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Connersville Daily News Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 4

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Connersville Daily News (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Connersville, Indiana # fill Mac of �11 in learning Power.�?.17. S. Gov t report aug. 17,1889. Baking Poller Absolu Siar Porea Puodis of on Beijes. The moving cause of All the plaques of cities. In to mme a a Tom tory month my of the a and Acona ileum. Tim of Sorlom Tomilu of a living Faith. A that he in fld Allty done new York april 5.�? continuing his t a Une of Lermont on Quot the ten plaques of i in claim Quot Rev. Or. Tulina today took f run Nab a it Quot the Panga of ii in Lacount Wii delivered to Large and audiences at the Brooklyn a Tolemy of music in the Forenoon and the nor York Academy of music in the even ins. The text was romans ii 4, Quot i it god be True but every Man a that a if god says one thing and the a role human race Sass the opposite Paul Tould accept the Divinc veracity. But there Are Many in our time who have dared err ago the almighty for falsehood. In i Delity in not Only a plague but it it the ber of plagues. It wems from what we hear on All sides i lat the Christian religion is a huge Blun it that the mosaic account of the creation i an Absurdity Large enough to throw Ull i it ions into rollicking Guffaw that Adam a id eve never existed that the ancient i Lod and Noah s Ark were impossibilities i lat there never was a Miracle that the i Ibie is the Friend of cruelty of murder of f polygamy of All forms of base crime that i be Christian religion is woman s tyrant Iid Man a stunt plication that the Bible i id lid to lid is a fable a cruelty a hum tug a Sham a lie that the martyrs who for its truth were miserable dupes i lat the Church of Jesus Christ is i properly gazetted As a fool that alien i Homas Carlyle. The septic said Quot the nimble is a Noble Book Quot he was dropping into imbecility that when theodoric Parker declared in music Hall Boston. Quot never a imy or girl in All Christendom but was profited by aat great Book Quot be was be coming very weak in ended that it is something to bring a Blush to the Cheek of a very Patriot that John Adams the father of american in dependence declared Quot the Nible Hithe Best Book in All the world Quot and that lion hearted Andrew Jackson turned into a snivelling Coward when he mid Quot that Book sir is the Rock on which our Republic rests Quot and that Daniel Webster Abi located Teeth Rouen his intellectual Power and resigned his logic and from Teing the great expounded of the Conj Titu lion and the great lawyer of iii age turned into an idiot when lie said Quot my heart As a Ami and reassures me that the gospel of fears Christ must be a divine reality. From the time that at my Mother s feet or on my father s knee i first Learned to Lisp verses from the Sareil writings they have been my daily study and vigilant contemplation and if there is anything in my style or thought to be comme Mied the Cradit is due to my kind parents in instill ing into my mind an Early love of the scriptures Quot and that William h. Seward the diploma tut of the Century Only showed his puerile to when he declared. The whole ii Ope of human Progress is suspended on of Chi Ever growing influences of the Bible Quot had that it i whilst for us to Uke that Imrik from the throne in the affections of Emo salad altitudes and put it under our fac to be trampled upon by hatred and hissing contempt and Liat your old father was hoodwinked and Colad and cheated and be fooled when by leaned on this As a staff after his hair grew Gray and his bands were by Tlouga and Bis step shortened As he i a to the verge of the grave and that Sroor Motler sat with a pack of lies on her a skua Reading of the better country and Otho diag of All bar Aeb Asand pains Ami Ruilob not Only with a Ione of you Wim mood around her but with tha evil drs she bad buried with infinite bears aha to that Aba could read no More until Shabook off her Apa Taclas and wiped from team the heavy Mist of Many tears. Alas a Haft for forty and fifty years they should have walked under this delusion and had it mar their Pillow what the or by a Ying in Haback room and asked that som Wila from the via Page a Algut be but upon the Tom Rumm Nadar the Shadow of the old eos try