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Condobolin Lachlander And Condobolin And Western Districts Recorder Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 1

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Condobolin Lachlander and Condobolin and Western Districts Recorder (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Condobolin, New South Wales Patches. " eggshells consist of Carbonate of Lime or Chalk. Commencing from May 1st the 7.5b . Scowra Orange mail irom Sydney was discontinued. However this win no t affect stations West of Orange. Or. T. Mccarthy senior Ento Hiohio Gist in the hop Arment of agriculture left by the Monterey on Friday to. Investigate abroad methods of con trolling Grasshopper swarms. Father every time you re naughty. I get a Grey hair. Harold. You must have been a terror. Look at grand father King Faisal ii., of Irak is four years old next month. His father. King Ghazi was killed in a car crash on april 4, near Bagdad. A tentative financial statement presented at the monthly meeting of the committee of the Armidale and new to i i j to a am j xxx " a Conn Wainn a Milgi club it. Jux. Usu 11. Estimated the profit on this year s show at �230. There Are 10,000,000 families in great Britain and Northern Ireland last year the Gross earnings were �2,530000,000. The average Nett income was �250 per family. The prize Money for the Young show last year amounted to �840 13s. 6d. It has been exceeded this year by �5/8, the amount being �846/1/6. Rve cited Fater Quick. Tell me is it a boy nurse Well the one in the Middle is. If someone left you a million Dol Lars what would you do hire six Good lawyers and try to get it gashed by a Bull Peter Allen aged three was found by his parents with a dog standing Over him and Licking his wounds. Gardening by the stars and Moon was expounded at the astrologers convention at Harrogate England last week by mrs. Ada Parkes of Epsom Surrey. The Duchess of Kent always shows a preference for feathered hats and in this Case the tiny tip tilted hat is just an excuse for the feathery mount. J the lavish use of fur on her Cut away coat will be of interest to to j men whore planning thei ensembles. A " narrow roads usually Lead to the dangerous practice of driving l too closely behind the car in front. But few Stop to consider the what might happen aspect. It is announced that the Home office has placed an order with Den Nis bros., of Guildford London eng land for 1850 fire engines. The total value of the order exceed �400,000. A a wheat growers will be particularly interested in the statement by the prime minister or. Menzies that there must b a fair Deal for wheat growers As Well As for. Manufacturers of Irvn sri Stofil 9 m j or. Sol Green the Well known race horse owner who annually makes a contribution for the Purchase of blankets for poor Melbourne families has increased his donation this year to �1000. It will be spent by the state1 Relief committee. J i for the Quarter ending March last j 20 building application of a value �8873, were issued by Forbes municipal Council. This has been fur ther increased. During april to 34 applications with a value exceeding �15,000. Consideration of latest trends in the British army would be Given in deciding on intended changes in the Battle uniform of the australian army says the minister for defence or. Street. Allowance would be made for the australian climate he added. M Lismore Council has decided that it will be an offence for a person to keep More than two greyhounds on his premises and to exercise the animal on the footpaths within the municipality. The Council also decided that greyhounds shall not be kept within 30 feet of a House Church or workshop or any place where food is prepared or stored. In Paris a few years ago a wealthy woman was often noticed walking Down the Street or into the lobby of an exclusive hotel. There was Noth ing Beautiful about her face nor her figure. Nor was she famous for anything her husband had done. She just happened to be wearing a Chin Chilla coat. In other words she car ried on her shoulders the equivalent of 15,000 English sovereigns a �15,000 for a coat. ? is ii Lvi h g h Eil g y 1 1, a i la f government tests prove \ / Light of the age kerosene j 1 \ Burns brighter no smoke no Smej i. 6b====3sa3ss8b3s a our kerosene each a Well known in Brand were tested in lamps by the a . Department of Public works. Illel Oliree of them had to be extinguished when the smoke began to pour from their chimneys. But the fourth Lull Fil lamp containing Texaco Light of the lamp a had to be sex age kerosene still burned brightly 55 languished at 215 hours. Hours after the others had been put out. I there s the proof you loan next time get Light of the age a the oldest and most respected kerosene