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Corbin Times Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 4

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Corbin Times Tribune (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Corbin, Kentucky 4 a the Tolmei trl bunk. Weekend edition april 5-4,1984 editorial Page Charlee f. Devane publisher / editor John l. Crawford publisher emeritus James o. Crawford co publisher 1930-1977 managing editor Gene Cantrell or. Circulation manager Mike Cutrer advertising manager Deloris Robinson accountant Charles e Brockjr. Production manager Paul Eaton London a efforts to attract tourists London s tourist Welcome Center on 1-75 will provide considerable Benefit for the entire area. State officials at the ground breaking for the information Center which is being constructed by the London Laurel county tourism commission said it is the first such Center being built in Kentucky by local initiative. The state operates five information centers on the interstate network in Kentucky. One just South of Williamsburg and one just outside of Richmond Are fairly close to our Lake and Cumberland Falls Region but travellers have other attractions or distractions As it May be near both facilities. Kentucky is putting More emphasis on the importance of tourism and recognizes the potential the Welcome centers can have in attracting visitors to off interstate Sites. The states five interstate Welcome centers Are All slated for renovation and expanded hours. Additionally local communities Are being recruited to provide volunteers to assist the regular staff in Manning the centers from 7 . Until 11 . London of course has taken the Community involvement in the program a step further in constructing their own tourist information Center. The new Center will also House offices for the tourism commission and chamber of Commerce. The benefits of the Welcome Center to the area Are obvious. The promoters of the project Are to be commended for their interest in promoting Tounsi and an of the spin off pluses in which the entire Region gains. Drivers should use caution in Spring with the arrival of warmer weather comes Road work. Yes believe it or not some roads in Kentucky get interstate 75 seems to be a favorite target for repairs during Peak tourist season. Over the last two Summers there have been fatalities within our immediate area on 1-75 which were caused impart by poor marking of construction areas and carelessness on the part of the Drivers. Work Between London and Livingston on 1-75 will probably slow northbound traffic for the new few Days. Our message to careful. The arrival of baseball the greatest american pastime baseball the major league Brand begins monday april 7. The Cincinnati reas and Philadelphia Phillies officially open the season at 2 . From then until october but especially now at the Start our thoughts do turn to baseball. A great american sport which has Given us the babe ruths Ted Williams Joe Dimaggio Jackie Robinsons Mickey mantles and Dwight Goodins of so Many generations youth has stood the test of time. Baseball is Here to stay unchanged by funny three Point rules or shot clocks and Strong enough to withstand problems with social ills such As drugs. Baseball is Back enjoy it. First Bumble Bee of year the first Bumble Bee of this year the year of 1986 was seen out the window where the peach tree has a Bloom which burst out last saturday while i was giving the tree which is being researched the weekly portion of the amaretto i Taronno mixed with amaretto Basilica for its been so Long with the weather so bad my Northern friends have let me get almost out of the precious drink a for the peach tree. I Haven to shared any of the Brandy with my two legged friends for six weeks or More Tor after these past two years of feeding the peach sprout Brandy i can to afford to let it skip a single saturday. In Case the readers of the times Tribune Are not Farmers or gardeners you May not know that if you Are Force feeding plants either with liquid or solid food and drink that if you skip Over a few Days it makes the fruits or vegetables less than perfect. Tomatoes have hard spots on their skins if dry weather overtakes them after Springs floods leaving the Tomato tasteless and watermelons Are the same Way just vary their feed too much or use too much Bam a stuff and them melons will have White spots hard As rocks and be tasteless As Driftwood. So. While my husband and i were purchasing groceries at Iga today my eyes lit upon a Batch of Coffee which says cafe amaretto now in be heard All my life that you could wean an alcoholic one of them two legged ones if you gave him enough Coffee to drink Ana fed him Good. J i Don t want to wean that peach tree from its liquor nor its Good liquid drink a just tide it Over until my Brandy bottles get re filled the name of the Coffee should be enough to make that Little tree believe that its drinking the usual for i almost believe that tree can think for itself if not there Are them Little leprechauns to help it and i know talk to it while it Longs for its weekly drink leprechauns like Coffee a at least my Mother said they did and she a the person who taught me about All of them things which make my life such a pleasure now Mother had never had this Good cafe amaretto like Iga Sells i Hope there is no conflict of interest in my trying to interest readers in the instant cafe write a letter letters to the editor Are welcomed. All letters must be signed and the writers Telephone number must be included for verification. The phone number will not be published. Letters that Are typed will appear sooner. Typed letters should be double spaced. Letters should be on topics of current general interest. Editors Reserve the right to condense or reject any letter and to limit frequent writers. Address letters to As i see it the times Tribune . Box 516, Corbin by. 40701 factual folklore by Mabel Martin amaretto for it Only has a the flavor of the kiss of almonds their words and not mine