a Altug Hoo a where they sleep today Wal tag for a Rosaur Raetia that Willoth Lamaak have data Lead them and hartal Tinl till Tom nighty la Tousia of a met Aotoa avowed to Dao Aive or Lair a if tler avatar. Mora at pea Dowlat Alliata. Aad to out with tha Book room wharf it la Paadin tha a Ilia Willaa of most Lomay. Out with it Ami a Adir tha Baa Datlag of Hureh Nai Matam. Oia with it from tha dome lla Aurela. Gather toi Athur All the Bimbo tha Ahll Diwi s Bible Tea family bib a. Thou moly bound and Tho a with us a arly worn out aad Pagas al Moat of altar tha Flag am Keg ago turned to a a at mag Tham All to Ether. And Ihna a al a Hoai Raof Tham and by it warm a Raama rit dam aad after that Tura un-4irwflhlha Plo share of in Mie Indiana us Tea poll Tad Arbea of that loathsome. To my Tom aha Ana. Emal and death Fol Wmk we Akk to so antagonist be to Man s Alwn a a Wnm a a Honor aad tha a a Sis attack tum Bur in. The Alotha Austa Neof what inf Iki to Han Yany Anh mirth to kind Tod thaa t Taka fan in an was a in Mara Raeia Slobof h a Long hear Laaied of harm a a Hial Hoath moral a att Jwo Vidad Yoo a Ila tha an Lobito a a at of Cape your Araa Apia Fao Hava not Asea tha lha of a Marta clan Thair la in a Somi Batt Maratoa i you know what caused tie Accident years ago on the Hudson River Railroad. It was an intoxicated Man Wiio for a joke pulled the string of the air Brake and a topped the train at the most dangerous Point of the journey. But the lightning train not knowing there was any impediment in the Way came Down crushing out of the mingled victims the immortal souls that went speeding instantly to god and judgment. It was Only a joke. He thought it would be such fun to Stop the train. He stopped it. And so infidelity is chiefly anxious to Stop the Long train of tie Bible and the Long train of a lurches and the Long train of Christian influences while coming Down upon us Are death judgment and eternity coming a Tiu Saiid Miles a minute coming with More Force than All the avalanches that Ever slipped from the Alps coming wit i More strength Tolian All the lightning express trains that Ever Ohhi led or shrieked or tii Underhil across the continent. Now in this jocularity of infidel thinkers i cannot join and i propose to give you some reasons Why i in pinot lie an infidel and so i will try to help out of t iii present condition any a Olio May have Lieen struck with the awful plague of scepticism. First i cannot let a an infidel pm it cause in Fidelity has no Good Hiil it statute fur the Consolation it proposes to take away. You know there Are millions of people who get their chief Consolation from titis Book. Wii at would you i link of a it Rule Aile of this sort suppose a Man should resolve Itiat lie would organize a conspiracy to destroy All the medicines from apothecaries and imm All tiie of the Earth. Tiie work is done. Tic melt Licine Are taken and they Are tii rown into the River or the Lake or the sea. A patient wakes up at Midnight in a of distress and wants an Anodyne -. Quot of Quot says tiie nurse Quot the anon Lynes Are nil destroy Eil we live no imps to give you but instead of Liat i la read you a wok on the Alphur cities of morphine and on tie Almur cities of All but the Man continues to writhe in pain and the nurse says i la continue to read you some Dise Ournes on Anodyne the cruelties of Anodyne the indecency is of anon Lynes the Law unities of Anodyne. For your groan i la give you a Foit Fink a a Uno Wixo. Here in tie Hospital is a patient Havinga gangrene limb amputated. Ile says Quot of for it iter of for chloroform Quot the doctors say Quot Why Are All destroyed we Don t have anymore cal Ltd Reform or Ether but i have go it so Nietling a great Deal better. I la read you a Pam Lilet against James y. Sinai it son chloroform As an Ana thetic and against drs. Agnew and Hamilton and Hosack and Mott and Harvey and says the Man Quot i must have some Quot no Quot say the doctors Quot they Are All destroyed but we have got something a great Deal Quot what is thut Quot fun Almut medicines. Lie Down Allye patients in Bellevue Hospital and Stop your groaning All e broken hearted of All the cities and quit your crying we have the Catholic of at last Here is a Rose of wit Here is a strengthening plaster of sarcasm Here is a bottle of i Balry that 3 of Are to keep Well shaken up and take a spoonful of it after each meal and