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Corbin Times Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1990, Page 4

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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - March 17, 1990, Corbin, Kentucky 4 a the times Tribune to Emend edition March 17-18. 1890 Xiii listed h Oft he Pihun sewer the Tri counties your Community newspaper for 97 years editorial opinion Page Charles f. Mcvane publisher / editor jell l. Levis a Quot agg leg to Mike Cutrer c ecu Aon manage Ray Frye a Dos no Roo a Foi Eft san Mary f. White advert sing manage Tim Johnson accountant William Brafford press room Foreman braves Ernest p. Worrell both ugly getting used to names parents these Days seem to be shying away from Good Ole traditional names like Joe and John for boys and mar Frances and sue for girls. The Kentucky department for health services this week released its compilation of 20 most popular names for 1989 s babies. Topping the list for the third straight year were Joshua and Ashley. We can pretty Well adjust to the new popular names Erfy a Jason Jessica Elizabeth and Andrew. But More and More parents seem to take on the naming of a child As a creative Endeavor. Its those names that will take a Little getting used to. There re the colourful names like Aqua Green Ivory Golden and beige the spicy names of Curry a Ginger and Cinamon and some real animals in Bear Kitty Sable and Fawn. Then there Are those that May Lead one to believe parents May have been thinking of Home for some children were named the same As Kentucky counties including Grayson jessamine Robertson and Woodford. Think of some of the forms people have to fill out from time to time. Some May get their name mixed up with the county of residence. some Job applications May seem More like a recipe from Betty Crocker than a search for employment we would Lay Odds that 18 years from now a at certain unspecified High school graduations a when those names Are called out for students to walk up and receive their diplomas the la get quite a reaction from the audience. But in the words of William Shakespeare a hats in a name that which we Call a Rose by any other name would smell As by that same Token the Bard probably knew that roses have to Leam to spell their name and even if they did to be Isnit All that hard. Roses done to have to introduce themselves either and they re in no danger of drawing snickers like Ivory Golden Sable jessamine Jones would. A question of expectations the Paducah Sun it s unfair to attribute any failure to increase Black Nerdi ment and faculty representation at Kentucky s colleges and universities to bad Faith on the part of those making the Effort. The roots d Low Black academic numbers run much deeper than a school s affirmative action office. It starts in the pubic schools and to a degree its a question of expectations Tow Ard which the Home and peer groups also contribute. Finances Are also a major Factor As is the crucial matter of free mid visual Choice. The question no longer should be which University has enough Black instructors or administrators to meet an Aiti Foldal quota but whether Black professionals Are being closed off from jobs for which they Are qualified. Acting Murray state president James Booth pointed out that retention of Black what others say faculty members is a particular problem at mus. The Black enrolment Al Murray we As 4.6 percent in 1987 and the target is 6.2 put Ercell by a 1992. But More than pure student numbers. Or. Booth said there is concern Over Black graduation rates which will receive special attention. The number of Black College and University students statewide has been Al Host Flat since 1978, but in proportion to the state s population. The shortfall is not great. With stale Black popu Latum at about 7 percent Black Rodege enrolment is about 6 percent of the total. That s no cause for com place try but what must be recognized is that car flees and universities themselves can help the situation wily marginally the major Burden rests elsewhere. Today in history today is saturday March 17, the 76th Day of 19. There Are 289 Days left in the year. This is St. Patricks Day. On March 17. . 