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Connersville Daily News Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 1

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Connersville Daily News (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Connersville, Indiana Daily news. Vol. 4. M. 162. Connersville. Indiana. Monday december 15.1890. Whole no. 1,091. It Peculiar eff Cacor in Daas Miu h to the process and a a a a a Hina Bill in As to liw it the themselves. His ii Trike it in time. It checks i senics in Trio on tact or if i Hebe advanced will prove a potent Currii no Hodie Slon lil lie fit Loit ii it takes the Placo of a doctor and costly pre a Cri pylons allow Holiad for whose a event airy Uvick will loud re Merit it the Best preventive of a to trip and cure tor Indyk Cotlon con tii it Alioti ill ult Lachy Itilio remt files and mental dip Roslon. No lost of time no Interi Bronco with business Vullo taking. For children it Quot a mostly docent and harmless. No danger from exposure after taking. Cure Colic i>1-arrhoaa, Duwel c feverish Nesb and feverish Cohn. Invalids and delicate persons will tend it Tho Mildest ape Rient and tonic Tiu y can . A Lettla Takon at night insures sleep and a natural evacuation of the bowels. Alottio taken in Trio morning Sharpens the appetite cleanses tud Tom act Aua a Vee tons the breath. A Phi Simian s opinion. Quot i have been practising Medicine for Twenty years and have never been Able to put up a vegetable conic Jimd that would like Simmons liver Keg dilator promptly i and effectively move the liver to action r and at the same time Aid instead or weak i Ching the digestive and assimilative j Myers of the / l. M. Hinton m.d., Washington Ark. Marks of i a for the red Trade Mark on front of wrapper and tbs Seal and i nature of j. amp co., la rel of the Side. Take no other. Live kist Joys both the method and results Whei syrup of figs in taken it is pleasant and a Eresli iii to the taste and Acu gently yet promptly on the kidney liver and bowels cleanses the set Tern flee Tully dispels colds head aches and fevers and cures h i item cons to nation. Syrup of figs is thu Only remedy of its kind Ever produced pleasing to the taste Una acceptable to Tho stomach prompt in its action and truly beneficial in it a infects prepared Only from the Morfei healthy and agreeable substances it Many excellent qualities commend i to All and have it the most popular remely known. Syrup of figs is for Sale in 50c and $1 bottles by a leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who May not have it on hand will pro cure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept and Fig syrup co. San Fri Loiaco Cal Iouin Knif vow Vanir. to Khz the daily news. Tha import atm of partying the blood. My be omes mated or without pure mood Jou cannot cd Joy Good by a i. At thu Neaily every we a needs a food nedl Dae to purify Vitalise and eur tab Ibe blood and we ask you to try Hood s Saria Parylla. It strengthens Ruck Micir and builds up the system creates an appetite and tones thu digestion while it Era Leates disease. The Peculiar Coull nation proportion and prepare Una of the vegetable remedies used give to Hood s Sarsa Parloua Peel it Talf tar curative Powers Leo a a Wusi other Medicine has snob a record of wonderful cures. If you Bave up your mind to buy blood i Sarsaparilla do not be induced to take any other instead. It is a Peculiar Lle Dittne. And u worthy your conf Denee. Hood s Imam Paiua 1� sold by All druggists. Inv trai by 0.1. Uo0d a co., lows ill. Mai. 100 �o9�? oii9 Dollar fighting Parnell. The Church great takes up quest Lori. The influence of the priests. For a House and lot on North Central Avenue. Inquire at this Floe. It is ice cited k ii Roaf Altit i Rancu a meeting it top Perry copies it car a and iii in n la Lute i it Uultt a opinion of Parnell a followers a other foreign Ilapit Cilin a London. Dei. 15.�?the wave of reaction again st or. Parnell is becoming More Pronto no de. Ali j info Nance of the is Rai Nilly making itself Felt. In the ohm i s every where it a ski scially in Kilkenny , like clergy urge in of openly ii iii their hearers the duty of following the Vise of the Bisho Jis and striking u How at immorality in his places by voting age inst Purnell. The Bishop of Cloysie Hai Reid tested tie meal airs of Tho league in his diocese to withdraw from the present organic i Tion controlled by or. Parnell and to form a reorganized league free from Ull Aiice with 1 he discredited Leader. The East and South Down of the league have stopped remitting to tie league Treasury at Dublin until the right to