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Corbin Times Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1990, Page 4

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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - April 6, 1990, Corbin, Kentucky 4 the Temes Tribune Friday april 6, 1990what could happen if pilots Fly High before take off three Northwest airline Crew members you must know by now. Have been fired after it was discovered they were flying passengers around in a 727 while they were legally soused. The tales Are scary. Less than 12 hours before their take off from Fargo. N.d., to Minneapolis. The Northwest Captain had ordered 14 rum and diet cokes at a bar. According to an Fri Al Davit another person in the bar bought him live More. That makes 19 rum and diet cokes. Grizzard syndic cd column the other two Crew members were served seven pitchers of Beer. Northwest regulations forbid Crew members from drinking alcohol less than 12 hours before established in 1892 0rtbunp Ortr counties your Community newspaper for 97 years editorial opinion Page Charles f. Devane publisher / editor Jill l. Lewis managing editor Mike Cutrer circulation manager Ray Frye composing room Foreman Ebsary f. White advertising manager Tim Johnson accountant William Brafford press room Foreman no More or bad Guy the image of the Yelling taunting Drill instructor May no longer be appropriate when thinking of the . Marine corps. Drill instructors will no longer browbeat intimidate or harass their Young recruits. The mental approach to Basic training in the marines has been that the senior i was a Good Guy an almost fatherly figure while the Junior Dis were the bad Guys a hard mean unsympathetic and unapproachable disciplinarians. The Marine corps has made an about face in its approach to Basic training As a result of a study of suicides committed by three recruits. With the change Drill instructors will be just that a an instructor rather than somewhat of a combination of King Kong Godzilla the wolfman and Jason from a Friday the 13th.�?� based on what we have read of the changes Basic training will not be reduced to a regimen of crumpets and Tea. Apparently the marines Are still going to be looking for a few Good men and women. And the Marine Dis Arentt going to be saying things like May i please and thank you. However the image of the Dis perpetuated in films like a full Metal jacket and others is on the Way out. In fact they May be almost human. The big Mick attack attention All parents in the Tri county area you might As Well get ready to concede that a sizeable portion of your children a diet in the future is going to be hamburgers. Walt Disney company has announced plans to enter the restaurant business. That a right the mouse is getting into the Kitchen. The Disney company already has plans to open a a a Mickey a Kitchen at the Montclair Plaza mall 35 Miles East of los Angeles. The mouse a place will be duplicated throughout the country if successful. If successful every Parent knows the helpless feeling of passing a toy counter and being lambasted prevailed upon cajoled threatened and otherwise being pressured to buy a Mickey a Minnie a Donald a goofy a Pluto a Chip or a Dale a Daisy or some other rubber or plastic likeness of a Disney creation. You can t get out of a department store without the Purchase of a to shirt or a pair of Tennis shoes that Isnit emblazoned with the face of Good old Mickey Donald goofy it Al. What possible Chance do we stand if Mickey wants the child to buy a hamburger we guess we just might As Well get prepared for the big Mick attack. Sad state of affairs armed guards at a supermarket meat counter its a sad state of affairs when police officers have to stake out the local grocery store but that a exactly what a happened in Whitesburg. The Superior supermarket was one of three supermarkets in the Eastern Kentucky town to place guards carrying .357-mag-Nums in meat sections. The extreme measure was taken Afler threats that meat at a City grocery store had been poisoned with cyanide. The threats have angered and frightened residents in the Letcher county town of 1,200, but no poisonings have been reported. The three supermarkets were forced to destroy $36,000 Worth of meat and Post Sig a that All the meat had been Cut since tuesday. The threats were called in monday. We have to wonder what kind of person would do such a thing. Is it a sick attempt to get attention or a Power play from a warped mind calculated to intimidate the City a residents perhaps Well know after tests on meat Are completed and police find the caller. But we do know one thing now. Its a sad statement on the human condition when your local grocer has to bring in pistol toting policemen to insure its customers safety. Today in