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Connellsville Daily Courier Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1966, Page 1

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Connellsville Daily Courier (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Connellsville, PennsylvaniaLast edition seven cents vol 44, no. 268 Cornil Viuf pa., South Connul Villi pa., Scottdale pa., it. Pleasant a. Monday evening september 26, 1966. Twenty four pages Toff rises five Tother forecast unwed five Day forecast for West Ern Pennsylvania tempera Tures will average 3 to 6 de Grees below Normal. Daily nor Mals Are High 68 to 71 and Low 48 to so. A Little warmer wednesday. Cooler later in the week. Scattered showers occur ring mainly in mid week will editors newspaper influence outlined by United at least 21 persons died in one Inch or More weekend traffic accidents on Pennsylvania roads a Survey by United press International showed. The fatalities Hom dalt Michael Fritz of Honesdale died sunday night in Wayne county memorial hos Pital of injuries sustained sat urday night when an Auto in v hich he was Riding struck four Trees near Honesdale. Quaker town Barbara Dwyer 34, Bethlehem was killed and four other persons were injured seriously sunday in a Bedford Springs a. Four ear collision on route 313. Can Wield Allentown Herbert Lauden an influence to help citizen s Ager about 35. Was killed to citation and interest in a Corn sunday in a two car crash at Unity s Public affairs and nearby Fogelsville. Problems Pennsylvania s new-1 Philadelphia Michael Zerga est state official said during i ski 9, was injured fatally Sun the weekend. Dav when a car ran out of con Joseph m. Barr former May i tool and pinned him against a or of Oil City who is the Doski. 42, of Falls Creek Jef affairs made the comment sat Ferson county was killed Sun urday in addressing a workshop Day in a two car collision on session of United press internal route 950. About two Miles West tonal editors of Pennsylvania of Falls Creek. Piep Darby mrs. Frances Ledbet he said the department de Ter. 28, of Philadelphia was be Oded from the experience of killed in a one car crash Satur businessmen who realize their communities do not have the Jeannette Carl g Hunter. Proper too s and financial re 27. Of Herminie. Was killed sat sources to solve their prob urday when his car went out of control and struck a sign pole. Through this department we be Arvette David Sharp 28. Have a mechanism by which we of Irwim. Was killed saturday in can Wade into a a motorcycle car crash on route Barr said very important 30 in North Huntingdon twp. Function of thai department will Sharon Garv Bochert 18 be to control the federa in. Months and his sister Lynn Pant on the ocal scene and Ann. Two weeks were killed make Corr unities economical instantly saturday when a car by sound operated by their Mother mrs. The general Assembly set up Asenath Bochert 24, of Sharon the new Agency to coordinate struck a tree. Tate programs for housing. City police get riot equipment played above in the office of chief of police Paul e. Sandusky. Patrolman Ronald Parfitt Center wears one of the new Type riot helmets with Interior protective padding and heavy Clear plastic face guard. Mavor j. Harold Dull left holds one of the peacemaker tear Gas bombs that can shoot a Stream of Gas 15 feet and can be carried in a leather Case attached to the policeman s Belt. 200 communists killed by allies in Viet Nam War by Bryce Miller lieu. They killed 156 Viet Cong in the South . Pilots United Pratt International and captured 63 battered tw0 enemy companies Saigon up ii and . Marines supported by they caught in the open and Allied forces battled comm b52 raids in the demilitarized also helped beat off an attack lists from the flood ravaged zone swept along the Northern against marines just South of Mekong Delta to the Northern Frontier in operations aimed at the demilitarized zone a frontiers in a series of clashes spoiling communist plans for a military spokesman said that left 209 enemy dead and massive offensive in South Viet trapped 161 captured officials said Nam s Northern provinces. Swift striking South Vietnam today. Killed Mese rangers hit the Viet Cong South vietnamese troops they killed 58 North Vietnam m Delta areas they Long had claimed one of their biggest Mese regulars in a biter dominated and then trapped a victories of the War in weekend seven hour fight sunday. Band of guerrillas on the Battles against guerrilla forces and in the Central Highlands fringes of the u Minh Forest. In the Southern Rice bowl South korean infantrymen took the i i prisoners taken were provinces of an Xuyen and Bac on a Large guerrilla Force near believed to have been fresh cat and k de 11 recant for the Viet Cong a and captured 98, sending the Minh battalion that was toll in their four Day o d decimated in action last sum operation fierce Tiger to 140 Mer in fighting around the killed and 161 captured. Forest. The stepped up ground action near Ca Mau. Ifi4 Mips came As . Pilots