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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Corbin, Kentucky A mob Sty vol. 82 number 147 Cumberland Falls Corbin Kentucky sunday morning june 23, 1974 15 cents a copy 16 pages today Raveling by John l. Crawford on Nixon s smear role Bible thought the Mouth of the righteous is a Fountain of life but Iri Olence cover eth the Mouth of the wicked proverbs 10 11 the mercantile committee of the chamber of Commerce has come up with a great idea for window decorations for this years Nib Roc festival. Instead of using Antiques for window displays switch to crafts and artistry. This opens up a Large Field of possibilities. The idea is to make the window displays conform to some phase of conditions in 1774, the year of Kentucky a Bicentennial Celebration. For example a ladies Wear shop could use the styles of dresses worn in 1774 guns in 1774 piece goods in 1774 soap making in 1774 Medicine in 1774 or any one of a dozen other phases of living two Hundred years ago. As a contrast chairman Earl Barfield suggests that some windows could be used for display of articles manufactured by our local industries. This is an excellent suggestion. It would bring added participation in the festival and would give Many people their first look at these products. Suggestion to state Parks commissioner Ewart Johnson re open the Beach below the Falls under adequate supervision. It would be a very popular move. Steelie e. Smith who has written some interesting anecdotes about his boyhood experiences in Whitley county is a Aback Home after living for years in the Lone Star state. He is making his Home temporarily at the Wilbur hotel. Recently he wrote a time and tide wait for no Man. I have Good news bad news and some sad news. First the sad news then the bad news and a finish with the Good news. As i walked Down corbins main Street upon my arrival after More than fifty years away i beheld the Beautiful wide streets of the City had seemingly shrunk to the Point where they could hardly do what was intended of them. Second those big Beautiful sky reaching buildings seem to have shrunk to one two or three stories. Now the bad news what has happened to that greatest wonder of my boyhood Days the great passenger depot which made my trips to Corbin Complete also what has happened to those huffing and puffing smoke belching steam monsters which i never tired of watching third and the Good news the Little White Church in which t was brought up still stands and is still doing business As usual Down on Meadow Creek but seemingly no More than half As Large As i remember her. And May the great King always keep her in business and wherein i once travelled in mud in Winter in Sand in summer there Are now Beautiful hard top roads. Continued to Page 16 the right f t9 chooses panel May hear Colson study in contrasts is seen at London a Hyde Park where feminists picketed an anti abortion rally organized by roman Catholic nuns. Despite drastically opposite views there were no confrontations Between the two beyond a few Stony stares. Jackson charges secret Deal with Moscow Washington a sen. Henry m. Jackson charges that the Nixon administration secretly negotiated a rather startling changes in the . And soviet missile Levels permitted under the Salt agreement. Knowledgeable sources said that a a subsequent agreement was reached after the original 1972 pact. The sources said the 950-sea based missiles permitted the soviet Union were raised to 1,020, while the u. S. Total was lowered from 710 to 656, the level before the strategic arms limitation talks Salt agreement was reached. Jackson a Washington Democrat said he plans to ask Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger about the matter when Kissinger testifies monday before Jackson a armed services subcommittee on arms control. Asked about Jackson a statement As he emerged from a briefing for the Senate armed services committee on Friday Kissinger replied a such views must be based on some misapprehension of the Jackson who has been critical of president Nixon a detente policy with the soviets told newsmen he has received a reliable and creditable information that the True missile ceilings a Are higher for the soviets and lower for the americans than those Given to Congress in 1972. A a it a a material change a Jackson added. A a it a not a matter of talking about five or 10 he said a we were led to believe there would be Good consultation with the Congress but that the administration failed to give the information about the changed missile Levels. He called both the information about the changed missile Levels and the Way in which he Learned it a rather startling and said he Hopes Kissinger will shed some Light on it at mondays session. Jackson said the armed services subcommittee on arms control was unable to get any detailed information from a series of top administration