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Connersville Weekly Times (Newspaper) - December 28, 1865, Connersville, IndianaA f a Liberty and. Una a now and forever one and inseparable a we Steih. 1 vol. 16�?no. 10. Connersville Indiana thursday. Do Demb whole no. 790. For the Connerville Quot a Lii the Obj aut . For the Connerville Quot a Lii the Obj aut . An address to children. By William Watson Estebun. Kind Lime Friend to i Coile before you for a Little while in order to address you and i Hope that i May have something to say that will be interesting and at the same time instructive. My subject Quot tub object of life Quot a is one of Groat Beauty very instructive and deeply interesting. Glicr question. What is or rather what slum old be the great object of our live ? is one that Sli Ould be answered and we und Good in Early life. It should indeed be understood by All Little boys and girls like you. You would then know How to liver and you would know for what to live. I will now Tell you what i to link should be 3 our great aim in life. It should be this we in old be Good and Happy in this world that we May be Good and Happy in tie world to come. This i think should be the aim of All Bolh great and and in this i think my Little friends will All agree with me. We All love to see Good men and women and we All love to see Good boys and girls. But before we can be Good we must learn emf to be Good and we Sli Ould learn this while we Are Young growing i it to be men and women for Good habits formed in youth Are Apt to remain with u8 through i life. Hence if we Leani to be Good in j Outh and at the same time put our knowledge into practice it is very Likely we shall be Good after we Are grown Biow my Little friends Don t you All want to be Good and Happy ? Yea i know you do. It is very important then that you begin your lives i Ai. But what shall we do in order to make ourself a Good i will Tell Jou. We must have Good hearts and do Kow in order to be Good and useful in life several Hills Are necessary. I will name dome of them. Lile play mates. If you Are Good and ind to them they will love you and be Good and kind to you and Quot if you Are rude to them they will be very Apt to be Ruile to you. Now i do not like to see i Lii Dren act Rui icly and 1 do not know of agy body that does but every body loves to see Good children. I Hope then that you will always try to be kind to All your Little play mates. 4. It is of duty in fact to be Kirkl to every body. We should always try to make those around us Happy and the Way to do this is to be Good and kind to them. This too is the Way to make Fric Nils and we All like to have plenty of Good friends. You do Don t you yes and so does every body. Some boys and girls have very few friends. Do you know Why ? i will Tell you. It is because they Are rude behave badly act ugly and treat people unkindly. Now i Hope you will always be Good and kind to every body so that you will have plenty of Good friends. for usefulness. 1. We must go to school. If we would go through life pleasantly we must get an education. We must Leam to spell and read and write and cipher. Yes there Are Mauj things for us to Leam at school and if you would Leam them you must be Good children mind the teacher and study hard because you can not Leam much unless you study. Now i Hope you All Lorve your books and love to study and i also Hope that you will soon become Good scholars. 2. We must qualify ourselves to fill some station in life. Our parents friends and neighbors Are dying and leaving us and we must Oon if we live take their places. The old Are passing away and the Young must fill their stations. Did 3ou Ever think of this ? try then to qualify yourselves to 11 some station i life with credit. must do what is right. This is our duty and i trunk this should be the great object of this life that we May receive Temal life in the world to come. God Loviisa Good people and after a while he will save them in his kingdom where they will be Happy and live forever. Don t you want to be saved there ? i know you do. Then you must be Good. Read the that will Tell you How to live so that you May be saved and be with god Ete Mally. There will be no death there neither will there be any sickness but All will be Joy and peace. Try Toffen to do rights christians and you will be taken to that Bright and Happy Home to live with Jesus forever. kind and obliging. 