if that does not cure you Here is a solution of blasphemy in which you May Bathe and Here is a tincture of derision. Tickle the Skeleton of death with a Repar Teel make the King of terrors cackle for All the agonies of All the Ages a joke millions of people willing with uplifted hand toward heaven to affirm that the Goepel of Jesus Christ is full of Consolation for them and yet infidelity proposes to take it away giving nothing absolutely nothing except fun. Is there any greater height or depth or length or breadth or in me Misity of Means item in All god s uni verse infidelity i a religion of Quot Don t b there a god Don t know is the soul Immor Tair Don t know if we should meet each other in the future world will we recognise each other Don t know a religion of Quot Don t know Quot for the religion of Quot i know Quot Quot i know in whom i have believed Quot Quot i know that my redeemer infidelity proposes to substitute a religion of awful negatives for our religion of glorious positives showing right before us a world of reunion and ecstasy and High Campani Onsbie and glorious worship and Atn Pendus Victory the Joy of Earth not High enough to reach to the Baba of the Himalaya of uplifted splendor awaiting All those who on Wing of Christian Faith will soar toward it. Have you heard of tha conspiracy to put out All the Lighthouse a on the coasts do Yon know that in a Cartain night of next month. Eddy stupa Lighthouse. Bell Rock a thou Jim Lighthouse Mon Uuk Lighthouse. In Attras Lighthouse. New l4>ndon Lighthouse Bambi Lighthouse and the �40 lighthouses on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts Are to be you say Quot what will Brooma of tha ship on that night what will Batha Etta of tha Ona million allows following the Asar what will a the doom of tha Mil Liona of passenger up who will arise to put Down ouch a conspiracy of Quot Svery maa woman and child in America and the world. But that is Only a fable. That to what to Fidelity to trying to do put out All tha Light houses on the coast of eternity letting the soul go up the Quot Narrows Quot of death with no Light no Comfort no pea a All that coast covered with tha Blac Knap iof in Ronesa. In Toad of tha great Lighthouse a Glowworm of wit a firefly of Joco sity. Which do Yoa Ilka the Batter o Roy Agor for Rumity tha firstly or tha ought Houaard what a Mission infidelity has Star tail oni tha a of Olgh Thomasa a tha Hank lag no at la Toboada tha Tom Leal of All tha pilots tha taming of Thol Notrip ton on your child s Grava into a Larca and a ito. Wallar Soott a Quot old Mott Auty. Etoal in hand want through tha land to ant ont tolo Nial nar lot tars tha half Oulton Atod Inch Puaala Oatha Tarn alarm aad ii a Hoan Alful Moi Doug Bol to Domy a Pondi la Tima with Hammar and Oumi trying to Cut ont from tha mint new of your dead All Tho Story of aad Lioa Voo. It to tha Ioco Tatool of arty Tiu Ali graveyard and of ovary Olty ago zloty and of we Turnm am. Mad of an death a going out you know not where to a a ther Quot Stop you know not when to do Yon know not what. That is infidelity. The fal8k pleas of infidelity. Furthermore i cannot be an infidel because of the false charges infidelity is All the time making against the Bible. Perhaps the slander that has made the most impression and that some christians have not been intelligent enough to deny is that the Bible favors polygamy. Does the god of the Bible uphold polygamy or Del he How Many wives did god make for Adam he made one wife. Does not your common sense Tell you when god started the marriage institution he started it As be wanted it to continue if a xxi had favored does toe Oke Anta Onlee worn a Call for the witi7bme& if the Bible is so antagonistic to woman How do you account for the difference in woman s condition in China and Central Africa and her condition in England and America there is of difference except that which the Bible makes. In lands when there is no Bible she is hitched like a a st of Burden to the plows she carries the Hod she submits to indescribable indignities. She must be kept in a private apartment and if she come Forth she must be carefully hooded and religiously veiled a amp though it were a shame to be a woman. Know that the very first polygamy he could have created for Adam j san a the Quot Bluto Quot do Quot whip it comes five wives or ten wives or Twenty wives country to to strike