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Read an issue on 19 Jul 1839 in Connersville, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Connersville Watchman.

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Connersville Watchman (Newspaper) - July 19, 1839, Connersville, Indiana I in i r. Ril a a Wirt Lvov titi if Felts rom owls m 1j n t.4 i a e f k r n s o n. Vol Connersville ind Friday july 19, 1839, we were Burr. And a i to the a Iel it in Uro Ilij i own hands , proudly Tireli Ilicin to Ryan Fiji to. Jul no a i i is Polillo al Bias a Tco ulv. A vat in tho Zly a it use i a Cir a Vur tui i expat or it no Teni Vjio i pc in a a in quot i so a a on left Vij to of for m he it a it to a a a a v n the Iruin quot a a Iid Uin Why l quot ii the j it a uni in Una quot All natio is Ivo i in. Ii.-, . a a i ave s�u1u11�l 3 a Iio Uyi a a let i. to to Weir Nuit Iber Iti any Aipuu Cui ii off country ainu Mijc a that a Hoy arc a Etro cims liy which inc Anion paint a i Revoir is lilies. Let lii a Uwon my a a a i a a la Luck whole no. 257 to iii incr it in re uble firm Asio this per Feci .sr.lfpjsxexsto7t under the a Ril cd a incl the motion re tii. Jachn Hir s i in no Jur i. A it a a Ren Svi it a a a a in a r a Vijo i ltd a a a a juju to Chi a i Eri i Ruick of of so a serve t Lili it a a Dicj Uit by i a a ret or. Cd l in his a of l Fily a a Gorge my toy shop l or Ira j al with re Wirf Ove a 1 stupid a Taleis i what a with i be no at re i in a her blot cd he Sio by lii re per it River a a is Rogu quot Rance to e tit nos lodged the keys of these states without Leelin. The Fui Force a fit a be Vii in id Ilell. A ii lieu Lile Plo of the of a i Dee Aratti quot n of a ? Haiir Keiit i ogre Cui i in hit t a Ian of quot a a a y a Reijm. Quot a a quot i Rovt v of i thai a Kli ��11 tir. Us jul a Vav Ini i quot �1. A it cd. A he yet i a a i v i i Cic via eur and Ous svs i rail it a Zuur. To i i Ivvie in j a a we e i or Rosi we or tipi in fat or ecu Idt by Jtitus quot Ilii Orear. A la 1 j air v Koj a Luigi a a prese in to j in d Frank incan to i Gnu info of Weir tra hire it tin in. Is a a it statesman tuck this lii ii. Piid then go did Puii i t Der Lipon Tili Hillury it Ali nation in i Root a i Lime of the j a a is Ovca do. A to his 4i Day of july Amto , to a a thai k tip to in acts pc l the Vii d a a a a a of a a is to a a As a be Cui n Ca a cd pm a i a heart better a. Observance of that Dav Aioli i Roin our chd Orji j. We Are Taui it it m. Like cities c id aunt non �1 30i. Uni Luli i i Declay c tic a Tiki a a Niaz Crear of Ai licit cd. Of Goj. the dec i a fun lilt a car of heaven iani iii of our ind Penzance a i Hoac la st the Church As the ii Amnion of the i further Tohl that a a Kidd Only there Vns Knowledg mini of that Inder Tendance and a ving god. And notwithstanding he was the Angel a hich brought the Good tidings the a a Cacek Ulusc of tho Lio volition 1�? tie jurisdiction of the Pope though to tre quot Slie herds a multitude of the has j in a v. To Consin Antiona Bra Dav of poverty bore Ivord upon him non go in a a Niy Host praising god and saying Glo st. Romeu incr and lie. Slim Avion of Muiir tho Puni id i oi-5 i a i it idl Ilij 0 in Cicula d a put the cd. Org a of a ithe in3iil a ii i i i it till Ilo h is a i the Ixia go a by quoth Itin Trio ilium done Siuro Titan a i a a to a iii i the Woi a a i on eur i iii so the Sirni anoint Shew ii ins in Ludo world. J a via a Wapiti of. -�?