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Connersville Watchman (Newspaper) - May 31, 1834, Connersville, Indiana \ min w a civil lib a the a Only dwell with a people we in till i Quot Ridini Aho Piho Tua maintain . To a Anni Mil Advance a Mun my bar a it aft thu tul year a m vol. I.coni73p.ct7ille, Indiana oat today lat 31, 1834. No. 1. U. S. Hank. What a prolific Thetney for talk and writing debate and quarrel speculation and argument it this same Dank of the United. State a nearly four years ago we act our amp w. Parker amp a. Vat Vleet Kroitor. A. _ a self Down to invite editorials for a certain notable publication now defunct and this a Elf same Bank elicited one of the first prospectus of a weekly newspaper to be entitled s3 Tat Stfan Connersville ind. Tieti Liberty can Only dwell with a people flourishes of our a Gray Goose pm Eye knew their rights and knowing dare we Are again after a two years breathing . J gp4l on l e l Rod of politics just set Cfaft us the news or. Eds Elt u in in a Quot a by artec<1 writing chair a or j and lot and behold bit identical Bank is the world is full of a he most prominent item of politics before from a to not ods a hat we Hare hereto a at Range and wonder oui things America to a a in from major do tuft tag and col. Crockett to Cobbett and Talleyrand. But Here is a newspaper suppose you subscribe and read All the particulars at your Leisure ahem ill borrow neighbor land Ali a paper he is a very knowing and mighty obliging Man. , just As you please sir. He who goes birr bring goes sorrowing says Ben. Franklin. However i will step Over to or. Lend Alps he will doubtless oblige me with his name a he knows the value of a newspaper. 3 h a be Beard of him before. It is said that when he first came to this country he was no More Lemming than the rest of his neighbors but he soon subscribed fora newspaper or two and is now deemed the Wisest Man in All the country round. All his neighbors speak Well of him they go to him for the floating news of the Woid and look up to him As a kind of Oracle in Ali matters pertaining to literature and Law science and society morals and markets religion and politics especially on election Days. a fact you shall have my name too or. Editor a go ahead the excellent sentiment advanced in oar motto is of itself a Good and sufficient Pic Spertus or recommend ,�?z<4rv i fore Given to the Public on this topic Are unchanged. But Why it not thu Long chafed question adjusted can to it be settled if it can How Long will it be before that wished for period arrives How Long must the Hurricane continue to spend its fairy on every Field and workshop and Mart and Market and interest Over Tho whole ind How Long will it be Ere the great political Boll dogs of tie nation will get tired of fighting Over this Bone big and fat and Fleshy though it be is there no peace for the troubled elements involved in the warfare at any rate is there no truce to be had in the warfare to the end that the dust and smoke May be dissipated that the combatants May see the state of the battled see where they themselves Are what they have Loath and what All Tho people Lave lost have not the people and their government paid too dearly for this War of almost revolutionary duration and violence even granting that there waa originally Good cause for War it is the province and duty of the wary and skillful Warrior to calculate the chances of War As Well As the provocation. And in this Case who can calculate a not the dollars and cents which the War has Cost the Treasury millions though they be but who can calculate the damage sustained by almost every interest of this great people in every state and City and Section the alarming controversy relative to the Tariff and nullification a adjusted during the last eventful session of Congress. The great father of the former us sworn enemy of the latter raised Himsel above Tho storm when the Shipwreck of the Republic seemed inevitable and pouring that Joil of Compromise upon the turgid wave in a moment the tempest was stilled and nothing but Calm and Sunshine has since rested upon Liat scene but recently so Teri fic. Is there no kind and generous Angelol Neare that can Rise and say to the air Inonu a 5erg nod to tin Pimp item in rotes t. In Senate. To Stoat Aisil 1?, 1&14. S veil me a Ives Vire received from lira Pretini lira United Sia Les by or. Danti Smi hit �1 Chi a Nikl and to expires and promulgate Shtir opinions concern Iii it. Indirectly Alto hit a the. L duct May come under review in either Bunch of the to a ate i a. J legislature or in the Senate when acting in in sex sex live capacity and so far As the executive or the alarmingly excited by the be still whilst As in the Oti r Cate All Par ties shall respond Quot amen the assertion that such a a Tion is devoutly wished by tenths of the whole Ami whatever our Humble al Ftp can effect Best newspaper in the Union. In the abstract All human Laws Are tyrannical. But some such Laws Are indispensable Lor the Well being of society. And m a so consist the civil Liberty of a nation a kind of Liberty which is de Ned to be a a the not being restrained by any Law but what conducts in a Reater degree to the Public it arrive at the True medium of restraint is the great Desideratum in the organization of All Good governments. The Sun does not Shine on a people enjoying so much