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Corbin Times Tribune Newspaper Archives May 10 1986, Page 1

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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - May 10, 1986, Corbin, Kentucky Weekender end of an Era imm Murn a seepage 6 1 a so serving the Tri counties of Whitney Laurei and nox county Cumberland palls May 10 1986 16 pages today Voi. 93. No. 111 Corbin by. 25 per copy inside., Section a Gene 4 edttorialt.4 Lewie 4 Jamea Kilpatrick. 4 local 3 obltttarlee.page2 David 6 top 5 sports pages 6,7&8 2 Section b abby.page2b around town Page 2b Astrograph Page 4b birthdays.page2b bridge.p��e4b Church directory. Page so Clae slides pages6-7b comics.pags4b crosswords page4b weather saturday will be sunny with a around 80 and a Southeast allot Olymph. Tri county deaths Jordan Powers James Meadows Peru Childers Noda Vanderpool Hattie Marks. See Page two Cumberland College not a Good neighbor mayor wants College land on tax Rolls by Gene Cantrell. Or. Times Tribune managing editor Williamsburg mayor Donnie Witt says somewhere Down the Road the Kentucky general Assembly must consider the Impact that Church related tax exemptions have on the tax base of Small communities. A a in a not oms it sed to churches and pars images being kept off the tax Rous a a Witt said. A but Cumberland colleges real estate holdings in town have seriously diluted our tax base a a he said a and the end does no to appear in site. What they re doing is almost Akin to land grabbing in the old Homestead Days in Witt an Emido Yee of the Railroad said he did not oppose the donation of the old lamp a de i main Street Cumberland Rouege. We probably come have had it Amie after it a a he said of the to Cumberland Courgi we Proba had we Amie City. A but we can to afford to take care it at we be got now much less renovate that building. In a sure the College will make it attractive and put it to Good use a a Witt added. But my first impression is a Here we go another piece of into the colleges tax exempt holdings a a he said. Witt said he Wasny to sure what the Seaboard system paid in the form of City taxes but records at City Hall show that their holdings Are assessed at 8122,926. I to said that the Transfer of any amount of Railroad property to the College was a charitable one with Good intent. A the Point i am trying to make Here is that tax exemption for religious purposes is Good i just Thituc that it has gone Way beyond the intent of the Law Here. In a not necessarily saying that there is abuse or wrong Dong but just that it has to St a Witt said that while the College does no to pay property taxes it does provide the a guest payroll in town and its 2,100 i admits spend Money with local merchants everyday. A but a a he added a sometimes they just Arentt a Good Witt is particularly irked at what he said was the College administrations involve Moit in the recent City bid to impose a five per Oit Premium tax. A advisory Board members and other staff were told that if the tax passed the College would not pay it but Force each College employee to pay the tax on their hospitalization and life policies they had Hirough the school a wit said. A Atli at created a pretty hardcore lobbying Force against the tax a a he pointed out. Tie Williamsburg City Council refused to vote on the measure 10 Days ago. A they said it would Cost the College $32,000,�?T�?T Witt said. A i done to know about that but if it had we might have been Able to keep some of these City employees we Are having to Cut off and maybe we would my to be we ried about opening the swimming the mayor said the colleges real estate holdings inside the City had been estimated at $15 million. A in a town As Small As ours that is a big drunk a a he said. A and it seems like they Are buying property All the another City official said that while the College was a big plus to the local Economy they also pushed the Cost of City government skyward. A Twenty five percent of All police Calls Are Collie related a City Hall employee Saia thursday and much of our sewer expanse i is a result of the colleges growth. When our current system was built they had half the students they do now a a he said. A a Niere Isnit an immediate answer to this problem a a Witt said a but somewhere Down the line you be got v a Wib a a Tiibi am lamp a depot in Williamsburg noon to be College properly Railroad to give old depot to Cumberland College soon the old lamp a depot on main Street in. A a 1 become a part of to extended Campus Berland College. An official with Seaboard Railroad which merged with lamp no Tro firmed that a property Transfer is in the work. Of them dts colleges a a Thim of Iii o3l said his company is a Vita by interested in then sett improve in educational institutions i the Appalachia Centerra Nocial area. A your con a wants to assist in every