off just As easily As he made one. At the very first of the Bible god shows the shackles of woman s serfdom o where Are your chains today h self in favor of monogamy and Anu a a your arms and let us see Nistico polygamy. Genesis 11,"there-1 Handcuffs. Of we see tha handcuff a fore shall a Man leave his father and bracelets of Gold bestowed by or fatherly or brotherly or sisterly or loverly affection. A loosen the warm Robe from your neck o woman Mother and shall Cleave unto his not Bis wives but his wife. How Many wives did god spare for Noah in the Ark two and two the Birds two and two the and let us see the Yoke of your bondage. Cattle two and two the Lions two and two Yoke a Carcanet of Silver or the human race. If the god of the Bible had favored a multiplicity of wives he would have spared a plurality of wives. When god first launched the human race be gave Adam one wife. At the second launching of Tho human race he spares for Noah one wife for Ham one wife for Shem one wife for Japhet one wife. Does that to k As though god favored polygamy in i Vitious Viii 18, god thunders his prohibition of More than one wife. God permitted polygamy. Yes just a he Imir mits today s murder and theft and arson and All kinds of crime. Ita permits these things As you Well know but to does not Sanction them. Who would dare to say he sanctions Triem because the presidents of tiie i United states have permitted in Utah you Are not therefore to conclude that they Patron zeil it they approval it when on the contrary they d Mounce Ltd it. All of goil s ancient Israel knew that the god of the Bible was against polygamy for in the four Hundred and thirty years of their stay Ink i t there ii Only in Necase of polygamy Only one. All the mighty men of Tho Uilk be Stossl aloof from la it Lyga Iny except tii Ose who falling into the crime were within an Indi of their lives. Adam Aaron Noah Joseph Joshua Samuel . Hut you say Quot did t David and Solomon favor polygamy yes and did they not get Well punished for it ? Road tiie lives of those two men and you will come to tie conclusion that All the attributes of god s nature were against to lifer lie Havior. David suffered for his crimes in the caverns of Dullam and Mas Sada. In the wilderness of Mah Anaim in the Lerea Emonts of Sziklai. Tiie bedouins after him sickness after him Ahn Alom after him Phillio tei after him Adonijah after iii the adomites after him the syrians after him the to alvites after him death after him the lord gel almighty after iii. Tiie poorest e slant in All the Empire married to the plainest fewest was happier than the iii in his marital Fuhs icel Imbior. How did Solomon get along with polygamy read his warnings in proverbs read his self disgust in Fli Clesi asses. He throws up his lands in loathing an Ltd cries out Quot vanity of vanities Ali is his seven Hundred wives nearly a stored the life out of iii. Solo omon got Well paid for his crimes Well paid. I re heat that All the mighty men of the scriptures were aloof from Polyi Ramy save As they were i it ounce Ltd and flailed Piid Cut to pieces for their insult to Violy marriage. If the i Timile is the Friend of i polygamy Why is it that in All the Laius Liere the Bible predominates it polygamy is for Lydden and in the lauds where alien is no Bible it is furore Ltd. Polygamy All Over China All Over India All Over Africa All Over Persia All Over Beuthe Udom save As the missionaries have done Timeir work while a polygamy does not exist in England and the unit a states except in de finince of Law. The Bible Ahro ail god Honore Ltd monogamy. The Bible not abroad gel abhorred a Flyg Ariy. The womanhood. Another false charge which infidelity has made against the Bible is that it is antagonistic to woman that it enjoins her degradation and lie titties her Mission. Under Tho impression Many women have been overcome of this Piagno of infidelity. Is the Bible the enemy of woman come into the picture gallery the in ouvre the Luxem Bining of the Bible and see which pictures Are the More honoured. Here to eve a perfect woman As it effect a woman As could to made by a nerf to god. Here is Deli Orab with her won anly Arm hurling a Host into Battle. Here is Miriam leading the israeli ush orchestra on the Banks of the red sea. Iler Els Motherly Hannah with her own Loving hand replenishing Tho wardrobe of her son Samuel the Prophet. Here is