history today is Friday. April 6, the 96th Day of 1990. There Are 269 Days left in the year. On april 6, 1909, american explorer Robert Edwin Peary became the first person to Lead an expedition to the North pole. On this Date in 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints was organized by Joseph Smith at Fayette . In 1862. The civil War Battle of Shiloh began As the confederates attacked Union forces in Tennessee. In 1892, author and newscaster Lowell Thomas was bom in Woodington Ohio. In 1896, the first Modem olympic games were formally opened in Athens Greece. A flight. There is a reason for that. Ever had a bad hangover ifs hard to Brush your Teeth with a bad hangover. Imagine How difficult it must be to Fly a Large air plane. Something else Tiey wont allow you to smoke on a flight of less than 6 hours. But Crew members can smoke their Heads off. The Federal aviation administration is afraid if smoking pilots can to smoke while they re flying they might become irritable and lose their concentration and Fly into a liquor store. I done to mean to overreact Here but can you imagine what met be taking place up there in the cockpit As you sit strapped in your seat having a nicotine fit while Captain drumhead is trying to land air traffic control us Northwest. Fall in behind this Delta 767. Well have you on the ground shortly. Northwest Roger. Us. I see two Delta 767s. Which one do i fall in behind air traffic control 1 show just one. Northwest us Hie. Ill just put her in the Middle of the two of pm. And go from there. Air traffic control How much fuel do you have left. Northwest Northwest hard to us. Say. I can to see the dials for All the smoke in Here. Air traffic control you have a fire in the cockpit Northwest no the first officer just lit up another Marlboro. Hey Clyde want to crack a window. Air traffic control us we advise that. Northwest. You re still at 23.000 feet. Northwest i seem us. To have to a Zih 6 me aww/6 i. Another one has arrived. That sri to. Its Friday which Means its time for another weekend. Its a Chance to get things done. However it seems to me just As soon As the weekend begins its Over before you know it. I done to know where the time goes. A lot of times during the week i find myself planning what in a going to do on the weekend when it finally arrives and All the things in a going to accomplish. That a a laugh. I usually discover after the weekends come to a close. I did no to get much done at All. For one thing. I just can to seem to catch up on keeping my apartment clean. There a just so much to do in so Little time. The list is endless. Being that i live away from my friends now you would think id be Able to get More things done. When i lived in Louis Lue and i was going to College. I never had time during the week to do anything but study and work part time. So on weekends. Id try to get chores done. Notice i said try. If i Wasny to on the phone there id be taking time out to go somewhere with my friends. Well everyone needs time to relax right if i went out on fridays i did no to get Home till late which meant i would sleep late on saturdays. After the morning was already gone. I would try to catch up on Homework. Then on some saturdays there i was getting ready to go out for another night on the booming town. Set the alarm clock for noon again on sunday. Of course this did no to happen every weekend but it seems something would come up to prevent me from doing anything worthwhile. Now on weekends. I usually find myself spending most of my time to Yang to catch up on lost sleep from the Busy work week i be had. Or i spend my time eating ironing running to the store or washing dishes. Hey it takes a Long time to do dishes by hand. Its dreadful when you done to have a dishwasher to do the work for you. After doing these things there does no to seem to be enough time left to do much of anything else. Some weekends i go visit my parents who live in Richmond which is about an hour away. It seems like As soon As i travel All those 62 Miles its time for me to turn around and come Back. If Only it kinds could be longer consisting of three whole Days instead of two. I could get so Many More things done. we All when sunday night Rolls around. I usually find myself saying. A if Only i could be had a couple More hours i could be got that people suffer when Justice goes awry ten years ago easter services were held for me american hostages in Iran on their 155th Day of Captivity. Visiting clergymen reported the captives were in Good condition. Five years ago William j. Schroeder became the first artificial heart recipient to be discharged from the Hospital when he moved into an apartment in Louisville. By. Gaafar Nimelli the president of Sudan was overthrown in a coup. One year ago soviet Leader Mikhail