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Corbin Times Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 4

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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, Corbin, Kentucky Times Tribune newsroom 528-2464 or 1-800-739-8878inion weekend edition Jan. 10-11,1998page 4 fax 528-9850 email times Tribune the Tri county a Community newspaper since 1892 Rochelle Stidham publisher John Whitlock managing editor Kellee Edwards City editor les Dixon sports editor Glenn Hensley press Foreman Esther peace accountant Lisa Harrison advertising manager a a know the plans i have far you declares the lard. Plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and Jeremiah 29 11break out the beads the Bug is Back letters to the editor minister appreciates support of churches live nativity scenes on thursday and Friday dec. 18 amp 19, 1997, the seventeenth St. Christian Church presented their first annual a live nativity on the Church grounds. Many people within the congregation helped to make this presentation possible. But there were others outside of the Church that helped make it a Success too. I would like to thank Albert Perkins in Keavy and the horse connection in London for loaning us animals to help create More of an atmosphere for the Manger scene the Shepherd scene and the Wise men scene. I would like to thank the a times Tribune for their news coverage of this event. It was greatly appreciated. The Volkswagen Beetle is making a comeback. Supposedly the new Model has More Power and a Sleeker design. Tinny How people think they have to keep on fixing things that Arentt broke. The new version of the car will be available in the United states this March. Twenty years have passed since the last Volkswagen Beetle rolled off the production line. When i was growing up those Little cars seemed to be everywhere and Why not a Volkswagen was notorious for few repairs and seeming to run on air. They never seemed to age or change. One looked just like the other and the other and kept going and going. They must have been some relation to the Energizer Bunny. Chances of the Volkswagen reaching a level of stardom was referred to As a improbable a but it happened when Walt Disney made a Herbie the love Star status have surprised anyone. The cars do have a distinct personality and in be always thought they did look like a person almost. Thanks to Walt Disney it was easy to believe that this car really could talk. The cars also attached themselves to their owner. Once you had one Many times you literally had to make the Choice to get rid of it because the thing kept on running Long past what it should have. Volkswagen Are perfect examples of the popular saying a they done to make cars like they used to a and its True. Its not just Volkswagen that Arentt built the same none of them Are. While in a being nostalgic my first car was a 1974 Oldsmobile Delta 88. It had Power windows Power brakes an awesome stereo the car was top of the line for its Day. I lovingly refer to it now As the a a gunboat. You a think it was made of steel. Transfer trucks were about the Only thing on the Road that were bigger actually it was an excellent car for a beginner. When people see something that big coming Down the Road at them they tend to get out of the Way. With me behind the wheel that was probably in their Best interest. A big piece of my history went the Day that car rolled off. It did no to die though. I sold it recovering most of my Money. There was a time you could do that with a car. Later on i bought another old car that was every bit As big actually it was the same Model i have a thing about Oldsmobile. It was during financially embarrassing Gail Freeman times that i picked up this old car for $200. I drove it for four years and sold it for $250. Try doing that with a newer Model in fact you re Lucky if you can drive a newer Model four years without it falling apart Back to the Bug though. Who can think of one without thinking of Flowers and beads the classic �?~60�?Ts car. My brother liked Volkswagen. Yes he owned one two three. He went through five of them. They were All typically the same most were the same color. Standard shift Little monsters that would have went up against any at you la find on the Market today. When you had a Volkswagen there was no need for a four wheel drive. If that car take you in a Here to Tell you you did no to need to go. My Mother has lived at the top of a Hill for 30 years now. When those cars were around there was no question whether anyone could get off and on that Hill or not. Although Volkswagen did no to differ that much some where nicer than others. The convertible Volkswagen the Kharman Ghia was the prettiest one by far. The woman one of my Brothers was destined to marry came Here from California in a red Kharman Ghia. I was 13 years old and thought Williamsburg had just been reborn of course my husband says i would be remiss if i did no to mention the whole family the vow Wagon the Beetle the super Beetle the Kharman Ghia and last but absolutely not least the vow microbus. In a not sure we could have had the �?~60s if we Hadnot had the All original hippie Dippie microbus. Lets pull out our tie dyed shirts put the Flowers Back in our hair and drag out the Bell Bottoms. Actually Bell Bottoms Are Back in style now. I guess history does repeat its self. On the up Side in a a Little too old to try and cram 15 people inside of a Volkswagen again and personally i think that a a Good thing. Gail Freeman is a Whitley county resident and her column appears regularly in the times Tribune. Guest editorial thanks to the 40 percent who help us All i want to make a correction to a previous letter to the editor i would like to thank chief Carson Mullins and the Creek Volunteer Corbin police department for assisting us in traffic j1-, to Oak Grove control. And last but not least i would like to thank the wonderful citizens of the Corbin Tri county area for helping us make the a five nativity a Success by driving by or walking through the nativity. It is our prayer that the birth of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ was made More real to Vou. Membership i can Only claim about 40 percent participation of subscribing membership not 80 percent. I wish we did have 80 percent. We would be Able to do a lot More for our Community than we can currently do. Darn you got me started we Are in the business of pro Public in general in methods of safety fire prevention and fire