on the australian Market 811 lamp Chad to be sex i to anguished at 263 hours. After 318 i hours of test iij.249 for cooking lion tiny / o and heating. Light of the Ace k s ire so n g local agents Thomas Watson Ltd. Universal providers phone. R Condobolin & Burcher in 11 Imiri Niimi 1 inn i for men i i Many men have the impression that a sayings Bank account is suitable Only for women and children and that it is neither convenient nor dignified enough for business men. Certainly those business men who. Have Many payments to make Over a considerable area need Cheque accounts but even those in common with All other men will find the savings account a most useful and convenient Aid to Money accumulation. I there is nothing undignified in the transaction of savings Bank business but there is interest profit to be earned on such monies As i would otherwise lie Idle. Throughout Australia there Are branches and Post office agencies of the Mas Bank d bust Raim guaranteed by the Commonwealth government. To i of second thoughts. By Berta Ruck. I already iary had thrashed on. The 1 he ice up Over the. Tei Eph a of a Man s so Long of a girl s crushingly a a 1she had told him of e Al had got that evening 1. P in Piccadilly and 1 Tiad been relayed to h. Ii a belief perforce thai. Been play ing a not too. Practical joke on her. Las. I ,. Had mentioned so casual in. A u i taking the lady in the on o. The society Blindb. L -. Yes reported to been wickedly. H. at the tone by Nad pronounced. A or Jit he had uttered no word of the lovers raillery beseech men a d 0 on thru crowded to his 4 Vin hive he looked at Rose i a o Ien wait ing for the of in. Arrows. Now ithe r packed safely into to orc the inn to rest until s i. Lucks a come he brought Rose Mary " Row Een rav Ine smell. And. Wet Moss musical phey had it to then Allied " her As a begin a Aew what he had in his i can Randy attire s right firs. 1 Iress handed it Over r r and what s h. My Uejio Traat thing you mean. Of. I asked him if it had 1. A. Opened in his pres ence " incredible. 00 As on. You Haven t opened it " not Dick Felt its Long bulk in the pocket of his shorts As he least on the rails. He looked Side ways at Rose Mary. Old Burrows said it need t necessarily be in his presence. So i brought it out to open ? no. For you to open for me me , please. It i m not mistaken this will be an almighty telling off from the old Man because i Haven t car ried out his last wishes. He will have expressed this disappointment and disapproval and a we lit would t be a pleasant sort of thing to take on Board the boat to Kenya a a sweeten ened. If i May i la take from your hands Rose he looked at her hands that had Al ways pleased him shapely slim deft Well bred hands that matched her face adorable face said Dick silently. I suppose every Man in love finds a particular adjective crop up for the girl she always makes me think adorable " he Drew out and put into her hand that Long thicken veloce address Din a neat old gentle Manly spidery handwriting. To the Hon. Richard Rose Mary turned her Buhek to the water As though she were afraid she might drop this letter into the Pool below the Little think its rather touching and Nipo if Vou a Veronf to a " " v i. Juu l a or Ait my Lvi us Laud she looked at the envelope but made no movement to open it. On second thoughts though had t you better open it for yourself it May not be a Tell off. It May mean Dick that you come into a Fortune after j open and find out won t you.?" i Rose Mary looked at the envelope j she said nothing and that pause in i the talk was filled up by the water s j soft deep toned monologue. Then she lifted her glance. Her eyes met and were locked in his. Rose Mary gave j no sign that her whole being trembled just As those ferns Down there were shaken from tip to Root by the near Ness of oncoming ceaseless Force. Through that song of the Waters there passes All unspoken messages from Man to girl from girl to Man. Rose Mary my adorable Darling. Girl i be just ached Tor. If there s a Fortune in that envelope i m going to ask you to accept it and me and everything i have or am a " Dick Are you one of these swe .1 old fashioned he men who cant bring themselves to propose to the girl unless they re backed by a solid steady heavily substantial income you must t be dragged into marrying a pauper. But if my Rich old Grandfather Hast made me forfeit everything. I shall beg you. To have not too Good a proposal like that. What you prefer a pig in a poke you d take a Hundred and fifty a year and whatever Chance there d be of making Good in Kenya?." ill take you getting this truth a Little late but getting it Dick realized in Pride and Joy. She Means me to speak first. She d take the Chance of being Well off at Home or hard up in Kenya. But it s got