1. We must be kind and obedient to Otto parents. This i think is the duty of All children. Our parents Are Good and kind to us. They took care of us when we were too Little to take care of ourselves and we should show our love for them by being kind said obedient. Our parents sometimes Tell us to do things Itiat we do not like to do. I know that to children this seems hard but if we would be it Good we must not get mad and fret about it but we should remember Flat our parents Are older and Wiser than we ape and that what they Tell us is for our Good. Our parents know what is Best for us and until we have Learned to know what is Good for us for ourselves it is Best to mind them. And in the holy Bible the great god who Mae us tells us to do so. Now in order to be Happy we must be Good and in Oiler to be Good we Mut do what Ood tells us. If we do not we will be wicked and unhappy for god does not love the wicked ways of children nor the wicked ways of grown persons a Ither. Now you would be very in in Way if you knew that god did not you would t you ? try then to do what he tells you. Lave Yon got a Bible ? if you have not ask your parents to get you one and i think they will do it. You must then read it very carefully for it is in that holy Book that god tells us what to do in order to be Good and to please him. Would t you be Happy to know that you pleased god ? i know you would and if you will always please him you will always be Lippy. % you must be Good and kind to your Brothers and Sisters. It is your duly. Now i Hope you will not get mad at them and treat them badly. Some bo3 8, and res too sometimes get mad at their Ute be Brothers and Sisters and Call them by ugly navies and treat them Bally in other ways. Sometimes they will eve strike or kick them. Now this is very wrong and when let oys and girls do this i tii Ink Fiey Are bad. Would you like to have your Brothers and Sisters get my at you and kick or strike you an a Call you by ugly names no Joli Imu dirt now you should try toc do As Yota would like to have to lick of a a flip i Hope Yoti will tip ways lore your Brothers a Luia listen and treat them kindly. Won t you try to to a. By Ivy Innis Ferini Good w Lund to a if remarks of senator Bennett. In the state Senate on the 5th of Deti Ember the Bill relating to witnesses being under consideration. Senator Bennett of Fayette and Union made the following remarks in favor of the measure. It has not been convenient for us to publish them sooner or. President i do not intend to occupy the time of the Senate with a lengthy discussion of this the whole question of the rights of the coloured Man has been so fully disc iss de in Public assemblies and by the press that there is scarcely a a citizen but has made up his mind on the subject and surely no senator is in doubt As to what course he shall pursue. But As i had the Honor to introduce a Bill on this subject i desire to place myself on the record in favor of the passage of Liis Bill and to give briefly my reasons for so doing. In the first place i do not consider this sul inject a political or at least a party question. I know that it ought not to be. Neither do i consider it simply a negro question. It rises in importance to the dignity of a White Man s question an when script of All prejudice it is purely a question of Justice or judicial policy. As the discussion of the question will doubtless involve the subject of the negro s rights and negro Equality i desire to say that i have no concealment to make on any question of politics or legislation and am ready to meet the terrible Quot Nigger question Quot face to face. I believe sir that divine Providence has so ordained human affairs that one race of people May be in Many respects tiie Superior of another race. I believe that in intellectual faculties in moral qualities in physical Energy and in All the elements that go to make up the Man that noblest work of god the White race the Noble Anglo Saxon blood of which we boast our origin is the Superior of the african the Indian the Esqui Maux or the Sandwich god has implanted in the breast of every White Man a Monitor which tells him of this great truth. Not an abolitionist in All new England but recognizes this fact. A negro cannot be so elevated or highly educated or refined As to obtain the full Equality in social matters in the family of any White Man in All this country. Yet All this is no justification to that people who would deprive Toliese inferior races of their god Given rights or in any Way prevent them from attain iii to the highest state of civilization and humanity within their Power. Oliue i would ave old a wild fanatic Lam on the one hand i would Rise above an unwise prejudice on the other. There Are two classed of rights that a Man May assess natural rights 6r those Given Quot White Man. Tonal rights or talk be Cost cited by men upon grounds of Poti Ivy. A to Hearst class of rights every Man should fios sess in their fullest Extein and As a they were Given him by the go at Law of god no human statute should deprive Jim of them. These great rights were re enacted in that other great instrument second Only to holy writ in the memorable language that All men were created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights among which Are life Liberty and the Pursuit of hence any