officials because none of them knew. The officials included Secretary of defense James r. Schlesinger resigned disarmament adviser Paul Nitze and . Thomas h. Moorer the outgoing chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., another armed services member said after a session thursday with Nitze that there had been a a clarifications in the Salt agreements that a might be considered new Gas Price nearly doubled Washington a the Federal Power commission has nearly doubled the producer Price for new natural Gas a move Likely to gradually increase costs to Consumers. Spokesmen for the Oil and Gas Industry expressed dissatisfaction at fridays action saying the government should mostly Cloudy with an 80 per cent Chance of showers and thundershowers tonight. Low tonight in the 60s. Mostly Cloudy with a 60 per cent Chance of showers and thundershowers sunday. High in the 70s. Fair and mild on monday. Deaths Thomas Davis Gola Martin Dexter Kidwell Eliza Engle get out of Gas regulation entirely Industry spokesmen said the f pcs new nationwide producer Price of 42 cents per thousand cubic feet replacing area rates averaging around 23 cents is not nearly enough to cover their costs and stimulate further exploration and production. The f pc said it wanted to set a Price High enough to increase the Gas Supply but Low enough to protect the consumer. The con Mission did not estimate the Impact upon Consumers of its Sharp Price hike but a study issued by the Oil Industry last August indicated the Impact on household Gas Bills should be gradual and fairly mild. The study prepared by the consulting firm of Foster associates for the american Petroleum Institute estimated a 45-cent new Gas Price would Lead to household Gas Bills ranging from 6 to 16 per cent higher by 1980. In dollars per year the largest predicted increase would be $27.12 in the fast North Central Region. The study said the continued to Page 16 Washington a the House judiciary committee appears Likely to question Charles w. Colson about president Nixon a role in an attempted smear of Daniel Ellsberg. Colson said Friday a the president on numerous occasions urged me to disseminate damaging information about Daniel the former presidential aide made the statement before he was sentenced to one to three years in prison for obstructing Justice. He had pleaded guilty to scheming to a defame and destroy the Public image of Ellsberg in 1971. After the Colson statement several judiciary committee members said Colson should be called to testify in the panels impeachment inquiry. Chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d-n.j., said a certainly the developments of today raise serious questions As to what that Colson a courtroom statement the chairman would not comment directly on whether Colson would be called but said the committee a a absolutely would look into the matter. The committee has scheduled meetings for next week to decide such matters As what if any witnesses will be called and whether the testimony will be open to the Public. Committee counsel John Doar said he and minority counsel Edward Jenner had questioned Colson and were Likely to talk to him further. Vice president Gerald r. Ford said he does not believe that Nixon ordered Colson to carry out the break in into the office of Ellsberg a psychiatrist. Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon papers a study of the Vietnam War to the press. Ford said there is a difference Between the president asking an aide to smear someone As claimed by Colson and ordering a break in. As Colson was sentenced Egil Krogh jr., the Man who supervised the White House agents who carried out the budget Reform approved Washington apr the Senate has unanimously approved and sent to president Nixon legislation giving Congress a larger role in setting Federal spending priorities. The president is expected to sign it even though he objects to provisions limiting his Power to impound funds voted by Congress. The Senate passed the budget Reform Bill Friday by 75-0 vote. Sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., d-n.c., manager of the Bill asserted a this is the most important piece of legislation i have worked on in the 20 years i have been in but two other sponsors Sens. Edmund s. Muskie a Maine and Charles h. Percy r-ill., said that while the machinery could be extremely valuable it would work Only if senators and representatives would make sacrifices to see that it did. Congress now acts on spending issues within the framework of the presidents budget and through 14 separate appropriations Bills which Are not tied together in any systematic Way. The Reform Bill would require Congress to adopt its own budget each year by May 15, with a spending ceiling. It would then have four months in which to approve All the Money Bills. If Congress exceeds its ceiling in acting on All Money Bills there would have to be adjustments