Abigail kneeling at the foot of the Mountain until the four Hundred wrathful men at the sight of her Beauty and prowess halt halt a Hurricane stopped at the sight of a water Illy a Dew drop dashing Back Niagara. Here to Ruth putting to shame All the Moilen Slang about mothers in Law As she turns her Back on her borne and her country and face wild beasts and exile and death that so May be with Naomi her husband s Mother. Huth to Queen of the Harvest Fields. Ruth the grandmother of David. Ruth Trio canoes trim of Jesus Christ Tho Story of her virtuoso and her life Sacri Floo to i to nut Beautiful pastoral Over written. Hero to Vashti defying Tho bacchanal of a thousand Drunken lords and is tor willing to throw her life away that she May a Sliver her people. And hero to Dorena Tho sunlight of journal Fame gliding har philanthropic Needle and Tho woman with Profumo in a Box made from to Holto of Alabastro a Muring the holy Chr Tom on the head of Christ the Aroma lingering All Down the corridor of the centuries. Hero to Lydia the mer Chaute i Tyr on Purto immortalised for her Cir stun behaviour. Here to tha widow with two mites More famous than to Tihoi body and Tho Loo Oxos of All Tho Ages while Boro come in slow of gait and with careful attendants and with of special Honor and High Faroe loaning on to Arm of inspiration one who to to Joy aad Pride of any Home to rarely Fortunato of to have one. An old Christian grandmother grandmother i Ola. Who a string of Ca Nellans or Cluster of pearls that must Gall you very much. How bad you must All have it. Since Yon put the Bible on your stand in the sitting room has the Bible been to you o woman a curse or a Blessing Why to it that a woman when she is troubled will go to her worst enemy the Bible Why do you not go for Comfort to some of the great infidel books Spinoza s Quot ethics Quot or Hume s Quot natural history of religion Quot or pain s Quot age of or Delro s dramas or ony one of the 3flo volumes of Voltaire no the silly deluded woman persists in hanging about the Bible verses Quot let not your heart be troubled Quot Quot All things work together for Good Quot Quot weeping May endure for a night Quot Quot i am the resurrection Quot Quot peace lie furthermore rather than invite i resist this plague of infidelity because it has wrought no positive Good for the world and is always a hindrance. I ask you to mention the names of the merciful and the educational institutions which infidelity founded and is supporting and has sup Porte Ltd All the Way through institutions pronounced against god and the Christian religion and yet pronounced in in half of suffering humanity. What ars the names 3f them cert4tinly not the United states Christian commission or the sanitary , for Christian George ii. Stuart a As the president of the one and Christian Henry w. Bellows was the president of the other. Compare twin h08pitat.8 at it Colix Ges. Where Are the asylums and merciful institutions Foi Index by infidelity and supported by infidelity pronoun Newl against a m1 and the Bible and yet doing work for the alleviation of suffering infidelity is so very loud in its Braggadocio it must have some to mention. Certainly if you come to speak of institutions it is not Yale it is not Harvard it is not Princeton it is not Middletown it is not Cam let Ridge or Oxford it is not any institution from which a diploma would not lie a disgrace. Do you Point to the German universities As exceptions i have to Tell you that All the German universities to Day Are under positive clip Indian influences except the University of ,<7, where the Ruf Flanly students Cut and Muul and mangle and murder each or her As a matter of Pride instead of infamy. Do you mention Girard College Philadelphia As an exception Itiat College Costa Bulshe Ltd by the will of or. Girard which Foh mde religious instruction and the Entrance of clergymen within its Gat m. My reply is that i lived for seven years Nejira that College and knew Many of its professors to be Cliris tian instructors and no better Christian influences Are to be found in any College to in Girard College. There stands christianity. There brands infidelity. Commire what they have done compare their rest rfcs. There is christianity a prayer on her lip a Liene diction on her Trow both hands full of help for All who want help the Mother of thousands of colleges Tho Mother of