461. According to tradition. So Patrick the Patron Saint of Ireland a died in Saul. In 1776, British forces evacuated e3oston during the revolutionary War. In 1870, the Massachusetts legislature authorized the incur put ration of Wellesley female seminar. It later became Wellesley co Liege. In 1905, Eleanor Roosevelt married Franklin d. Roosevelt in it a York. In 1906, president Theodore Roosevelt used the term a a muckraker Quot in a speech to the Gridiron club in Washington. In 1910, the Camp fire girls organization was formed. It was nonnally presented to the Public two years later. In 1941, the National gallery of Art opened in Washington. In 1942. During world War ii. Gen. Douglas Macarthur arrived in Australia to become supreme commander of Allied forces in the Southwest Pacific theater. In 1950, 40 years ago. Scientists at the University of calf Oil Aat Berkeley announced they had created a new radioactive element. Which they named californium. In 1958. The . Navy launched the Vanguard 1 satellite. In 1966, a . Midget submarine located a missing Hydrogen Ixo Rob that had fallen from an american bomber into the Mediterranean off Spain. In 1969. Golda Meir became prime minister of Israel. Ten years ago Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan in an address to the Chicago Council on foreign relations. Called for lifting congressional restraints on presidential conduct of foreign policy and on Covert a Ulues of the Cla five years ago president Reagan travelled to Quebec City Canada for a meeting with prime minister Brian Mulroney that was nicknamed the Shamrock Summit because of the leaders Irish ancestries and the Date a St. Patrick s Day. One year ago the Senate unanimously confirmed Wyoming congressman Dick Cheney to be Secretary of defense following the of idled re it Mina Tion of former sen. John Tower. Today s birthdays actress Mercedes Mccambridge is 72. Ballet Star Rudolf Nureyev is 52. Singer songwriter John Sebas uan is 46. Actor Patrick do Fly is 41. Actor Kurt Russell is 39. Actress Lesley Anne Down is 36. Actor Rob la it we is 26. Thought for today Quot the Irish began to go to America the moment the door was opened. So that America has always been a Friend to the Irish people. when i went Over there a i never fell As if 1 were a foreigner at a Sean o Casey. Irish dramatist 1880 1964. Today a Bible verse Quot the lord shall reign for Ever and exodus 15 18 a lot erf at Antans think it was a bad idea for the Atlanta travics baseball team to hire Ernest p. Woit ii that goofy looking Guy with the rubber face Quot of see on a it Frt comm coals and in Goc my pcs. To be their spa Kesman for the 1990 season. That is because an cd or growing number of Braes fans think w Hatert or the pitiable brakes do is a bad idea. most of the Lime they Are right. But As an atlantean and Iovu Al Bra yes can Mvi self Fly fanned to to a Bra yes game last near but mgt a dog ale my Ruckels or there w As a Rafe about orai3gu-lans i wanted to see. I can t Reinem Ber which. 1 think Ernest p. Wor Rcd going an it und scr Fuesing err the braves is perfect Ernest is ugh. So Are the brakes. Once the brats tried two to Young prospects. Bro Crft Jacob a and Brett Butler to Cie Elarid a sore armed Pitcher named Len Barker. Tler and Jacoby arc Mill playing. Barker Wei Abc kit Fanir pcs Lewis 1 Grizzard a of can a coir Ras and then fell off the Skie of the Earth. The braves annually in the league in playing be we the most Ero a seals at re me. The braves once proclaimed then Hes americans team and paved in such a manner Albardak claim them. Ugh. In a in it real season the braves Are mathematic rally eliminated from the Pennant race when the Nati Chial league schedule comes out ugh. The braves had a real Lillian Mascot All the kids and fans a rvs cd. They were playing him $25 a game. He wanted so so the it a fired him. Double ugh. Ernest p. Morreu is funny Loo. Of so he a most it a funny to Chik Fren under 8. But let s not allow facts to get in the Way Here the braves Are also funny. Once former manager Luman Harris called his pitching coach in the bullpen and said a a Fet a Lethander read the pitching coach replied a How bout Mcqueen Quot Harris replied. No. He s in the funny. Another braves manager. Chuck Tanner went on television and talked about the world series fat Arade he we As bringing to Atlanta and about the world series ring he was going to Wear. When he could t finish any place higher than last the braves fired him. Funny. The Boves once had a one eyed Catcher to veg to catch pitches from a one eved Knuck Leball proposed child support Bill ridiculous editor tie Bill rep Bijou is Johnson and Erx Lorneil by the House judiciary a commit Lee is ridiculous. Does this Man have to pay child support As a Dkl forced Mother who never Rerer oed the support i was granted for my son. 1 am appalled. My sex husband did t hold Down a Job so i could collect mgt a support. I could t gel help from the welfare office because i worked. This did t help me pay my Bills or feed