�3 acid Islow a Alj a a be quoted and one undaunted lie Guvi his by try god i i tie a highest and on Earth Uhric iii Doros and Emp of that vol pc against Triem. He painted tie clan i. Peace Good Viil towards Nen quot ii ova rna a inc or ill be been and you will soar ii in is quot tiie pestilence we iii walk eth in dark by Ludlowe i be rings and recollections Are live Sacii Dis Lin i sized Davs Sziich Referable such vast Brill an t con to a Encis. Us quot Init Creich Speed Cind no i june of id Knurled in i is quot Pic Pool it a ids ii 01 his heart he i i �10 to the Trees a jul l in. Again toil for the a Fojt Niy was ii gotten i ii might do ill i of the Ker , i i made dial As his head inn i Irp in 1 be i Timo quot la al i. A i to Otu it a i cd numb for a read i our a a As 1 r Angl a of a Cid i iii i a he j0\ Rrt and seem to say j. Jjo a i c to via a Iio d Brig ii i i a Iriqui 8uy it a a o Raj cd j a Ioil v cd a a a a Jill Ain o As a i to hand in Kun w t of Munie a is if Thon Vani for i a s to and e in. Ail Niro a i ili 11 a in a 11 of Oil 01 ii to j. To i.111 in it in Lilia i so .11 1.11 111 uni to in v Ila no vice 11 i Uii a Ami tue Ness the destruction which Wasseth at associated wit the of Christ Nuon did persevered and held w wherever a Christian people arc Fouad did wily to the gaze of the astonish cd world tiie and yet we venture the trial Are Uliey not All standing Lostine Days corrupt Unis of like Church ii liar one half of Trio so who give Christmas to irom one Enid Oldie continent to theother exorbitant wealth her extravagant rejoicing tii Ink not if they Ever knew w Iio can tiie Minini enc Auiona Truid uni Iol tenets concerning indulgences that it is the t Atal Day of tie Worl a s a it the and tenancies Vii in. To tins ignorance May be Rel eyed the vanity of reviving on Ilie intercession the Rovery and did Luch that some Tinnis of like saints a iii impiety of paying mar Llie genuine pathos of Liat Day. Lilieni and tii Uon abuses of auricular. And nov. Fellow citizens go and As c confession and the inia Genary existence of those frosted headed veterans the last a ids a Virga or. I Roni All these corruptions of quot whose lives Are now droppings w to he Ano Aiea to t k Gracios of god and t it Vivion tiie Iod aai ional Congo and goo thiess \ i i Osl Viries a As the of lii Janie a Fri a Ardeis acid Niah Lod Ibi unit and an Init Ironi times Over ii wings ii Esneda its 11 by Manoliu my tin of 10 Vinig of Sain a i i Liuti Man v. As t no a cock cd is rever Nusim near i j 00 i Iok Sowri on i i s in Aioli a of id make a. Iio Niao think touch them upon thai of i if Zaidy i friends Iafano quot do j ivs to i pleasing and a Aarnio to the give out the Swoot i Earth. I dial Staic Sio in wed who Doci ared people s , to car waiter a Oil kno a i if too. Whon in ipod with the and lines quot lives tii cro. A heart that never to itself Iliadi this is a in Rny native land go Eon a Rie is Idi that Oasis Icid ?, ask him about the a the Wiki and songs cd own Nai ivc minoan gains and when his Hoard is Fuli and his Eye o Cri lowing be assure i lie Loois no n Dio of Vor of Luct 0 a i Ila j Ivlo a i Pijol old it 0 Oolda it a ? in Annuli . I is t i too old Aoa s Enki Woidy Iao a is Uiso 1 1 Ihn ii n Olih Ilare i Asl a Cihil . Log and Iho in a Jjo to la o svy a Ida Jav i 1 i 1 i Oil be = Nav 11 s x. Nicais a noi Oli i a i o or v 0.1 in 11, a s o Enli re orca Niou wild Dio Iio Moron 0 0a�0 of Beni quot. A Lavi lii air p iii i Yth it o nil it Iliad Lis nod a i a a it Hiiva quot of in aug in to tii Ose i Grui. A Yui uie heart of lii is ild c the Union vivit a a no st a i und Vosi a i Ali those Adonis Loul to. And utness y nuts Ushiki Soi do Ano syn Pai it in in -.if, i ii ild inn i thar Lac Limo a App. Good al Otto i Voun a