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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Cooperstown Federalist (Newspaper) - September 12, 1812, Cooperstown, New York B t x a. & " v n umber 20 i. C o o p e r s t o Wev o tse g o c o u n t of n. Y a s a t u r d a is e p t e m b e r 12, 1812. Volume in. An. Him 1 1 y $ Otto Ian. From t h e co n n e it in u t courant. To the f a r m e r s o f new York Vermont and new England. Every honest Man when his country is in Peri will enquire for the cause from which it arose & the Means by which h May be extricated. By 3 strange act you Are precipitated into a state of Yar. The Young who have never seen the bloody Reid and whose breasts Are animated Tveith courage Anta love of their country May by we Are ready to meet i t we Are ready to protect the Grey hairs of our parents and the chastity of our Sisters. The writer has Felt the Bame and believes it a sacred one when under the direction of sound Wisdom but still Many important inquiries Croud themselves upon us and must be answered before an honest and Brave Man can ask the Blessing of god on his sword. Is this War i necessary ? w a3 it not rashly declared ? and May it not now be speedily Clos a by the Union m in ? the Appeal is made to you gentlemen farm ers because Cool deliberate Wisdom re sides with you because you must Puy the c o s t because your sons must die m the Field and your daughters be widows if the Conten Tion becomes fierce and because it is your Sovereign voice must finally decide the ques Tion. W As the War necessary and was it not tasty declared ? that the English have done unju3t deeds there is no Man not even an englishman will i Orv deny but question returns was the War necessary ? a sate o f National War which includes in its it Gress and consequences All pos sible human evils that millions of combatants can inflict on each other is not the proper punishment for every unjust deed which May a Zappeti. It punishes the injured together with the ii Jurious. There ought to have been a thousand odier resorts before this was adopted As the ultimate one. In the oppositions of in Terest which Mke place among yourselves you do it array Village against Village and com Mission every hired labourer to plunder and murder your Neighbour. It is As lawful As Wise and would be As profitable in the one cases it will be found in the Olfier. Unless in Case Hof invasion there Are always Means of protect snare you. A s an immediate substitute your a Large proportion of the White people Are governments and whereas w e claim. The National government by a single stroke have As industrious As a hot Cli Pate will permit men right As inherent in Freeborn americans bold doubled the duties on Commerce. And who of this Colour to be but All their influence is in and without fear o f Superior no tubers a must eventually pay these duties it is the overborne and their opinions Are governed by though they Navy he clothe with theg a re o f people in the country who Wear and consume the great slave holders what ideas of civil office or the to Ftfe o f War Asso imported articles. It is the consumer and not or political Liberty can we expect to find among relating when we see Bur lives it the merchants who in the end pays the duties those who justify slavery ? though nature our civil immunities in danger to Endeavor to on imports. The merchant May give his Bonds first gave them humane dispositions they most effect a Reforno and whereas Many add or Kiev for the duties on importation but before they from their habits o f living become imperious Ous calamities have befallen and and expect submission from All about paid Trust collect the amount from the Farmer who consumes. The merchant altho half his property is swept away hath the other half at command for some new application in business while the property of the suffering Farmer is so located that he can make no such use of i t in a change o f times. He m u s t eventually pay the Cost whether the Public demands Are made under the name of duties or direst taxes. The Northern Farmers Are virtuous industrious men who have been gaining property in a time of peace but by War they must be undone. They can no longer Plant their sons by their aide for it is these sons of the fathers who f a o u w h e m a n j u t i e u b o t a i n of humane and reasonable the fish. Other May have a passionate Cour age they May solicit and receive command but they will need the Hardy sons o f the Farmer to cover their Heads in the Day of Battle. These Young men Are the strength of the Northern country they Are a Phalanx which no invading Ertem yeah resist Bikit what do they gain and what do they hot risque by our pre sent Naf Kottal measures ? i May rather first ask what have they lost already ? i answer by embargoes and no Intercourse they have already it is a false idea that these restrictive measures injure the merchant Only. They must think themselves the makers and not the subjects of Law. When called into a great legislature they the same feel Ings towards the body of the people As they have towards their slave feat Home and will expect the same implicit be Dieppe. Of the Rea sons o f their conduct he required they will think it the spirit of rebellion and feel their majesty wounded by remonstrance. But this temper will never ple fese