s. Gorbachev met with British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in London holding Daylong talks that were characterized As argumentative but Friendly. Stuart Fla. Most the a me. The american tem of criminal Justice works Well. The guilty go to jail and the innocent go free. But win the system goes awry it goes Terrib awry. Ask Young Todd Nee a he Nas been sentenced to prison for a crime he did not Cox Nult. That is the Universal conclusion of every Independent investigator who has worked on the Case. The Miami Herald has termed needy s conviction a a Gross miscarriage of judge William Frye i of Loti Day a 19th circuit has charged state prosecutors with conce Amig evidence that a would have Conlu Steveb prevented the entry of a judgment of guilt Quot convincing testimony Points to another youth entirely. Yet stubborn prosecutors unwilling to admit error have persisted in pursuing a Case that never should have been tried at All. This week nes Nightmare May near an end. The 4th District court of peals will hear Arment in West Palm Beach on his Appeal Given the Clear and ugly record of the states indefensible prosecution it would be ing if the appellate court did not dismiss the Case out of hand. The Story goes Back to the night o june 17, 1986. Todd was 18 at the time. With his Mother his sister Bethellen and his Stepfather to be. Lew Crosley he went to dinner at the lobster shanty in Jensen Beach. A waitress took the party s cider at 8 26. The Check was paid by credit card at 9 31. The times Are fixed absolutely by records of the restaurant eleven Miles away at a town House Complex in port Salerno 24-year-old Linda 2�avatkay said goodnight to her Boyfriend at 9 of clock. Two or three minutes later she heard a Knock at the door. It was re get her Friend returning. It was a teen a a brandishing a be. He threatened her with rape and stabbed her in the Abd Conen. They struggled Briety. The attacker fled. At 9 12 she called 911 to report tie assault Dlce rec Maxis confirm the time. The 911 tape Speaks volumes. Zavatkay identified her assailant that night As a boy who was �?o16. Max Quot she provided a telling clue the youth had braces it i his Teeth. Her Roy filed said he had seen a a shaded of a person Rar the front door As he departed. Later it would transpire that police made a can James Kilpatrick synd Tatad Coturri la Vass of the neighbourhood asking about teen agers who met be suspects. They Learned that 18-year-old Todd Neely who lived with his family about 50 Yards away from the Zavatkay Home had a rec xxx of drunk driving. He was a smart Alec Ltd Type. A few Days later police showed the victim a Schod yearbook photograph of Neely taken three years earlier. After some persuasion Zavatkay thought she met have been mistaken about the braces. She made positive the Boyfriend a so Shadow Quot remark Abb sharpened. Police arrested Neely and charged him with attempted murder. In january 1987 needy waived a jury and went of trial before judge c. Pfeifler Trowbridge. The trial took four Days. Trowbridge. It to has since retired took two minutes to pronounce Gull 7 wont weaken my factual decision by giving you a Wishy Washy said the judge. He gave him 15 years and lifetime probation. The a after the conv cuon other residents of the port Salerno Complex read about the Case in the Stuart news. They were certain that Justice had miscarried. They pointed to a neigh Mcwhood troublemaker 15-year-old Dennis Raether with a record of violence and sexual misconduct. Raether had prominent braces on his Teeth. Nee a never had worn braces. The state refused to make further . Raether has re get been questioned to this Day though he has boasted of his responsibility to at Leasta dozen persons. There is your letters invited. You or invited to us our edit Oral a non Page to express your views on topics of interest. We ask that they be of Brief of possible Oral they must be signed. Please iti Cludy your Telephone number so we May verify their authenticity. All letters Are subject to Standard Edithg practices. Today a Bible verse a being confident of this very thing that he which hath begin a Good work in you will perform it until the Day of Jesus philippians 1 6 five years ago gov. Martha Layne Collins announced that a $750,000 Grant would be awarded to the Woods Creek water District. 10 years ago an elderly Corbin woman was mugged outside her apartment at Mabry Manor East apartments. 