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Corbin Times Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1983, Page 4

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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - January 5, 1983, Corbin, Kentucky To Ziph Tribune an Independent Community newspaper James l. Crawford publisher / editor John l. Crawford publisher emeritus James o. Crawford co publisher 1930-1977 accounting manager Carol Parks advertising manager Don Smith circulation mgr. Joe Hardwick managing editor Mike Goss production manager Paul Eaton the presidents economics Are also faulted. To compare current Jim / my \ a ill commentary by Don Graff defense expenditures to the 46 percent of the budget during the Kennedy administration As he did. All americans have a direct and vital interest in the Cost effectiveness of National defense. We Are the ones who pay for a military machine designed first to deter War and second should it not to ensure our survival As a nation. We Are the ones who stand to lose much More than Money if the investment fails. Few of us however have the expertise to evaluate military policies that today must be based on the highest technology. Most of lie non i i i i a a us can Only be bewildered by the barrage of arguments for and against the my missile system which we Are being subjected. Presumable not included however Are military professionals such As rear adm. Gene r. A Rocque. Marine major Gen. William Fairborn and rear adm. Eugene Carroll. All a now retired a Are on the staff of the Center for defensive information which has issued an analysis of president Reagan a address explaining his decision to proceed with a dense pack my deployment. The focus is not on the decision itself but on the facts the president selected to Back it in which in Admiral Carrolls words a simply do not Square with the for a starter the officers take aim at the presidents assertion that a the soviet Union has raced we have not in nuclear arms development and acquisition. The truth of the matter they contend is that from the first nuclear explosion in 1945 the United states has never lost the nuclear Lead remaining two to five Vears ahead of the soviets who have had to play catch up. True the soviets now have More delivery vehicles. But the United states has More warheads on missiles and bombers giving it a significant Edge in the number of nuclear weapons that can be exploded on the soviet Union is misleading because of the rapid growth of social Security funding and interest payments on the National debt in the intervening decades. In real terms debt Ana military expenditures Are rising at an approximate 10 percent annual rate. In the 1983 budget military programs plus veterans benefits will absorb some 60 percent of total expenditures. A for 20 years the United states has deployed no new strategic bombers a the president asserted. The facts according to the cd critique Are that in the decade 1966-/6 we built 76 fb-111 strategic bombers comparable to the much publicized soviet backfire in bomb Load Speed and performance characteristics but with the added advantage of in flight refuelling capability giving it intercontinental Range. The backfire lacks that. True the b-52 Fleet is aging As the president said. But so is the soviet mainstay the 100 Tu-95 bears tout of 145 strategic bomber which is propeller driven and can carry Only half the b-52�?Ts bomb Load. All 376 operational . Strategic bombers Are High Speed jets. In a continuing modernization program the Tibet Nas been fitted with new engines and electronics enlarged bomb Bays and advanced missiles. As for the alleged nuclear disparity on the european front line a Large number of the threatening soviet intermediate missiles the president pointed to Are actually pointed at China and others Are outdated and in the process of being replaced. As a counterforce the United states and allies can count More than 2.000 nuclear weapons on Europe based Long Range aircraft and offshore submarines plus More than 4.000 Shorter Range Battlefield nuclear weapons in Possession of . Land forces. There is More but that should be enough for the moment. Enough to encourage concerned and expert questioning before we buy anything As costly and of dubious effectiveness As the dense pack my on the basis of the selective facts we have been Given to Uhteg. Yesterdays i f0 by a a a pm s la n a a a wednesday by a Senate democratic january 5. I�7k female robbers coders told i resident Richard Nixon who put on expensive rings in jewelry Aj-��?ovlrive.1" Slor Ltd then run of in lbs j it Vietnam War funds unless the plaguing Chetri counties fans peace talks produced a set i lenient by january 20 Page four wednesday january 5, 1983 we re bewildered by a barrage of missile arguments a but you re dead do you hear dead a elder statesman has plenty As j g a to say but he a not asked by lab it Elkin associated press writer Washington a president Reagan has never turned to americans senior Diplomat for advice but if he does w. Averell Harriman will have a lot to say. Now 91 and for the most part retired to his handsome Georgetown Home