suppression. We strive to perform in a manner that will enhance the Quality of living in our area and provide value in the service we perform for you. The value is there now. We Are saving you Money each Day just by being Here. Ask your insurance agent if you doubt me ask your the lord willing we plan to do it again next year. Inf,.pe�pdfup a a a Rex until then May god bless you All. Byron n. Black seventeenth St. Christian Church minister woman angry she Wasny to called before fathers death to Ccu at Bryc thanks to you when the Road was the roughest you did no to Call when dad needed me the most. You waited until the next morning then it was too late for me to say my last goodbye my daddy was too near gone to know i was there. Daddy in a so sorry i Wasny to there when you needed me the most if they had Only called me after the doctor was called i would have been there just like i always was i know that you knew i loved you but i should have been with you that night just like All the other nights i m so sorry i let you Down when you needed me the most dad i miss you More amp More every Day Judy Gray Corbin today in history one step in doing that Job is having a Good sense of size and major characteristics of the fire safety problem. We the fire department can exercise our abilities in creating value for our members and Community by continued training of fire personnel improvement of facilities upgrading of equipment skills and further education of the banker. This is vice. Your tax finance us. Now catch not a free ser dollars do not a j a Terry Beaumont this a you done to fight fire with water you fight it with Money a it takes Money to do the Job. The More Money you have the better you Are Able to do the Job. You can help your fire department to be a better fire department. You May not be Able to fight fire you May not want to spend the Many hours to train and respond to the Many types of emergency situations we Are called into service for. It takes hundreds of hours of training and the work is very dangerous. You can still be an important part of the team your membership assistance is very important to the Progress and growth of your fire department. We Are Volunteer agencies and depend on your support. Your fire department needs your help Oak Grove membership is $25 per year. If you live in another area Call your department and see How to join. We need your help be a part of the team support your fire department its the easiest Way to help your neighbourhood and yourself. Remember bad things happen to Good people. Ask yourself could it happen to me the answer is yes one last thing my sincere thanks to the 40 percent that is out there on my team. We do it without you. Thank you for your contributions memberships and words of encouragement. You other 60 percent please help make us better join the team. With sincere thanks. Terry a. Beaumont Terry Beaumont is the chief of the Oak Grove Volunteer fire department today is saturday Jan. 10, the 10th Day of 1998. There Are 355 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on Jan. 10, 1776, Thomas Paine published his influential pamphlet a common on this Date in 1861, Florida seceded from the Union. In 1863, London a metropolitan the worlds first underground passenger railway opened to the Public. In 1870, John d. Rockefeller incorporated Standard Oil. In 1920, the league of nations was established As the treaty of Versailles went into effect. In 1928, the soviet Union ordered the exile of Leon Trotsky. In 1946, the first general Assembly of the United nations convened in London. In 1947, the musical fantasy a Fin Ian a Rainbow a with music by Burton Lane and lyrics by . Harburg opened on Broadway. In 1957, Harold Macmillan became prime minister of Britain following the resignation of Anthony Eden. In 1967, Edward w. Brooke r-mass., the first Black elected to the . Senate by popular vote took his seat. In 1978, the soviet Union launched two cosmonauts aboard a soyuz capsule for a rendezvous with the salyut i space Laboratory. In 1984, the United states and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations for the first time in More than a Century. Ten years ago soviet Media reported on an interview Given to chinese journalists by Mikhail s. Gorbachev who praised the state of sino soviet relations and called for a Summit. However the Beijing government turned aside the Summit Call. Pledge to slow Down a bit in 1998 just maybe you have discovered 1998 to be a Rush already and you set a goal to not fall into this ditch so easily and quickly. What Are you to do in the Bible James 4 8 it reads a draw near to god and he will draw near to Nash this we must constantly repeat As we live the Day and live for him. Most of us find ourselves in a hurry and we like it that Way because if we Are in a hurry then we have an excuse. A a in a in a we can say a i wish i could a a sorry i just done to have the time today a a in la see what i can do All these excuses help to Lead us to a Lack of spiritual growth. Yes these excuses help us to not grow to forget about our commitment to push aside god until another Day. Done to let it happen to you in 1998 give god his time and do it by not being in such a hurry. In our society we Are a move move move people. Yes we like to take time off but we love to work and that Means Little time Tim Mills for contemplation Leisure play or prayer. Most folks Are caught up in chains because of busyness. If in your life you Are not free to be thoughtful lovingly and if you cannot act in Freedom you Are a Good example of someone in the chains of Busy doings which amount to nothing for the cause of Christ. The scripture says a draw near a and we must do this with purpose in mind. Quiet minds can think and thinking about him is what we should be doing. Establishing a a less Rush status in our lives we can hear god in the stillness. By refusing to Rush and hurry in 1998, you will not become so perplexed or intimidated by the Rush and hurry of everyone else and if you take time to a draw near to him he will give you All you need to know just what to do and when to do it. Our world likes a thunderstorm of activities and we just love to be at an All time fast Pace but if we Are going to push it this year lets make sure of one thing. We Are not in front of god. Remember we Are suppose to be followers of him. Until then Tim Mills is the pastor of the horse Creek Road Baptist Church and his Columbi appears regularly in the times Tribune

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