civil Liberty As do the inhabitants of these United states. To secure this priceless heritage to ourselves and to transmit it undiminished and untarnished to our posterity of revert we must be an enlightened pie. The living fountains of knowledge must be unsealed they must pour their healthful streams deep and Broad Over and around All the land entering the mind of every Man woman and child As freely As the air they live in. A More valuable truth was never uttered than that by one of our revolutionary sages a inf thai gence is the life of Liberty. A a Roaeric amp a would resent his being deprived the use of his Musket but he would deprive himself of a stronger Safe guard should he want that Lear Ning which is necessary to a knowledge of his during the three centuries that the press has been operating upon the minds of Mankind More has been done in breaking up thu Ron Sway of despots uprooting Hie thrones of tyrants and in emancipating and developing the energies of the human mind than has been a sieved by ail the fleets and armie9 that were Ever mustered or by All the discourses that Ever emanated from the porch the Grove and the altar since the creation. The watchman will be a newspaper in the broadest sense of the term. The editors will strive unwearied at All times to Render their readers an ample equivalent for the Rice of their paper be those readers or Young male or female serious Gay politicians or Farmers statesmen or artisans scientific or literary a Mai tical or imaginative posing or poetic. As to a state and National politics suffice it to say that Tho editors have now no other pledge to makes than that they will at All proper times. Elect for theirs Cyvea and fearlessly support such Rojas us Saml a non As they May deem Expadie it for the Public Good. Conn suite Indiana March 18, 1831 cies and ruin and mfg sry upon these United Stales towards that end shall by Dontly As our feelings hav Are enlisted in behalf of the Bank we Are determined fuel to that flame which a a of a tease a we venture y Conn Irama a least nine Iena people. Look. Asar been and still United states 1 avoid addin Seirra to be i Palatine proceedings of these bodies May require it in my by examined by a hem. These Are believed Hoph 10 i he proper and Only nodes in which the prs in Secretary among them was Tho Fuli Kwiim �1 a i to a in of beheld accountable for Prol is a a i to of a j tested by these principles the Resolution of the to Senate of the United status a Senate is wholly unauthorized by the Constitution appears by the published journal of the sen. And a Quot a tvs a at on of up Quot a it assumes iral on the 2tith of december last a Resolution j a a a Lafde Branch of Tiro legislative let a. Offered by a member of the Senate which of a part Mont for Tho purposes of a Public Center k protracted debate was on tha Twenty eighth a urea and without any Tow to legislation Teda of my. I a to Cuhrt by the mat and impeachment Lake up consider and decide passed by votes of Twenty six Henstorf out of four-1 a i a a the official Acta of tied execute is. Faulty six who were present and voted in the follow in no part of the Constitution is the Jami lug words Visent subjected to any suck responsibility u lie dotted that the president in the ate sex i an<1 a 1,0 part of the instrument it any such ecu list proceedings in relation to the Public Revenue Jap Quot War Confer Rcd on either Branch of tha has assumed upon himself authority and Power not a legislature. Conferred by the Constitution and Laws but in Dero the Justice of these conclusions will be gation of illustrated and confirmed by a Brief analysis having had the Honor through the voluntary 1 Tbs a the Senate and a Coni Pari i mirages of the american people to fill the office on of Lueiro recent proceedings with Toboso of president of the unite cd stale during the period Powers. burning up our National Cor tit it Ilion. We will not rasp but soothe the sensibilities that Are now harrowed and bleeding on both sides. We will not Cut deeper and tear wider the wounds already opened to the vitals of almost All that our count Vonen hold dear but at much As in us tie we will pour in Oil and wine and bind up the frightful contusions. Of All the projects which have been started to Settle this question we do not recollect of any which upon the whole More fully meets our approbation than the following noticed in the National intelligencer of the 26th ult a emr Duncan of Illinois yesterday Laid upon the table of the House of Etc Pratt wat Ives in order that it might be inn cd or. Amendment which he intends to move to the Bill lately reported by the commit Cerf ways and Means for regulating the deposits of the Public Money in the state Banks when who can calculate the Cost of the bankrupt. A ii a. Ii a __1 1 j that Bill shall come up. Quot but Amend of a Ahsa a a Riff amp Rte ?>.