to be put up to her now be Fotofi of Lis has a not inn rho e in that the whole of this dialogue of course had happened in silence Only the Waterfall softly roared and Rush ed., said a Bell. Dick took the envelope Back out of this love s hand a t a a Rose Mary he now said aloud. It can t be any news to you that i m quite crazily yours and that there s no in anything for me unless i be a Chance of keeping you always with me so Darling whatever turns out to be in the letter whether it s a million a whether it s the tradition Al off cutting bobs a or or whether it s three and six Pence whichever it is sweetheart will you take it and me with it seeing you put it that Way i will promised Rose Mary speaking lightly but the ferns under the Spray were less tremulous than her rapidly heating heart. She took the envelope warm from her Lover s hand he moved Forward caught her in his arms & took the Promise warm from her lips. A. My dear grandson began the let ter in an old Man s neat spidery hand writing. ". To be Frank with you i scarcely thought that you would carry out those conditions. I was aware that for a Young Man of your appearance and manner it would be harder to get a Job of the kind specified than it is for the Man who is brought up to that kind of work. In setting the conditions i made them difficult because i trusted that you my grandson will now recognise How Many and complicated Are the difficulties which remain to the lot of those who Are less fortunately situated. Always i have been interested in these questions and often i have found myself deprecating the. Atti tude towards wording people of the other Side of the family. It was for this reason that i abstained from letting my Money improve the Glan Dulas estate. The glandular and por Tullis families have pcs it is to live in luxury though not to my mind anything that justifies what i consider a certain arrogance in those families. I am confident that your experiences among the world s toilers will have weeded you of this. In the enclosed will you will find what i consider a fairer apportioning of the wealth it has been my Luck to pos j sess. I leave you my dear grandson my affectionate Best wishes a from your Grandfather Jno. Taplow Martin. And the will was drawn up by an i other firm of lawyers and began by declaring All previous wills to be null and void. So that you just get affection and advice Rose Mary said happily. Enough Dick s Arm around her As he read was crushing her Cheek against f his peasant shirted shoulder. No you wait listen there s More Dick was Reading on. The dear old boy. Seems to have left three quarters of his Money a that is the two Hun Dreda week which so impressed All our friends a to a new club for Lon Don s unemployed. So that will Benefit to the extent of one Hundred and fifty a week. And listen Rose Mary the Post of manager of this club i should like to have offered to my grandson Richard Berrys. Should he accept the Post he i to be put in Possession of an income of two thou Sand six. Hundred a year. But so that no pressure need be put to Bear up on him he is to receive this Money whether or no he chooses to accept the responsibility you la accept won t you Rose Mary said at the very moment that Dick announced. I shall of course accept accepting is the order of the Day. To Day int it Darling that slender Bridge that spanned an abyss As a human attachment spans the gulfs of Fate and time and space was the Pedestal for the two shapely figures that stood clasped silent in rapture. And behind them the falling Waters were White and Lacy As a Bride s veil. Later As they strolled Home be tween the lights of the stars Aboye and of the glow Worms below Dick exulted it la All be such grand fun Rose Mary. All such undeserved Luck too. Being Able to do things for All the Ernie. Ama aids and yet to a give you a Good time i wonder what your people girl he broke off you re not listening to what i say ? i was listening to your voice boy. I was just hearing it As i first heard it in that Lane. Can i be of any assistance. To Tell you the truth i liked it and not now i m just telling you i thought Hes All right he s Nice later on when i thought you had been double crossing All of us i made up my mind that nothing about you rang and now having ranged through the entire Gamut of Shock disillusion ment and estrangement May i Hope that. You Are Back where you started you May and i am Are you not said Dick in quite the same Way. On second thoughts i just thought that you were a darned at Tractive Young woman that it was just the Normal usual attraction an girl who looked like you would have for any average Man in Possession of All his faculties. A on second thoughts you Don t Al Low me even that but she laughed. She needed no other answer from the Man whose Armen