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Connersville Daily News (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Connersville, Indiana Daily news. Vol. 4. No. 257 Connersville. Indiana. Monday april 6.1891. Whole no 1,184. Be sure m a have no a of Yon Tad to Bay a bar Tomt. Soon 8ammu11u to a pm i ill meld a Ewalt a i Kief a not tor Elt he Lilma a twin Wilhm and prep Moa. Cunt or pow no sitar to no other mule. A to Fly Bill a no it la Mir what ill Nam. A a a a who a we Waal Bov pub who and wimm to Taal a to a toll in went to buy Hoe dts a it Odom by a ii Boonai a email their s a mid tost Knitte that jul fill tal Wjk m my Dayi Idila Itne i timid Bot pay Anjer fac Ete. But he Moold Pak reran i told Iriti i Abdir what Hood s . Ihu a gambit was Satt oled did a Drwall tey Tolm. Hood s Wasa i i was b Taat Deal with aad to weak . Looked aad had for som tto it Lite team 1b Eoa sob Tob. Beora Sampai Lulb did my so Mas. Sex a Gonril to Tiara Itaev be a. Sarsaparilla a def Assn mems. Piil Slark Fin Anielly ,. 100 dimm on Dollar waa a Nve Roona Dozis Flea Bead and be Bob. Tito indu Todd Hackma boy to pm to Muxin As a Holster Art. A a to la a right at Ovid he Hool Kohl oltion. Indiana Pouf april 6.--ti� Jublle school at Ovid ind., closed Friday amp get with an old fashioned school Hexhi l Ilion can aiding of aaa Aya Dialogo a and Declar Alkim. The Pio ram started or with a Prarar by tie 1b. Al i Kuiv ter. Followed by an add Emliy Tea Matee. One of the principal Fca tarm of the a Nisi Tain ment waa a five Roand boxing Inaudi Between pie Quot 1 ars of . Advantage of the make it a fight to a finish. Jao Banley a noted Flmer of ind aaa Pous Pete As referee. The two combatant of to the wait. My Foa it five Vico i a Nob Elf roii my in xci left de a Amidy a my. Asmha m. Dak., april the Good Leet to it Eli a in the history of Pembina Coati or Cenite 1 near Bower it Mont yesterday at the fri Deuce of Kobe it Irwin were red far Lett shot mid most id wounded Thomas to Connell and h. Q. Uni and shot Irwin in the Abdomen and an hour later blew Hia Una Inai iia ont. Mcgon Neu waa awol five Timea and by al Isloe. It a pm that and and Thomaa Bartlett knowing that Juc Connell was at Irwin e House want there for the purpose of killing Hin claiming that he Ai oed their Diter under Promise of Marrias a aad then Mazied Mother woman. A a a dlr a d aft in. Martic stalk ind., april sane Nontha ago Sherman Johns n. A work Man in the l Owena a okie a Narry was aet rely in v cd by a e lib in iii he brought sait for was five a judgment Gate Day for is my to com tar if p m a ii imm. Oren spurn. Ind., april 8.�?the exact Center of pop dilution has been located on tie a of la Nyle farm South eat of Lett a Corner forty rods South of the Venter of 8ectio.i Towa 9, Range 9. _ a Serif a poi a Roll a. Dan Iuar ind. Apil 6.�?fillai Wraage and i Lii Beth strange it thia place who were divorced fifteen ago were married again Yete Day. Wall Kii Ulm thu slim i went. Chicago april a. Or Lar neral freight eng no of the weit Ore line and for Many years general Frel Gitt agent of the. Sch Gan Central de at ilk Home at 8.80 last eve ninja. Of la Klippe. Air. I it Rier Hiis been a resident of Chicago for thirty years tii very Welkin in in r. Flroa Dobroka Whaita he waa a Ono �1 favorite. My Tiik 111 it. New Yoni april 6.�?the Herald s a Leichl Ray i directed sir Julian Pauu Cefole s attention a Ridi right to the statement the t the English government Hus him ton port what i it to action a afforded i Ritis a by Recto in the United hates. He replied have received no Suc h communication from my government r. T. B a a a re it no by iii. Brimmer out Conn. Auril 6.�?phiai t. Barium is dangerously in with the a rip. Hid Amity u at the bedside and Vic ton a at allow id to be him. Levee Breaks. A a a a tal Coa slut in a ital owl i in it it a Ltd do my Orch la it iii la a i. . Mla., april 6.