through cutbacks in programs new taxes or changes in the ceiling. The fiscal year would begin oct. 1, starting in 1976, instead of the present july 1, in order to allow time for the new schedule to work. Ellsberg burglary returned Home from prison. A i found out How important it is to respect each individuals rights a Krogh told reporters. Meanwhile court Battles Over watergate related evidence continued on two fronts. Special prosecutor Leon Jaworski asked a Federal District judge to refuse California it. Gov. De Reinecker a request to subpoena White House tapes and documents for his defense against perjury charges. At the supreme court Nixon a lawyers said the president is a the final authority As to what presidential materials May be used in court cases but Jaworski disagreed with this claim. And rep. John n. Erlenborn r-ill., complained that Rodino had denied him Access to secret impeachment inquiry evidence. Erlenborn is not a judiciary committee member. Colson told . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell that one reason for his guilty plea was to allow him to testify in the impeachment hearing. He said the work of the special prosecutor and the committee is a far More important than the possibility of my eventual Public Colson said that his Only motive As a White House aide was to accomplish the goals of the president. A i had one Rule a that is to get things done that the president wanted done. Sensitivity gave Way to expediency a he said. Colson added a i done to mean to shift the responsibility to the president. I believed what i was doing was right and the president believed he was act ing in the National a White House spokesman declined to comment on Colson a statement. But White House communications director Ken w. Clawson charged that the same felony for which Colson was sentenced a defaming a person under indictment a a has been Standard practice of members and staff of the watergate committee for More than a year and is the same felony committed daily by some partisan members of the House judiciary Israel suspending raids by the associated press Israel has suspended air strikes against Lebanon with a demand that Lebanon keep Arab terrorists from crossing into Israel. Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in turn appealed to president Nixon to restrain the israelis. And an Arab league emissary to the United states warned the israeli raids were jeopardizing the syrian israeli disengagement agreement negotiated through Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger. The Circle of warnings and demands followed cessation on Friday of four Days of israeli air raids into i Banon in retaliation for terrorist attacks. Thirty one palestinians and two lebanese were killed in the israeli air strikes while terrorist raids Over the past 10 weeks have taken the lives of 49 israelis. Shimon Peres the israeli defense minister warned Lebanon to Seal its Borders against terrorists and said Lebanon must decide Between a being an Independent state or giving in to terrorist extortion and being pushed into the Cairo newspaper Akbar Al Youm reported Sadat had asked Nixon to take a a firm stand against israelis repeated aggression on the newspaper said Nixon replied to Sadat that his message was received with a due attention in the Arab league emissary Clovis Maksoud of Lebanon said in new York on Friday that if Israel was treating its disengagement with Syria and Egypt As an Opportunity to hit palestinian refugee Camps and i Banes towns a then Israel is definitely putting the whole Progress thus far achieved diplomatically into serious Ford proposes private operation of Hospital Frankfort by. A gov. Wendell Ford has come up with a plan to have private Enterprise take Over and replace Outwood state Hospital for the mentally retarded at Dawson Springs instead of closing it. Some citizens in the area protested vigorously when the state announced some time ago it planned to close the facility because it would Cost too much to renovate it As needed. Competitive bids to take Over the facility will be sought from qualified professional organizations and a contract should be awarded by september or october Ford said. The state would lease the land and the private group would rebuild the facilities needed he said. Ford said he hoped it would be rebuilt using the cottage Type design of the Oakwood Hospital and school which the state opened three years ago at Somerset. Such a facility should be ready for operation by the end of the current budget period june 30, 1976, he said. With its being owned by a private organization Ford said the facility could get More Federal Money than it could As a state Hospital. The state would not get any More Federal Money for the facility unless it replaced the buildings and continued to spend More than the $2.5 million a year on maintenance and operation it now is spending he said. After two