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Corbin Times Tribune Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 1

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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Corbin, Kentucky Knox Central dominate Fuge 10. 4, a Friday serving the Tri counties of Whitley Laurel and it nox county ky.0tm?a Cumberland Falls may9,1986 22 pages today vol. 93, no. No Corbin by. 25 per Cut spy inside a to nth it Burn today 2b 8 2b 8 8 8 4 for die 2 Lewis 4 James Kop Atrick Page 4 lifestyles pages 1-2b 2 10-12 3 9 2 Scott Wilson. Page 10 weather gear tonight. Low in the mid 50s. Light East wind. Sunny saturday. High around 80. Southeast wind 10 to 15 Mph. Tri county deaths Ernest Anders Noda Van Der pod Forster Mahan. See Page two Berry s world i say if we want to return to Power lets do it right a Corbin finally sees contract from Whitley school Board by Jill Lyttle Lewis times Tribune suit writer Corbin Board of education memo were finally presented with the rough draft of Whitley county Board of education a reciprocal agreement proposal during the boards regular meeting thursday. The Board did not take any action or comment on the proposal however since they did no to receive a copy until the meeting. We did no to Gri this until thursday afternoon a David Burton the boards Legal counsel said. A we need to take More time to review this proposal formulate our thou to and isre pare a formal pro pose Llie Board met in a 30-minute executive session to discuss the proposal with Burton and their other attorney David Stetson. Burton informed a of parents at the meeting that the Only new development in the Corbin Board of education a a school District tax Reform debate hinges on widely used loophole Washington a individual retirement accounts that newfound but widely used tax shelter for Middle America Are becoming the focus of Senate debate on a plan for overhauling the income tax system. A full month be we Senate floor action on the Bill is Likely two Republican members have introduced a Resolute ice that would put the lawmakers on record in favor of keeping fully deductible iras for Eveis Way a bin it a Wijma Iain a i get that president Reagan and Treasury department officials Are concerned about a provision in the overt aul Bill that would allow the full Ira tax i break Only of a workers who Are not eligible for company pension plans. Reagan telephoned sen. Bob Packwood r-ore., chief author of the Bill on thursday to congratulate him on the Effort and said he is generally satisfied with the plan. White House spokesman Larry Speakes told reporters. Packwood chairs the Senate finance committee. However Speakes declined to say whether Reagan Sui arts the anti Ira part of the Bill or another sensitive provision which would pre ment of individual capital gains. Reagan a own tax overhaul plan would retain a fully deductible $2,0 a it a year Ira for All workers and allow the same set aside for spouses who earn no wages. Nonworking spouses now Are limited to a tax deferred contribution of $250 a year. And rather than repealing the tax break for capital gains the president proposed to expand it so that inflation caused increases in the value of stocks and Otho assets would not be taxed. Senate drop socratic whip Alan Cranston of California attacked the finance committee Bill thursday on both issues and several others As Well As did sen. John Melcher a Mont. Their complaints and the Effort by Sens. Bill Roth r-del., and Alfonse do Amato r-n.y., to keep fully deductive iras marked a departure from Iri iat has been str Mig congressional Sun it for the Bill since it was approved by the committee on wednesday. Tras Are absolutely essential for working Middle income families a do Amato to colleagues have made it Possie for families o f Quot N.Y.modest Means to plan for the a iras Are just beginning to accomplish their goals a Roth said. A they have Only been in Dace effectively since 1882. But worse than the Absurdity of repealing a provision so Early is the signal it sends to Middle class savers. A if we were to in Dement savings incentives in the future a r said a who would believe us iras for All workers including those eligible for company pension plans were enacted As part of Reagan a tax Cut in 1981, to help take pressure off the social Security system and to increase incentives for saving. The investment Industry estimates about 28.5 million families have iras including about 20 million who Are covered by employer