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Connersville Watchman (Newspaper) - September 5, 1834, Connersville, Indiana Quot civil Liberty can Only dwell with a people who their rights and knowing dare , Indiana proday septal lbs 5, 133. No. 15.the Friday septembers. 1834. Pauper emigrants. Tie great flood of emigration from every part of Europe upon our shores is causing a ome considerable excitement in the Atlantic slates and in fact it is time some tej was taken to Check this ingress for Piliere is no knowing where or when it will amp lop or what evil consequences May arise from these ignorant and bested sons of the British provinces. We have enough Here already writhing under the influence of poverty and ignorance. Our government was not intended to be propelled by either of the Tito but in High party exciting times these very beings who Are fed and kept a Lively Charity May strike a deadly blow to the interests of the common weal. The Boston mercantile says quot thereat influx of pauper emigrants into this country is becoming absolutely alarming it is a Well known fact that Many of the emigrants who arrive Here from great Britain have no be ans of support and with their families Are dependant for their Daviv bread on finding employment on their arrival. I they Shou d be unsuccessful in procuring work or by Accident or disease should be rendered incapable of labor the result is inevitable they Are thrown with their wives and children on the hospitality of our countrymen and it will thus be seen that in our populous cities and Large town the proportion of Emigrant paupers is very great. It is stated that in the state of new York alone thirty five thousand emigrants were supported by Public Charity during the last year the evil is an increasing one and some remedy should be provided by our Laws or in a few years our country will be overrun with these wretched foreigners to the great detriment of our own industrious poor and the system of pauperism thus introduced will be of incalculable injury to this country. There is no reason Why we should encourage emigration. Our country is rapidly increasing in population and the introduction of ignorant foreigners who Are destitute of even the necessaries of life and who Are unacquainted with the institutions of the country will add to our poverty and not increase our riches. We repeat it something must be done in the Way of legislative enactment. Letters of naturalization Are too easily obtained by foreigners which is a Strong inducement for them to visit this Republic and they find too Little difficulty in effecting a Landing on these shores. The Bonds which Are at present required Are but too easily evaded. And even if the importation of them from abroad was prohibited it would be of Little Avail so Long As hosts of emigrants Are suffered to enter this country from the British Fortune but pleasure is to be earned. Efforts it must not be forgotten Are As indispensable As desires. The Globe is not to be circumnavigated by one a wind. We should never do nothing i it is better to Wear out than to rust out says Bishop Cumberland. There will be time enough for repose in the grave said Nicole to Pascal. As a Young Man you should be mindful of the unspeakable importance of Early Industry since in youth habits Are easily formed and there is time to recover from defeats. An italian sonnet just a Lye Well As elegantly compares procrastination to the Folly of a travel i Ler who pursues a Brook till it widens i into a River and is lost in the sea. The i toils As Well As risks of an Active life i Are commonly overrated so much May i be done by the diligent use of Ordinary opportunities but they always be waited for. We must not Only strike the Iron while it is hot but strike it till it is made hot. Herschel the i great astronomer declares that ninety or one Hundred hours Clear enough for observations cannot be called an unproductive year. The Lazy the dissipated and the fearful should patiently gee the Active amp the bold pass them in the course. They must bring Down their pretensions to the level of their talents. Those who have not Energy to work must learn to be Humble and should not vainly Hope to unite the incompatible enjoyments of indolence and Enterprise of ambition and self indulgence. 1 Trust that my Young Friend will never attempt to reconcile Jin act regulating the value of certain foreign Gold coins Vii thin the United states. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of representatives of the United states of America in Congress assembled that from and after the thirty first Day of july next the following Gold coins shall pass current As Money within the United states and be receivable in All payments by weight for the payment of All debts and demands at the rates following that is to say the Gold coins i great Britain Portugal of not less than Twenty two carats Fine at the rate of ninety four cents and eight tenths of a cent per Penny weight the Gold coins of France nine tenths Fine at the rate of ninety three cents and one tenth of a cent per Pennyweight and the Gold coins of Spain Mexico and Colombia of the fineness of Twenty carats three grains and seven sixteenths of a Grain at the rate of eighty nine cents and nine tenths of a cent per Pennyweight. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to cause assays on the aforesaid Gold coins made current by this act to be had at the mint of the u. States at least once in every year and to make report of the result thereof to Congress. June 21, 1834. Major Downing. 