hit North Southwest of Saigon two Viet Nam sunday with 127 platoons of South vietnamese missions pounding transport troops surprised a guerrilla Tion and storage facilities in the harassment unit and killed 38 Panhandle and in the communists in a 10-minute Hanoi and Haiphong areas. Fight. An air Force f105 Thun in their raids against the kerchief was shot Down during North. . Pilots concentrated the sunday raids the 386th . On communist surface to air plane downed Over the missile Sites. Particular its Pilot was listed As missing by those around the sky of Thanh Koa which officers on War fronts tax raise due after elections by Robert j. Taylor United press International Washington Uip pres ferr 300 dead hit Japan at right chief Sandusky holds one of the j went Johnson s top economic new fluorescent vests to be worn by patrol advisers again Are talking about a tax the november elections help fight the War in Viet Nam and the War against inflation. Treasury Secretary Henry h. Man while directing a heavy flow of traffic. The equipment also includes Over sized night one of which is held by Parfitt. 132-Yeor-old a Dies before he weds girl 21 described As one of the toughest targets in North Viet i tired even before walk in space astronaut says third year Caracas London Ltd Russia was reported today to have More than doubled communist up Farmer j North., Viet Nam s air Force of supersonic fighters. In Var Falls Thomas Man mass transportation Povesh. Tel 1 411 Moo 14 v we b tire and James h Helmick Urban development and pro j both of Greensboro a. 70-, Conser. By Kim Willenson up its space Center Houston i up Richard f. Gordon said today he was tired out before he even started his walk in space during the flight of gemini 11 earlier this month the 36-year-old astronaut told a news conference that he had poverty War to Cost billion Fowler in fact went so far As i Jesus Range died Friday in to say sunday that a general Eastern venezuelan state of More planes will be i tax increase is certainly he claimed to be 132 made available to Hanoi As within the realm of years Oid and was engaged to soon As there Are North if the administration is to be married continue its As you go poli Rangel said to be the oldest diplomatic reports said. Vietnamese pilots to Fly them by on the War s costs Man in Venezuela first mar at the same time. Commerce ried at the age of 80 and Secretary John t. Connor j became the father of five reiterated in a up interview children that he favors both corporate for Many years he was a and personal income tax widower then he met a 21 and Stem inflation. Washington he said he also Bulky space months of Del and backstage part of one bickering the Hou t i a i i Vii we Hail a w Alf i 1 a j 11 j 41_ a had to be Cut Short after he Man of the education and of. Decision must await spent an exhausting 30 minutes labor committee which draft of a new evening on killed Friday night in a two Vincent Aret touching off massive in space and was half blinded de the Bill. And stration review t War a but latest reports said the car crash on route 30. Trini Edkor of the Latrobe bul. Mudslides overturning ships his own sweat. But House leaders apparently Hueh m Barclay. Director of russians lately have been Canonsburg William Powell. Jeff a pending Money Bills and an adults i work w Hugh m. Barclay director of Russia. Mig fighters and antiaircraft rockets Are among the key soviet supplies to the communists while red China is understood to be helping with Small arms and Road building and construction work. North Viet Xam s air Force was reported last week by the Institute for strategic studios to have a total strength of 3.500 men with eight Ilyushin 28 Light bombers. 56 mig15 and mig17 Jet fighters and 15 mig21 supersonic jets. These for figures were based on information received earlier this 26, Washington coun Ted Gress Tokyo Bay and even washing a gemini n planned this was the tract the Favette Campus of the stepping up their Supply of president Small resort out i command Pilot Charles 22.2? because of the by. Was injured fatally saturday and editor of the Ida was the worst of the two Conrad got All ready for the Bill Over to Powell s personal i the demand from american air offensive on when his car failed to negotiate n presided and hit in the Tokyo area near space walk nearly an orbit management. It was canc resides of the area two vietnamese targets in a curve on route 980. At the 1967 fall across the southernmost Island before the flight plan called for three month delay in _ getting j generally fair Cool tomorrow j of Toh ill i 1111, i 1011 Vul Usu Mlak f 1_ l mount Pocono mrs Alieda workshop win by had at the of Kyushu inundating Homes it. The Bill to the floor that Hardy. 