morning was lowered o o in old and dead. Attivo and agn look raid Rupa Iio an on a m in iii a is iia a Yoal positive Das Aro Duil. Alo in in on ii . A a Nav 1,. Do Lia. Nav Lin i no Loi a l i on to Trio Gracios of Iod and the a lion toi Dement of men itch Over with blackness drank Down adv be there is a Mora Sublimity in the ainu Wisdom i rom the has of Washington or of this great reformer tiie like of a a Wiio s de by s do wit ii him breasted the ii. Else Wiirre is Only to be found a tide of evolution and leaned on his Griat per Pouti iii Ninny of he in Moaven to to american revolution of Winch ii Arm f in ship ort a if they really do Tomk j. Itha Liidi of i ii cd so ii in ii Desenis Butas like forerunner. La every sit that leaven Ever regarded their old a i it Conish own Ironi al of vex hic ii is first Lauon Iio Vever per Dumis he exhibited the Der w any Peculiar care and favor and Puie and Timon �ioao.? Hie Gen be and easy same Manly port and Ioliya bearing. Wei the suns and Vind. Of four score Sun to be Enid Easiod a nil of mercy did i Ood see the same undaunted so whether in mers and Winters have not dried the soul Pinarli Giddy and w ii hour he a Iio or pit or before the of Rome Fountain of to arc the full heart and go Weiher in tie lecture Lioom or before Init Eye will answer your question. Tji .-y1 Wohl nol see n l Ove with the in lard pm on and circumstance Usi Aliy Amend int a is delivered Over to satan for the do Struc i was yet smooth and his body faint with a Najimi uns a i of a in Noo. Let is me of Thom. Lion of like lies ii thou ii his Hie was sought recent Iever on Braddock s Lata Field a a Ali Cootsie a lies of the diet at Worms. I iii Teli you that Long Belore the Dir i Oak ear Arv t Nougie of communicated and proclaimed ii our of their country s trial when las a alien s Var 1 at Ana Onosai ois a a. V in Ziaul in As i Haj i Vii a to Ini Anoy la m Nar Sovy Ido ened to tin air so wid of ahoo and Gnu Zijic by Limo y by Ioas Biko a i ill Lude Iid t t to and Bui Niv n Hoij Ipin years Ai o Jurol Sunshine of and i la score Lioi o a to oath . Conion Comola Geliai r set. a a i i living Iosby i o v e it one. After by and secular a in autos Row al to Good Genius of fold of a and see Akini. Reno tray a the wild Woods to the l Ai , and , and West of tvs Coli Unseul dread tho Long Neveri to their Fountain and when you find the Cool Caricu Layons of the Siead. Wha then the Galio courier do Bois and ,7r., an Ocean of Lei in Patrio ism 1 a Liat a half starved Hall Clad and t painting Wii ii be Votia to Republican Freedom Vav Fiat a austion let Fri upon ids oar l a Naos log universe of words. Mankind Are inline tiv More the warm impulses of tiie he the in Ron g tills in Duoi e d red Liot Diioro a a la Rdv Daiil 1 Ollo. Ila a k it of i by to p Iso. A the so a a i iii Viown 1 i i. It or incest yet a uie ter two horses were killed under him and e sacred to lace cd that Power Belore or Hin Alona chs his coat was pierced through and through idiocy icons Chi Schod and irem blod unwed lie Tiecia Vith numerous balls Widich flew like ii ail red by i a a ,l1 . Vij Luot i a a it. Online . Antichrist and Burnt his him and alter time hardened and of Grain Doug and rank ii Bear War worn soldiers had broke and fled like was iii Dou me a my i Ilem a \ a i with sheep Sciore the hounds the rallying Houi Era m tiie due same by he did la pics Erasmus of their Wanlung ten rung through the ipod a spire Ioco i Larned he treated As Tetzel. Bloody Firest like the voice of Victory ovoid a a a i cd of a in Zoi i Ai i than a Iurii at de a �5 a m i Gnu sned Philo Suther has