20 years ago Spring like weather came to the area As temperatures ranged in the 70s. A Light up Here. Artra Floc control a red flashing la it Northwest no us a Bud Ute in the cooler under my seat. Hey Clyde got any More peanuts left from last night Artra Floc control you re Clear to land now. Northwest Northwest Roger control. Which runway air traffic control the one directly in front of you. Northwest i see two. Air Trail la control take us your pick. My shifts Over. William rusher syndic sed Woumnm weekends Are usually too Short sworn testimony that he once threatened a girl at knife Point with rape. All this came out in a hearing before judge file a year ago. Something else came out it transpired tit the states assistant prosecuting attorney As fisc ruled had a deliberately and actually suppressed vital information Quot that would have led to need s acquittal. The detectives canvass sheets would have pointed unerring to Young Raether. Judge fryers conclusion Shouki have ended matters. Unwilling to give up the state toe an App. The Story is a wretched St cry of Flimsy identification Bung Fod police work suppressed evidence and overzealous a to sectors. On the in rebutted evidence of the restaurant Check alone. It is impossible to believe in Neely s guilt the trial judge never heard of the suspect Raether. The yearbook Oto and the victims refurbished memory sufficed. Everything is up to the appeals court now. Compromise of . Principles Well Over a year has gone by since James Ber ache his longstanding ambition to become Secretary of state and it is possible to make out now the general outlines of his notion of now the Job ought to be discharged. Unfortunately the prognosis Isnit promising. Uniquely among the worlds major nations the United states has from its inception stood for Freedom. Osiier nations a Britain and France for example a have themselves been free As Long or even longer. But they have been compromised by their involvement in the Power pout is of Europe and the Bill to of colonialism in a Way. And to an extent that the United states was fortunately Able to avoid. As a result this country s identification with principles and especially with the principle of Freedom is recognized throughout the world. As the late president Chang Ching Kuo of the Republic of China Taiwan once said to me a if the United states does no to stand for Freedom what does it stand for Quot it was the inability of such Brilliant machiavellian As Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger to grasp the profound importance of this identification that led them into such blunders As their repellent detente with the elderly thugs Vidio run red China. To Cootain a a China card Quot to play in the a cd War with the soviet Union they gravely sullied this country s reputation for Devotion to the cause of Freedom. Today As the cold War fades we find ourselves still saddled with an embarrassing Quot Friendship Quot with Deng amp co., who have just renewed their credentials As murderers by their performance in la Hannkn Square. Unfortunately there is considerable evidence that our current Secretary of state suffers from a similar moral Rry Opla. In the particular Case of China Baker unless we prefer to put the onus entirely on president Bush twice secretly dispatched his own highest Deputy and the National Security Conda director to peking soon after Tiana men Square to obtain promises of better behaviour that remain glaringly unfulfilled to this Day. And still More recently. In the Case of Lithuania the Baker policy seems far More concerned with keeping Mikhail Gorbachev in Power in the soviet Union than with recognizing and encouraging the Independence of a Small nation whose absorption by the soviet Union for refused to rec Naze even in the midst of world War ii. Where in fact since Baker took the Helm has . Foreign Polky stood unambiguously for Freedom anywhere in the world not in Cambodia where our strongest current allies Are the Khmer Rou. Not in Angola Dwiere Jonas a Vumbi is being subjected to the military Salami tactics of Gorbachev a Well supplied puppets As we stand by and watch. Not in Nicaragua. Where the administration was clearly ready to accept a san Dan Sta Victory and compel the con tras to do likewise. Not even in Panama where a Power Fril internal coup was allowed to sputter out and Only the resulting criticism and Noriega swing insolence finally provoked a . Response. The nations erf Eastern Europe to be sure managed to obtain the Freedom on Baker s watch. But any Nobel prizes handed out Fco that achievement surely Bifong to them and to Gorbachev not to Baker. We must remember that where a pout Idan who be stands for principle As dust la gushed from Merety pretending t is often regarded As just waster his and other Peoples time. To come from such a Bac ground to the intricate Brocad tapestry of International afia May equip a person to play come tent poker with the soviet Forel ministry but it leaves him woeful unprepared to raise the one Sta Dard that the world has Long be taught to regard As americans of Cial concern the Standard Freedom

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