Disik be of Tho general fund is More it l a. The scenes at the Bijj Perry Mieting yesterday Are regarded As a 1 prelude to a Cami sign of violence that May reach a degree Little Short of civil War before the iju estion at Issue is finally Deci led by the Irish Peol be. A gang of forty Douglis Ca toured the meeting temporarily and carried everything for Parnell. But the cutin gents of country Wjk Ojile from a radius of Twenty Miles around came in. And the situation was speedily changed. After a Lively series of scrimmages the anti Parnel liti s got control of the meeting and the most violent oath Epati Yans of Parnell were expelled. The latter had come to the spot Aenied wit i heavy Mack Choini. And there is no doubt that they Hail premeditated violence. Such events go far to sustain Davitt s that Parnell Quot a following is up of the Rita Rall of the cities or As he jets ii. The Quot residue. Quot Sliwi Liik let a Vii on i on Loith. Loni it i it a dec. 15.�?Nell i Wynn is being As cruelly treated by scandalous tongues As in those Days when she was the favored in Stres a of Charles 11. Charles Bradlaugh and other radicals who have no rest mint for Royal lineage and even some conservatives like Louis Jennings formerly a new York editor and now a member of parliament Are going out demanding that pensions be withdrawn from the noblemen whose Only Merit is descent from a harlot. The chief Bone of Contention is the pension a Aid to the Duke of it st. Albans As of the Hawks. The Duke is descended from one of Nell Twy Ime s Royal infants the Parl Iuliu one that Nell held out of a window jus Charles ii passed. And told him that if he did not make him a Duke she would drop him that is thu infant not the King. He was a Duke and endowed with a pension of a Tiu a year As Royal Falconer ibid that liens ii ii has Bien paying for Over l of years. Quot Charles ii Quot exclaimed or. Jennings Quot never imagined in his wildest dreams that the British people in Jihuo would still be paying a pension of i Quot i a 0 a year to the descendant of Nell Wynne. Quot it seems that there Are no Hawks no Falcons and no jul Gens to take care of but yet the payment goes on and Tho government proposes to commute the Jension for Twenty seven years Quot Purchase. This while survivors of the Light brigade Uro Deli indent on Public Charity for Sun Jiwat. N a be i without touching in order to avoid Inar Anlizie Here. An ice la ii a i Rei sorted irom the i Thimis. A Corii Viany Roi entry started a ice Lai tory at Colon Bui the niacin Ery lir Olce blown. And now in the Middle of Quot tie healed term ice commands $70 per ton. Tie t United that s st Amer Ranger is it Corintio Wilh sick Ness on Board. Kilito Rivil we inv soil Only iii. , tenn., dec. 15.�?the Hon. John jul fiem no. A Well known edit Ozial writer i i j Enne sic. With whom Cini i nin 1 Ian had Tho let al i aled Rositi Ovi Ray a i a ended by him k ending tie e i t a a Cli Allange to Light a Duel. Lying very ill at his hotel in a iii City u Atli a Flor chances of recovery. Not settled. There May 1j� Sci oui trouble yet with the Sioux indians. , Doc. 15.�?a special from Rand City s. Dak., Tays a Battery of Hotchkiss guns wis sent from fort Meale to slut Point to reinforce gen. Carr s Jim Viand at the Mouth of rapid Crek. A Lumb r of straggling i Artie s of indians have 1 ecu going South. Lioy Are under command of Sciort Bull and kicking Biar. Antl siv Thev will not surrender. Short Bull is one of tie worst indians on Tho reservation. It wins he who murdered agent apr Leton in cold blood at Pine Kif ige. It is exl acted the main body of hostels will attempt to follow Liim. Gen. Carr has oilers to into code and disarm these indians All hazards and it is i ejected a collision will occur to Morrow in the Vicinity of the Mouth of Spring Creek or Ila Ilid in Elk. Or. My Tillich indy. Surgeon general of the South Dakota militia has Bec a to join col. Day s command at Tho front. Several old Indian Figi iter. Have volunteered a a guides and scouts. A com Juany of Sioux and Crow from i be North Are on the Way to join gen. Carr. A to Eclid from Pino Lidge says j Art of the is Venth cavalry has orders to March at Midnight. White men killed ind Lank. , a. To. Dec. 15.