paid pensions. Majority Leader Bob Dole r-kan., plans to begin Senate floor actin on the tax Bill in Early june. He told Repis ters thursday that a a it a got so much zip right now we wont be Able to hold it up too the proposal is so popular he added that it could sail throw the Senate in two weeks. Fire hydrant testing will yellow water if you want to Wash White clothes or linens you had better Gri the Job Kyxie Over the weekend. Monday the Orun fire department will begin testing fire hydrants and the Wato m the Syston will probably assume a yellow Brown color which affects White clothing according to Corbin fire chief a Oie Rice. A we will be testing the lines for pressure and Flushing the system at diff Rait Points Over the next two to three weeks a Rice said thursday morning. A the water Ricks up Mill and rust from the old lines and will have a yellow to Brown color. It is Safe to drink but done to Wash White clothes in it a Rice Cautis. Residents might Check the water color by running some through a Kitchen sink faucet before attempting to Wash a Load of clothes. The firemen will be working in different areas of the City Over the remain a of the month of May. No definite schedule on the line work has been established. Rice said thursday. A David Perry explicit murder accounts released los Angeles a a drifter a Cluied in 15 a night stalker briefly killings claimed he took Phot Graj of himself next to the photographs bodies of his victims and gouged out the eyes of a woman according to newly released court documents. Richard Ramirez also boasted he was an unwatchable a super criminal who had killed 20 people in California and that he enjoyed watching Perale die. Sheriffs Deputy Jim Ellis quoted him As Saring. Would Rii oot them in the head and they would wiggle and squirm All Over the place and then just Stop or Cut them with a knife and watch their face turn real White a Ehlis quoted Ramirez As saying after his arrest aug. 31. Libya hit again conservatives lose Quot Washington a in another Jab at libyans Economy the Reagan administration is working on a in accounts released a to Liffick Essaw general elect Ini which mire. Angeles . Sis. $8,893. 30-35 Kentucky towns face drinking water shortages state says a Frankfort by. Apr although a dry surface Normal at Lexington in Central Kentucky Barley has been damaged extensively in the first four months of the year Bruj ought gripping the Southeast has thit Donald f. Harker director of the state and 96 percent of Normal at Louisville in. Just 6.47 inches of rain to Birmingha to embargo Petroleum products with libyan crude Oil in Europe and other lands. Stated rement officials said because of difficult technical questions including How such a ban would be Enfin ced a final decision on the embargo has not been made the officials said thursday speaking Only on condition they not be identified. But Robert b. Oakley head of the state department s counter terrorism Rifice said in open testimony Briore the Senate foreign relations committee on wednesday that the a ruined xxx Lucas ban is one of several new sanctions to be taken against Libya a before Church asks halt to police raids London apr prime minister Margaret thatchers conservatives suffered a series of Cru Riding electoral defeat losing control i More than two dozen local councils and a former parliamentary stronghold from prosperous Southern England through Industrial Wari Elands of the North and into parts i Scotland the conservatives were mauled in thursdays balloting mainly by the socialist labor party. Esq mansion proposal was the Whitley county proposed. A a we la be acting on this As soon As we be had time to look it Over a he said. Superintendent Louie Martin said a project to put All of the names of Pritim signatures on the c a neuter was almost come sete and approximately 900 names had been altered. The Whitley county reciprocal agreement proposal states that any students already attend it the Corbin a drools who live in Whitley county school District could continue to attend until graduation and any Brothers or Sisters of that student attending Cabin schools could also attend Corbin schools. The agr monent also states that no new students living in the Whitley in my school District could attend Corbin schools if they weren to enrolled in the 1986-87 school year at Corbin. There is no mention of tuition but the proposal is clearly marked rough draft. Before meeting in a second executive session to discuss personnel the Board voted to approve