Comic Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Wed, Sep 18, 1963.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, September 18, 1963

Pfeiler questions court decisionoutlawing school segregationBy HANK SPIER Ramona SchoolsOxnard School District Trustee area.Robert Pfeiler said yesterday hein the Coloma jareas heavily populated by nun- Coloma area students.The board finally agreed to thIonty groups.„ ,K„ ,K Although the board appeared Ti this suggestion. John River*. , ,urvev pro^ pfei|eris doubtful the US Supreme split on whether or not there is a a teacher at Haydock Junior High * . . ■ j ■Court’s 1954 decision outlawing!segregation problem in the dis-Sehool. said. “It is very difficult postponed it pending a deci-r school segregation was right trict. trustes ultimately agreed to to find housing anywhere in Ox- 'on lt;»n whether or not to ask the he.J He said the Supreme Court (lut’r’ commission as to what nard for Negroes.”1 heard only one side of the sogre- sorv,ces i( can render.Trustee Thomas Kane said he years* would like to know more about “personally convinced” that;coop in the Coloma and evende facto segregation exists in now lives in sub-standard housingcent of one school is Mexican- liecausetate commission for helpdotgat ion argument and added. “1where the Supreme Court got itsinformation.”Rivers, a Negro, said for two he lived in a “chicken1'ha' decision is expechd to jcome at the board's next meet slx mg after IX*Pile reports mi tlie ^letter housing is un- service the commission is willing!\ *r Pfeiler aid recent studies of de ...Yfacto segregation do not indicateOnxard and that it is evil. “When available to him\nd, Rivers, offer the district“I'm ait's evenne\agParent SurveyA'-•• ^ • rA- '•' V ■ ■ • ■ 3 .:V^IC: .V ■ . Ijp •Pfeiler earlier called for a sur*Woman awardedmav be *° cnlt;^ ^ac*° se^re8a^on determine whether or not they arc•(■•spiritual. rather tha/’whicaaddcd- “Were exerK 8 lul °' d,ss8sf'd wl,h Itional.windturns beforeI dulpreEFollowing a two-dav jury trial, meHowe. 3442 Nvlandi cl * vj I iriiuciii nt hi v **1 ui it. iDj Pfeiler s remarks were made at sai(j “j frankly have great diffiOxnard. wasarded r95 per cent of one school is Mex-u « .u i lean-American and Negro, it’s de paid professionalthat it hurts the learning process. f _ .. J , , ' .. f ,,, ____ 4 J , facto segregation and de facto more difficult for lav peopleHe said segregation mav he harm- _ . . .. , ., . » in,i nniu ,1.® ...... , , . segregation is evil, he said.ful only in the mental attitude it: £ , ,, ,____, , , Kane said the ward is charged . v«.«v. va..™ .... a .1 lion afforded segrepat.d tiS “n£ !’y »;■«» fxertmn effort vey «rf pawnU m the O.Ionia to $5,000 dOmOgeSsHe said the problem mav be .. . . , , , ... , , ,, .. .ii „ -- -—— - -*— * — —ith existing condi*steps are taken tojMrs. Jesse Board President Henry Muller end alleged de facto segregation. avenue...... , . --------a ----- „_________ He said he was not convinced ._ „ , ... . .a school district board of trustees cuUy j0 think we have a prob de facto segregation is harmful yesteidav bv Judge Louis cenmeeting during which nearly an ]em.,f and that “maybe the people are Dripeau in Oxnard Superiorhour was devoted to discussion of Muller said 51 per cent of the happy over there.” Court. !an(^alleged de facto school segrega- district's students are Mexican* He suggested that an invest iga*j |re^j t]on in Oxnard. Americans, Negroes and Orientals tion be made of the level of edu- ^lt;nvc represented by Ox-( ^I The subject came up when Supt. who are not barred from enrolling cation given Coloma area child- nurd attorney Neil Heily, had |HHarold DePue asked the hoard to rn any school they wish if they ren to determine if they are get- asked for $15,000 from Santa Cruz r|riconsider requesting the newly live in the school's attendance ting less than the rest of Oxnard's Market, 752 South A street, She,t formed state Commission on zone students, as h is been alleged (sustained a hip injury when she Tr Equal Educational Opportunities It was suggested by a woman. He was joined in his request by slipped on a vegetable k»;d andiindto help solve the district’s prob- in the audience that individuals j Trustee Mary Davis who suggest- fell in the store on Fob. 23, 1962.lem regarding heavy minority who want to avoid de facto segre- tnl figures l»o compiled on the Jim Dixon. Ventura attorney,group enrollment at Juanita and gation move out of residential drop-out and delinquency rate of represented the defendant.-ccnisCm