3 b my old Friend or. Dwight of the jew York daily Ade Riiser. Washington july 18th 1834. I am going to write to you now on n matter that is play deep and cute and if i cant make you understand it myself and if that in the Case it wont be the first time that a Man has undertaken to explain a thing that he makes Darker than it was Afore. But i la try it and if you dont see it i la take my share of the fault in explaining out and you must take Tother share and that will be about right. Well now to begin you know that a Good Deal has been said of late about paper Money and hard Money and some folks about quot the government quot Are trying to make it out hat the general is going to make All the Money in the country hard Money and to git rid of All the paper Money. If folks dont look Well into this matter and understand what the natron t is 99 out of 100 on pm will get puzzled most shocking and get so much oust thrown in their eyes that it might take a considerable work to explain and git matters right agin and 1 am going now to give my notions about it and then let every Man take his own course and if thing s git crooked i cant help it. I want to see things go Strait and that the reason i write you this letter. If the country was a Small country like an Island where a Man could eat his breakfast one Side ont and walk a Cross on the other Side to eat his supper then perhaps it would it be much out of the Way to have Gold and Silver but see in that it is something of a considerable of a country and a Man has to eat a Good Many breakfasts and suppers Afore be gits from one Side ont to the other then my notion is that it is necessary to look out and see if we can git our Money from one pint to the other a Beetle easier than carrying it in hard Money now let us suppose there want a Bank note in country and All the Money was hard Money and suppose we wanted to buy 100 Bales of Cotton in Tennessee Well 100 Bales of Cotton would Cost about four thousand dollars nigh As i can Kalk ulate and four thousand dollars in Silver would weigh about 240 lbs. Into Vav How would you get this Money in lie cheapest Way from new York to Tennessee a horse cant Well carry it and so the Only Way is to hire a Wagon Well now you have got it to Tennessee and after you have bought the Cotton that Man you bought it of wants to buy goods with the Money at the place where the goods Are the cheapest and ten to one he find new York is the place and so Back he sends these dollars agin to new York o buy goods. Well the next time you want to buy Cotton you la begin to figure out How much you can save this expense and risk Send in dollars and you la find out that folks in Tennessee want dollars in new York goods list As much As you want to buy by an attentive perusal much Good May be derived from the following excellent extract from one of or. Sharp s letters recently published in London. The sentiments it contains Are strikingly True and of no Little importance to Mankind. Let the Man of a responding heart know that a there Are but few i faculties that hold out against real attacks quot and he is aroused from that lethargy which is so destructive to the energetic spirit of Man and leads him into careless submission a there Are few difficulties that hold out against real attacks they Fly like the visible horizon before those who Advance. A passionate desire and an unwearied will can perform impossibilities or what seem to be such to the cold and the feeble. If we do but go on some unseen path will open among the Hills. We must not allow ourselves to be discouraged by the apparent disproportion Between the result of single efforts and the magnitude of the obstacles to be encountered. Nothing Good nor great is to be obtained without courage and Industry but courage and Industry must have sunk in despair and the world must have remarried a ornamented and unimproved if men had not nicely compared the effect of a single stroke of the chisel with the Pyramid to be raised or of a single impression of the Spade with the Mountain to be levelled. All exertion too is in itself delightful and Active amusements Seldom tire us. Helve Tius owns that he could hardly listen to a concert for two hours though he could play on an instrument All Day Long. The Chase we know has always been the favorite amusement of King and Nobles. Not Only fume and of the . Philadelphia August 16, 1834. Statement of the amount of Gold subject to coinage under the new ratio deposited within the period commencing 1st of june and ending 1st August 1834, with the whole a mount coined to the latter Date from August 1st, and the amount of Coin delivered. I Gold Bullion deposited in june coinage deferred under an anticipation of the action of Congress 61,500 Gold deposited in july and deferred Viz a uncoiled Bullion 133,300 coins of the United states 226,300 foreign coins 47,400407,000 Gold deposited from the 1st to the 9 the August uncoiled Bullion 25,000 coins of theu. States of former Standard 48,000 foreign coins 3,000 76,000 whole amount coined from 1st to 9th August remaining uncoiled August 9 the 544,500 310,000 234,500 another Blue Book a proposals have been issued by or. Jeremiah Kooch i for publishing a Blue Book of Philadel i phia county exhibiting the names and salaries of the office holders and show ing the manner in which the people s i Money is annually expended. Pm in Tennessee for their Cotton and if you put your dollars in a Good Safe place in new York and take a relate for pm Sayin that them Are dollars shall be delivered up when that Are relate is presented then All you have got to do is to carry that relate