nearby consciously thought about harming it Kuryliw said. One afternoon Kuryliw decided to use one of his wife a plants for an Experiment while she was out of the House. A i get a thing out of the Plant but when my wife walked in the Back door the Needle went wild a Kuryliw reported. A we got such a Good reaction i told her to ask it some Kuryliw said his wife asked the Plant if it wanted to be moved to either a bedroom or a nearby doorway and the Needle did no to move noticeably. But when she asked it if it wanted to be moved Over to the sliding Glass door a the Needle started jumping asked about Kuryliw a experiments Wayne state University biologist or. Chester t. Duda said he did no to know Why Plant behaviour a is different when different people come he said one theory is that one continued to Page 12 shattered. Young Nixon staffers see dreams destroyed by Ann Blackman associated press writer Washington a five years ago dozens of Young people flocked to the White House to serve president Nixon. They had supped on the readiness of the 1968 Campaign and were full of Energy ambition ideas and ideals. It had been As one of them put it a an extraordinary Vantage Point a a Chance to be involved in the highest Levels of government a tremendous career boost an ego trip beyond their wildest dreams. Today most have departed their Rose coloured vision shattered or shredding at the seams. And they Are bewildered saddened betrayed and con fused by the complexities surrounding the watergate scandal. And with the release of the transcripts it is soul searching time again More whats and whys and Hows. A you got so carried away in that place with a feeling of moral righteousness that its understandable some thought what they were doing was Good for the country a said one disillusioned former Nixon aide. A i found myself saying so Many times the bureaucracy Isnit going to help these people. In a going to help them with the Power of the White House. But it was illegal. Where do you draw the line a if you did it by the rules and regulations you a be there 25 years. We did no to have that time. So sometimes you a fudge and say a the president wants this even so the aide and most of his departed colleagues do not agree with Gordon Strachan the tall sad eyed Young Man who fought tears As he told the Senate watergate committee last summer that based on his experience at the White House he had this advice for Young people interested in government service a stay the White House often pointed out that almost one third of the presidents staff was 30 or under. In 1969 a reporter interviewed some of 30 White House aides with the title of staff assistant Deputy Secretary or research assistant. Today Only about a half dozen remain. John r. Price a former exec univ Secretary of the Urban affairs Council and special assistant to the president left the administration in 1971. Price now 35 and a vice president of manufacturers Trust co. In new York was interviewed after Reading the edited transcripts of Nixon a watergate conversations. A a it a very depressing there was not More leadership shown a he said. A the Only things that come out is the instinct for survival. A the supreme irony of the Nixon years was brought Home to me by a memorandum Dan Iel a Moynihan wrote to Nixon just before he was inaugurated. The Gist of it was that it was Nixon a task to restore Confidence and respect to the office of the presidency and american then Price added a it is time for the president to step aside in favor of vice president of the dozen former Nixon staffers interviewed All Between the Ages of 28 and 35, most said they left the White House with mixed emotions proud of having worked for the president of the United states sickened to see so Many of their colleagues facing indictments court trials and jail and relieved not to have been sucked into the Whirlpool themselves. Lee w. Huebner a former Nixon speechwriter offered these reflections on his five years in the White House a when i first came to Washington it was a great glittering Glam my Ous and exciting place. When i left it was sad and depressing. A everyone who remembers what it might have been is saddened it Hasni to turned out the Way we wanted it Huebner 33, now working for the Whitney communications corp. In new York said he finds it hard to talk about his feeling on sch King for the Nixon White House. The transcripts of the water Gate conversations Are in Huebner a View a one of the most depressing things in be read. People still have but of his experience in the White House Huebner insisted a it is an extraordinary Vantage Point. I feel Lucky to have had the Opportunity. I met a lot of Fine people there. I Learned a he smiled at the memory then Shook his head. He was disappointed he said that Nix i did no to take a More Active role in investigating the watergate scandal a from the Day after the break in we kept waiting for someone to raise the roof. I regret he did no to take a stronger continued to Page 12

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