said even then they and undoubted history re ii i Voia Limo Lauier i the Jesus a Oil ii _ u., i. I to. Would have governed the world but for i Side but a pulpit suggestion that provi iii pervaded and of furore lie a Lukiier and Calvin a pain these the preach King of dance had preserved thai Ijo uth to is tho a ii no Luicir vizier of a Coli Ilij Mars Lois a re a and Dien Wien you sec Hin eau die in Iho in ardent Aita cziment to lids Union has 0 not tile annual Observance of this 4th a m the Shiok grass of to Prairie or irom the Joy engendered one Day in Ever an Viou Era a drop is Liucy when Ujco cure people of All these Slajs i. Labouring Hoa Long quot quot territories Sti each in As they do Bce Hun let Ifo his paddle a i la Apin a like an i quot unhandled Colt quot Danco Widi Joy quot of a not suppose Hiya mad. Or Inda Iod with scinic Bering so therial the Good Genius of Uhichi quot tii inking Tam speaking Bat fir a Nio Meni transport i de him on sonic i a Sivic Day. To ids own native and Teeling As a coi so Ausnes streams and Vinc cd id iii is. The same to tiie same Constitution As ii be raid in their own Peculiar Way of the wan of ancestral name Brit giant a Vii Ilie con daring Germai Llic Iri Shirian the Hardy Moa acini Clemenis of All the fathers of tii that he was the id Numis too Ido Adi Ulm s Silook open the prison doors of political father and Saviour of this country in i a old intellect rinsed tie spirit which drove iii the Cornmon verdict of the world. Leti raising Vesseis of Long Diilio Italy in it Ngai and the co Morco to every _ a or a. Lack As Lur Asti a in in runs the our Puritan anon slots to this country and then his nativity be apri duct it and comm Orci flu ski. Have a Een break Bod in to their souls that love of free a quot eat National Asior by every . That courage to merry. Let the 0d, m social in sacred Day or let the Younesi Sou. People sixteen in lor b Ever Commer Nom put pri Orato the Cenua i drop Encino of quot Beard of Hoard i ror quot which has made Verce and in the midst Osgood cheer get in nit i tins Republic ail Ilia it is. Leithe 4th Voung again. And Libove All As it comes he Oes of latitude and a noi to uric with that luxuriant porting of tie Dav of october Linen the Day this new the depth of Winter let the oit Spring of widely a habits of a a a Earth was did Lecuit tedious and i Lily daa i world was discovered be a great festival. 1 Ery and want the horseless poor the lor become As Era dec i Irons. About this Limo Alex Bedilion to Lei it be solemnized As the establishment Lorn widow and the destitute orphan re 10 same train of thou he India was a Prater and a mor j hazardous of the Empire of Linda aday sacred to chive Dis from men a a neutered con consciousness fail of it Ornis it Idan the of Tuiai without iii ii it is Coa Isolid led Clad and comforted. Ihen in and errant Soott in a a Ord. Of Trio a Weilor Public can make any people. When in every clime who have festive Days a the tempest of party rancor is in Enid Loc homered ens Lonis son a a stories. This is the nip Ida Ngi Nige which toe a Nae a vessel in Ihu cannot Arii curate 1.01 own of Dio heart. Uku like last Best Hopes of freemen if tir re a is not quot Cooj Anu Doud quot is i do Ana Oil it i. D. A avoid and dead queer whip set in and Trio Stai osnian a Are learning two ideas As Well As two Blades of grass tos Hooi where but one Lafonc let them not disdain nor Ibi Gol tins Sabi Imo , science of Limo Beai. A is reserved lor tho political Ilo Sophir of lii is and time to doctor none. If ii Ore i May not by found lha a an d Liap and Enterprise and