the Man who knew world leaders from Winston Churchill to Leonid Brezhnev has Strong feelings about foreign policy especially toward the soviet Union Quot i m not going to criticize the Reagan policies 1 Harriman said. I m a Democrat but i done to believe in bringing partisanship into International affairs in a not going to criticize his policies. They re Well known and they differ from while Reagan has portrayed the soviets As aggressive imperialistic and untrustworthy Harriman describes them As defensive insulated and eager to make arms control agreements with the United states. While Reagan advocates restricted Trade with the soviets and an american arms buildup Harriman Calls for expanded Trade and a Mutual nuclear arms freeze. A i know during the War a Harriman said a when Stalin used to talk to me about Poland he said the Plains of Poland were the invasion route from the West. Stalin said they want a Friendly Poland i done to think that Means annexation i think it Means domination. A i think they la react to our attitude i believe if we indicate we re ready to have reasonable relations they ii respond to that. They will not Lake aggressive Steps against us Washington Toda y they Don t want to Rouse up antagonism a i want to make Plain i have no sympathy for their system. I done to like it but they Are the second strongest nation in the world and it is very desirable for us to be on reasonable terms with them and not to have Harriman added i think we can negotiate with them. But then we must always be satisfied that we have ways and Means of assuring that the agreement is kept. Tie subject is so serious that i done to think we should Trust the inheritor of a huge rail Fortune Harriman received a political upbringing that was old Money Republican. But his political attitudes were not hardened until president Franklin d. Roosevelt brought him into the new Deal beginning Harriman a run of 44 years As a supporting player on the world stage. When Ronald Reagan was broadcasting baseball games on an Iowa radio station Harriman was helping run Roosevelt a National recovery administration. By the time Reagan was a Hollywood Star Harriman had been americans ambassador to wartime London and Moscow had served As president Harry s. Truman a Commerce Secretary and had run the Marshall plan for rebuilding Europe. President Kennedy once said no american save perhaps John Quincy Adams held As Many High posts As Harriman and that was when Harriman a career was still going Strong. To the editor i would like to propose a drive for a Terry Shelby memorial. As i was coming to work the other morning driving Down master Street i could not help but notice the new Star on top of the new water tank atop by. Street Hill. It brought Back memories of my Friend Terry Shelby who gave his life while putting new bulbs in the Star atop the old tank. I believe it would be a Nice gesture of the people of the City to dedicate the new tank to Terry Shelby a memory if it would be of with his family. I done to know who has the authority to do this but i for one believe it should be done. George Fox a amp of service 508s. Main St., Corbin. By. 40701 to the editor. Same name causes problems for two Santa be companies by Robert. Neff associated press writer Chicago it a Santa be industries inc., the Chicago based company whose holdings include the Railroad Long known in song has a problem. It is not the usual kind of problem that sometime bedevil businesses such As declining markets bad management recessions but it is troublesome none the less the company says. Santa be industries problem is Santa be International corp. An unrelated California company with operations in construction engineering and Oil and Gas drilling that was acquired by Kuwait a National Oil company in late 1981 the securities and Exchange commission has filed several complaints alleging that a few people who knew of the planned Purchase of Santa be International before it was announced used that Advance knowledge to profit in Stock trading. That is called a insider trading and is against the Law. None of that of course involves Santa p e industries but the company says some of its stockholders Nave been confused by news stories on Santa be business Mirror William c. Burk vice president of Public relations for Santa be industries says part of the problem stems from the sometimes use of a Santa few a because of space considerations a in newspaper headlines and in stories about the Sec investigation Bob Gehrt. Assistant vice president for Public relations for Santa be industries says some of the company a stockholders have even called up our chairman in the Middle of the night saying a in a sorry to hear about your a we would like to make it on our own reputation a Gehrt says adding that a a we re not being critical of them Santa be International a what does Santa be International have to say about the reported mixup9 a when someone gets us mixed up with Santa be industries we Tell them we re the in Railroad company a says Ted Armstrong director of Public relat ions. He says that it has a happened the a Sun Railroad company employs about 15,000 people in 15 