the merchant of the North. The Northern Farmer on his Little territory of fifty acres with his labour trained sons around him is More Independent in fact than the Southern politician with his file Hundred slave trembling in his presence. Nature hath taught them that god is Good and while they beloved country particularly the Wrin Tif which we have been wickedly wantonly and prematurely plunged by Dur present dictators of the South and whereas the attainment o f Sac by changing our rulers is devoutly to be wished by every real Friend o f Union order and i i def tendency i s the Only Means of raising us out of the depth o f misery and humiliation into which we Are Sun Keri by the Agency of those men who nov Rule us and whereas Fiir ther a spirit of opposition to the Freedom o f speech and o f the press in one Section of Bur country by a Lawless mob a band o f desperadoes a combination of exotic jacobins and has already been attended with the sacrifice of some of the noblest blood o f or revolutionary Herdes and o f the life o f one of those who in tremble before a fellow worm of the dust they the troublous times of our revolution let Forth Ball on him who governs the world it re member my stripes and the pains of one thou Hast made. Closed doors messages without a reason proclamations not verified by facts discussion Preven dby artificial policy and silent Majori ties Are no found in the text Book from which the Northern Farmer teaches his children the print Isles of civil Liberty and free legislation. Sooner than admit the a he will indulge some Plain reasoning on the nature of social com the sons of Freedom and America to the Field. Therefore resolved that we Are firmly and inflexibly attached to the Constitution add government of the United states and o f the state of new York and that we will at the Hazard of All we hold most dear support the constituted authorities so Long As they administer the gov Ern ment according to those excellent and a cried instruments. Resolved that our duty As citizens does not stifle our complaints against the invasion four rights and that we will so Long As we continue to inhabit a land of Liberty and breathe the air of Freedom oppose with decision and firmness it is the merchant who first feels and complains pacts and of that Liberty which god hath give but is the Farmer who bears the final loss by in to All men who Are Able to support it. Lowering the Price of what his farm produces the Northern merchant will never believe and by raising the Price of what he purchases that it was an act o f Ive to bum his ships and the usurpation of oui rights and immunities in the merchant is a necessary agent Between their Rich cargoes on the Ocean or that the whatever shape it May appear not Only by and those who till the Field and foreign nations who government which quietly endures this is Hering to the principled bequeathed to us by consume the produce. The Farmer ought to worthy o f his respect. But it will be asked our heroic forefathers but by unceasingly a is defend the merchants rights because it is de Are not our Southern politicians Friendl Yio the ing our warning voice to our deluded fellow fending his own interest. But the scene is principles o f civil Liberty they doubtless citizens bidding them beware to what extent changed. And the Prospect becomes More Hor Are under certain restrictions in applying them they give their support to a set of men who by rid to the Farmer. I therefore ask what will he they see the fitness of Freedom for themselves numberless acts have proved themselves hostile new lose ? he will pass irom a state of pros and their children but not for those who till of entity to Seisay from wealth to poverty from the Field and Are Mot deserving of the Reward ease to fatigue. H is sans will be the servants Bonaparte in the Sadie sense is fhe Friend of of servant Sand his daughters will weep. But Jtb Eity. Liberty is adj Good thing for him his Tion move Wise than National War. Offensive hear is always the work of weak or unprincipled men neither do the Laws of nature permit it. To be followed with ultimate Benefit. In some future papers i will Shew you How this War originated and How it May vets brought to a spy close. I will prove was Southern policy to Devea id a Section of the Union although the safety o f the South depends on f4he Prosperity of the North. I will state the necessary is Between the Prin i Sciples of the grand european despot and of great slave holders. Every reasonable Man will allow that no greater curse can befall the United states than a division into two or More empires until it becomes be Cejp y for the preservation of state rights and pers Nallib erty whenever this shall be the Case it must be done. Whatever May be intended by that Section of the Union who have sanctioned the War they ought to know that the most bitter consequences of the measure will recoil on themselves. There Are circumstances in the nature of their population which i should tremble to mention that must produce the event if a state of National commotion Iso Long continuance. Their physical strength is so party coloured that it cannot contain within it self the principles of safety. There can be no Long continued peace Between the principles of personal Liberty and of slavery. There is not a rational creature of god