gun aloof. As Vudi As it National Goodny a a i in Iio Aro i f no d r. Men this be n Ihn Inoval Stone Odiose Annii in a Hizny Gafis a Ron. a Are Golden age of we Eiri de the las Joest is so much sir Engin in tvs one Cora o Union How Many Nniro such would in require to so Cordil together tobit a uni it i and Liberty quot which Are one and inset a Abio now quot Niay be so a braver quot j to political danger Liat. In inc Eye of Ido Anien Caa Cla Lesman absorbs every o nor is the cell Drogal the Tidence of the plates on lii s Union. To bring to la cd Eil cars in iii Cuti enies of the Union Loon her in in Ioian. Be rinse Idan the Circum Avtalion of hal Intel each without Wiach it is Coa a sold led Clad and a of Midred. Then in the Globe at the present Dav. Dangerous ceded on All i umps a Republic Carnot sided the name of Washington will be a seas were lobe navigated Viii soul Chart Vive. I t Shuhl be tie annual coir Mence de or Compass r Lowers of Nio tie crossed a a lation a doubly dear to and to All coming Iti i a Wuhan a the Pron Dino Mient Dav of ail our Coll be and quot univ time As Well As to that Little Rema aai of Lodera navigation and almost Sites the exhibition and examination revolutionary w oilhie3 no Are Wita As of o by min s i Oil were to Dav or All our schools and to Emia Aries l in Iyo Serls v. pc vege annual Carval o of Rcd Hook no quot and the How no Van to Day but Der Short to Morrow will be and a Lido inc a a we al be like that into who unit it is some in cur s i b lurks bar Piura ler and literary scientist moral and religious a is of Ira vans of Elliou ands were of the fixation Drobai one Enda a a get Wiki a be ton ado whee to flite Coati neut to the other trom this Day is re Solvig itself of i mini i m la a i live to a Viire .1 the in tii Dav of uni y secure destruction a Herb every wind and Iurii iii vie 1 a re ii re Lawit ili end times feared much of tue patriotism of uie Day is resolving i i a Oice and beside that nothing. 1 n \ r-11�z1 n n Washington Here and the of tie i depend oath Ethiree n British colonies out to of Jar a to that has Snyr. Ai p. A i ii Nas icon Sicil a Eik Sci Finiel of iris. I Vohy on Hviding her i Tion of a National l amp Graceful ii a Rich mine of Poi rdc remark of Grec n musical inst irn quot i a great on Midi i Era Urf a cd that Obj. Rail Oil n slam osnian. A Vas i i quot 0 1 of 30 it she lat inc Nia i a Aie reason quot the Ere in a in Naii Onai a or Ollil Means Are con-1 by Mccorn pm Sor 0 0, a nere in Trio no in ipg a a Nici lion is the Gica lid so for As Rno Oei i cd be moire e in than by a a a clip Days As coi Naon will Delight Revere nil to observe c Moa mountains a Nice an w in Rii drava to water Soui parched by sen and to in v quot or i1 p tho n hd�?1- dip Africa and the l in bled. L Juc con Long can revolution in re con ii iaule3 thai tured by 1 i. J. J a National Stillions which i All route to i i scr n. O no Pacili .--01. Seq enc ont a i s the ret ii Emend of Domestic Lite to the ado be s Var of Tida ration of a land he Niqui be almost said Pond a Viles 1 n conk. I ree aad blood al these were the a a 11" y quot quot quot quot quot quot Fin if a Ilia tried the sufi lii eids souls Yere and pria to have created comes and goes Annoti at to a ced and unthought of by the great mass of. H. V. To s. Across tie tiie pc ple of this i edition. Is this As ii and Ilu Trishe in Revie i before iii a who has not Ian uie 1 cop e o l i s in. Luio a i n. A i a i i a a ,-,1should l e a the 22d of february ought to Especial y Oats Day Nat he . Very Clar Dang Otine Chams logged lol a orate the pin Lanthrop no ,but i can to Micro Are m to jigs dec r. Of did Caro p tho has in Dio k a in inc. Beings w to have or i j hey Noh Iione and horrid on they have maa in tag the c old and a Spring and o nature quot by Pressor and they arc a mover moist one wid pity a a softened win i Phi in Bra a �?