an easement for Delta Gas to put a gasoline to the new Hospital on school Board property near the High school and vocational school. The Board also approved roof replacement plans for the High school and restroom and stadium plan Sherman Carter and go tracts were awarded by the Board to Central school Sui in for duplicating paper supplies and instructional supplies for the 1986-87 school year. The 1986-87 school Calendar was api Ved by the Board with school with in service August 11 and ending May 15,1987. Plans submitted 1 architects 1 Barnhart. The tentative salary schedule for fess ional personnel for the 1966-87 school year was approved by the Board. The schedule includes a five percent increase in salary and for the first time includes an increase based on years taught up to 15 years instead Olio. The salaries Range from $12,395 the elections constituted the biggest test of opinion before the next general election which mrs. Thatcher now in her second five year term must Call by june 1988. Inns in Asir a ssh collecting weather Linlor Talion Cumberland College provides weather data by David Perry Totanes Trimm Suff writer a kind a Lenmon in a a Batter draft. Under Rio by skies it s 73 de Tom. The barometric pressure 11�?�?T from the Gumbert College weat Lier station in a Fiuren a yer the wend lets. Weather from Lexington or in in Corbin radio station wait heard the College had a Weiher station and Asia to be included in reports. Draper began reports to Watt once a Day at Neon. A radio station became interested in reports and in 1941 began running two Weathi water liar from Stem Kofl Deteky area. Tothe a chiment began running two reports per this year. A the radio a talons came to us and asked us for the information. It is really As easy As Reabing a ther. I have a scam i can use As in the report Al get stuck a gets local . �?~1he after the station Tiei Draper. 8. Sail the Benid crib Oil by took up the Miles the College sometimes Calls Regaro Ngethe Tempe a we Tai encourage said. Whom in touch with the station and he Dene save red and sports the temperature that a she a to la kind of fun when people say of ii you on Radut Lemakes me Gmo Draper said of her not Orient re Edith Community because reports from major comes or Somerset seem Remote. R is current information important to the Community we ther a a work Atu to reporting on the Risea several who help to deliver news releases throu9i the a of the Brown Rouse Iafrat Matlo offices Are. Is managing editor Tor a annl paper Ana writes news Babns in the fold in a Biddy area too ogee Tor the Conego in add Ion si5f% Wiktor the Depar me Learned Here. I enjoy it a she said. Peri teacher with 15 years experience. After a second lengthy executive for a rank v teacher with no sex Rienche to $24,205 for a rank 1 i expel i thy session the Board voted on several personnel items. The Board approved Dolly Hinkles resignation As custodian watchman at the High school and employed Larry Frazier to fill her position for the rest of the school year. The Board authorized the Ite Dent to write letters to the Lar program teachers giving them reasonable Assurance the would be emf Doyed in the so 1 the 1986-87 hey a program in the a school year. School secretaries were employed for the next school year with a five recent increase in their salaries. The secretaries were Gwen Witt Violet Selvy Marlene Smith Shirley Root and Jetta Upchurch. The Board voted to employ Sandra flow As Secretary bookkeeper at the Corbin Middle school with a five to cent salary increase. Continued to Page 2 illiterates Canh find work in by. Lexington by. A Kentucky a traditional industries of Coal and farming have progressed to a level that they require la Rowledge of computers Ana sophisticated machinery and workers must be Able to read the head of the Kentucky literacy commission says. A Kentucky s economic heritage used to be a Strong Back and willing to work a Jane Beshear told the Kentucky Extension homemakers conference thursday. A a it sri that Way mrs. Beshear said figures showed that 33.1 percent of the students did not graduate with their High school classes in 1984 a 29.2 percent for the 20 counties with the highest literacy and 39.7 for the 20 counties with the lowest. A it bothers me to see what these people Are going to do in the workforce the next 40 years a said mrs. Be Rinear wife of it. K v. Steve Beshear and a former schoolteacher in Woodford county. An $800,000 appropriation from the state legislature will help but mrs. Beshear