on Earth that chooses to be a slave or that will withhold his hand when Opportunity presents to satiate his Smoth is there no remedy for this is the doom of this mosh virtuous class o f citizens sealed ? yes be Hardy cultivators of the soil there is a remedy in your own Power. Adhere to the govern ment own states for this is the bul Wark o f your Liberty and safety. Your destiny was never placed in the hands of slave holders and we know you will not voluntarily resign your Freedom the Fen o f another climate. In some future paper i will Point out the remedy you Are to seek. Cato. Of n u m b e r i i. In my last number i mentioned some of the evils you must endure by a continuance of the War if which the nation is engaged i ought rather to say in which the National administration is engaged for certainly in the Northern Section this is not a War of the people nor can it eve be made so unless by some rash action of the British nation. I propose in this paper to state the origin of the different political views in the Northern and Southern sections of the nation. These different views arise from the different conditions in which they exist each is in such a state As was derived to them from their ances tors therefore confirmed by habits of thinking which have their influence both on great political questions in the common manners of living. In the Northern Section o the Union slavery is almost unknown. The Rew Black and coloured people Are As free and have the same rights As the White. The idea of slavery in the Southern sense of the word is lost from the minds o f the people. The courts Are As but not whom he hath the reason Why 8lave-Ho dmpplittcian8 Are ready to court French alliances few it would be a convenient and Safe thing Foi them to have a National Mili tary Force at Hant to overage their slaves and rivet their Bonds is itch a Force the Northern people would a Teeth portentous of ruin the most Stern principles o f civil Freedom consist Ingin equal rights enjoyed by every member of the Community is the basis of Northern sen Tim ent but the state of society prevents its practical application in the South. But let it be remembered Southern policy can never overhear the feelings of the Northern states. That the Conquest of Ganada should be projected by Southern politicians is beyond All other things astonishing. Suppose the thing to be possible which at present is very doubt Ful go further suppose it actually Lone what would be the future consequence ? the future consequence would be this. If the same Laws and nature which now govern men continue to the Constitution a liberties 6f our beloved country and the m bit abject devotees to the great destroyer o f the human race. Resolved that we deprecate with feelings of the most poignant regret the late unprecedented and ruinous declaration of War As being in itself unnecessary and premature cd originating As we most solemnly believe in an Una Edom ing and dishonourable attachment to one of the belligerents of Europe Andi from a determined hostility to a connexion either commercial or otherwise with another fend in its consequences disastrous hot ohly to the inhabitants on our defenceless frontiers but also to All classes o f citizens in the Interior who contrary to their wishes and in violation of the right o f Equality guaranteed to them by the Constitution o f a Heth countryj4fte dragged from their and Fields to fact Aii enemy rashly created by their own rulers. V resolved that Iti the opinion of this meet ing so Gross and Wanton an invasion o f our lib erties As the late attack upon the Freedom o f the press and the rights of individuals at Balti More ought to have been promptly repelled by our National executive in whose Vicinity the daring outrages were commuted and ostensibly for the support of whose measures the Lawless within half a Century from this time a mighty combination o f renegades was embodied and Northern Empire would arise which irom its we heartily regret that our administration have populous hive athletic Northern habits and naval resources would give Law to the Southern Region and command the Ocean from Newfoundland to Brazil. By this time some of the few who read this paper will think what does the writer mean ? by their silent acquiescence in these outrageous proceedings Given cause to suspect that they either countenance or by no Means discount Nance those acts which Are in themselves Dis Graceful and truly disastrous to the nation. Resolved that it is our Bounden duty at the is he not attempting to disseminate jealousy ? present crisis to unite in support of the const eved vengeance on the instruments of his per open and Justice is As speedily executed in a Petal servitude the commotions of War cannot Lertg fail of giving such opportunities. O or Southern Brethren Are Brave men but a ave men do not always possess All Power nor can they erase the Laws of nature from the mind of Man. W e therefore Are Amaz ? to. Find so Many partisans o l War in the South. It must arts from the Folly o f Eor Laih politicians to whom they have committed themselves aged who we Are persuaded will soon be discard de by their constituents. T o these it them Dusty in some reputable business it Tisser for their rashness. � the interest of the Northern Section is to avoid War with All nations. W e know that