-the Large Levae two Miki below i Ong oud m the lib is Ippi t i be about thirty nil a South of Greenville. Bobo about o clock Batu Day night. The it in we was m feet wide at Nam Yeater Day. Al Orta to tie the Endi jul la ugly at once. Moat of the Lowland of Laa Aquena Sonaty a potion of sat Namom Houtho Raahl ton Quot tel to Iio de 1. The levee t a tha Trak waa Altof Tolm a Moty ii we the Maia Jim of the Ixa Arail Italy it fight. The italian Premier merely wanted to formally protest Moaitino a details Rohnl thanks that the trouble iii be sett Hal flatus Mcorlly to not i part Lith Altha Aali to a a iam Tliatha la being Ergad to Qaq Rry a bar a mafia re pc it int Ltd tit a Ali Talun tau Imis Atli Ldla cor f1�b wit i Bullet at a Kew York Stom i Carrjr a Volin Taal a a relm Bulna of tread Tho War depart re Fari new York april 6.�?a special from Rosie to the mail and Exi re Zotea the Marquis i Ridini As saying that he had no intention of pushing any demands and Content with having taken one a Siti e step a a protest again t what he was led to Sieve. At the time was a neglect on the part of the United states government to protect the lives of italian Citi us in America under the provisions of the treaty. He expressed himself As aware Liat to do anything More at this june Tare would to a grave error on his part As he has. Perfect Confidence in the sincerity and notice of the United states government. Finally he Sam Quot i shall now s imply wait for further Deta h of the Kew ort ans of Lenir of the character of thi slain men of the act inn of the. Louisiana authorities and of the intentions of the United i Tate government but whatever these May be 1 am quite Anre i Bat a settlement thoroughly Natis factory to both parties i 1 be found and that the Friendship which i kinds the two nations win remain unalterable and secure Quot. _ the secret out. Bad no said a a to Ergad to t to a name bar m Fufla . New York april dispatch from Rome says that Signor Nicotera the present minister of the i Interior forced the mar inia 14 Rudini into Hia agg Resaire attitude towards Amelca be Ciure he is Cheek by jowl with the Erie Cutie men of such secret societies As the c Zamorra and the it mafia. He Owen his to Itidal poi Ioa by in powerful efforts. Liis is the Man who is n jew pie Daing the King of Italy an i the a Wuria i Rudnai top Voi a with the United states because Ita cor emment does not peremptorily no Azih the Littwena of new Orleans who lynched the Mariana whom the italians would have destroyed in a Sim Lar Way had they Frimd the machinery of the Law not Strong enough to Cope with them. _ Riddle our Flap with bullets. A a a a the Vasib Toff Neiloa of Italy win to. Whom amen Wmk May Olova re re a a. . Y., april dispatch from i a Tevere Falls state that considerable excitement exr to there Over the a number of italians employed in the Guarrie there. The italians in a Stem recently held a Mee iii and adopted resolutions roundly do non ming the of the Citi in of new Orieana aad american Iusti Tutinas in general to emphasize to Weir displeasure with be peo Joeand go rement of the United 0tatee Ibi italians Lio isted an american Flag on a High pole and then riddled it within let. The Narry owners hearing this inhalant la i charged the men. Moat of the Taliana have Ahi a left tha Dace. _ vol Aaraon Boydjr for Dater. Washin took april 6.�?vdnnteen for Vervlee a the army in Case of was Are still coming into the War department acting Secretary Grant saturday received Tell Grams from Alabama Misao uii aad South Dakota to the effect that the Amadew were prep used to bring Large number of Voltmeters to the government Mistron italian Ovd Arad a Tarod. New York april Ute a Mote italian were order d returned to Italy saturday by the Auperin Tonden of in Migrate a. The Pauaea for let arring the men from Landing were that Home had contagious diseases other chronic loathsome disease a and Othera because they had no Money or friends. Broa Vava too 111 so 1>v4v0l. Gabhi