�lr.w3 from All Ino ,-d family Hartli from Dio and end armonis of a Are the ones who. Quot Are fit f r to Chiron. Emotions of Trio in Sana a. I their no Bce in. D b. A lbs no viol. Pro a tro Nosie n of of or nature Ivr unt me Theu. Fellow citizen brn Glo your it comic Cimon a in in a a swiped w a and of it eve r to 1 alb route Wacil Patch i Aidlic scattered bring to every mansion cot and v a t nop it the Woahn of inc a m profusion the quot Over tits cout ment the Ohanno of to out world Addone yen orgy in on ent. I 1 Lind outlaws we wish to tic spirit of uia Ersal and in me not presen. You Enow them through the deep a c com v Power ind Grain cur to Sciort paragraph ii loin the in Asa them without Jinan Ladd to tins the iii Coli Ono the Art of Wigton i y tie sources untutored to Rani aug and the breaking out cd the re Nice of tue a led a Stales cup Mung Chuman Butch lon nation All of Linch occurred about this the gloomy Cou Adion of a liars at the close nah to ii and this a Era becomes As it truly i of the v ear 1 m a he says. Tiu a lon Hino of in last is it g a quot a old a of la non s of to a Norini lib. A a Sci p t r a Olig o i quot quot quot mini co r in c it t i i and particular in tho c very t i i Atno Ricany Davs dear. Be 34ti it be Mads Ciui Nenty o i a 1 r c s i v i k s. To n or. J Cirrisi Ophir co i of a or a on the 32 Rosire a a skiing i in pm try was a Tornai order is the Day v 1 Day quot of x o iry. 11 l Lle Udar Vici s great i a v of bus Dis a of m. Ilic a a a. Iwas the Cliame Cement of the Empire id aii Iid Long had Rodg ious bigotry and sup iii Iorii tic Nosi vile. Donn Beerli Triune in ii Sliv Over tie Euri Queaa world. The to destitute tha disgrace la. Erv quot and possessed of none of its Lata in. Of Plemen Lse yet their Long Lino of coast is a Black with the legions of despotism and be the Leep Ned science of hii Raan Butti Aie of its Fital in in Power of tin was Aliso Iule i i it 1 i Opi in i teen or i a not Iocim Idi Cadonic pod a relic t Ai de at is v e Anni Abiy of. In is a can ii Altai air a Pyrc cd in s in is Mcd Inlall Ibi iii was undisputed and for an instant relax his , nor omd Ciari Nii Thoni serves the i ego ranks of i any thing iii ii could cd struck the pro a less Whitas was Giess of inc in Ebay in improve his o Van on and a just i Mark condition lie did. Not appear to disc air pan iii irions to which Lisman j of the Public , but struggled Amsl with so much As Adverse Fortuno Wilh the Hope of yet weak aad in of the Young and the of the vacant is Liso b i Utal Lovely and Gigious tenets however ads p that quiz Ihling the dim cultic which a lec o i ili Viola Vii aus. Ali by the Chai less a minions or a Aio Narch ironed a Hryce to Mousaad Ndoc beyond Luo Ocean apr 1 3 no cause in which. A ruin meets hire Aid const Aiila a shewed Hui Salt to on _ of a quot of the w3a, mated i it a 1 1 to i i of units Inayan la did a or Uip Scipio lie i. No at Ihu Matt Casio of la Lippon in i Thuv upon a quot a Oil Ina i it in Elgar ass in and in bied Raiv. A Civ Assed Cour a a a pc Efty to s ,31 As in in o an. No 1 Ini Andona ears in i Milt and Jalota had b Cirinc vi.rt-, Rny in Eno the a of Down in i w i.11 st Chr o we v.t.a-, i. Dark pc or a a Lis Wrath All Bat y toni it i fac Hiitt. Deso quot and great

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