form of human slavery is wrong. Every Man whatever m a be his color his parentage or his station is entitled to the Possession of his own body his Bones his Muscles and his brains Are his and he is secured in their rightful ownership by a title deed which bears the Broad Seal of god almighty himself and he cannot forfeit this right but by the commission of Critie. And he who would deprive any Man however Bumble of this great Boon is a tyrant and an Infra tor of the statutes of heaven. Another natural right which every Man possesses is the right to live wheresoever he pleases and walk the soil and breathe the air of any country or state on the Globe provided he conforms to the Laws of such state or country. Any legislative enactment which restrains any of god s creatures from so residing is in derogation of the Law of god and natural Justice. Hence the foul injustice of the principle upon which is based our Black Law Liat infamous enactment that says to the Black Man you shall not come to Indiana to live because your skin is Black and you Are inferior to us although you May have lost an Arm at fort Wagner or a leg at fort Fisher in defense of the Republic yet says to tie rebel Soldier who fought to destroy the government and whose traitorous hands Are yet dripping with the blood of our heroes slain come and live with us and says to the cowardly skulked who escaped to Canada to avoid his duty in the hour of danger to come Back we Welcome you Home. I Hope to be Able before this session closes to record my vote for the abrogation of that Damnable provision and thus wipe out the dark disc once from the fair Fame of our not be state. Another one of flies Nat und rights is the right that every Man has to be educated hence it should be our duty to provide for the education of every human being in our state. I would do All in Power to Aid the negro in educating himself As High in the scale of humanity As it is possible for him to do even if in so doing he might overtake and pass an occasional White Man. I would give him the Benefit of our common school system by establishing separate schools for him and allowing him his proportion of the fund. Natural Justice Quot demands it the voice of humanity demands it Public policy demands it and the Law of nature requires it. Another of these natural rites is the right to acquire property and to have the same protected by the Laws of the land and to that end the negro should the right to have his lawful contracts fully enforced. Another of these natural rights is the right to have Protection for his life and limbs. Hence All enactments which present him from going into our courts and enjoying filly their privileges Are in violation of natural Justice and should be repealed hence the necessity of the passage of this Bill. Under our present Law a coloured Man is deprived of All these natural rights. He cannot enforce his contracts because he cannot testify to them. A White Man maj impose upon him a thousand ways and there is no redress he cannot protect himself in life or limb. A White Man May commit on him the most aggravated assaults and batteries May destroy his property May ravish his wife or daughter and if no other White Man was present he is without a remedy because he cannot prove it. I have known and every senator Here has doubtless known of such instances. Then sir i place it on the other i Ounda Public Justice requires the Pas Sase of this Bill. Without it the blackest crimes go unpunished and Many meritorious White men go without a remedy. A White Man May steal Rob rape and murder and the victim May be a White person yet if a thousand negroes saw it and no White person saw it or recognized the culprit he can walk our streets with impunity. You May wrong me in the worst possible manner and if no one was present but a negro i have no remedy. Is it contended that negro testimony is unreliable. If so let the jury deter nine that fact. The testimony of a Man convicted of felony is doubtless unreliable yet we allow the testimony of thieves murderers and even Piir Kuprs. We Are willing to let the jury determine the weight of to Weir evidence. Why not let the negro stand on his character before the jury is there danger of a White jury allowing too much credit to attach to the testimony of a negro we All know that the danger would be the other Way. All such arguments Are utterly untenable and i do not a exp to to hear them urged on this floor. Bat it May be said that the admission of a negro to testify would tend to give Bim political or social Equality with the i regard air such fears tvs prejudiced mind. Equality Between Whites and negroes cannot be so easily Effe it hied. If the negro Only needs a statute Render him my equal i say i the it Ute at once. I cannot speak for Othats but i believe my superiority Over a negro to stand upon a firmer basis. I believe Liat i can concede