id not claim none of the credit for this Iga never said this somebody else wrote these words upon that Little Square Coffee can in selecting Garden seeds today i purchased one pack of the big Max pumpkin seeds which i intend to put the scrapping of the compost Din into a Hole four feet deep and a Yard wide and then its below the seepage of the peach Brandy tree i just know that that Hill of pumpkins will win a Nirize at the fair come late summer Ime. An unidentified source Over at the office says nobody believes my tales about feeding the peach tree the Brandy. Of course they Are True and i intend to make that Little tree some Good Coffee this very afternoon and after its drunk the Brandy and the bottles have both been nosed out and poured at its roots i to get my Lawn chair out and Park it at the roots of the Elm and i to have a cup of that instant cafe amaretto and As i sit there sipping and the peach tree supping i to pretend i am at the colosseum in Rome a Mountain a Muse Sisters a Little blonde haired girl sitting on a log her toes in the mud hugging on her dog when up sneaked her brother who was a year or two older took something from his pocket and put it on her shoulder she let out a yelp that scared her poor dog when she boxed on her shoulder and saw a Slimy Green Frog. By a country boy goes to town i m Headin Fer the town an i m Walkin mighty proud i be got a pair of Yaller shoes an a red tie that is loud. I la be Lookin Fer the girls where the lights air Bright an in a Gonna be staying out Purt nigh All the night. In be got a ten Dollar Bill and i guess in a spend hit All Fer this Ole country boy is Gonna have himself a bad ill have a ice Creem Sody and i expect i May get High on a shot or two of Sass Varilly Here a mud in your Eye. Ill take in All the cabarets and maybe All the bars then do a Little dancing an smoke a few cigars. Ill take Over that Ole Burg and turn her upside Down Fer things air Alius popping when this country boy comes to town. By Edward Ward Hollywood poor Hollywood Hollywood poor Hollywood sad degenerate place your smutty vile and dirty Sodom like grinning face disgraces the human race. Plagued by murderers rapists by Guys and gals and whores and Quot Gays a As out of Gomory kiddie in evil houses Young ignorant hangers on in lust filled blouses living lying Busy movie Mongel buchers con men Gambers pimps and other fetches. In your Grimy by ways the shocked traveller meets Youthful hopeless beggars pandering on the streets and ragged bleary eyed doers around your skirt of Limbus stroll looking for their fix searching for their souls. Except for honest working Folk your ire tragic even droll. By or. Don Shepherd Trees and plants of the Bible the Abe the bum Plant the Anise was used by saints eve ate the Apple so Fine while the Ash is no Vine Moses was found in the Bulrush the Cedar was used to build a Bush we see the use of firs and fir without seeds the Cane is a Sweet aromatic Reed Jonas was sheltered by a Gourd the ceremonially Hyssop is an Herb the grape and grass was a catch Lin till was a Type of vetch Mandrake known As our Plant in May mint was used to tithe a woe at that Day Mustard is a faithful Weed myrrh is gum not a seed nut was found out of the Sod Oak grows in the holy land by god Olive lives to be a great age onion a vegetable on a certain Page Palm was used to form a path Pine was never used As a Wrath pomegranate an App like fruit Reed was used As a Rod Rose came from the Sod Rue was a medical Plant Spikenard and Sycamore used by a Saint Tare was also a Reed some Trees others a seed these Are in use today and will be for in Many of a Way. . Carr yes mind if i swear by Chuck Stone during his travels across the Back roads of America gathering material for his Best seller a Blue highways a a William least heat Moon came upon a grizzled Pioneer named Watkins in the California desert. A the had a face so bullied even the soil conservation commission have reclaimed it a a Bill noted. A but his eyes seemed lighted from the two men talked of Many things. Finally the old Bird pointed out the camper where he and a a what a her face his name for his wife lived. A my camper has most anything you a want he said. A even one of them Ping Pong to games. What a her face says we have to have it to entertain the great grandchildren. I say to her a Why can to they just look out the Winda like other kids a a those great grandchildren wont have anything unless wires come out of it. If i ran an Extension Cord Down my Pant leg and let them plug me in they a believe they had a real the talk went on to other things. At one Point in the conversation Watkins figured head like to swear. Here they were in the desert with no one else within earshot a a what a her face was inside the camper but the old Feller did no to want to take the Chance he would offend the stranger he had just met. So he asked first a do you mind if i swear a when Bill said he did no to the Geezer let Loose with a couple of Choice expletives. Now that its considered Good manners to say before we Light up a cigarette a do you mind if i smoke Quot maybe we should extend the same Courtesy to people before we swear. This would be appreciated by a George Plagenz woman i was talking to recently who gives the hands on driving test in Connecticut for those applying for their Drivers licenses. She took a 19-year-old College student out for her test the other Day. A when the time came for the parking part of the exam a said the examiner Quot she knocked Over one of the Cones. It meant she flunked the test. A a a of shoot a a she said. A after some of the foul language i hear when other Drivers flunk the test i was so surprised a pleased really a that i wanted to pass her. Of course i most women today swear like troopers. To put it that Way however is probably an insult to the state Highway patrol. Quot on my worst Day a says a trooper i know a i never use the language i hear some women use when i pull them women not Only swear themselves they consider it sexist a a breach