#. Int. Which May be Pic Umil to have been referred to in this Resolution it is sufficiently evident that the censure it indicts was intended for thyself. With out notice unheard end untried i thus find myself charged on the records of the Senate and in a hmm hitherto unknown in our history with the High Clima of violating the Laws and Constitution of my country the High functions Alai Good by the Constitution to be Senate Are in their Nama either legislative executive or judicial. It is Only m the exercise of its judicial Power when Waitung As a court for the Tris Ai of impeachments that the Senate is expressly authorized and necessarily required it can Seldom be necessary for any department a a cn�, and dec Ltd a a pin the conduct of of the government when assailed in conversation or debate or by Tho strictures of the press or of pop ular assemblies to step out of its Ordinary path for lira purpose of its conduct or of f ii watchman will he i published on a super Royal Sheet by Van thwart at Ujj m Advance �2,59 within the Yaar it $3 alter the year expires. My i nue entailed a but above All and most Tobe lamented what Sage or Patriot can calculate the Cost of Healing the deep and fearful gashes which i have been inflicted upon our illimitable form j of government the priceless charter of american Freedom Happy for this country and for the liberties of the world Over now and forever will it be if the event of this matter do not prove that these wound Are immedi Cable had what has already transpired been anticipated by the Bellig rants before they buckled on their Armour and struck for Victory we do most devoutly believe that they would have stayed their hands and never have embarked in the contest. The enemies of the Bank would have said a a let the Bank live on untroubled and unmolested until her impositions become so aggravated and barefaced that our Patriot countrymen shall Rise with one Accord and with loud and Universal denunciation annihilate the monster without even giving it time for a death groan or a friends of the Bank would have said a the Bank is but a monies in a Titbit on and not the Constitution and the government of this Republic. And though she Sheds her benign influences Overall the land purifying and substantiating the circulating medium facilitating Commerce manufactures internal improvements and the financial concerns of the nation still the Republic has lived and flourished without a National Bank and she can and will again. So let the Bank go to destruction rather than see this goodly Republic the Inesti arable heritage from our revolutionary fathers marred and gashed and wounded As it has been and will be by this exterminating warfare yes let tha Bank go Down the nation can endure without it and if it realty be so essential to the welfare of the people and the interests of the United states As we cannot do otherwise than believe then in that Case but a abort time a few years at most will elapse before the people will come to its Rescue and raise it from the Tomb where it has been heedlessly if not a Tonly buried. It will then Rise if not in the Robes of immortality at least Ita Hab aliments will be manufactured amp thrown around it by the affections of the whole such we think would have been the language of the Bellig rants bad or could the chances of the warfare have been calculated at the Onset. But the nation is in it Bow shall she get out of it. That s tie question from a pretty close and anxious observation of the various Steps taken both for and against the present Bank since the first broaching of the question we have very Littig anticipation that any thing can be done definitely and permanently for the allaying of excited feelings and the general Benefit of the people until something is conceded pin a a a cd a i Vul. I Thuc present Bank of the United states shall be continued for 20 years for it a the Ullh by of March 1830, provid d that the a. S. Shall surrender the whole of its Stock amp the present stockholders shall surrender half of the Stock in theban held by them respectively the several states to have tie right to subscribe at Par value in proportion to their respective represent Adon in the House f representatives of forthe Twenty one million of dollars of Stock Solo be surrendered or the citizens thereof in the event of any states declining to subscribe arid pay in the amount of the quota on or before the 1st Day of february 1s345. The amendment embraces several of ice new feature such As limiting Fiur on Stock to seven percent per annul the surplus after the accumulation of a contingent fund of three millions to be paid Over into the Treasury of the United states prohibiting the Issue of ony notes of a denomination less than ten dollars requiring a Bonus of $2u0,-�o00 per annul to be appropriated to internal improvements amp a. A sic. This being the first practical proposition in the House of representatives contemplating in any form the Extension of the charter of the present Bank of the United states we have thought this Brief note of it might be acceptable to our behave not As yet seen any a Don of Congress upon this project of or Puncar a but in common with the great body of our fellow citizens we Ard filly Hope to see some efficient and final action of the kind before the adjournment Oftie prevent con Gre is. Upon this prolific topic of excitement. The nation Lias been in commotion and suspense Long enough. She Lias suffered enough for immediate peace. And it is the duty of our National legislature if that body is legitimately a bleating and not a curse to the people for we wifi it legislates once More to give the n at inn peace and quiet As the late protest of the president is at this time the absorbing theme of political debate and enquiry we deem it expedient to give that paper in part to our readers in first no Imber of the watchman. The res. Idue