�?information has rect ived Here that two White men. Jack Bridges and Burk Robin on. Were killed by Apachi a in the cd Vadalou e mountains Friday Bridges discovered some freshly killed meat and went to Hall s ranch to notify the men there. Then in company wit i Robinson and another Man. They went to the place where the meat a is found to investigate the matter. They had just arrived at these of when they were fired upon by the indians. They returned the fire and attempted to escape but were surrounded and two of them soon fell. The other men escaped after being grazed by a Bullet which i a slight Scalp wound and reported the result. A courier was then sent to this City for Heln. Sheriff Slaughter immediately title Era shed to fort Hua Chua lor government assistance ind immediate a reparations for Deji arture. The Light took Wilace in the Quad al i e mountains. East of lies in Bernardino a Inch near the line. Five indians were seen but it was Imp possible to know How Manj were Jin sent and the fact that the i arty was surrounded shows that there were More than five for Congress probable program of the week s Federal election Bill. Royhl Moui Ursul Vervlee. London dec. 15.�?queen Victoria and other members of the Royal family attended yesterday a memorial service at Frogmore mausoleum where the remains of Prince All Ert Are Buriell and it being the Twenty ninth anniversary of the death of the Prince Consort her majesty a chortling to her custom on this anniversary was attired in Dee it mourning. Oer Iurii Huel Aluta . Berm dec. 15. A the German socialists Are indignant that Cut Junt Hatsfelt should Liao appointed Paul Lindau to edit the Dairy of Ferdinand Lassalle. Lindau is not in a meal he with Lassalle s views and it i feared that Tho writings which Are naturally of great interest to socialists will appear in mutilated form. Karl Kiib tor Nhor tei Ali it ii rat. London dec. 15.�?the set och railway men have decided to go on a strike next sunday for Shorter lumps. The i Rosi act is that tie railways will be tied up at the very time when Auch an event will be most exasperating to the Public As tiie Christman week travel will be interfered with. No lac luit t Ruu kidded. Constantinople dec. 15.�?the armenian patriarch officiated at Stam boil yesterday for the first time since the recent rupture wit i the Sultan. It is ice lived therefore that the religious crisis is ended. _ it Lluu troops Mari Ziluk on i Tualii. Caius Deo. 15.�?it is reported at Squakim that Tho italian troops Are Ina chink upon Kas Ala with tue intention of occupying that i lace. Cholera in Guatemala. More then two Lvi to it our a iid comm and Over a Lioni Wiital heat hit. San fan Chico. Dec. 15.�?the Steamer ban Juan which has just arrived from Piama bring new of Rava Itea of Choli re a qua tequila. Mure Thau 1,800 Dealba too erred in the City of of item in when we a Khz. The 9te�iii Fien. Miu a Start went. Iii Cal dec. 1.5.�?gen. Nelson a. Miles accompanied by capt. Marion p. Maus and the general s private 8e-ro-tary, left hero for st. Paul at 5 0 o clock yesterday evening Over Tho Chicago Milwaukee and st. Paul Railroad. Just before leaving the general said he should remain at st. Paul a couple of a tips and go thence to the Ortli Western Indian country. Len. Miles said he did not i Laco any credence in the report that there has been a Battle Between the troops and indians in tie Northwest. He had a Telegram from gen. Brooke yesterday to Tho effect that a Rumor that the indians were fighting among Aumi reached the Agency. No further re Ikirt Hill 1 Een receive we from him. And there no reason to indie be that there had mix u a conflict with the soldiers. A dispatch received from Omaha neb., says the it no Battle has occurred Between the United states to room and indians near Pino Ridge Agency As reported. Incl tim a Doug thi it iut to Levoit. Dan Vii in c. 15.�?a a Iclal from rapid City. S. Dak., a jays a Soldier from capt. Wells Camp report that thi indians in the bad lands have begun lighting among themselves. This news was brought by scouts. The Battle took place in grass Bisin. Two strikes and his followers and Short Bull and his followers engaged in a very Lively scrimmage. Eai a Leader is Amund that his Supre Riecy of the whole band should to acknowledged. I vice Ripe Nhut to piece. ,8. Dak., dec. 1. indians sent out by gen. Brooke to bring the Hostiles in were roughly treated their i each new shot into pieces. T a seventh Ami ninth cavalry a re part ukr ing to Start for thu bad ends at Daylight to bring the Hostiles in. The sixth and eighth cavalry from the Black Hills Are advancing on the West. I alled to the let our mini Eliot. St. I t , dec. 15.