and clothe my chill maybe rep. Johnson has never has to Tell a two year old child he can t have a soft drink or a Candy bar because his daddy did t give you support Money and you could t afford to buy these items. I have. Maybe rep. Johnson should gel out and talk to the mothers of Wung children trying to raise them we i Ghoul support or talk to the judges that see so Many of non support. Wii holding support Money from paychecks is the one step that assures payment of sup port and now they Are trying to abolish that. To take away this Edge is cruel and just Plain stupid. This is the Only Way some men will pay. If men Are riot held responsible for support of their children then what is this world coming to May be this committee wants to return to the dark Ages Wren men just had their wives and children killed when they grew tired of Themi Ann Black Corbin our readers write Vica club thanks local businesses editor tie vocational Industrial clubs of America Mca of Corbin area vocational education Center would like to express their appreciation to Cumberland Valley rec for their Parli a ipalion in Mca this school year. Or. Conn Abnee of East Ken Luck Power company and or. Robert Prevatte. Rec office manager gladly accepted our in\1lalion to speak to Mca on the subject of electricity. Or. Abnee gave a very info Mathe pc ram on the Basic generation of electricity detail breakdown of each system. A Pes of Power plants and their use of Coal one of Kentucky a largest resources. Or. Prev Atte discussed our local rec. Most importantly. Or. Atiee encouraged the Mca students by describing the benefits of Vicat Simial education Over Basic College education and expressing the future need for us doffed technicians in All building and commercial trades. Mca would also be to thank our other guest speakers this year. Tom Thurston a mayor. City of Corbin Wanda Powers a new image College Osco Smeton Oty. Topic personal grooming Mike Breeding a Brock Mcvey. Topic Healing and air conditioning. Gary Slee Bergan a National Standard topic drafting. A special thanks to these business leaders and their organizations for taking Lime to encourage our technical workers of tomorrow. Alicia storms Vica Secretary children be in adult jails editor somebody s child is still being Pul in adult jails in Ken tuck a. Somebody a child who has no criminal charges against him or her. Continues to be slapped in the Slammer without a Chance for an alter Nathie placement. This is More Barbaric and unjust than cockfighting. Can kentuckians be any less outraged Over their children Ilian they recent he were Over their chickens. House Bill 756 will help to achieve the de institutionalize Uon and the jail removal of Ken Tucky children. Some kids need secure detention. Most kids do not. None of them Desenze to be put in adult jails. Mildred Aukerman Frankfort done to oversimplify South Africa what Little Hope there is that the american people will understand even a modicum of what is going on in South Africa in the months and years ahead depends on grasping at least the Basic elements of the racial and ethnic situation there. It is natural enough for americans to assume that South africans race problem is not unlike our Owtis with the significant difference that the Blacoe there outnumber the Whites nearly five to one. Instead of being outnumbered by the Whites As Here by something on the order of six or seven to one. We further assume that South africans Black population is More or less comparable to of Rowtie. In terms of cultural level background and desires. Armed w Ith these assumptions All of w Holch Are wholly mistaken. Americans quickly come to the conclusion that a the Blacks a Are entitled to take Over South Africa . It s bad enough to have such King sized misconceptions floating around at All. But it is vastly More unfortunate when they turn up in an ordinarily intelligent journal of opinion like the new Republic from which a Good William rusher syn Caad Cote rms Many of americans most Influent Lial people primarily but not liberals tend to derive their information and their opinions. 