of sexual Equality a if men a watch their language in front of them. The result is that what you hear is mixed company today is what you used to hear Only in a menus army Barracks. I must admit i find it refreshing to hear a woman say a a gosh instead of Quot god Quot As an expletive a god a strikes me As graceless and common something you would expect Joan Rivers to say. It also offends my religious sensibilities. If you remind people who use it that they Are taking the lords name in vain they will usually reply that they mean nothing by it. Cardinal John Henry Newman had the answer to that a nothing is worse a he said a than to say god and to mean nothing by someone once said a we ought to save the name of god for the great now we can to even sneeze without somebody saying a god bless sneezing is hardly a great occasion. Today s thought by . Dean a and in hell he lift up his eyes being in torments and seeth Abraham afar off and Lazarus in his Luke 16 23 one minute after you have missed heaven you will know that hell is no myth. The Only Way out is in him. Re believe on the lord Jesus Christ and thou Shalt be a and he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites. And he said of a truth i say unto you that this poor widow hath cast in More than they All for All these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of god but she of her penury hath cast in All the living that she Luke 21 2-4 the lord still sees the gift and the attitude of the giver. He also knows if you have reached a Point of sacrifice in your giving. A the lord Loveth a cheerful attend your Church and give to the cause of Christ through it and Pray for gods servant. He will bless you for it. Contra questions of Reagan president Reagan did not take his initial Contra Aid defeat lying Down although he reportedly prefers the serenity of that posture. For reasons that seem to elude the average american or. Reagan has asked us to accept on Faith that civilization is at the Crossroads in Nicaragua. How can any rational person who has not undergone an ideological Lobotomy believe that a armageddon will be fought on a beachhead the size of new York state maybe an argument can be made for sending $100 million in Aid to a seedy Little group of 2,500 questionably capable rebels fighting a questionable military Campaign. But Ronald Reagan and his fastest court Jester in the West Patrick Buchanan Haven to made it yet. Instead the president and Buchanan whose squeaky voice sounds like it has acne have been impugning the patriotism of their opponents and rediscovering the indictment a ooh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to presidential deceptions Are not intentional. Like Topsy they a a Jess in his sunday evening televised Jeremiah or. Reagan soberly intoned a the capitals Only synagogue was desecrated and fire bombed a the entire jewish Community forced to flee not really contradicted rabbi Balfour Brickner of new York City a Stephen Wise free synagogue. A the synagogue in Managua was abandoned during the fighting in 1978. The sandinista told me they would be Happy to give it Back but there is no one to give it to. There is not a jewish Community in Managua to support a misstatements a Lovely euphemism for lies Are not the shining exception with Reagan but the blemished Rule. Former president Carter has accused president Reagan of a More than once a misrepresenting the Carter record. Despite a Reagan Promise according to Carter not to do it again Reagan persists. In politics passion reigns on both sides and the Contra Aid debate has turned into a strictly partisan Issue. After nine Republican congressman visited Nicaragua for 20 hours they returned with their support solidified for the rebels. In a recent column conservative guru James Kilpatrick hailed Reagan so convincing Case in support of aids to the contras. However both perceptions Are contradicted by an authoritative report by a former Marine Captain and Cia analyst that concluded that the contras Are already Defeated. Clearly a majority of the american people reject continued Aid to the contras. The rejection is even More emphatic in the Black and hispanic communities with the Black and hispanic members of Congress voting unanimously against Aid to the contras. Minorities always feel More passionate about non interference in the internal affairs of other nations because they came out of a legacy of so much interference in their lives at first Blush americans might not get excited about this outlay of $100 million if they weren to being asked to surrender so Many other Federal programs. For example Reagan want to Cut $512.2 million from next years College Aid program for Low income students. His Contra Aid request could provide Aid to 179,000 students. At the risk of appearing to succumb to Samuel Johnson a admonition that a patriotism is the last Refuge of scoundrels a i would suggest that $100 million for Low income american students is More critical to this nations survival than that sum to a Haggle Taggle group 3,000 Miles away. The Contra Aid controversy wont subside easily. As a matter of personal Pride and ancient conviction Ronald Reagan has contrived to make it the Touchstone of his administration. In the process he fits a description by Peter Finley Dunne a or. Dooley a a fanatic is a Man that does what he thinks the lord wed do if he knew the facts of the your questions we done to have a question a Man or an answer a a person at the times Tribune. But we do have a staff of news reporters eager to look into your problems and get to the Bottom of something that is bothering you. We 11 get answers we can and write about them. We too appreciate tips on news the important As Well As the seemingly insignificant. Just drop us a line you done to have to sign your name and Tell us about your Story idea something you think we ought to Check on or an Issue we May have overlooked. Letters should be addressed to times Tribune . Box 516, Corbin ky., 40701

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