Wiy possible tothe a Tennent of go huge. 5p9reiivenious. He said. And crafts a Lunae Winstead property to the to nay the fiddler. A table one with 5�?ztil then to the Williamsburg teacher in hot water Over strip search mayor said tiie City would Lay of More workers consider not opening the City Pool and curtailing other City services until avenues could be developed to generate More City funds. A when the Day Council refused to consid the Premium tax they Cut our noses off a College used some of their political clout to Block the tax Ana they done to pay property taxes. I done to think it is night. We re hurting and they could have helped us a a he said. Owensboro by. A an Owensboro school teacher May be disciplined for partially strip searching a class of boys a school official says. Rick Nash 42, apparently searched a physical education class at Owensboro Middle Schod after one of the boys reported $10 missing said associate superintendent Bill Dindler. Llie action violated Board policy on searching students a clearly show Sui lowing bad judgment a a said Iper intendant j. Frank Yeager. Yeager said he was deciding hat possible recourse he has to discipline the teacher. Because Nash has a contract Yeager cannot suspend him but the District could take action to dismiss him. After the Money was reported missing Nash took the students one by one to a separate room asked them to remove their shoes and socks and stretch out the elastic on their gym shorts Yeager said. When time got Short he began Searchi several students at a time. Board policy states that searches of possessions and a a Pat Down a of the student May be conducted privately under certain conditions and with a witness in event. Many parents have complained about Nash a action school officials fire chief concerned about Volunteer firefighting by David Perry names to Louiie Suff writer facing budgetary problems because of a loss of Revenue sharing Money Day administrators in Williamsburg have brought up the possibility 01 reverting to a Volunteer Are depart Mit to save Momy on salaries. Fire chief Sonny Prewitt has served in a Volunteer depart Mit Ossa Ity of revert. Williamsburg fire department As it stands. Our record stands for itself re match it against any town our size a a William Surg fire chief Sonny of Hewitt said thursday. New City Gage within too feet of the fire Hall nere. These things came and says that the possible Lii such a department in Ting to s Williams Buie wild Man a Diange in class Lacabon for the City and an increase in fire insurance premiums for the citizens. A i am very proud of the teen uses Snake to assault kids Durham . A a 14-year-old has been charged with a Mault with a deadly weapon after he Alli edly terrified 30 kindergarten and first Grade students at a bus Stop with a three foot Blacksnake authorities said. By the time the school bus arrived said Juv mile court Counselor Ken Cook there were no children to get i it. A they were All running Back Home scared a said Cook. A i pm it would have scared me a you Ulk about an uproar a a he a Aid. A it makes cold chills run Over you to think about those utile kids re bet none of them sleeps a Wink a Juvene pet Timi filed with the court said the teen am attempted to inflict serious injury with the Snake by placing it on the students. Although pack Snake Are not pc Yonous Cook said he was once bitten by one and a welled up a like a balloon a because of an Adverse reaction. Cook said a policeman even Tauy caught the teen Ager and threw the Snake into a Creek. A we have two empty lots and a thin 10 things i Boix when we had a Volunteer fire department a a Fth Ewitt said pointing to historic losses of an apartment building and a grocery on the courthouse Square. A your record of loss stands for itself. We lost Mie Structure saw a 50 it loss to another Structure and lost three trauers during last year. The House was the first one lost in a while a a Prewitt continued. A fall firemen take ride in this. We have Over $200,000 in equipment and our full time firemen go to two state schools each year. We Drill twice a month. We re assured of men arriving at a fire trained and on time a a Prewitt said. A a you be got to Reauzen that the four full time men and myself Are not just firemen. We Are also dispatchers. This saves the City some $36,000 per year because they would need a full time fire insurance rates would drastically increase should the City of Williamsburg revert to a Volunteer fire department. A we have 180 fire hydrants in the City that must be tested Almig with the three pumpers. Nothing would be done about lines and hydrants. We also paint and maintain these hydrants Prewitt explains. Flewitt worked six years and seven Days As a chief of a Volunteer depart Mit in Williamsburg. We had the personnel at the time in volunteers but had mily one truck. Now in my second tenure Here