said the state needs More volunteers to Woric in illiteracy programs and More contributions from the business sector if the problem is to be solved. A the Only Way to solve illiteracy is to match the magnitude of the problem with the same amount of Effort a she said. A there Are solutions to illiteracy but it is going to take a lot of work and a lot or kentuckians deciding they want to solve this mrs. Beshear said illiteracy touches All areas Ages and economic groups in the state. A some people believe its Only in the Eastern part of the state a she said. A Abri it sex pigs in the Western part the Urban areas Rural areas Black and White Young and old. No group is exem in our mrs. Beshear said 650,000 adults Over the age of 25 a about Oie third of the Adit population a have not gone past the eighth Grade. A and Lere Are a lot that v Ere Are a lot that went through the Isth Grade that can to read on a eighth Grade level a she said. A said 1983 statistics on Kentucky revealed a 20 counties with the highest rate of illiteracy had 56 percent of their population not getting past the eighth Grade compared to Only 22 percent for top 20 counties on the literacy scale. The state average is 31 percent. A tie unemployment rate for the Bottom 20 counties is 15.6 per Oit 9.5 for the leading 20 and 11.7 for the state. A the Tion below thu level a 34.9 percent in Thi Tom 20, 13.4 in the upper 20 while the state average is 17. A the top 20 had a per Capil income of $9,25l compared to $54j for the Low 20. The state average $8,893. Frankfort by. Of although drought griping the Southeast Hast hit Kentucky As hard As surrounding states officials say 30 to 35 communities in the Bluegrass state could face a i Portage of drinking water this summer if the trend continues. The drought is doctorate through most of the state severe in Southeastern Ken Northern Kent icky said Lyle Denny a meteorologist for the National weather Tucky but has had Little effect w far on Tern Florist f service in Washington . A right now the drought is being evidenced in the flow of streams and the Levels of the reservoirs a said Denny. A a it a also evidenced in very dry surface Donald f. Harker director of the state division of water said Cynthiana in Northern Koi Tucky and Franklin in Southern Kentucky Are time examples of cities with a his Twy of dry weather water pro Blons. Harker said communities with the a Miro River As a water source Are in Good shape but will eventually feel the Trouf Tot i effect if agriculture is severely hit Asih edited. In the three Kentucky cities where official rainfall measure cents Are taken for the Natiw Ial Reatho service rain Fau was 52 percent of Normal at Bowling Green also in Southern Kentucky 43 per Coit of Normal at Lexington in Central Kentucky and 96 percent of Normal at Louisville in Nort Central Koi Tucky said Brack Marquette a spokesman for Trie state natural resources and environmental Protection Cabinet. A you can Goier Alize that we be Only had about half the rainfall that we normally have at this time i year a Marquette said. A you couple that with the fact that we ended 1985 about 15 percent behind so the Barley has been damaged extensively in some areas. Tie 90-Day weather Outlook meanwhile is for above average temperatures and below average rainfall. But Kentuck problem afflict by is tin Gil ire a just on the fringe of a its Southan Neil bore. Iredle much situation in general does no to look too dry conditions and recent extremes in temperatures already Are causing promos with growth in the Cornfields and april showers barely Appeal of the South and much of the Region already was Short on rain. Lakes and Rivers have dropped traces Rymers could tie forced out of business because the Strain ii in some it ring water Kuroli and agriculture officials say some Farmers Ilie drought is wrecking Spring planting schedules. The first four months of the year brought just 6.47 inches of rain to Birmingham Ala. A 15.7 inches below Normal and the driest such period Ever recorded by the National weather service. Other record Low amounts for january throw april to e set in Jackson miss., with 7.37 inches and Atlanta with 7.96 inches. Southeastern Louisiana has had 3.38 inches of rain since March 1, giving that Region a Chance of breaking its March throw May record of 3.91 inches. Nashville tenn., has measured 6.66 inches of rain so far this year 12.81 inches below Normal. Rainfall is just 34 percent of Nomal in

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