with you or Send it in a letter and accordia to the safety and Security and Good character of the Man who holds the dollars it is list As Good As the dollars Are and a Beetle better because it is easier carried about than the dollars and at less expense and it is the Natur of our Good people to do All kinds of business at the least expense possible and that s the reason Why they go ahead of the rest of All creation. Well then if this is so As i have been tellin and it is As True As Natur. Then our folks would have Banks right off without Law and without Knowin on to for every Dollar of hard Money would go right into the hands of folks known to be Rich and secure and honest or supposed to be so Aud their relates for it would be handed about list As Bank Bills Are now promis in to quot Poi the hearer on demand and so we should have As Many on emas we have Bills now. Our folks in Congress and in Legislatures saw this a spell ago and they see from the very Natur of things that business All about the country would go right to that Channel and nothing could help it and they went right to work to plan things so that the people should not be deceived in taking these relates for it would be play hard for a Man to git one in pay for goods and when he Call d for the Money to git an answer Sayin the merchant or broker could not pay it and that he was broke All to bits and so Forth. A and so the legislature of the states turned to and made Banks that is they allowed a Good Many folks to join together and have a Bank with a Good solid capital and to Issue their Bills to save the people the expense of carrying the hard Money about. And As these Banks had a great capital they were allowed to lend their Bank Bills to people who wanted to borrow Money and take the people s notes so As to allow Active industrious folks to work along and git ahead in the world Well this was found Sich profitable business the state Legislatures were overrun with applications for Bank Charters and in a Little while there was More Banks than hard dollars and it got so that the people want Safe in Takin any of he Bills and there was no Way of Puttin tin end to it till Congress took it up and the Constitution gives Congress the right to quot regulate the currency of the if Congress had said right off that All these Bank notes want Money and nothing but Jariilo in was Money there would a Ben trouble enuf As bad As freeing he niggers right of but they looked on t As an evil to be cured list like the bite of Frost and that was by Puttin Frost to it and so they made a Bank and Tell d that Bank to go to work and Clear out this trash. The Bank of the United states went to work and a ter a spell it got things Goin pretty Slick. As soon As one of these state Banks attempted to shove off More of its Bills than it had Power to pay when the people brought pm backs and that is the nature of Banks with Small capitals the u. S. Bank would by havin its branches All about Lookin Artur this trick pick up these Bills from the people and make the state Banks pay pm and if they did it then they would burst their Biler. This was to be sure a pretty dirty Job for the Ltni-1 ted states Bank to do and they got bit pretty often but it was its duty by Law for the Law said the United states Bank must regulate the currency. The state Banks got into a Pesky bad humor about it especially those that had no capital and who wanted to make Money out of he people by sending out their Bills that hey could not pay when called on and so they All got to work Picken at the United states Bank and called it a monster and so Forth and then the politicians Sot to work and that s the Natur of them too to get bold of any thing to give pm a boast and or. Van Buren at the head on Emall crying out agin the u. S. Bank for they see that one Bank could stand no Chance agin so Many state Banks first they said the United states Bank want Safe and got committees appointed to examine into it and when it turned out it was a Beetle safer than they said it was and the rest of the Banks put together then they changed their tune and got to Irvin out nothing but hard Money was the right kind of stuff thinking that a Good Many people would agree with pm on this pint and i suppose they will but what is the Nafur on to you see if we git Back to hard Money folks will go right to relates agin jest As i have been tellin and Congress will have to do something to Correct it and regulate it and make it Safe for the people. But what lifts my Dander considerable is in Knowin that All this hue and cry agin the United states Bank which has got things list As Congress wanted pm to be when the Bank was a barter and a Beetle better than it is expected it is not 0 git rid of batiks but to git this National Bank this Rale people s Bank out of the Way so As to let the Craft of Small ones git family to work to pick the people s pockets. This is jest As True now As i am writing about it and if folks Don t see it they mus it blame me. Or. Van Buren knows his jest As Well As he knows that he is Arter the presidency but he is a kno Ivin Critter and he sees that if be can git All he state Banks on his Side and agin the United states Bank hell count up a pretty considerable sum in votes but the people wont git As much hard Money by it As be promises unless it is that kind of Money that will be play hard to get rid on. Then agin there is the Farmers they Tell him hard Money is jest the thing and so he thinks too and if he can git a hard Dollar for a Bushel of wheat instead of a paper Dollar he thinks it vill be a Good change but if he thinks a