the National measures Are unpopular with a great m majority of All parties for All must Bear the loss. The a merchants whose property is on theoc an and in foreign countries will be the first sufferers but it is the Farmer who must event Salty pay the Cost every Farmer already teels the reduced Price of his produce and soon ill feel it More. The produce of his Fields will not enable him to pay the Price of cultivation so that with Rich domains around him he must speedily become poor. While the value of his produce is reduced the Farmer must pay double Price for every foreign Arti Cle. The Farmer wifi soon be loaded with More enormous taxes than Ever were borne in this country a far greater than he can meet with the Price of his own productions in the Market. These taxes Are already registered in National # offices the warrants ate prepared and Only Pray any g0d that none but men of another delayed a few months More deceitfully to in generation May be Able to read it. Your of the poor As o f the Rich. The children oath e poor Are instructed by a common sex � Pense and the path o f preferment is open to their Industry and Good moral conduct. Every one is owner of the soil on which he lives and is supported by the labour of himself and family. There Are no great families which from generation to generation have been sup ported by the labour o f slaves. The Many who Are Rich have made themselves so by in such a people cannot be subjected nor can they be Long under the political influence of other climates. T hey will demand a free Commerce because it enables them to vend with profit the fruit of their Awn personal la Bott s the Man whose brow hath sweat will not be patient under unreasonable restraints and impost on Trade he will not Long suffer a speculative and ruinous policy to Cut him off from the benefits of traversing the Ocean. Such Are the people of the North let future events prove the truth o f the description. In the Southern Section of the Union where the great partisans of War Are found there is another state of things t he Whites Are free Brave generous the Blacks Are numerous patient laborious profitable to their owners and if Opportunity presents they will be desperate i leave an awful Blank #. # # heaven forbid the supposition. H e is not rail ing at parties but tracing principles o f action he is looking for the deep cause of Public division that a rent Edy May be prepared to save his country from the ruin that Imp ends it not necessarily but by the Short sighted policy o f a weak administration. Cato Public feeling. Tuition and to endeavour by ail lawful Means to effect a change in the administration of our present excellent Republican government and to that end do Call upon our Ferow citizen throughout the state to recollect while rising the right of suffrage the policy hat Washington our political father and Ftp item Friend pursued when similarly situated and to unite heart and hand in support of Federal re publican principles which alone in our present at a very respectable meeting of the Fede alarming situation will under Providence be / a l Republican citizens of the towns of w est the salvation o f our country. Ford Decatur and Worcester convened on the 31st August 1812, at the House o f capt. Ste phen Seaward in Decatur pursuant to Public notice for the purpose of expressing their Opin Ion on the alarming situation of the country resolved that w e highly approve the proceedings o f our Brethren in sen Ament in the town of Ostofi the head quarters of Correct principles and earnestly solicit them to Perse vere in their endeavours to save oui beloved c h a r l e s m a s o nest. Was called to the chair country fully w arranged b y their Noble conduct and capt. B e z a l e e l h o w s appointed Sec a during our revolutionary struggle in anticipate in motion resolved that a committee o f ing the most Happy results two persons from each of the towns present be appointed to Frame resolutions expressive of the Seri tibents of this meeting. Resolved that the address of the Federal members o f Congress relative to War be read. Resolved with Only one dissenting voice that the same be approved. The committee then retired Aad shortly of resolved that it is with pleasure we recognise amongst the venerable fathers who com posed the late meeting in new York some of the boldest defenders o f their country is rights and we pledge ourselves to rally round the Standard of Jay King and Morris. Resolved that we View with scorn and con tempt the stale endeavour to fix upon Federal Ter by their Secretary reported the following its the charge of British influence Tor ism preamble and resolutions which were severally unanimously adopted. W h f reas the Constitution o f the United states Recognises the right o f its citizens on All occasions to assemble for the purpose o f e x � pressing their Senkiw Fuents Oil the situation of Public affairs and upon the Good or Mal conduct of the administrators o f our general a a state a. A. And we Call upon the most hardened Jacobin to produce an instance of their dereliction from the principles of our Constitution and real republicanism to resolved that we believe Commerce to be the real and Only support of agriculture und that the loss o i either is a deep wound inflicted upon the other that we May find a solution of a ;