will appear in our next. Warnot like some of its doctrines the realms Why will probably be Given when we a Bill Liao published Tho whole of that document itself. Important from the ship St. Laurence at new York from Liv it Pool a London paper of the 4th april Las been received. It furnishes the important intelligence that the chamber of deputies of France on the 1st of april rejected by a majority of eight the appropriation of 25,-000,000, francs for indemnity for spoliation committed on american property Daran tied by the treaty of july 4, 1831, in con pointing out any irregularity or to Justice in the manner of the attack. But when the chief executive a Gih Raie it by on of the most important branches of the government in in official capacity in a pub i lie or Antral and by its recorded sentence but without precedent competent authority or Juit cause declared guilty of a breach of the Laws Tion it is due to his station to Public opinion and to a proper self respect that the officer thus denounced should promptly expose the wrong which j has been done. In the present Cate moreover there is even in stronger necessity for such a vindication. By an i express i ovation of Tho Constitution before the i president of Uia United states can enter on the j execution of his office he is required to take an a ath or affirmation in the following words �?o1 do solemnly swear or affirm that i will faithfully execute the office of the pres-1 j ident of the United a states and will to the Best of my ability preserve protect and de fend the Coos Tulios of the United j 1 the duly of do feuding. So far As in him iwo a a a i integrity of uie Constitution,.would indeed Heve re suited from the very nature of his office but by i thus expressing it in the official oath or affirmation which in this respect differs from the. Of every other functionary Tho founders of our Republic have attested their sense of its importance end have Given to it a Peculiar solemnity and bound to the performance of this duty by the Belli i have taken by the strongest obligations of gratitude to the american people and by the ties which unite my Early interest with the welfare and glory of my country and perfectly convinced that Tho discussion and passage of the above mentioned Resolution were not Only unauthorized by the Constitution but in Many respect repugnant to its provisions and subversive of the rights secured by it to other co ordinate departments i deem it an imperative duty to maintain Tho supremacy of that sacred instrument and the immunities of the de pain sent in tested to my care by All Means con Justant with my own lawful Powers with thu rights of others and with tie Genius of out civil institutions. To this end i have caused this my Loltie pro Leil against the aforesaid proceedings to be placed on the Fiir a of the executive department and to be transmitted to the Senate. It is alike due to tie subject the Senate and the people that the views which i have taken of the proceedings referred to and which compel me to regard them in the Light that has been mentioned should be exhibited at length and Wuh the Freedom and firmness which Are requited by an occasion so and Peculiar. Under the Constitution of the United states the Powers and the functions of the various departments of the Federal government and their responsibilities fat violation or neglect of duty Aie clearly defined of result by necessary inference. The legislative Power subject to the qualified negative us the president is vested in the Congress of me United states composed of the Senate and House of representatives. The executive Power is vested exclusively in the president except that in the con delusion of treaties and in certain appointments to office he is to act who the advice and consent of the Senate. The judicial Power is vested exclusively in the supreme and other courts of the u. States except in cases of impeachment for which purpose the acc Nestory Power is vested in the House of representatives and that of hearing and deter mining in the Senate. But although for tire special purposes which have been mentioned there is an occasional inter mixture of the Powers of the different departments yet with these exceptions each of the three great departments is Independent of the others in its sphere is not responsible a to the others j further than it is expressly made so in the cons Titu j j Tion. In every other respect each of them i the 1 1 co equal of the other two and All Are the servants of the american people without Power or Light to j control or censure each other in the service of their common Superior save Only in the manner and to the Degise which that Superior has prescribed. Tho of the president ate numerous and weighty. He is liable to impeachment for i High Ennes and misdemeanours and on due con Victon to remove from office and perpetual disqualification and notwithstanding such conviction tie May also be indicted and punished according to Law. He is also liable to tie private action of any party who May have been injured by his illegal mandates or instructions in the same Mauner and to the same extent As the humblest Trinci Sonaty. In Addi Tipu to the responsibilities which May thus be enforced by impeachment criminal prosecution or suit at Law he is also accountable at the bar of Public opinion for every act of his administration. Subject