Kotowi. April cd Baron fava. Though Soa what better la Atill Quito weak and co aimed to Hie room. It had intended to Aall from new York saturday Bat it a Impo Aible to Tell now How Long he will be detained a a hint in an anarchists funeral Ohma ales it ibo amp Ato mop i Frook m n Taal i. A. Pittsboro april the Andar taking Rooma of h. Samson on sixth Avenue thia City surrounded by evidence of wealth in the it atly 1,000 pc Eolia the Vitse uses of Alai exist Joseph Frick took this place seat Day att Boen. Johann Moat e Vered the Walont aad took advantage of the of Cauin to make an Appeal for Aida wbb attired in a blood redo if Eye Rettof tet Teviat and a waa toned to the coat Lapel it it round the oot of the Bier floated the Folda of a Carmine anarchist Pfaff. The rest beneath the casket were draped with lasting of the same san Rine Hue. Two Lio Oque a of fresh Field wars Lay on the come lid and Over the cola there Knag two red gala and. Jaum Omaar site Thad an a diag i be the i a Ham Bubi aad a great part of . Does it mean War a demand from Russia backed by French approval addressed to other Powers. A protest a Klimt Trio Conlu Fiance of Tho present Foroi of Yovor Zinent in Bulgaria Tho kor Pean Powers Grill Mot Aee Odo to the demand Taroiu other foreign new. London april note from the fios Sian government will be presented to the european Iwwerks to Day protesting against the continuance i f tha present form of Golem my it in Bulgaria and demanding that Roumelia the state m items. Dispatches from various Indiana towns. Effect of one of the Laws. Tie change in the fee for the filing of arts les of iii it a a ration m ill not the state twelve Tiu Sand i it Ollars Anna ally Luik Plant supreme court be re lung the new h Ato Hoard kit joined. Other state Dup Nichas. Indian apus april 0.�?the first month a the passage of the new in relating to the filing of article s of incur pm ration Einred to Day and some is a e of its effects my lie reached. fore the Only fee chirped for into p rations was fit which went to the affairs of which Are now administered from go a. And which is an integral Secretary of state but the new a Ide 11� part of Bulgaria haul separated from i this one tenth of 1 per t ent of the that Princi Mility. Fiance will give her us port to this note but the outlier a Lowers will insist on maintaining the status us. 8um-Luloff proposed to meet the run Iau note by proo aiming a Algaria inde Piid ent but the f in Jim Nowers re u m to a sent to this ste an. In Russia and France shall have 8h it in the r Intel tiiu More clearly Han at preen. A trying t t 8tot of Nia Ltd Infirri Tylnn. Biron april 6.�?it is stated that Tho Gove Ament has sent in to unctions to its minister to Asce Tain what if any o. Protein lion the american govt Ament gives to a evian 6ub�?zeo-t8 resident in the United states. Trio pre Cut Contro Ersy Lethe u and Italy it viewed with no Little at Berlin and the its ibo capital Stock of Tho corporation filing Ani les. The fees due the state and collected durin first month amount to , and the s Creti iry Evitia a Tomt the past Ino the has 1 e n about an average. A it that the Law will bring to tiie Treasury al oat annually. He Enyd that Liere i. U noticeable de scuse i l the amount of the capital Stock mentioned in the articles of is Ocia tion find that the associations which were to Niel for the purple of e is iii Only upon Shiper have ceased altogether. Now 8thlo Lumi to k j n a. Indiana eos. April nit has teen filed in the in Tienor court by the of 8tae l Oard of agriculture to enjoin the new Ixia re Usk Inlet last Friday by tie a tute o ricers. Tom <s8i it a Ofuji form Given to it by the ier inan Pess the p40i erty and exe Chinng the Annc Gene ally. The motive is not As ii Mcki in friendliness to t. E i United tuites As to put a Stop to German emigration which is a steady it itself tic verely Feit in the Lack of labourers fur agriculture. The conservative p