55. Of Cresco was killed Bedford Springs hotel Here under tons of mud. We had a big discussion on spark the last week s revolt i thousands were left homeless whether to go ahead one within his committee. And damage was in the millions revolution Early or stay on the to provide some additional of dollars p an and we decided to fuel for the volatile situation. military officials said stay on the flight plan 1 he Powell has called for the the storm had done from s3 to said. Resignation of Antipoverty s5 million damage at the . Then. Gordon said when he director Sargent saturday when her car was Side swiped by a second Auto and went out of control. North East Helen m spen cer 59, of Buffalo n. Y was killed saturday in a one car crash on route 89 Bradford Raymond c. Hig so close to the election on courses Are being offered in a near Hanoi. 8." declined speculation the sic Barclay said that these Are vietnamese mig2 Force More than doubled so to Shower by United International naval air station 20 made his Way up to the nose of grounds he had been Overly generally fair and Cool West of the linked up gemini 11 space partisan to his Powell s1 pins. 25. Of Bradford Mckean or moved into Pennsylvania to about in damage to Craft and its Agena Docking enemies during the committee county was killed saturday in Day and will remain at least Nomes and Otner facilities was vehicle he could not lock his a three car collision on route through tuesday. High temper rep0rted at Camp Zama and feet Between them As he had the House was expected to 219. Natures both Days will be in the another at the Sagami planned. Debate the Bill most of the Hillsdale Jack d. Schultz go s. Depot both near Tokyo. As a result he had to hold on before in finishes the of Mahaffey. Was killed sat some partly Cloudy conditions Yamanashi prefecture to the with one hand while he was Senate May be working on its urday when a car in which he will occur in parts of Western West of Tokyo bore the Brunt of pulling out a 100-foot rope to own vision which would raise was Riding hit a Fence along sections of the state today. I Ida a assault. Police said 82 attach Between the vehicles i route 285. Clear tonight with lows rang persons were confirmed dead in Richard c. Robson. Ing from the 30 a with some the prefecture state and 94 a i 22. New Florence r. D. 1, was 40 s. Killed saturday when his car went out of control on a legislative route. Lancaster Edward Kranch. R5, Lancaster was killed Satur Day when a car in which he a s Riding struck a tree. Of City flames loss others were missing. Most of the deaths were caused by landslides. Rain loosened Rock and mud plummeted Down the Side of mount Fuji in the prefecture. Four babies born at City Hospital sex the beginning courses required Gardner Ackley for engineers and that any adult s Council of can enrol in one or both Cours in advisers declined to is Jyh tire Aoda Rentle no on the Issue of a tax engineering graphics 10 will of Russ a no to 7-sn Wincn has been Supply my the . In j i a to engineering Model in considerable numbers 10 d m on to Algeria and Syria Arnopp others stay vigor monday and thursday evenings unless there was beginning oct 3 considered a Iahlo termination of the engineering graphics 10 is a russians would beginning drawing course which p Anes in combat that would be met by Quick stresses the fundamentals of a of Asch government action to head off drawing As related to Industry. Arp the Antipoverty Ante for 1966-67, recession. Ackley Industrial engineering 805 be to s2.5 billion. Differences sad and a tax deals with fundamental Princi of the p Ane Between whatever Bills Are or increase spending on pies of factory organization approved would have to be on and other those adults interested in in worked out in a House Senate rolling should Register saturday conference the authorization1 Ine War in t necessary for oct 1, Between y am. And 1m noon. Sources said sail four boys Oil City a. Up a Kofflin g a East so two were born at con general alarm fire of Undener two villages. Some 50 others Nells Vule state general Hospi mined origin sunday destroyed were missing. Reports said the to Are Belpre Ohio up ver a two Story Brick building which slides crushed 34 of the 40 so to. Or and mrs. Joseph non haves. 61, of Bedford pa., housed the Hasson Heights houses in one Village and 20 of ale Santono 123 South ninth was killed sunday when his Alley and the River the 9 6in the other. St2 saturday was struck by an eastbound Side supermarket. One hotel was washed away Bill must be passed before the he said funds for the program Cai be and provided in an appropriation. Vanderbilt girl struck by Auto Baltimore Ohio freight train Here. Hayes was alone in the car. J injuries. Railroad fire officials estimated dam Page at there were no Wooster Ohio up mrs. Margaret Oles Weinberg Hurt in Duquesne. George Kury 27, of Mason ,38. Of Broadhead Manor a sub town was treated at Union Urb of Pittsburgh was killed town Hospital sunday morning sunday when she was struck by for injuries suffered in an Auto an automobile on route 3, about 11 Miles South of Here. Mrs. Weinberg s companion. Carol Jones of Pittsburgh was struck by another Auto Mobil and was in critical condition at Wooster Community Hospital. Mrs. Had been visit ing friends in Ohio. Mercury at u new York up the lowest temperature reported this morning to the . Weather Bureau