Only to the restraints of truth and Justice the free people of the u. Statos have the undoubted right As individuals or collectively orally or in writing at such times and in such language and form As they May think proper to discuss his offi the president or any other Public of Cor. Indirectly however As has already been suggested it May frequently be called on to or to r Rajmil t Maertz Ifim to. ,.re sequence of which two ministers the due by both sides and some Midway ground Brool i and Geu Cral six ustian lad mutually assumed. A was in this Way that a resigned. . Bibb Black Calhoun Clay Clayton Ewing Feliu Gheysen Kent Knight Leigh Mangum Naudain Poindexter Porter Premiss Preston Robins Silsbee Smith Southard Sprague Swift. Tomlinson Tyler Ragga Roan Webster 26. . Benton Brown Forsyth Grun Day Hendricks Hill Kane King of Ala. King of a. Linn my Kean Moor Morris Robinson sheple Tail mad go Tipton whits \\jikhi5, Wrighi 30. Course of its legislative or executive proceedings in which it May be to the proper exercise of its Powers that it should enquire into and decide upon the conduct of the president or other Public officers and in every such Case its constitutional right to do so is cheerfully conceded. But to authorize the Senate to enter on such e task in in legislative or executive capacity the inquiry must actually grow out of and tend to some legislative or executive action and the decision when expressed must take the form of some appropriate legislative or executive act. The Resolution in question was introduced discussed and passed not As a joint but As a separate Resolution. It asserts to legislative Power proposes no legislative action and neither possesses the form nor any of the attributes of a legislative measure. It does not appear to Hare been entertained or passed with nov yen aeon. A it a its Tsui Jbf or joint Resolution or in the repeal of any Law or joint Resolution or in any other legislative action. Whilst wanting both the form and substance of a legislative measure it is equally Manifest that the Resolution was not justified by any of the executive Powers conferred on the Senate. These Powers relate exclusively to the consideration of treaties and nominations to office and they Are exr excised in secret session i h closed doors. This Resolution does net apply to any treaty or nominal Ion and was passed in a Public session. Nor does this proceeding in any Way belong to the class of incidental Resolution which relate to the officer of the Senate to their chamber and other appurtenances or to subjects of order and other matters of the like nature in All which either House May lawfully proceed without any co operation with the other or with the president. On the contrary Tho whole phraseology and sense of the Resolution seem to be judicial its essence True character and Only practical effect Are to be found in the conduct which it charges upon the president and in the judgment it pronounces on that conduct. Tho Resolution therefore though discussed and adopted by the Senate in its legislative capacity is in its office and in All its characteristics essentially judicial. That the Senate possesses a High judicial Power nod that instances May occur in which the president of the u. States Wilt be amenable to it is undeniable. But under the provisions of the Constitution it would seem to be equally Plain that neither the president nor any other officer can be rightfully subjected the the operation of Tho judicial Power of the Senate except in the cases and under the forms prescribed by Tho Constitution. The Constitution declares that a the president vice president and All Ervil officers of the u. States shall he removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason bribery or other High crimes and misdemeanours a a that the Bouse of representatives a shall have the sole Power of impeachment a that the Senate a shall have the sole Power to try All impeachments a that a when sitting for that purpose they shall be on oath or affirmation a a that when the president of the u. States is tried Tho chief Justice shall presided a that a no person shall he convicted without the concurrence of two thirds of the members present a and that a judgment shall not extend further than to removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of Honor Trust or profit under the United the Resolution above quoted charge in substance that in certain proceedings relating to the Public president a usurped authority and Power not con ferret upon him by the Constitution and Laws and that in doing to he violated both. Any such act constitutes a High crime one of the highest indeed which the president can commit a crime which justly exposes him to impeachment by the House of representatives and upon due conviction to r a novel from office and to the Complete and immutable disfranchisement prescribed by the Constitution. The Resolution then was in sob Tance an impeachment of the preside try. And its passage amounts to a declaration by q majority of the Senate that be is guilty of an impeachable offence. A such it is spread upon the journal of the Senate published the the nation and to the world Orade part of our enduring archives and incorporate 1 in the history of Tho age. The punishment of removal Fram office and future disqualify in l t i

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