thousands of asylums for the oppressed the Blind the a Tiok the lame the imbecile the Mother of missions for the bringing Jack of the out the latest styles of Box paper just from the Mills. The largest assortment at Especial Low prices. It will pay you to examine it whether you wish to Purchase or not. A new line of purses and pocket books. Come Early bet re the line is broken and make a pharmacy.428 Central Are. S. H to to san prop. Don t forget we Are Headquarters Lor Fine perfume and face powders. The latest perfume is Zehring s Margurite delicate and Las ing. We have added two new face powders to our already Large line. Quot Exora Quot comes in assorted White flesh and Brunette. Also Nye s complexion ii powder without doubt the a est cheap powder ii the Illus nees University Doune Imit idea Lastro ion by a Lars amp a Milf us Tnie a time Short i Oxe Enise to saner it r�s0mtn�s�t Cash is Don t suffer from headaches but take Catheiine Cash is Mai corel and get speedy Relief. Put up in French caches or wafers Superior to 10 capsules or powders. Price 25 cents per Bex of 12 Donee a. M. Andrews i pm Armi Ctet 414 Central ave. Rawls old it st and. We have act fully sold to Many goods id this store the people have simply wore out the floor. This is a symptom we like to see and shows what Bif thi offs duo business a an be. The whole country has done it with our careful Aid Tho we Nevor suggested a Cut or a Shade. One Price to All and a Good one it be that s what wins the people can see. We never have is id a a ours is the Kex Quot but left to the Public their Choice to suggest. Trade made in this Way 7an never be taken and i can t but rejoice i in the headway i m Makin. Ward Jemison. Inor eye8 health and disease. A valuable and interest log pamphlet of this Tery is porent Safe tweet Najr to Omal Ned fre ofe Harie Frera s. H. Robinson is inf our oboe Arrissa full and completo lla of Aqua uhy8tal Spe Otachel and Eye-gla8hes to sult All Deflum la of or Foo the sult a Pioss ranch my from pm Itada Poir. 11% us Toko a Peep throw go the onto of motor had Flot oor Rev Lasso Aiu Imti i it Daos a broken stand and then Knelt on the Bare floor praying the mercy of Christ upon to link soul. A infidelity scrapes no lint for the wounded Hakim no bread for the Bung re Oha Keit up no Pillow for to sick rouses no com fort for the bereft Giltis no grave for the Deail. While Christ our Christ our wounded Christ our risen Christ Tho cast tip a Mother of thousands of Norma Christ of this old fashioned Bible blessed tory institutions for the saving of the lost glorious name Borovor our Christ stands this hour pointing to to to spill or to the Asylum saying Quot i was sick and i be gave me a conch i was lamp and be gave me a Crutch 1 was Blind and be play i fri caned my Eye sight i was orphaned and i be mothered my soul i was lost on the take the the Mother of innumerable Sabbath schools bringing millions of children under a Drill to premire them for respectability and usefulness to say nothing of tiie great future. That is christianity. Here is infidelity no prayer on Herlino no icon edition on Iier brow both bands clenched what for to al get christianity. That is tiie entire ims inesm. The com plete Mission of infidelity to al get christianity. Where Are her schools her colleges her asylums of mercy to throw you Down a whole Ream of foolscap Imper that you May All All of it with the names of her Liene fluent institutions the colleges and to asylums to institution a of mercy and of learning founded by infidelity and supported alone by info Dolly pronounced against god and to Christian religion and yet in favor of making to world better. Quot of Quot you say Quot a roam of paper is too much for be name of Throo Mou ruins and be brought me Home Inaa Smuch As to did it to on oof Tholow of these be did it to but i thank god that this plague of la Fidelity will be stayed. May of those who Hoar me now by the holy ghost upon Hoir hearts will coast to to scoffers and will to come disciples and the Day will arrive when All nations will accept the scriptures. Tho ii ook to going to keep right on until the Floreo of the last Day Are kindled. Stoio of Tom will begin on Ohio Side and Sono on Tho other Aid of be old Book. Boy will not and a bundle of Loose manuscripts eat Lycon Sumid like tinder Crown into to Uro. When he fires of Bolak Day no Well Ben i tji Row you a