circled her like a Strong Girdle As they moved slowly towards Home. Both of them knew Well enough that it had been on second thoughts love. The end the characters in this Story Are entirely imaginary. No reference is intended to any living persons or to any Public or private company. Reenzo the Best cough remedy Money can buy. Cost 2/-. A saves a s to make one pint of the Best remedy Money can buy for Chest nose and Throat ailments add a 2/ bottle of concentrated Reenzo to Sweenten water. For Quick Relief from coughs colds croup bronchitis and flu take Reenzo internally. For Clearing up Catarrh and colds in head use Reenzo As a nasal Antiseptic. To gain instant Relief from sore throats gargle with Reenzo. Reenzo is easy to make and Nice to take. Try Reenzo it s Good and Baves you Money. Coming shows. Con ambled May 16 and 17. Peak Hill a july 25 and 26. Bullamore a August 2. Trundle a August 8 and 9. Bogan Gate August 12. Condobolin a August 15 and 16. Patches. At the new town police court Ern est Hepple 35was fined �2 for hav ing stolen roses valued at 5/-, the i property of the Merrickville Council. I i. One of the briefest town names on record is j c. Western q old. It is named after old John fuss Triin Tho Well known Pioneer of the Middle West. J t Glass bottles to the number of 15,0l 0 Are collected every year from Parks and open spaces controlled by the London county Council. Wife i think youre perfectly Ridi Culous to go out in that old suit. 1 dress Well. Why Don t you husband. That a the reason. 9. Pretty nurse every time i take the patient s pulse it beats faster. What should i do doctor. Era try a a Blind folding him. / " to Vlic Hoan n n a. .1 i i vein Yuitsu int Mere has been in the Region of 6,000 Mil lion feet of insulated wires and cables used in the. World s 43 million cars and trucks an average of about 143 feet to each automobile. R first child my dad s buying an Oldsmobile. Second child that s no Tihin my dad s buying a double Decker several cases of mushroom Poison. Ing have recently been reported from the coastal districts of . Brawn where Are you Rushing to Jones. Tothe doctor. I Don t like th6 look of my wife Brown i la come with you. I hate the sight of mine. To tempt an invalid s appetite these must be carefully prepared and attractively served. Always use your dainties China and gayest tray cloth and Don t forget to Lay a single fresh Flower on top of the folded table Napkin. M father Aren t you glad now that you prayed for a baby sister Junior regarding the twins yes dad and Aren t you glad _ i stopped praying when i did. Get rid of your regrets. You Are what you Are on account of what you have experienced. And rightly under stood and accepted ail experience. Abd the bitter ones Best of All. I feel sorry for. Souls who have not suffered. A anon. Chemist calling into living Roo where his corpulent wife was sitting Don t come into the shop just now Maria. I am just going to sell six bottles of my famous slimming to tion.". An epidemic of influenza is j a. Ing in new zealand and Large num. Hers of the police Force Are affected. As a result the authorities have Pur chased 600q_ bottles of quinine Tab lets. Many factories. Offices shops and government departments Are Al most denuded of employees As a re sult of the outbreak. Two men were waiting to pay their income tax at London Ontario can Ada. When the first reached the win Dow of the office he handed the clerk 4,000,000 dollars �800,000 a believed to be the largest payment of the year. The second Man reached in his pocket and pulled out his income tax a a Nickel about 2d. A or. J. R. Robertson of Deloraine tas has initiated a Public Appeal for subscriptions to be used As a memorial to the late prime minister or. J. A. Lyons. It is proposed that the Appeal be confined to Tasmania and that the memorial take some educational form such As the establishment of a bursary in each of the High schools of the state. _ it was recently decided in England that the proprietor of an hotel was legally responsible for the loss of theft of any motor vehicle left in the ear Park of his hotel. In a Legal action brought by a Motorist whose car was stolen from an innkeeper s car Para the Motorist was awarded dam Ages against the licence of the hotel this decision was Given judge sir Gerald Hurst k.c., has wide implications and one which no doubt will be noted by hotel keepers in this country who provide parking facilities adjoining their premises. To our subscribers will those who do not get their t Lach Landers regularly please complain at this office. We will be pleased to Supply the lost ones and inquire into the cause of any irregularity. Some addresses have had to be changed to meet in out going malls since the. y a
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