Beetle More a bout the matter he will find that Here aint hard Money enough in All creation for that and if we were to come to hard Money where he now gits a Good paper Dollar for his Bushel of wheat he count git two shillings in Silver because every thing would take its value by the Quantity of hard Money. If he turns this Over a spell hell git the dust out of his eyes in a mine. Then agin a Good Deal is said about Gold and that the general will have Gold Money and to do this his folks in Congress past a Law Makin Gold More valuable that is the same weight of Gold which by old Law was a Legal tender for ten dollars is now to be Worth ten dollars and seventy this is a i pretty old Way of managing things and to keep Gold in the country and to understand it Well suppose the Law said a Copper cent which now take one Hundred on Era to make a Dollar should be made to fifty for a Dollar. My notion is we should have More coppers Shuflin a bout than folks cared to be bothered with and none would go out of the country nother. I Don t care nothing about it myself but i like to have things understood All around and then there wont be no mistake. I Saint got time now to write about the Hull matter of the advantage of the will in my next letter. 1 know there is nothing like it to make things work easy and it is the cheapest Way of Goin ahead but the pm is in havin none but Rich kind of paper that will be paid As soon As it is banded in and in jest Sich Money As folks want for it and when we have Sich kind of Bank Bills then they Are jest so much better for All matters of Trade in this everlasting wide and Broad country than hard Money As they Cost less to Send pm about and jest Sich kind of Money we have got now but some folks aint Content with it. Party folks not the honest people say this monster must be put Down and unless the people look to it and sift it a he party quot will do it. Or. Van Buren has just drank a Toast about it Sayin it must be put Down and that s enuf but he did it say nothing about hard Money in the place on t. That would it do he is too cute for that the safety fund Banks and the pet Banks could it drink that Toast no How if it come to hard Money it would be play hard for them and nothing would save the safety fund but to pass a Law making one hard Dollar equal to five of their paper ones and then they d git out of the scrape As Slick As a whistle. Your Friend j. Downing major Downingville militia 2d brigade. Elections. The following table is published As a matter of reference. States. Louisiana Missouri Illinois Indiana Kentucky Mississippi Alabama Tennessee North Caroline Vermont Maine Maryland Delaware Pennsylvania new Jersey Ohio Georgia new York Massachusetts new Hampshire Rhode Island Connecticut. Virginia South Carolina time of elections. Lat monday of july 1st do of aug 1st do of do is do of do 1st do of do 1st do of do 1st do of do 1st thursday of aug. In August. 1st tuesday in sept. 2d monday in do 1st do in oct. 1st tuesday in do 2d do in do 2d do in do 2d do in do 1st monday in do it do in nov. 2d do in do 2d tuesday of March. I april and aug. Is monday in april. In april. 2d monday in oct. Country of having a ooi Bank paper but 1 i oni the Republican amp Banner. Salem steam Mill. Salem is perhaps one of the most enterprising Inland towns in the state of Indiana. It has a population of about a thousand and it wields a capital fully proportioned to its numbers. During the last session of the Legisla ure a deep interest was Felt in the charter of the state Bank and it was anticipated that Salem from its size its enter prize and the improved state of the country about it would be selected for the location of a Branch Bank. The people were however disappointed but not disheartened for they immediately began devising schemes to avoid the threatening pressure of the times and Seldom were plans sooner adopted or More energetically carried into execution. A trading company was forthwith formed with a capital of Twenty thousand dollars a Large store room was filled with goods by the company the plan of a steam Mill for manufacturing flour was formed the site purchased and the ground for its erection first broken on the 8th of april. The Mill is now in Complete operation with four run of Stone and commenced manufacturing flour on the 9th of August being just four months and one Day from the commencement of the work. This May he regarded Quick business but that is not the Best of the Story. Wheat is now Selling in Salem at 54 cents the Mill having raised its value at least 10 cents on the Bushel or 20 per cent on the value of the farming interest in he county of Washington wheat being the principle article of Export. London april 16.�?an air balloon is making at Nantz in France upon an entire new plan it is made of the membrane fan animal a new discovery and a secret and is to be filled with Gas never yet used or made. Two experiments have been made with Small ones which have answered infinitely beyond expectations. Four men besides the inventor Are to go up with provisions for a fortnight s voyage. It is remarkable that this person has found out Means for preventing the least escape of air or change of it. Post find by reference to the Blue Book that there Are about three Hundred and sixty Post offices in the unite states which yield respectively to the Post masters an annual income of less than one Dollar. The smallest sum received by any one is two cents there Are two who receive five cents and two or More who Abtam six or seven. Batik More Patriot

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