countries Armstrong says. It had revenues of about $1.2 billion in the first nine months of 1981, the last period for which it issued figures. I read your article today about Marcum Gray. I think it was a Good Story but i do think you could have added something. I know or Marcum does alright going Down the Middle of the Street but what happens if someone does no to see him in the Middle of the Street sometimes the cars drive Down College St. Like they were on the expressway. My Mother was just about run Over this summer when a car was speeding on our Street. I see this every Day and its not Only our St Reet. I. Not Only see or. Marcum but other elderly people walking out in the Street because the sidewalks Are in bad condition. People can to walk on it because its got holes its cracked badly and lopsided. There a ladies with shopping carts that have to use the Street just walking on it must be hard for them. The Baptist housing is for elderly and handicapped people. They use our Street often. I Don t see Why the City can to fix one sidewalk for them they can build a new City Hall for themselves with new offices and lounges Why can to they fix the sidewalk so these people wont have to use the Middle of the Street i see these people every Day. I know or Marcum because in a one of those people who have pushed his wheelchair Back up the Street i wonder if the people who run this City would do the same by fixing one sidewalk so or Marcum and the other people can have a decent place to walk or push a wheelchair. Joann Smith 606 College ave., Corbin by. Most powerful in Congress know How to use Rule Book to the editor by Walter it. Mears up special correspondent Washington a it sounds like inside baseball but it Isnit. The intricate rules of Congress govern not Only How things Are done but often what gets done or even considered. There Are few members More formidable in debate than those who know the Rule Book and How to use it. They know How to make procedures into weapons. So when the House of representatives changed its rules in the 1982 by be a inc a How would you like a full size my missile made of Swiss chocolate from Neiman Marcus a opening hours of the 98th Congress it changed the Ball game. Speaker Thomas p of Neill or. And his colleagues in the leadership of the democratic majority came away with More Power to control what happens on the floor and when. It is going to be far More difficult for a congressman pressing a cause or an Issue to Force it to a vote through what had become the almost routine device of tacking it onto an appropriations Bill. When that was done it made the appropriation an essential Bill hostage to the amendment that sought to enforce social policy by stating How the government could or could not spend Money. That Wras an end run around another Rule which forbids outright policy legislation in appropriations Bills in order to make their amendments fit the rules the sponsors drafted them so As to withhold funds Washington today for programs to which they objected. The revised rules done to ban policy riders to appropriations Bills in the House but will make them a lot More difficult to get and the device remains available in the Senate where it is used extensively. It w Asa Senate appropriations rider that imposed the first limits on american involvement in the War in South Vietnam. The new House Rule prohibits such amendments unless a majority votes to open the Way for action on them As revisions to an otherwise completed Money Bill. That would have to be done separately on each such amendment. Opponents Back Home might make some trouble for a congressman Over a vote against legislation to restrict abortion funding. But they wont get much mileage out of the fact that he ,v.?u,0 have fhe committee of the a Hole House on the state of the Union Rise rather than act on such legislation. The democrats backed away from another Rule change one that would have made it far More difficult for supporters of a constitutional amendment to pry it Loose from House committees and bring it to a vote on the floor their original proposal was that it take the signatures of two thirds of the member or 290, to get such an amendment to the floor. It now takes 218. And that stands. Your recent editors notebook article in the times Tribune a a a Pat on the Back for governor John y. Brown is a splendid expression of How Many solid sane thinking tax payers feel toward gov. Brown thank you for writing something Good about John y. I voted for him and have never regretted it a he is a class Guy doing his Best for Kentucky Louis Hugg Barbourville write cttetter1�" letters to the editor Are welcomed. All letters must be signed and the writers Telephone number must be included for certification. The phone number will not be published. Letters that Are typed will appear sooner. Typed letters should be double spaced. Letters should be on topics of current general interest ecu tors Reserve the right to condense of reject any letter and a Itasta frequent writers. 1 address letters to As i see it the Corbin times Tribune p o Box 516, Corbin by. 40701

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