1 have before me an article from the March 12 Issue of the new Republic entitled a Mandela it was written from Johannesburg by one John Carlin who is described As the Southern Africa correspondent of the Independent of London. It is largely in Praise indeed one is Temple to say a worship Quot a of Nelson Mandela. But it discusses the forthcoming negotiations Between Mandela and state president . De Klerk with considerable perspicacity and at least in comparison with most other such articles commendable balance. If it were True that the coming negotiations will be essentially a Bila teral affair Between Nelson Mandela a african National Congress and de Klerks White regime. Carling a article would constitute a splendid analysis. But. Alas that Isnit True. It is. In fact very nearly the exact opposite of the truth. At the bargaining table will be at least a dozen other groups most though not All of them Black. Among those present you May be sure will be the shrewd and articulate chief mangos thu but Hevezi. Political Leader of the Zulu nation pop. 6 million who detests apartheid every bit As much As Nelson Mandela does by t also detests Mandela s closest ally the South african communist parly. Also present in person or by proxy will be the leaders of several african Christian churches one of which boasts 5 million member Sall far More conservative politically than the Anc. Entitled to representation too will be the elected leaders of the various Black Home umps. Speaking for the nearly Lulf of All South african Blacks who still live Tri Bally organized in their ancestral areas. Pitcher. Funny. The braves once had a woman w Ortung in the pubic relations department who gave the press what the manager called a negative the braves fired her. Vav hat other kinds of statistics docs a team 40 games out of first place have by and Tunny. The braves said they picked Ernest p. As their spokesman instead of coming up with a team so an for this season if there is one which was also pretty smart since the slogans they came up with in the past were so bad. Like the 89 slogan a one crazy it was crazy All right. It we As crazy for anybody to pay Money to go out arid watch those bums play. So in a Happy with Ernest p. Worrell and if there does happen to be a baseball season in 1990, i Hope he can still find work after its Over. Piper Plummer Staif Amer trash makes Falls ugly since i recently moved to the Tri county area and it recently began to get warm i decided to get out and see the Countryside. So i went to the most natural spot a Cumberland Falls. I have always Felt this area of the state in one of the most Beautiful and As a matter of fact it was one of the bonuses that help Ted me make Rny decision to move to the area. I remember on my countless trips to South Carolina when i was in school driving Down the interstate with the window Down each August thinking about How Beautiful the scenery was. On my trip out this past sunday i saw something entirely different. The whole View was amazing and a Little frightening. Upon closer inspection i discovered that Cumberland Falls has been turned into Small garbage dump. I was appalled. Then i became embarrassed. There was a Good crowd at the Falls sunday quite a of them from out of state and they had to see the mess too. On my Many family vacations As a Young child we used to visit other states National Parks and there was always a Little trash around but what i saw Al the Falls was inexcusable a we Hole garbage dump has gathered in the rocks along Side of the River just past the Falls. 1 his garbage does no to Only consist of paper that travelling tourists May have thrown Down As is often the excuse supplied but is Large pieces of equipment. For a refrigerator. Signs around the Park say no littering and there Are quite a Miles of Road leading to the Falls that Are apart of the adopt a Highway program. It seems that the roads Are not the Only thing needing to be adopted. Lihzis summer i visited Niagara Falls and besides the rude food servers and the other obvious differences Cumberland Falls has the same ability to draw visitors. Local and state politicians Are always trying to get extra funding for the Parks so More tourists both state from Kentucky and nationwide will visit them. But i ask Why would anyone want to visit a garbage dump before we. As a state can ask for More funding we As a Community need to clean up the Parks. 1 know we get enough lectures everyday on How the environment is being ruined but is and until we begin doing something about it i Don t think we can blame Lack of funding on Low tourist numbers. The tradition of dumping trash is one that needs to be broken. I realize there Are no Quick or easy answers to the trash problem. But the solution to the Falls problem is quite simply quit throwing your trash there. Backwards glance five years ago a restroom fire disrupted classes at Knox Central High school. 10 years ago cub scout pack 527 of Corbin celebrated 50 years of serve Lee. 20 years ago the Barbour a Ille Junior study club initiated a scholarship to Union College

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