excluding . A and Hawaii we 25 degrees at Hibbing Minn and Stevens Point. Wis. Mobile Accident in Duquesne. To or and mrs Agnes Giles 6, daughter of and seven others were a Frank Rosenberry Normalville Samuel Giles of Vanderbill. Is Maged in a resort area of Star to Sitf. . Sunday. In fair condition in Connelly Lon Northern Shizuoka prefecture son to or and mrs. Donald Ville state general Hospital t concern when a River overflowed us King Ohiopyle . Sun wit1 a head injury suffered four concerts fire company _ n for at Flatwoods to be offered asks charter first on nov. 2 teacher placed on murder trial at Clearfield Connellsville com Clearfield a up High school teacher Jon e. Vount 26, father of two Chil cute county court of common Eia Bue pleas for a charter. Announce a mathematics teach Banks event a of four con As been made thai the police said More than 600 daughter to or. And mrs. Parked cars into the path of an d houses were destroyed or Thomas Armstrong 108 Pine other car. She was taken to the damaged by the rampaging st., South Connellsville Hospital by South Connellsville storms and about 14.000 others today. Were partially flooded i Seres o our con when she ran Between two jets this is mrs i urd formal will be made a accused of raping stabber l or Al Dubois High school. And today s chuckle i the kind of mend you Eon depend on of Obi when no need you. European tourists firemen s ambulance and admitted at . Sunday. Carl Martin 48, of 505 South president announced at 10 monday oct 3 Arti ram to officers and i Clos of incorporation have Al Ine ready been filed in the office of the Fayette county Protono last. Ai 28 the girl shortly off a school bus Horn evening in Aaron company. The series will be As follows Warfield baritone nov. Chamber atmosphere in Salzburg great for courier party by James m. Driscoll editor the Dally cd Waltr Salzburg Austria with the daily courier s eighth Goodwill tour monday sept. 19. We arrived Here at . Aim everyone is delighted. With tourists plus several thousands More attend ing we did t get an application for reservations in until there were no rooms with Bath. But when they put on a charge of for using the Bathtub it this hotel the fitter is a Memed More than unreason Palace compared to what a Tjipto. That plus us Price in had in Vienna. The whole it rtt Bere u different. True Vienna ii presently crowded the Uto Rei provoked comment by Henry Gordon it continued on Page u Hospital patients admitted to Connellsville Arch St who suffered multiple state general Hospital were fractures in a fall from a roof let january Domer Nedrow of Melcroft Syl is in fair condition. He was la t Al Rah i anal Vester Heater of West Side to Ken to the Hospital at 10-35 c1 Witt of 214 East saturday by Sou i Connellsville ave., Carl Martin of ambulance. De two rift i 506 South Arch st., James tres Guy Deluca 38, of Connelly p to first ser of 15-c Greenwood Heights Ville r. D. 2, was treated at mrs. Lola Brooks of Normal . Sunday for a lower Ville Frank Weimar of feb lip laceration suffered in a one North Manor Elsie Balda of car Accident on route 119. 307 South Jefferson st., mrs tary Edward Brady. Dairy Farmers to hear Shapp saturday night Betty Sidow of 408 South ele Venth st., Agnes Giles of Vanderbilt mrs. Ruby Lemming of Connellsville r. D. I Paul Vargo of 424 North Pittsburg st., mrs. Nellie Thome of Daw son mrs. Kathleen Lane of 1211 ride blvd., mrs. Mary whip key of Connellsville r. D. 2, mrs. Mercedes oppt Nan of 1007 Franklin ave. And Charles Murphy of Dunbar. killed. Benton a. Up Wil Liam Miller 46, Benton was killed sunday when his Gyro copter a Small helicopter Type Craft crashed at Benton air Park in this Columbia county Community. Miller was flying at about Loo feet when his Craft plunged to the ground. State police were investigating to de Termine the cause. The selection of a in the i courtroom of Clearfield county judge John a. Cherry began at i Al a panel of 150 prospective Inross had been called. Cherry Laid Down Chrict rules for coverage of the trial by news Media. To he barred All picture taking Milton j. Shapp democratic anywhere in the courthouse Dur Nonnee for governor the trial expected to list speak saturday night at twin two weeks. Coaches on route 51 Smithton. The United Dairy Farmers of Western Pennsyl Vania will hold its annual Din Ner at o clock. The weather club will meet on tuesday to plan program the comas club will meet in the comas club rooms at . Tuesday. Lunch will oohs a admitted to Union-1 Western Pennsylvania be served. A report will be give town Hospital for treatment of fair and Cool tonight Low 33 locally cooler tuesday cyclist Hurt. By Cloudy and Cool High 5m6 is James Mccurdy 19, of Cora the noon weather of rect for in on this past summer s activities. Plans will be discussed for this fill and Winter s activities. Multiple injuries after a motor Cycle he was driving slammed into the Side of a car of route 21 near Reven Friday. Tempt Ratut it Terri 1m4 maximum 72 m minimum 3d 42 u u

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