we Are blessed with Fine equipment and Fine personnel. To be a fireman you have to be dedicated and we have dedicated men. We have some Good volunteers but a to Litteer is just that. He does no to have to show. Some of the volunteers we have work other and can to guarantee they will be re when an alarm goes off a a he said. A full time firemen know they Are working for their living. Its his Kex Ead and butt. Today Pmj have to classify and test the pumper units. These men Are trained. The arrive fast to the scene and Are Able to give sound Safe advice to the pubic on fire safety because of that training and responsibility a a he is Quick to Pant out. Fireman Lawrence Hodge along with patrolmen Chuck Davis and Russell Jones have rec itly been operating heavy duty equipment for the City on the Brier Creek recreation 3omidex Develi Anent. A a these men take Pride in the town. I hate to see any of that damaged or Hurt by this recent develop Moit a a Prewitt said. A i Kivow the dec Isim is not mine but in masking the mayor and the City Council. In a begging to the cite hmm to Stop and think about what could be destroyed that has taken years to build up. I was bom and raised Here a a the 51 year old chief said. A a in a just trying to maintain the Quality of the department that we now have for the Benefit of the whole a we respond to a fire at a tar paper Shack with the same in i Urias we would at Cumberland College a a Prewitt said. A with a paid department we treat them All equal rate by so my re Litno injuries somehow there were no injuries when this compact car and Coal truck Cross paths Friday afternoon in Corbin. Neither Driver was injured according to a Corbin police dispatcher who said no Accident report had been Mai As of saturday morning. Sludge dump was not illegal Siler rules London by. A a . Environmental Protection Agency request for a court order to bar spreading of waste from a leather Tannery i a farm near Middlesboro has been rejected in Federal court in London. . District judge Eugene e. Siler or. Denied the Epa motion for a ten Horary restraining order on Friday Saemg the Agency failed to prove the a spousal method violated a consent decree that settled a government anti pollution suit against Middlesboro tanning cd it. And the City of Middlesboro. The Epa held that spreading of the sludge near two tributaries of Middle Sooro a yellow Creek violated an agreement by the Tannery not to dispose of the waste in the yellow Creek flood Plain. Government attorneys said the sludge contains chromium that could threaten water Quality. Hie Tannery argued that the sludge was harmless and was no briefly Hospital strikers to limit pickets Hazard by. A the United steelworkers Union have Speed to limit pickets to seven at Eadi of the four entrances to the Malachian regional Hospital at Hazard. In an agreement signed Friday by Hospital and Union representatives and Perry circuit judge Calvin Manis the Union also agreed not to Block the Mit Rances and n x to solicit Hora blowing by passing motorists in supp to m its strike against the arh Chain. Hie Union further agreed that no More than two members would approach Drivers of vehicles entering Hospital grounds to that Mcconnell fights for jobs corps being placed in the flood Plain area designated in the consent decree. Skier said the decision left the Way open for action by the state. A state waste management division official said the Tannery was permitted to Dis Pray of the waste in some areas Bix my aking the two yellow Creek tributaries. Peaceably request that they not enter and that Ilion me Mem a would stay off Hospital property unless seeking medical attention. The Union and Hospital agreed the Union members had a right to peacefully picket. The agreement was signed after Hospital and Union members met with the judge for an hour in his Chambers. Washington a Sens. Mitch Mcconnell r-ky., and Slade Gorton r-wash., have Primose using $30 million in Job corps Contr action funds to key open six train ii Cental around the country slated to close nov 1. Mcconnell Gorton and other senators sent a letter thursday to sen. Loudl Weicker r-conn., chairman of the appropriations subcommittee on lab health and Hainan services education and a rated agencies asking the subcommittee to Transfer the a obligated fund instead of shut Down the centers. On thursday the labor Depar Emmit announced that facilities in Missouri a Dahoma Colorado and Washington state As As the Frenchburg civilian Center in Mariba would be eliminated to conform with Gramm Rudman budget guidelines. A whue Law Secretary William Brocks efforts to save costs Are audible a a Mcconnell said in a news release a this intent to close these centers flies in the face of u congressional preference for a having savings without resorting to closing Oregon Well As

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