to him All the rights that i enjoy and yet be in no Dan a of the dreaded Equality that seems to Launt the minds of some people. If Ever i equalize i tic the no to it will be because i chose to seek his level. Sir the negro he testified in most of the states in All i believe but this and i have not heard that he is any nearer a White Man than he is Here. Even in this state he testifies in the United states courts and i believe he is a negro still. But i May be told that in Case he is allowed to testify he May then ask to vote and hold office. This does not necessarily follow. Voting is not a natural right but is of the other class or a conventional right. If voting were a natural right then women should vote and children too for they have just As much natural right to vote As men have. We can not deprive women from testifying except in cases where they voluntarily Render themselves incompetent nor from holding property nor from residing where they please for All these Are natural rights but we can prevent them from voting because that is a Mere conventional right. The negro has no right to demand that we shall Confer on him the right to vote or hold office. Some men a that he is entitled to vote because he pays taxes and argue that taxation and representation should go together. If so women and children should vote for inane of them pay taxes yet we do not consider it Good policy to it allow them to vote. Again it is said that the negro Soldier should vote yet i do not find any body claiming that the White boy under Twenty one should vote because he has been a Soldier. It is True the negro Soldier is deserving the thanks of every True Patriot in the land for his services yet he fought More for his own race and his own cause than for us. He fought to break the shackles of millions of his race and i Honor him for it yet i do not become Blind to All this and work myself into such an admiration for him that i give him credit for the entire salvation of the country and think he can Only be paid by the right to vote in every Box he comes to. This kind of fanaticism is just As unfounded in Justice As is the prejudice that would deprive him of his natural rights. I do not say i would oppose even negro suffrage for i would not consider them my equals if they did vote nor do i think the country would be greatly damaged but i do say there is no pressing necessity for it for it is not a god Given right and the negro can Efford to wait the White mesh can afford to let him wait and the country can Prosper without his vote. But in the Case of negro testimony i believe Justice to the negro Justice to the White Man and Justice to the state requires this Bill to become a Law. The assistant Treasury. Where Uncle Sam keeps his Monet. The leading financial institution in the United states is the United states assistant Treasury at new though it is Only an assistant Treasury and the Treasury proper is at Washington yet the transactions of the former Are so vastly greater in volume than those of the latter that the chief work of the Washington office is keeping record of the business done by its new York Branch. Nineteen twentieth of the Public creditors Are paid Here by far the greater part of the Revenue from customs and taxes Are received Here and Here is paid on the Days fixed by Law the interest on 62,000,000,000 of United states securities. A business of from three millions to ten millions dollars daily is done Here done quickly and without errors or disputes. No institution in the City is better Worth inspection than the sub Treasury and be it said in simple Justice no Man is More willing to have it inspected Thaar or. Van Dyck the sub treasurer. The vaults Are a sight which can not be witnessed elsewhere in the country. There Are two of them but Oise is comparatively empty As it Only holds some �10,000,000. The other contains Over sixty. Mill is of dollars one half in Coin and the other half in paper. Thirty millions in Gold lie dormant waiting the resurrection of specie they Are put up in bags containing Iive thousand dollars each and weighing forty five pounds. These bags Are piled one on the to of the other in closets which line the inne Wall of the vault. A Hundred bags flu. A closet. When filled the door is closed locked and sealed with the cashier s Seal a ticket attached specifies in that dark and narrow Hole $500,000 in Gold lies hidden. Fifty or More such closets May be sen duly closed locked and sealed. Triem of a Are the Jiro duct of customs duties. Every Day lie tween Oliree and four d clock a Little hand cart Ark shaped painted Rod covered Over and locked May be seen travelling up Wall Street propelled by two Stout men and. Wending its Way Flom the custom to Fie to tie �ib-trea8ui>y termite Phi swing the Little red cart. But a careful Boseker May discover two other men likewise Stout and very Waus haul who lounge