years Cost of care there will go up slightly under the plan Ford said but the facility would be eligible for 3-to-l Federal Matching Money and 57-year-old charged with Bell slayings Pineville by. A a hearing was scheduled today for a 57-year old Bell county Man charged with murder in the slayings of four men near Middlesboro last wednesday. State police said Barney Adams 57, of Wells Camp was arrested Friday and lodged in the Bell county jail. He was charged in the deaths of three Middlesboro men and a Premier tenn., Man whose bodies were found near Railroad tracks at Wells Camp. Each had been shot four or five times with a .30-caliber Rifle. State police detective Harold Miracle said the four allegedly had been involved in a break in at the Home of a girl Friend of Adams. The victims were Donny Robinson 20, Clyde Carey 21, and Dennis North All of Middlesboro and Joe Richardson 39, of Premier. States Cost will go Down. Continued to Page 16 Uncertain As to the effect his primary defeat will have on the Senate foreign relations committee he has chaired since 1959, Arkansas sen. J. William Fulbright refused to speculate on the ability of his reported successor sen. John j. Sparkman . A letter from israeli United nations Delegate Jacob Doron to the president of the Security Council asserted that Israel a is obliged to take All the necessary measures to protect its citizens who Are being attacked from lebanese Doron wrote that in violation of . Charter obligations i Banon a has enabled and facilitated the establishment of a practically Independent regime of the palestinian murder and terror organizations in its but Lebanon was reported considering requesting a Security Council meeting to seek a condemnation of the latest israeli raids. The Council voted on april 24 to condemn Israel for raiding lebanese territory in reprisal for a palestinian strike at i Ryan Shonah near the lebanese Border. Despite the israeli raids and the War of words surrounding them the separation of syrian and israeli forces continued smoothly Friday. A the operation proceeded normally in the past 24 hours a according to Rudolf Stajduhar the spokesman for the United nations disengagement observer Force. Letter to a grave robber mrs. Cager Eaton is justifiably incensed at the a grave robbery who took Flowers from her husbands grave. A this is addressed to the one who went to the Smith cemetery at Faber and took the Beautiful White vase filled with Pink roses from Cager Eaton a grave a she wrote. A Cager look up at you and say a please done to take the Flowers that Anna put Here because she loved but god was watching you pick up the vase and walk away with it. Every time you look at the vase you just say to yourself god saw me steal that vase and i just wonder what my punishment will be a god will punish you but your punishment sure wont be a pretty White vase filled with Pink roses. A mrs. Cager Kentucky actor is missing Chicago a Chicago police Are checking a possible Lead in the disappearance of actor Jim Kelly a former kentuckian from a Chicago luxury hotel earlier in the week. Kelly a native of Paris ky., and a former University of Louisville football player disappeared from the ambassador East hotel Early tuesday. The actor had attended a preview of his newest film a three the hard Way a monday night in Chicago and was scheduled to travel on to Milwaukee to promote the film. His publicity agent Allen Bailey said he left Kelly about 1 30 . At the elevator of the hotel. He said there was no answer when he called Kelly a room about 7 . And the 25-year-old non drinking actor and karate master could not be found. Most of Kelly a clothes were still in the room but his plane ticket Money Wallet and carrying bag of Vitamin pills were gone. Chicago police said Friday they received a phone Call from a Inan who identified himself As a Dave a and said he was calling from Detroit. The caller said Kelly was a Friend of his and was in the Bahamas. He said Kelly usually went there to rest after making a movie but did not say where in the Bahamas Kelly was police said. Police messaged the Bahamas late Friday and were awaiting a reply but said they thought the Call might be a false Lead. The Federal Bureau of investigation is working with police on the Case a spokesman said. A a there a no indication of kidnapping or foul play or anything like that so far a the Fri spokesman said. Kelly a family moved from Paris to san Diego when he was 5, but he returned to Kentucky later and attended Bourbon county High school where he participated in football basketball baseball and track. Kelly went to the University of Louisville on a football scholarship in 1964, and there he took up karate which led to his movie career. In 1971 he won the International middleweight karate championship and a part in the movie a enter the dragon a starring Bruce Lee

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