�?a sii Ecial to thu Republic from san Antonio tex., says at noon yesterday Louis Kveum a Butcher aged 1 5, called Liou it Richter Alsip a Butcher to the door and As he Ai it i it eared blamed away at him with a i pistol. Richter turned to run into the House and a second Blu t sent a built into his neck just at the base of the brain. Richter fell dead in his door was. Event started Down the Street Anu entered the first a Loon where he placed the mule of the revolver to his forehead and pulled the trigger but the weapon failed to go off. Evera was a re to a and looked in. It will he in the Seui Ite but May not to voted on a in a count of Presb Liik financial mens Iiren a the ii ouch will so Lyle Tho a Poi Toni sent oni Mai Oiin other Washington it eds. Wash botox dec. 15.�?the course of Tho Senate during this coming week will be mapped out at Tho caucus of Lippi in lican senators to be held to night. At Jire Keiit the order of business agreed is for the Senate to meet at 10 o each morning to begin the consideration of the Federal election Bill at 11 o clock and to remain in discussion of this measure until the hour of adjournment a Liili will be probably 5 or 0 o t lock. J his will Lee the program to Day but the caucus to be held to night wid per i tips alter t Nis i program entirely. There Aie two propose tip before the caucus. Uhf is to ii in of the of the Senate in order to a method of closing Debute so a to bring the election to Bill to a vote. Tie tier is to Lay aside thu elections Bill Jor tie ii ribose of taking up . A committee Aji pointed by the caucus is con Diering a Mancial measure a wit i a View to a Lior Ting on the of laying to it id the eject Bill temporarily during this week. It is not Likely that this committee will be Able to agree upon anything by the time the caucus meets although it is possible that a will be Laid be it Are the caucus coming from Tho resilient to pass immediately a Jill to pure a a the l ,0. Hj0 ounces surplus tither now the Market. This measure or some other financial measure is Likely to displace the elections Bill during the week. If the elections Bill is Laid aside temporarily tie gen end be Liet is that it will not come up again. There seems Little Hope of its a Vissage at this time. The apportionment question will probably 1 e k titled to far is concerned during the week. Or. Dunnell the chairman of the census committee has been assured by the committee on rules that to will be Given time for the consideration of the Frank Bill and unless something should Hap i ii. Lie will Jill it up before saturday. There is but Little disposition among the democratic me Maljers to make a tight against the Mei sure and it will probably go through without much opposition to edit from members a if the new York City delegation who will contend that new York is entitled to an additional representative Basing their claim on the returns of the in juice census of new Vork City. Ilie come Iolite subsidy Bill adj ted by on merchant Marine and i sheries is also on the program for the week and an Effort will be by its supporters to have two Days set apart lor its consideration. The committee on rules however May Grant of Day Only. Monday will be individual Susji Ensio Day. The rest of the week will be consumed in discus sing tiie army Aitro privation Bill the Bill for the retirement of National Batik circulation. Aimed to relieve the financial situation. And pro Wibly the District of Columbia appropriation Bill. Conclusion ladies of Connersville and Vicinity have concluded that the Best Quality of goods and the greatest saving in Price can be obtained by trading at Pratt s. Reputation the reputation for Selling Good goods at Low figure it telling a big tale in the Way of increased business at Pratt i. Decision the Farmers have decided that it is car More economical to buy Good goods at Low figures than shoddy goods at any Price. Hence the big Trade at Pratt s. Headquarters for rubber boots at Pratt s. Dolls games books albums order gases manic res and toilet gases everything suitable for a Christmas present. A few of the Limoge bisque lamps left. Come before All Are gone. Come and see our goods and learn our prices. Central pharmacy. 428 Central ave. S. H Robinson . M. Andrews wholesale and retail druggist and manufacturing pharmacist. A Huston Block Connersville ind. Teml iii j loft mor Kochi a heu icily. W.\sninaton, dec Quot. 15.�?dr. Koch a Lymph Cero is now Bein tried on five i<atient4 in various Sruti in of pulmonary tuberculosis at Garfield hop ibid in this City. The first Inocula tim was nue several ago and the re us tel a re watched with great interest by the Hospital physicians and the doctors of the City. So far in none of the Casen the patient grown worse under treatment in one of the earliest cat is the Rise in Temsik nature and other symptoms observed by or. Koch in Hia Exi erimeut8 have been noted Bat in another Case the re ution has not occurred. The doctors Lugt Wever Are car from by ing discouraged and the inoculation will be continued. It Niy be a month yet. They Bay in fore they will be ready to announce their Conchi Sions As Thev intend to Kive Tho Lyme h a most thorough trial. Kut Uriley a coup rms. Wash Soton dec. 15.