up the Side walk on a parallel line. They look As if they carried revolver i in these Daj a when the customs is Are heavy the Little red Ark sometimes contains $740,000�?a. Prize Worth the attention of robbers. But it is never attacked. When it reaches the sub Treasury it is unlocked and the bags handed out. Each bag is then Cunt by the sub treasurer s clerks. They count with both hands and with a rapidity and accuracy truly they seem to possess a sort of instinct the product of Long experience which enables them to discover a false Coin at a glance. Pieces which have been split open the inside filed out the cavity filled with iridium the two halves soldered together and re milled on the edges Are so like genuine coins that tue Best judges Are on deceived by them. They weigh precisely the same As genuine coins. They Are precisely the right size. They have the ring of pure yet these counterfeits Are detected at a glance by the experienced clerks of the Treasury. It used to we said of or. E. H. Birdsall the present cashier that when he was a clerk he could when emptying a 85,000 bag at the first dip of his hand into the glittering Ion is pick out All the spurious coins. There is a Quantity of Silver in the sub Treasury in bags and kegs but after one has been handling millions of Gold it seems a poor sort of Metal. A single closet holds $48000 there Are a few dozen of them full to completion. Of paper Money the sub Treasury in new York holds some forty of this Over eighteen millions fire in fives tens and twenties and Are piled on a shelf in the vault. As nearly As we could calculate by the Eye there is a Cord and a half of this Money. It a might fill a two horse Hay cart. When a paymaster Calls with a draft the clerks give him a trunk full or a Bushel Basket. The notes Are Legal tenders and National Bank notes mixed indiscriminately some old and worn showing evidence of Long service others new and i4prisp. By and by when government begins to Call in the Legal tenders woe betide the National Banks whose issues accumulate in this vault. The larger notes a Loos 8500 s and 81,000 a have the Honor of closet room. There is a closet there which contains half a dozen millions. Lying on the top of a Mountain of these notes was a package which we examined. It could easily have been carried away without inconvenience. It contained one thousand 8500 Legal tenders and was therefore Worth just half a million. If you Are going to steal gentle Reader let us recommend coupons As the most convenient article to seven to dirty coupons Are so Small that you can easily put 850,000 Worth in your Waistcoat pocket and As to ten forty coupons a Pinch of them Between Finger and thumb is a Small Fortune. These Little bits of paper no bigger than apothecary s tables or half the size of a five be fractional currency represent sums varying from 825 in Gold to 8365 in currency. As interest Day comes round they pour in from All quarters from the far Wost and the Latefy rebellious South from Germany and Holland from crowned Heads in Europe and from industrious Washer women in this country. To examine and sort these Littie bits of paper is no slight task. One of the richest men in new York is said to keep his daughters married and single Busy cutting off coupons for a whole afternoon and evening before interest Day when the cutting is done the eldest laughter herself sweeps out the room to intercept waifs and strays. Over 8125,000,000 Are disbursed annually at the new York sub Treasury in payment of such coupons. The vaults of the sub Treasury May really be said to defy burglars. In the first place they Are built of thirty five feet solid masonry so that Digi under them and working by a Tunnel to the Fly it a would be impracticable. Then they stand in the main Hall of the Treasury building in which a watch is always new York has his Gripe on the Throat of nearly All the Bankers in the coun try and we notice Itiat no lie of them Are disposed even to smile when the name of my. Van Dyck is Menti med. Harper s weekly the Ishii Coj Quot i cannot believe that civilization in it journey with the Sim will sink into end less night to gratify the ambition of the leaders of this revolt who seek to Quot Wie through Laii Gater to the throne and it the Gatea of of tiered on in Kinh Quot but i have a far other and far brighter vision before my aze. It May be but a vision but Lstill cherish it. I see one vast confederation stretching from the Frozen North in one unbroken line to the glowing South and fro in a tie atlatl it a Westward to the Calmer Waters of the Pacific and i see one people one Law and one language and on a a by a. And Over All that vast continent Btu Home of Freedom and Refuge for the pressed of every race and of Ever Bright. The tast let ogre. A few Days since a stranger came into a Boot and shoe store in canal Street. New York to Purchase