kindled some will Burn on his Sido from quire of paper. Pill Kau no now. Owhi Wai until Yon get All Tho Namos Down. Of Quot you say. Quot a i of Wou Ben i will jus band you a shoo of to or payer. Jus fill up to four Sidoo Whilo to Are talking of his Roa ter we h to names of be merciful in8 i u Lous and to Odula ional institutions founded by info dolby and supported All along by infidelity pro Noi Inose against god and to Chris Una religion be in favor of humanity. Wii Bug Auk Voua Buin Quot of Quot you say Quot a u too much room. To Don t want a whole Sheet of paper to write Down the perhaps i had better ear out one Leaf from my memorandum Book and ask you fill up both Okidoi of it with the lib Mes of such in Stu ions. Quot us Quot you say Quot that would to too much room. I would t wan to much room As Well Hen suppose you noun them on your in Fin Fiers. Quot of Quot you say Quot no Quito so much As Well then count Horn on to fingers of one hand. Quot of Quot 7on by Quot to Don t want Gui e so much room Asha Quot sup Pool Imo Jroud bait and count on Ono Finger to Namo of any inst Tendon founded by inside sky supported Ond roly by info dolby pronounced agans god and to Chris is Moro worst item today than any being. Prown Ceu Agiu us that Ever lived on Eai by keep Joom a a Chr bar Mary. For Aba pure too did Christ perform he first rack upon Earth f to Rrt Loro be Emhart Rasemont of a woman Tebo al to a liar butt of a in Venice. The did Chest break no the silence of the Tomb and liar of the shroud Alarif it waa to Stop he Kowarko aint of be two Bethany Alstom. For Whoso Comfort was Christ most Ana. -7-� a Loos la the boor of dying Mato no Tonel not one is infidelity to poor so Star Relling so mean so a must get of you Merable paper of the nil venal crawl into some rat Bols of Overmi stunt Noti Agnos. In a delay s Anding Oday amid he suffering groaning dying a Lolu and be doing absolutely nothing save trying to impels those who Are toiling until they fall As Ibra of to Aida. A wrinkle f of is sad Tomsa. A woman who la other Days Fla Muty pm Elk genesis Oward revelation and others will bum on tus aide from ror edition Oward genesis and in All heir Way Bey will not find a single chapter or a Anglo Voss ont of pms. That will to the first Tomaws a an afford to do without the Bible. What will to tiie tse of the Book of pm a Sis decori Pulve c Bow the world a at ado. When the Frold la destroys of what will be the use of Boa they a re All what will be to of of the evangel Bitte or Panno dear Letlon of Jesus Christ when we see Bim Faco to Scot what will be be use of his Pho Tomb when we have met Bim in glory what will be the use of the Book of revelation standing As you will with your foot on be Glassy sea and your band on be ringing Harp and your forehead Ebay cited we b eternal Coronation Aniis a be ame Hys Lna and twelve gated glories of heaven f the Emerald dashing lie Green Asp data tbs Beryl and the Beryl dashing in Bino Sgal net tie Sapphire and to Sapphire throwing Ita Light on to a Clatt aad tbs jail Atli dashing in firs against the Chryso Pimilia and you and i standing in Tho glories of ten tii Ourand Aan sets. Oom and bios. A Carpenter in Janway is of in ruins test he won t bang a door or drive a Nall put 00 clean s Oskings every Day in warm and at least every other Day la tool Forslu , us Fml thai on Pinnau Toledo Detomm Wash Biglane bail Pofok Whua Deihla. Now Fork. Jakari Billle via. Irow Oilme aad an Mato North a oal Baad i aad Olfat Uomoto Indianapolis t. Lenl oils so. Perla st. Ftp aad Mlaka Capolli be Okoli. Iowa Kana Zolty. Denver. Donnell bin Fly Somba 4 Saana Aeleen. A Reugh Cooee and Portar can 1� Day Trine and Pella us Palace we Psi be night Traina. All alas make tron go Ai Cincinnati. Samulon aad Lala Apoua. Tron go trek eta and bag Usfo cheeked u Norton allow. Can till it a me. N. Ai. Tim pm. Fin oat Naday. Boveri Tevfik Oak a m. A pm Quot a. To is Stull i i Stei no. Or my Luje led ice ice icel 30cmtiahniriil Coet of Smith to Power la horse tract Len in Lani cities is ten menu per car Ai Ihk the family Boot and shoe Stretcher with Oora and brass Bis my Hora potent. Mea Aro always is to Bohr worst is to my is wow when Lansed of Tasir Ghiasi self Alttius in arest Hes Imir lai Joe Clair if in paring u a apply a a hit eur Tutsi a rim a tour of trial of to up it a a
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