�?in Tho Senate saturday or. Idea. In s Resolution inquiring about thu Purchase of safes for the Imp Stoiche department was agreed to also a Resolution calling on the Secretary of agriculture for u statement of 5 to Iasi in irrigation inv litigation. Or. Lores addressed the semite in Opimo Sitison to the Federal election Bill. Or. Evarts Odd heated its Para Agu. In Tho House the Bill providing that one person May act As Engineer and Pill t a steam launches of ten tons and under was Jasi d. The Senate cattle Insik ution Bill wis discussed and re i erred to the agricultural committee. The Bill for the adjudication of private land claims in certain states Pusi de with an amendment striking out the Uttie of Arizona. Cd image with Kab no inc �?�1t.s45. Cunado Deci. 15.henry Blue n clerk employed by Thomas h. Perkins amp c us Imury. Stock brokers was Arr Esteil Friday morning charged with the Emik a element of flt is from huh employ ors. 1 he Money it is alleged has wii taken at various times since May i huh. A Luv t met a 111. , pa., dec. 15.�?a which life cod about Twenty Auren Hutu Day in the Hollenbeck mine operated by the Delaware Aud Hudson Cool com any. It is not known at this time How serious the working of the mine will be affected by the have in. The Mitten Are removing their tools. Hale lit of cna Alif nervous women Seldom receive the sympathy they tie serve. While often the Leturc of health they Are constantly ailing. To withhold sympathy from these unfortunates is Tho height of cruelty. They have a weak heart causing Short of breath fluttering pain in Side weak and hungry spells and finally swelling of ankle oppression choking smothering and dropsy. Or. Milen new heart cure 1.4 just the thing for them. For their nervousness headache weakness etc., his restorative Nervine is unequalled. Fine treatise on Quot heart and nervous diseases Quot and marvelous testimonials free. Bold Aud guaranteed by ail. Druggists. Gratifying to All the High position attained and the Universal acceptance and a it Proval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Hyrup of figs As the most excellent laxative known illustrated the value of the qualities on which its Success i i based and Are abundantly Ira titling to the California Fig syrup company. Tuesday kith inst., it. Rov. D. B. Knickerbocker a shop of iii Diana will hold services in Trinity Church at 7 o clock. We feel assured those who attend will be fully repaid As the ili shop is a More than Ordinary speaker. All Ato cordially Invin ted. You have a special invitation to Call and Exa Aloe my line of he la Day goods the largest i Ever had. Come in and look whether you Are r. Ady to buy or not. We will take pleasure in showing you through. I. B. Yoi x j. For at Corner of Western Avenue and fifth Street. Apply 10 f. P. Frybarger. Try Beer on draught at All the prone nent saloons. Bottled goods As Fine As by ibo Moerlein Bra iii go Cincinnati. A Joe Clair. 17 Nassau Street a Law Yonkt Bankers a pop Lye Ste instars con tut Oas Saa pcs Mekic Manta. Rats rest allotted on Deposit to and l Oaas a ego to a ted. Nolles Ofel Stelsa of unit ass. To All whom it Init a Obi Ern know Vuk i hut on us str Stan Ming of Jan a airy. Istl Whlon Anler we a. A 1. 0,. K. It Giuld pillows Luis Trun Litis log Liu Liik the a a or ill t our Eric. Lue. Ind., if. A. Kun Mcl Fumu. I 1>. Ally it ic1.1 kaki., b. H. Thiu a. Aide Lellow no Leo. No Ilus u hereby Given Llight the help eth Tiik i Ian Riho j. C. Liat a a to. Tor tue nb�1 a Aie this a Lay been dts old div ii iut Uhi void Mut. Aud Busl Aeu a . J. 0. Haiku. It. A. . L 0�lbb�r 14, in. To. 11 he. That hacking enough Eab in m quickly cured by Shiloh a comb we guarantee it for mls omit trial pharmacy. Sleepless nights la Anels by that terrible you Fth. Cure is the remedy for Sale at Central Karma by. Will you suffer with and liver comp Dalbir 8kllim Vitalizer is guaranteed to eve Tomk for Sale at Oen Tofu pharmacy. Shiloh s cough and cure is sold by of on a it cures . Central pharmacy. Shiloh s cure will Imi relieve croup whooping Tomk i bronchitis. For Sale �1 owl pharmacy. Croup whooping a ouch mkt i Cal tvs immediately relieved by i Loh s cure. For Aalt al pharmacy. Catarrh cured health breath secured by thl Tali remedy. Price to Elm injector tto. For my tel Parma by
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