it and the Largo land Holder. Generally Are in favor of prohibiting emigration for Allej cent jews As la done in i usaa. The Gudvei Ninet is not prep sired to go Liis far but none the less appreciates the Effe t of Tho Drain upon the indu Ries of Germany. The impression is therefore sought to be created that America is a Lawless country and the scenes 1 be the new Orleans mu8>acre Are of Ordinary occur a Nee. _ Mleh sol Cavitt not p. Pultr w h l in it or. Pokoon april Lern Sal of the is emment to it accept. Ii h al Davitt a4 e Rish represent ave on Tho ii or come ii ion is general approve i Gay both parties in ii land. The o Dua Trade unionists do not con Eal Mieir satisfaction and their Leader. To Louus Mann who proposes him Salt t in site a labor Raer is it a d to be gratified at Tho. of Davitt whom Mann and in his fellow unionists Clai. To regard a a foreigner w the no r get to iii it of it re in the labor into cats of g eat. Retain. Tiki sofa state bord of agriculture. The t us plaint al Egeli that the Board is a private corp. A ration not bub act to control by the that it s Par a a equal by the provisions of its incorporation and cannot therefore be abolish d. Itofe further All gel that the Sard has a or at Dot al of valuable p Operto under itis control and that the new l Oard is seeking t it tal let Charf a of it. Tot i sides t j the controversy claim that they desire a Spe by sett lenient of the questions and no delay will result. Import it Supri Acourt Orel i it a. Indian a t is april 0.�?the a Prenie court decided a Case of considerable interest on saturday. It Illiam Hunck v us elected auditor of Jennin county at the last , but when he applied to a cominis Oion Liis of it Anent set up the fact that Shu k had he d the Tolice of treasurer an Ltd had failed to Settle with the panty. Anu the Luw. Want not e edible to the Ohio of r. The oven or declined to Issue a it oin Missioni and Buck brought Many diuiu4 proceed High and got a in Dement the r lower Fourt. N Appel Wasno. 5105.registered in Wallace s american trotting Reg no. 5x05. The King of Worgan stallions dark mahogany Bay 15 hands foaled Hay 13, 1883 bred by w. H. Wilson Abdallah Park cynt Hlubb by. Sired by a Blum in amp a no. 518, record 2 25 1st dam lady de Jarnette record 2 28, by India Ohlef no. 832, by blood s Black Hawk 2dd dam by let too s War Flem 3rd dam by he inner s Jop sire of the dam of j. A record 2 171. Jubilee de Jarnette for Speed style and Flo lab cannot be surpassed. He has never been in training and Hashio record Bat Baa trotted a full mile in 2 36 while la the stud without any Prapa ratio and wih be Given a record after july lat. Lie is considered the Baa sem est show stallion in the country by those the have seen Blas. His Colts Aire All Large and in color and style resemble blog greatly. Lady de Jernette the dam of Jubilee de Jarnette Staja Ellb out a rival As the greatest show Mare in the world she being barred in most exhibitions throughout the country. She was shown at All the great horse shows East and West and in Abent four Yean look nearly $8,000 in purses As the Best roadster Mare. He has inherited All the style spirit and Beauty of his peer Loia Mother and transmits it to his progeny. Juniore be Jarnette should command the at Tenolan of Intel seat Moe a. He hah More Morgaa blood than any other Bow la vans and not a teb a lie. Style aad Flat Ali that if Jroud do not get a race How you will get a roadster that will always be wast afters Agoo Oprice. He will be allowed to serve a limited number of marcs a Arion the is Assn of in. Ether than my own at$50 for the season payable at Lime of Lee with privilege of Datura in lsr�2,>homld thenard not with 99 Large part with Stab lbs aae of Bleb Quot old Elm farm situated Adio Nina conc Nellle ind., on the Bough in in Blue Glam Well shaded and watered by a Ringo. Is amply aug enables me to care for mares from a distance at reason Sale rates. We have always on hand matched pairs Hungle drive Sand by broken at reasonable prices. Will always buy a Lee horse either Braken or a a Brake. K. J. 8n ukr the gives his entire time to the earn of Tea Stisken the farm. A correspond exec promptly attended to. J. N. Huston , ind. Fat in to to. Iou of s. London Amil 6. An Accident re. Suiting in the death of a Gnu Dierof of sons and the in try of Man Nio e is reported from i rank Matein. . A crowd of were pie e t it a grocery when from some a Ainoi cans.