a pair of shoes. He was a Long time engaged in trying shoes before he could find a pair to fic meantime another gentleman came in to but a pair of boots. He soon found a pair which he Drew and which fitted exactly and while he was thrusting his hands into his pockets for the ready the shoe purchaser darted off with of get shoes without either pacing or even saying so Mueh As Quot by your leave the villian Quot exclaimed the Boot purchaser and the Boot maker in the same breath and both gave Chase. The Man in the new boots however had the Best wind and the cleanest heels. He soon shot ahead of Crispin while the latter urged iii to push Forward and overtake the shoes. There was no nosed of urging. The shoes turned the Corner the hoots followed and for anything Crispin Knowd they Are pursuing each other a mi>1a Ftp of or intr a Fella. Rides. A Flat by uni Luigi iii Ludt Miami w Illuv a a a a a a a to my Quot a a a Quot two % he Breiu a of Liu men and co Vieni the emanation of a Dis tempered Lui but two men ostensibly a gag it a m the vaults themselves Are Iron Chambers with Iron floors roofs and Walls. The latter Are two feet thick and hollow the hollow being fluid with Musket bullets which defy the burglar s Drill. Four doors of massive Iron close the Entrance to the vault each door is locked with two locks so that eight different keys of Peculiar Mechi ism Are required to open sesame. Uncle Samuel poor fellow is not Likely to be robbed at this of Sce however he May fare a where. We remember the sub Treasury when or. Cisco was first appointed its chief in two rooms of the assay building a quiet retired establishment in which nobody spoke above a whisper and a few clerks leis i Cly counted their old and demurely paid the salary of sic president and other Public fun Chi ovaries. People went Tipiere to Chat Wiwi the sub treasurer a Man of Leisure and 6f considerable information and twice a be amp a to collect their interest. It was so slow and. So old fog an institution that yen the Wall Street Bankers used to laugh at it a if Frozen kindness. The world is full of kindness that never was spoken and that is not much better than no kindness at All. Tie fuel of the stove makes the room warm but there Are great piles of Trees laying among the rocks on the Hill where nobody can get at them those do not make anybody warm. You might freeze to death for want of Wood in Plain sight of these Trees if you had no Means of getting the Wood Home and making a fire with it. Just so in a family love is what makes the parents and children the Brothers and Sisters Happy but if they take care never to say a word about it if they keep it a profound secret As if it were a crime they will not be much happier than if there was not any love among them the Home will seem cold even in summer and if you live there you will envy the dog when an one Calls him poor . Holland. Scarlet fever remedy. We published a year ago or so a simple remedy for Scarlet fever being no other than the rubbing the patient thoroughly with fat Becon. We Heve since at different times received assurances from parties whom the notice Lod to make a trial of it of the entire succe.s3 of the Experiment. Other Are j ust now sending us testimonials of the astonishing and speedy cures lately wrought by it. We mention the matter that others May Quot go and do Sun. The difference. An ingenious youth from the Granite state now residing at i ten a returned to his lodgings a few nights since in a state of great Independence and erect Ness. Quot my Friend Quot asked his wondering companion and room mate Quot Are Yon drunk or sober Quot Quot Well Quot replied the youth with the Peculiar dignified and oracular manner which Only an intoxicated person can assume Quot for Pike s Peak sober but for new Hampshire do girls that Are Good for balls rides parties visits etc., and whose chief Delight is in such things. The other is the kind that appear Best at Home the Girla that Are useful and cheer fill in the Dinning room and All the precincts at Lonie. They differ widely in character. One it often a torment at Home the Atli if a a Blessing. One a a a Moth cons uniting everything about Here the other a ii Ltd beam diffusing life and gladness to All around her. On of the latest fashions with the ladies is wearing Long pieces of narrow ribbon around the Fleck. Few of the uninitiated know the signify licence of the same. When they Wear the ends hanging in front it Means that the lady married Down the Back that she has a bean coming to see her but in t engaged Over the left shoulder it Rahaii Quot gallants follow if she Dorfi t , it Means that so is Engogl Aid does not sire the attention of any other gentle Iaan than her Betroth. We Are against Well executed fits but for Well exp a Utnicki Toudt Tifi t in the Ese do a die ii treasurer Al Era

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