-, an sex. La Rion of Gat o it u de shattering t. E Guildi 1 an i Scutti k iii o to the con ends of the Chopa. Mitru i arsons were killed by tue Shih a or by bursts while nine front others Wei injured. Feo 11� of whom it ii feared will not recover. M it mail �1 a a a Vlf. London april 6.�?tha memorial service for the late to d i be tie d m the Chapel i Oyal on yesterday i a Quot him waa of a very impressive character he a Chat al was crowded with the Moit Dis-1 a a a a a a a a a a a her a Atli with a nov Oiver. Tuen Nult a the in Reu tort decided that the Ove nor a decision waa final aii Ltd thac a mandate Oaid not him. Liis gives the office to is of Puii ent a _ 11� i it la Tipp r e<9 it r Farnio. G , inl., april myer a wac thy Farmer w st 01 ii Ere on a i mine t to inti on so errand Ines May night and Lias not since Bien seen Fetron fears Ai e ent rat it ii Ltd of o 1 Nlay wife who is not ugly Era de with a Rief. Saing Tea her husband bad Over i a 0 j trom the Bank that Day and a e re members seeing several suspicions Cuba rate s loading Aown the Road in front of the Inoue after supper. As soon As myer timed no Misrain a. Search ing a Artiea were sent out. But up to this time Bare snore Euld in finding no Trace to anguished 1 persons All per onal Orienda of the deceased statesman or. Glad Stone Robert and their Famis lies were among the number. Or. Lin it Coin the american minister waa present and seemed much a 4ected. India Naroth april mrs. Emma Hob on of no. To i e Roadway ended her life in a tragic a Watmer Atn Daylight. He been suffering from pen mania. I be inn was Cloa gtd no and the other was aim it g be. He was a poliing and it h id Ueen said by her physician that s e Contd not live an Iione. While the Phi Sickau a Imd attendants were out of the Root a mrs. Hoi hour. Crazed with pain leaped to Oale 8w�> lift or Aomand. London april terrific Gale is sweeping Over pc Jutland. And numerous wreck Sare re hated along the North est a Uruu i a coast. At Peterhead Aberdeen the the floor Sei e 1 a revolver that Hung in who e population a on the Shore a a care at Tho Bend of the bed and shot ing the struggle of the flashing vessels he self Ali rough the heart. Death re to make a Ely for land. Flt dairymen Sirlo. London april a. A the extensive Quarry int Ereita of lice ter hire Are seriously affected by a strike which Haa occurred Ault no the quark men. About men a out. Their Deu Iund for us increase of 10 Usu in wages hav ing been a mite kit re of. Lommis april a a serious Accident is reported in connection with the Relief railway a Ystenic. I ome dynamite sex coded prematurely at kill Ybo Siro it lid and our per. On was killed and several serious y won ded. Lue Huoi Lueil c Hin Liet c of it gtd. Rome april 6.�?the Pope has ordered a Hundred i Hyrc ies in Rouie to to Cica ><1, they i eing nimble to sup ort themselves on account of these due sent tion of their Good by tie govern Keiit. Animal and i it i Etulle life his been found at the greatest Ocuin i leptin and very abundant Down to 3,0uu in Toms. Over since Tiu world Ite Hii Mai kind i iii Lieen engaged a Wear visit u Eliof iii Ali and fancy about the iii heats of the Nir tie Earth and the water. Hull flour on Kos iii Wiite Riik then ten it a till in Over a Elu lies line Ami teat tii iii Well. If Thih ii mgt in not ule Liisu the i Send Littin to a furrier to be treated. At the tattle of i a Imlau in 1113 the what her which had lie ii Slot Reuy and very warm suddenly Clia Wigod. Vast blonds aled the sky and soon a torrent of rain United instant old. Waif years an old cite san Myrd Rel by tramps. Noah in ind., april tiie Community was startle i to lean of the Amtal murder of Alexander Snyder an old titi in. Who was Foini l de gtd in his Bel sunday morning with a Gash in the Side of Hie Bead i to tramps were found shortly after the of the crime with sume Ofa Nirei a things in their a a oases iou and Tofy w it re arrested. 8"spi<ion is her tag a rainout them. 8ny<1�r s wife and rail i Are living in Kew York Bavin deserted him ii account of Domestic Dit Ferem is. A owl Miiller ii it Vireil. Brazil ind. Airi i. Thou my Kerins. Agent for the Ca h it it nights at this a at e one Star ago defraud i the a it it e e y out of Mon an i was placed in jail lie Iroline out on the Vlf to o May a it and made his he Caw. He was Arr ted in i hic ago at Day. And will 1� brought Back us soon an a re Nisi tion can be secured. _ new right a b ton . It , april 6.�?h�mer j. Fall of Johnson county Basl Yeii a jointed chairman o the 1 Rohi Livion Ata e Central to Kucci eel or. Liat Litt Olio has Veen in the i Dion for the past i e years and was relieve to by Recine to. Bla Dorer a in Inlet d to ili ii. , ind., april 0.�?frank Dice the in Dorer of William Chaney at at Kinsville. I Wen county Haa been admitted to Hail la the Naumof into was Aye fat Mariag atthe the special Nate to Brit Ami Lymm al by in Era ibs1i�i% Hope nor built up without practical Lassu Matlob and thought a to Ila in Waale Asar Lesini and Van Tasse. Twenty years of prattle al research at d Elese observe Tea has Pravet the us the Valse of Telb in the treatment Afdal seates and a one More so Baa the Isa Sabaa value of its proper use is ibis died in. We in the various a a a a is Par keel oboe the a Many diseases but especially is Flag Rani Valbe a of the Lum Oti and u stands the Dir by Uta him of Tbell al Illa Aoe the remedy 01 the age. Flee he a Frem 10 a sleek a. As. Stu 4 e sleek a a. Every Teejay at the biome thanaa in a. Sigler. A Quot r. M. Skinner Rev Siciak a Saab of. Also Tesu the eyes free for imperfect vision. And fun rashes glasses when desired. Orrick wll Couar by Robt cum Erieville Indiana. Or. Joan s Maltwood on fourth Lsmst. A Wsul Atun Mon go Van to. The disease of the nose Throat and lungs and a Asalea Tarry. Slap Boneta. Imp it a a Ltd in Ltd a a a it a a Quot a mii Aix a Uli , to f Ali us a a a a brr my it Usu lit us a a in a it Imp own in y ii a a it a a a . A a a it in a a a a a we Linin Ltd Wylmia Irwy Marl it us. Karitko. Tua Jii a log Flimin in ii a a a in urn la it ouf Liimol Ltd Ltd a a Quot rec. To Quot Quot a a mph a a Brinso a a a a a a a a i a a a a a a a a a a a a it a a a a a . Mir him or Mai Lamew Kwh a k. Ailla�.�. . Kaw. Wart fit r. To May i , it he Ritz t car h lit irm a Loralli Krum Ibay a Ai Ilii flinch in h or Cintilia n a to but i taa in ulna Mun Law ularm a or Ramlal h Akut a. Kadler Mai a in Nis. 1 in it Ona a Agar Mai has Cinadr a Aaflie Aud pm a a a Lia a Luis Ultis a Quot a a in fir a it 1. Amia l off. Aumon him a ii Emo. Iio Hii 1ul�<l.>, no a Rui. a Quot in Ray a a l. Wayvo a rare a it or a Iho Zilb. A it Gnu Caay a ill a roti a lira i hot line a hot re a or you a in. I a a a a a a a and a it if Masily or Blair Kami s410 a i Quot. Aivil Mali Chr Ilia. Uit. Tit. A allure Yukii Irmi in Mas Ibrom. New anti a it Hiilis fail. I Ari Ralar taa. A a wimp a a a Ruata Malm i�a4>iv. Alias a a a a a Kos a Yakow id Mai i . Can a a re in mar Lima r All Chr Ilia. Iii Aiu aay he work group who Plag cough and Brol Ehlts mine lately relieved by 8b Loh i our. For Mia at Centra dharma eur that hacking cough eat a to quickly cured i y by lob t cart we Guy ran the it. Fur Sale at Mac it Trai Pabaru Ivy. Bill of s cough and Constam Poloi cure is told by Ai of a Guara Atac. It cures for mini Coa Lral a Bynumjr
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